I’m a Saudi citizen who wants to emigrate to the USA.

Backstory about me: My family and I moved to Canada when I was 9 years old as my father wanted to finish his PhD studies. I spent the next 9 years finishing middle school, high school, and part of college. My whole family decided to move back to Saudi Arabia and I wanted to pursue my dream of living in the US. I have applied to international scholarship and fortunately got accepted in a University in the US. During my studies, I met my girlfriend who is a US citizen. We talked about future plans as I was on a temporary visa. My plan was to complete my studies and apply for Jobs under OPT in hopes of getting sponsored. However, I wasn’t aware that sponsorship jobs were difficult to secure and didn’t look much into it. I completed my studies March 2021 on an F-1 visa and wasn’t lucky to land a job on OPT ( Optional practice training). So, I had to depart the US back to Saudi Arabia. Ever since, we have talked about ways I can move to the US including marriage, doing school again and getting married during my studies. I could double major which requires me to take 9 courses only to graduate but I don’t have the money to pay for it. After looking at many options, it seems like a dead end. lots of risk involved, visa applications requiring a certain income level, and proof of intent. I have two jobs offers in the US that don’t require paper work and have thought of entering the US with a tourist visa and working and then applying for adjustment of status after we get married. I have read mixed experiences about couples switching their visitor visa to green card but that sounds risky and I could be deported. I want to come on here to ask you for advice on what I should do to be able to work and stay in the US.

Side note: I have applied for the green card lottery! Pray for me:)

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