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COPR expiring in Jan 2021. What are my options?

My COPR is expiring in Jan 2021. Not sure if I would be able to travel from US to Canada and back to US owing to US visa stamping restrictions until the end of the year. I believe traveling to Canada is the easy part but traveling back to US is what would be challenging since stampings have been put on hold. What are my options? Is it too early to think about it since I have 4 months left? Can I request CIC to extend my COPR? If yes, what documents would be needed? submitted by /u/kingnthing [link] [comments] source

I-864/I-864A: Part 7 How do I fill out assets if the relative and the the principal sponsored immigrant are the same individual?

My wife (USC) is filling out I-864 for me (Canadian with TN visa). Unfortunately for us, she’s currently unemployed so we’re trying to use our assets to supplement the income requirements. In Part 7, we’re able to enter the household member’s assets from Form I-864A and assets of the principal sponsored immigrant. In our case, this individual is the same person, me. Once entered, the form automatically adds the sponsor’s assets, household member’s assets, and principal sponsored immigrant’s assets, which I feel is incorrect as it will count my assets twice. Should I go with what the form is calculating on my behalf or should I fill this section out manually? submitted by /u/chasinthedra [link] [comments] source

Last name not expanded in Birth certificate, who should sign the affidavit of alternative evidence for Green card AOS

I don't have my last name expanded in my birth certificate. I think I need to get an affidavit of birth to correct this for Green card AOS. However I only have my mom. Can she alone sign the affidavit ? I'm getting confusing info that both the parents should sign the affidavit, if any of the parents is not alive, I need to find a close relative sign it. Anyone has experience on this ? Can my mom alone sign the affidavit? submitted by /u/oldbell_newbell [link] [comments] source

I-765 rejected due to incorrect fee and outdated form (AOS case received)

I just got the rejection notice in mail today, saying that my I-765 was as rejected due to incorrect fee and outdated form. I also filed my 485, 130 and 131 concurrently and just got the text receipt notice for them (except for 765 of course). For the incorrect fee part, I was so confused because it was concurrent filing and postmarked on 9/4, so there shouldn’t be an additional fee for it. I called the USCIS and the representative confirmed that there shouldn’t be a fee. He told me to resubmit the package and include the 485 receipt. For the outdated form part, it was my fault because there’s a newer edition posted on 8/25, but I didn’t check it and sent out my application a few days later... So my questions are: 1. If I resubmit the 765, do I need to pay the new fee? Or I don’t need to because it was originally submitted with 485? I know that the new fee increase was blocked for now, but I didn’t see any update on the USCIS website... 2. For the 485 receipt, would printing out the

Survey for bilinguals - code switching

I am doing a research study for school. If you take my survey it will help me out a lot. submitted by /u/Avangeloony [link] [comments] source

L1A extension RFE

got status update on USCIS today to RFE required, normal 240 days is expiring in another 2 months. What is the next course of action? Should I convert it to premium while waiting for the actual RFE document ? Also, what is the normal RFE requests like? submitted by /u/auburn24 [link] [comments] source

Does this arrangement for family sponsorship work under current US Immigration Laws? (Details in post)

Hope this is not too complex of a scenario. I did a basic amount of Googling on this but can't quickly seem to hone in on the derivative family green cards that may be granted in situation. Thanks in advance. Myself (male US Citizen) and my first cousin in india (male Indian Citizen) both have married into the same family. Him marrying the older sister and my wife being the younger sister. The long term goal is to get both my first cousin and his wife settled in the US. My question is the following: assuming 5-10 years down the line. Once my wife has immigrated and become a naturalized citizen. My understanding is that she would be able to file for her siblings (her older sister). Would my first cousin be included if they are still husband and wife at that point? Would any children they have be included? We've also considered filing for the mother-in-law once we can and have her act as the sponsor for filing for the older sister. Same question, would that include my first c

Can someone become a citizen been 50% abroad last 5 years.

I have a friend that wants to become a citizen but she's been working abroad...for the last 5 years She expent most of her time abroad .. 50-60% Over. The last 5 years ..... But she lived her previous 18 years in usa 99% of her life spand. Can she be qualified to become a citizen... submitted by /u/Mrlookout99 [link] [comments] source

Best path for green card for someone who has a visa?

Hello, I have a girlfriend in another country who I want to bring to the United States. I'm a US citizen. She currently has a Visa Type R B1/B2 and she was here spending the summer from July to September. Her Visa is for 10 years. She will be coming again here in November. I know that I have a couple options. I could marry her in the other country and apply for a CR-1 or I could bring her as my girlfriend with a K-1 visa. Or I could marry her here while she stays with her visa. Our questions are the following: ​ • What would be the fastest process for her to get a residence card? • Can I apply for a K-1 Visa and can she wait here with her B1/B2 Visa while she waits for K1? • If the K-1 Visa is only to allow her entry into the country then would she need that since she can already get into the country? • If she comes with the K-1 Visa, would she get a temporary residence card while she waits? Would she get a work permit while she waits for her residence card? • If she is here

Wanting to scape from a abusive marriage but still living on the US

Hello I’m a spanish citizen, It’s a year that I’m in US, and in a few months It’s going to be a year since I married and also apply for a green card. I had received the working visa, but I’m still trying to find a job. I live with my wife, and I receive constantly different kinds of abuses. And I can’t come back to my country(I don’t have nothing there) and also she always says that it’s going to change. I’m tired but I would want to be on US. We are waiting for the last interview but The lawyer told us that maybe would be next year and I don’t know if me I would be able to continue the relationship until the interview. Exist other way to can continue living on the US if I find a job and I leave the house? Thanks submitted by /u/lucas8383 [link] [comments] source

Immigration Help

My fiancé is currently out of status. Previously he was here on a student visa and we have been planning to get married. Our original wedding date was in March but we delayed our wedding due to COVID. His Indian passport expired and his US ID is also expired. Do we have any options left beside him returning to India and having me apply for fiancé visa? Is there anyway to get his passport updated? submitted by /u/immigration-anxiety [link] [comments] source

Apostille for FBI Background Check?

I need to get an apostille for my FBI background check. I have both a physical and digital copy of my report. Is my best option to send the physical copy to the US Department of State? Or is there a benefit of using a channeler like Monument Visa? My understanding is that walk-in processing is closed, eliminating these companies from processing the apostille any faster. submitted by /u/ThrowAway34704 [link] [comments] source

DV Lottery and Traveling

I’m going to explain my plan and I would appreciate feedback on if it is possible or not! I’m currently working in the US on OPT and it expires Jan2021. I plan to apply for the DV lottery in October, leave the US in January and go back home to work and wait to see if I get selected. While living and working in my home country after applying for the DV lottery, will I be back to travel back and forth to the US on a tourist visa? Or will the DV lottery cause red flags when it comes to applying for/using a tourist visa? submitted by /u/chan0120 [link] [comments] source

Is i140 from previous employer enough to extend h1b

I worked for company A, got i140 6 years back. Then joined company B this year. I am well over 6 year extension (12 years). My new employer did h1 transfer only. 1. Should I ask employer B to file i140 soon. Would it be a problem extending h1b in future? 2. If I want to join company C would it be a problem transferring H1 based on company A i140? 3. If company B files my i140, then I leave company B and they revoke the new i140 would the previous i140 from company A still work for h1 extension purposes etc? submitted by /u/anchals512 [link] [comments] source

California Real ID using EAD

I recently got my EAD and I was wondering if it's worth applying for a Real ID now since the EAD validity is only 1 year. I'm on a pending marriage based AOS. Should I just wait for my GC to be approved before applying for a real id? submitted by /u/Sehnsucht_13 [link] [comments] source

Considering dual citizenship

I was born on a military base in the Philippines as an American citizen. My dad is American and my mom is Filipino. I emailed the Philippine Consulate and they’ve determined I’m eligible to get Filipino citizenship from birth. Any cons of becoming a dual citizen? submitted by /u/rainking427 [link] [comments] source


Hello I have one question. I am from Switzerland and would like immigrate to the US. My dream is to open a Restaurant, which serves Turkish/Kurdish specialities with a little touch of switzerland. My idea is a so called "döner" (which is comparable to a kebab mixed with a burrito) in bag bread or flatbread. And small side dishes from switzerland or Turkey. My idea is to bake the bread by myself. A good, homemade bread is very important for the döner. The meat i want to make it by myself as well & support the local farmer. It would be kind of a veal meat, chopped in thin pieces and hand-marinated. The vegatables i will also get from local markets. The sauce for the döner is a special sauce, there are 2-3 variations. 1. Yoghurt sauce with garlic and mint. 2. cocktail with ketchup mayo and spices. 3. hot sauce with paprika. All of this combined together with love equals a "döner". Whats you guys opinion the whole project and would you eat this? Price: For 7 dollar

Do I need a business Visa to register a company in USA?

As an F1 student with approved OPT is it legal for me to register a business in Usa without further special approval? I just want to register and open a bank account. That's it. submitted by /u/honyafish [link] [comments] source

Flying from Toronto to Detroit, and then flying with parents to India after 3 weeks. Will I have any issues when entering US?

I’m an Indian citizen, Canadian PR living in Canada. My parents are US citizens living in Detroit. We are flying to India together after 3 weeks from DTW. I’m flying from YYZ to DTW this weekend and will stay with them for 2 weeks before flying. Will I have any issues when entering the US and saying this to the officer? Would it be better to not mention the flight to India? I have a 10 year visitor visa. submitted by /u/abcdef1912 [link] [comments] source

Change flight date on esta

Let's say I would fly to the US on an esta in early December and have a flight going back in four weeks. But then, while being there, my circumstances change and I change my flight to the end of January. Would that be allowed? Would I have to change my esta or something like that? submitted by /u/ILoveChey [link] [comments] source

Egypt inquiry

We are trying to finish a spouse visa for my Egyptian husband. All we need is the interview. The embassy said they were closed until Sept 30, but that is today and there is no word on if they are ending or extending that. Does anyone know if spouse visas are "mission critical" and if these are continuing? We were approved for the interview on April but have heard nothing since then. I'm losing hope. submitted by /u/not_very_tasty [link] [comments] source

Personal travel allowance

Do I really need it to move to USA from Europe? How much does it cost?? submitted by /u/CassidyGloomy [link] [comments] source

Screwed Over On A Job. What Are My Options?

I'm on my STEM OPT and I was recently offered an engineering position with a new company. When I was getting hired for this job I clarified that point and the responsibilities of the employer to the new company and they agreed to accommodate. They needed me to start ASAP so I gave my two weeks at my former company, terminated my old lease, packed everything up and moved across two states in a week so I could start the job on time. Once I started, I sent them the i983 to fill out and they claimed my work permit isn't valid, and I'm just a student and can't train me because it's a managerial position (I still have supervisors). So I was let go after three days of working there and they refused to fill out the i983 firm What options do I have and what should my next steps be? submitted by /u/kamaro7 [link] [comments] source

Legally married but culturally engaged. What visa to apply to?

All right so long story short I'm from the middle East but I live and am a US citizen. Me and my "Wife" (That's what I tell all my friends she is or anybody that asks) are legally married but culturally engaged, and you might be wondering what the hell's the difference? Well it's basically that we do all the legal paperwork at the beginning with the engagement ceremony, and when we want to get "married" we just throw another ceremony and then we're allowed to bone and that's really the difference (so basically no sex before "marriage" and we need to throw a party). So now here's the thing I filed an i-130 for her and USCIS just to approved us! Now here's what I really need guidance on, am I going through the right process? Should I have done a k-1 visa or the CR-1/I-130? I filed the I-130 and I-130A with USCIS. I also got an email from the NVC about my next steps and I started off by paying the fees. Thanks for any help th

Are CBPs mostly denying entry to F1 continuing students even those who aren’t from the banned countries due to COVID? Have you been taken to secondary inspection or got your phone searched?

Hi, I’m an F1 student in USA. I would like to see my family next month only because I’m in grad school and next month is the only long holiday I will get. If I don’t go next month, I won’t be able to see my family for the next two years. I’m trying to determine if I should travel because. I know I shouldn’t travel due to COVID in itself but as I mentioned, the only reason I really want to go is because I want to see them before I have to spend two years not seeing them. I am from Bangladesh which isn’t a restricted country. I’ve been reading horror stories about the border and I’m wondering how much of it is true? If cbp is mostly denying people and/or searching students’ phones then I will probably have to cancel my plans. I have asked my school for advice, called SEVP for advice, called CBP for advice and obviously none of them were helpful. Edit: all my classes are NOT online. My i20 says it’s hybrid and I also have a letter from registrar which states that my classes aren’t fu

Any idea when ESTA might resume?

I have some Norwegian relatives and I was hoping for them visit me here in NY over Christmas. Any idea when ESTA might resume? Alternatively, if the border to Canada opens and Canada opens their borders to EU flights. If they fly into Canada and quarantine for 2 weeks would they able to cross the border by train/car? Thanks submitted by /u/flyingkoalabear99 [link] [comments] source

How rare is it for F1 visa renewals to get rejected?

My F1 expired in August. I'm currently on STEM OPT. I'm planning on flying back home in a few months to see family, and I'll need to get the F1 renewed in order to come back. I'm getting really worried that the visa renewal will get rejected. I've been told it's unlikely, but you always hear horror stories... submitted by /u/briefcase_mickey [link] [comments] source

[US Visa] How many months in advance can I file change of status before my current status expires?

My current visa(L1) expires in June 2021. I plan to change my status to H4 after that. Processing times for change of status as of now are 10-14 months. I have an understanding that USCIS doesn’t a COS application until it’s at least six months prior to your expiration date. Is my understanding accurate? submitted by /u/tarxvz [link] [comments] source

Crossing the US-Canada land border as a Canadian who just received their AOS approval to H1B

I'm a Canadian citizen currently residing in Seattle for work and just received an approval for adjustment of status from F1-OPT to H1B. I have been wanting to go back home to Vancouver because I haven't been back since January. The questions I have are: After October 1, am I able to drive my Washington registered car and be let into Canada via the US-Canada land border? Will I be able to drive my car across the border back into the United States after 3-4 weeks with my Canadian passport and Approval Notice I-797 even with the new executive order limiting H1B visa entry? I do not need consular processing right? I am planning to stay there for 3-4 weeks due to the fact that there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine. Has any other Canadians with an H1B been given a hard time at the border for being gone that long? Would it be fine if I was working remotely during my time in Canada if the company has offices in Vancouver? Does the CBP care? submitted by /u/jonnycity [l

DS-260 Have you ever attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?

Ok so I’m not sure what to put down here, I have a high school diploma and currently attending college! So for the occupation part for a previous question I put down the school I go to and address, however I am uncertain what to put down here, I put my high school start and end date but do I also include the college? Because it says highest level of education COMPLETED but also in the drop down menu there is an option that says UNIVERSITY,NO DEGREE which if I do choose then I will have to fill out the school information and then a start date and an end date which I still do not know this is the only question I’m struggling will and have looked into it but no straightforward answer! I hope you guys can help submitted by /u/AlarmingUmpire3 [link] [comments] source

N-400 Citizenship App Questions

Do you answer yes or no to this questions if you got a ticket that turned into a warrant for no vehicle insurance 15+ yrs ago. Was in jail for a couple hours paid the fine and got out. Only offense on DPS record. Have you EVER been charged with committing, attempting to commit, or assisting in committing a crime or offense? Have you EVER been convicted of a crime or offense? submitted by /u/esmih2001 [link] [comments] source

Advice for a possible immigrant

Recently my husband and I have been deeply considering moving countries. Mostly due to a demand in his work force everywhere but here. Plus I've always dreamed of living elsewhere. Does anyone have any basic tips? We have been researching and plan on doing it in the next 5-8 years. I would mostly just like to hear the Do's ans Do Nots Thank you! submitted by /u/bubbles0034 [link] [comments] source

Advice for Mexican Immigration to US

Tl;DR - Any advice while waiting for greencard and B1/B2 interviews to live with my spouse outside of Mexico? Huge wall of text. My wife and I have been married for a year and a half. Shortly after marriage, we started the paperwork to get her green card, back in March 2019. After a few back and forth document updating with USCIS - everything was finally green lit and all our papers sent to the NVC in April 2020. Since Ciudad Juarez is the ONLY place they do Green Card interviews, we're essentially waiting for them to start doing interviews with the information I was provided as it is a "they'll call you, don't call them". With the pandemic, we noticed that some other consulates were still open and doing business (not quite as normal, but close enough I guess). Since she lives near Merida, Izumal, and I was visiting anyway, we decided to apply for a non-immigration Visa, knowing full well it could be declined just because we were already attempting an immigr

Birth certificate?

I’m in the early stages of applying for an I-140 downgrade and an I-485 AOS, since my priority date just became eligible for filing under EB3 India. I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience with the birth certificate requirement? I don’t have access to my original birth certificate, but have a scanned copy from my parents. It’s handwritten in Hindi, and does NOT have my name on it. Should I get it translated? Will USCIS need the original? Does anyone have any suggestions on who to contact for this? Should I ask my parents in India to get a computerized regeneration of the original certificate from the local authorities and get it scanned? Are there any alternative documents that could work? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/StuckInLimbo4 [link] [comments] source

Proposed USCIS fee increase set go into effect Oct. 2 has been halted in its entirety

Here is the order granting the motion for a preliminary injunction by Northern California District Court Judge Jeffrey White, shared by immigration lawyer, Greg Siskind, on Twitter: In a 35-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White concluded that the nonprofit organizations that had challenged the fee changes — which would have nearly doubled the cost to apply for U.S. citizenship — are likely to win on their claims that Wolf's installment as head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security violated the rules of succession. submitted by /u/Elyktronix [link] [comments] source

Do I need to fill out multiple CBP Form 3299 (DECLARATION FOR FREE ENTRY OF UNACCOMPANIED ARTICLES) for multiple shipments?

I'm moving to the US this week and looking to ship some of the bulkier stuff instead of bringing it on my flight. I'm completing CF 3299 to avoid paying duties and taxes (since the imported goods are for personal use only). CF 3299 If I am shipping my items in multiple boxes, do I need to fill out multiple CF 3299s? There is a section (NUMBER AND KINDS OF CONTAINERS) that suggests one form is sufficient, but there is no room to indicate each of the separate tracking numbers. submitted by /u/marmoshet [link] [comments] source

Wife and I need to travel to Italy, will she be able to re-enter using her Advanced Parole Card?

My wife is an Italian citizen and received her Advanced Parole Card last month. We would like to travel to Italy to see her grandmother who is very elderly and spent Christmas with her family. We are completely aware of the risks (were getting tested before departing, on arrival and will quarantine) and so far based on current Italian travel guidelines we should be able to enter. We are concerned about re-entry because while under the current travel guidelines (EU to US), spouses of US Citizens are able enter, she isn't a resident and will be using her advanced parole card. Could she be denied re-entry? Has anyone traveled to Europe and re-entered the US with their Advanced Parole in these past few months? Any help would be appreciated. submitted by /u/xygen1718 [link] [comments] source

How long did it take your lawyer to work on your case?

My hired my sister's immigration attorney about a month and half ago. She charged her initial fee to my credit card and sent me the receipt. Everything is being done online right now, I sent her all the documents needed through email but she has not replied to my emails and texts. My sister's husband just had an in person meeting with her and said she was too busy right now and that she said it would be impossible for her to start my case at the moment. Is this normal or should I start the process by myself and ask for a refund? submitted by /u/Tiny-macaroni [link] [comments] source

GC Resident with Citizenship Interview - Voting/Passport Question

Hello everyone, My wife has her US citizenship interview tomorrow. Anticipating she passes her immigration test, is she eligible to register to vote shortly after (voter registration deadline in our state is not for a few days after)? How long after will she be able to request a passport? Thank you! submitted by /u/pm2562 [link] [comments] source

CoS from F2 to H4

Hi me and my husband both applied for a CoS from F1 and F2 to H1B and H4 respectively his visa got approved and his status will be changed on 1st October but my application is still in processing so do I become an illegal after his status changes? My F2 is valid till 2022. And if I have to leave the country how long is the grace period? submitted by /u/potterhead795 [link] [comments] source

10 year bar in entering the US expires in 2 years

So long story short: I was voluntary deported from the US in 2012 with a 10 year bar. I live in Germany married and have a child. I also have a stable job. My question is: will I be able to obtain the American visa once the 10 bar has expired ? submitted by /u/youknzv [link] [comments] source

US citizen sponsored an alien (spouse) but the alien filed for divorce after arriving. What to do next?

Hello everyone, hope you are all staying safe in these troubling times. I'm posting this on behalf of a family friend who doesn't want a Reddit account but is seeking advice regarding US immigration. This is copied verbatim of a text they've sent me: "I am a US citizen who sponsored an alien (spouse) who was previously deported for fraud to gain legal status here. The ban was permanent but it was waived to reunite the family. In a couple of weeks of arrival, the alien filed for divorce. Total immigration fraud for the second time. But now the alien has 10 yr GC. What's the recourse?" I would appreciate any help or advice regarding this matter and I will rely any information to them directly. Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/Asteroid-Saturn9 [link] [comments] source

K1 Visa Help - 2020

Hi, everyone. I’m writing this in hopes that I can get some feedback/help from all the wonderful people on this subreddit. I apologize in advance for how lengthy this will be. Context: Me (28) and partner (28) have been together for almost 3 years now, we met online and have since seen each other 3 times in total so far. I was supposed to go visit them again in July but of course once this pandemic happened all travel plans came to an indefinite halt. I’m Egyptian and because we are a same-sex couple, we can’t get married here because it’s illegal and I’m also not out to my parents. So we had decided to try the route of the K1 visa so that we can get married in the US. (I have read about the possibility of the CR1 visa but I don’t know when I’ll be able to see them again (considering the current circumstances) so we can get married first and then apply after I go back to my hometown, and I honestly don’t want to wait any longer even though I know pretty much everything is being proc

TN visa renewal at POE soon, advice needed!

Canadian citizen residing in US, my TN visa is expiring beginning of 2021 and I need to renew it at a POE in Vancouver. I am concerned about the mandatory quarantine, I will have a 1 month old at that time and can’t afford to leave the baby for 14 days quarantining in Canada! I really only need to go there to renew visa. My current options are to: Fly to Bellingham and cross land border by rental car or Uber and walk to POE for renewal, can I flagpole without quarantine? Fly to YVR, book a flight returning same day and don’t leave airport, can I do that without quarantine? (Very bad option) drive back (2 days each way) with my newborn, quarantine in Canada for 14 days, then apply at land border but with my newborn who will be American (will that complicate things?) Also just to be safe I’m planning to go at least 2.5 weeks before expiry date, what’s your experience with how early you can renew at POE, esp during COVID? I just want to leave myself more leeway in case issues

When can you start green card process

Let’s say you were to get married to a US citizen in a year and your current legal status is close to being over, can you start the process to getting a green card before you are actually married and gain legal status as the petition is pending or do you need to be married before starting the process? I know that by marrying a citizen overstay is forgiven but it is still not ideal submitted by /u/HereToAskxD [link] [comments] source

Is applying for a F41 immigration visa worth hiring a lawyer?

When my mom and I became citizens back in 2004, my dad hired a lawyer to ensure the process was successful. I think it's possible he did it mainly for my mom? She didn't speak English and didn't know basic US history. For me, I knew English and the sort of questions they asked were basic 4th grade history facts. Fast forward to today, they're trying to apply for an immigration visa for my aunt from Taiwan. I think it's an F41 app, since she and my mom are sisters. I don't know anything about immigration law, and the process has been daunting with all the jargons and forms. The task got dumped on me completely, with dad telling me to just hire a lawyer to deal with it. But the lawyer I called wants $6000. That seems... expensive? Can't I just fill out the forms myself? My dad said to not risk doing it, since it's a one time process, and I might botch up a decade of wait time. But that money seems exorbitant, even in the uber-expensive San Francisco. Wh

Social Security Card

Hi all. Do I need to change my social security card after getting the green card? My current SSC that I got with a work visa says: “Valid for Work Only with DHS Authorization.” submitted by /u/mk1817 [link] [comments] source

Travel to US on OPT from restricted country

Situation: Currently working on OPT (STEM) in the US and seeking to go home (Germany) over Christmas. Germany is on the restricted countries list but students on F1 with valid I-20 are exempt from this. Question: Given I am still on F1 as I am currently on OPT, will this exemption also apply to me or does it only apply to F1’s that are studying and not working? submitted by /u/someuser943 [link] [comments] source

I485 aos - does my translated birth certificate need to be notarized?

Same as the title, does my birth certificate need to be notarized after I get it translated to submitt to USCIS? And if the answer is yes, who can notorize it? I saw some translation companies provide notorization services as well. Will that be accepted by uscis? submitted by /u/splatoon-fun [link] [comments] source

Immigrating from Mexico to the US as a teenager (advice).

Alright so, first of all, I hope your day is going amazing and if it’s not I wish it gets better. I’m (16 M) currently living in Mexico as I have my entire life. About 18 months ago my family got the opportunity to begin legal proceedings to obtain a Green Card, if it all had gone as planned I’d currently be legally living and studying in the US, however, Trump signed an Executive Order in April that temporarily stopped immigration into the United States. The immigration firm my family has been working with says we’ll ‘probably’ be living there by March (but they have been kinda unreliable with their estimates), so I don’t know what to believe anymore. This without considering what may happen next year as either Trump or Biden could serve as president. All of this has got me quite worried, since I know for a fact I don’t want to attend college in Mexico and I’m - if converted to the US education system- a Junior. And I feel like the more time that goes by the more my college option

DV-Lottery 2022 - is it happening?

I keep finding conflicting information online about this, does anyone know if the application will be happening? Thx. submitted by /u/jemilig [link] [comments] source

An estimate for legal fees...

How much would the legal fees for a change of status through marriage and an I601a waiver process would cost roughly? I'm in the Midwest if that matters. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/Donseli [link] [comments] source


Hello everyone How much I have to wait to send my file statue to the immigration office after I do my marriage certificate ? submitted by /u/hailouf [link] [comments] source

Im very concerned

Im having my medical analytics soon because of my immigration file and i want to ask about if they saw THC in my urine or my blood would that reject my ability to take my green card? submitted by /u/Gdemon91 [link] [comments] source

Foreign Student Inquiring About Steps Needed to Get a US Green Card Through Marriage

Hi All, ​ I am a third-year foreign student studying in the US. I would like to stay here after graduation but I don't know how to best achieve that. Here are my options, and I would like to know your thoughts as to which is the most realistic path: Get engaged/married to my boyfriend, who I have been dating for two years. He is a student and a US citizen, and I believe engagement/marriage to a US citizen is a pathway to a green card Try to get a job that will sponsor me with an H1-B visa. This is challenging because most companies that provide sponsorships are very competitive to get hired by Continue my studies into Graduate School. This is probably not an option for me. If I were to take the marriage option, does anyone know when we would need to start filing the paperwork? Is that something that can wait until after graduation, or should we start while still in school? Also, I believe we need to provide proof of financial stability? As my boyfriend is a student without

My roommate (gay male) married someone solely so she could get citizenship - they are not in a romantic relationship in anyway, and pretended to be so her status would get approved. Is this an illegal/fraud marriage?

So legally they're married and now she's a citizen as a result. He was never paid for the favor, but their marriage is technically bogus since it was for the sole purpose of her being able to stay. He claims it's not illegal since no money/favor was exchanged, but is this something ICE would technically consider as a fraud marriage? submitted by /u/_this_is_a_thr0waway [link] [comments] source

Sponsoring sibling under 21 and Parents of U.S. citizen for Green Card

Hi, I am a U.S. citizen and will be sponsoring my parents. From what I have read it takes a lot of years for sibling of U.S. citizen to get a green card. I have also read that petetion for parents cannot have beneficiaries even if they are under 21 and are unmarried. Is that correct? Is there any way that my unmarried under 21 sibling can get a green card along with my parents when I file for my parents? submitted by /u/-_covid19_- [link] [comments] source

American transfer student with delay on Canadian study permit currently taking online classes wondering if I could stay with my polish gf in UK?

I'm an (24yo) American international transfer student who is suppose to be in Canada, but am currently taking online classes remotely due to covid delaying me till next semester(January). My polish gf (going on 4 strong years now, not some fling) who is currently working in England was also going to go to Canada through a work permit (also got delayed) is asking me to come and just stay in her place for a brief period, isolate and take my courses online there while she works so we can have some time together as we have been apart for well over a year now. I DEFINITELY would love to be with her and we now have to wait quite some time again, I am capable of taking the classes there, isolating, and have a very healthy bank account to support myself and no debt whatsoever. I have the online courses, a bank account, full ownership of 2 vehicles and a jetski, first degree, paychecks, whatever may be needed to convince immigration it's unrealistic for me to stay nor do I want to. I h

Trying to survive, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I'm going to try make this as brief as possible. I came to the USA as an F-1 visa student for college in 2016 and everything was good then. Things happened in my family and they were not able to support me again at all including fees and even rent. So i decided to find other means to support myself by finding a job to pay my finances. I decided to do Doordash since it was the easiest option i could find and did it for about a year here in Dallas (even though according to my student visa I can't work, but no other way to survive). My car got problems and it's like 4000 bucks to fix which i don't have and just decided to leave it packed and borrowed my friends scooter. Around August my licence expired and i can't renew it since i overstayed my visa. Few days ago a police officer stopped me and due to having an expired licence he gave me a 600 dollar citation (which i have no idea how to pay). Today the scooter died and i have to pay the owner in whichever way

Credit Score for New Green Card Holders

Hey everyone, I'm an Israeli citizen and my wife is a US citizen who haven't lived in the states since 2009. We're in the middle of the process of getting me a green card and we're planning on moving as soon as I get it. Can anyone share info on how exactly can we get a credit score when we move? Will we be able to get a mortgage and buy a house after we move or do we need to spend like 2 years paying taxes, credit cards, debit cards etc'... and only then? Would love to get some info on this. How do new immigrants get loans? submitted by /u/GenYDude [link] [comments] source

Are CR1 visa /I-130 being processed

Hello, My wife is Canadian trying to immigrate to the states. Has anyone been dealing with glitches with CEAC. Or has anyone in this group recently immigrated to the states from Canada, if so what is needed for Public Charge evidence. My case has been on stand still, honestly unsure what is going on as of right now. submitted by /u/PunkRock_Coffee_666 [link] [comments] source

Trying to get green card without I-94

Hello, So I applied for an I-102 years back and never received it. I am now trying to beat the October 2nd deadline of when prices will go up for AOS. I have the receipt number and online it shows it was approved. Do you think I should send the completed packet for AOS without it and explain in the last pages that I never received but have the receipt that shows it was approved? I see that rarely people won't need the I-94 because USCIS can find their arrival and departure record in the system. So since I have the approved receipt number, wouldn't they be able to find it? Or should I take is as a loss and try to find the extra $450 and reapply for it? submitted by /u/chajas [link] [comments] source

How do I emigrate from the US to Canada?

I graduate college in 2 months. My reasonings are that I’ve lost loved ones due to how poorly COVID was handled and if Roe v Wade is upturned, I do fear that more women’s rights will begin to be withdrawn. Can I be granted asylum for such minor reasons? Will I likely be accepted for a job without a visa? Apply for a visa then a job? Do I reach out to a Canadian or American immigration officer? I’m sure Canada doesn’t need any more Americans, but I need out of here. Thank you for your help! submitted by /u/tossingthisaccount1 [link] [comments] source

Need help getting a green card on DACA

Trying to get a green card on DACA status Hey everyone. Does anyone know how to apply for a green card? I moved to The U.S. in 2003 on a visa but my parents overstayed their welcome and because of that our visa was provoked. In order to go to work and get my drivers license I had to apply for temporary residency through the deferred action aka DACA which grants me two years temp residency and allows me to work and drive. This is a great program and I’m grateful that it still exists to give people like me hope. However, it isn’t a path to citizen and with this status I’m not allowed to travel out of the United States. I have family overseas that I haven’t seen since 2003. I want to travel and see my family as my grandparents are only getting older. Does anyone know how to go about this? Should I apply for a green card? And if so, how? I’m thinking my best bet would be just to marry my American girlfriend and go from there... Please help!!!! Any advice would be great submitted b

Immigration Question (HELP NEEDED)

In 2012 my parents brought me to America on a tourist visa and left me here to continue my education (A war in Ivory Coast was happening at the time) Since then I have been in the United States with an expired visa and have been a upstanding member of my community, I have never committed any crimes and I’ve graduated High school in Ohio in 2019. I am currently a Division 1 Athlete at a MAC school in Ohio. And I‘ve had my parents attempt different lawyers at helping me with my situation but nothing has came to life, so I want to take it upon myself to find the solution. I am currently 19 years old. How do I achieve Green Card Status or Even obtaining US CITIZENSHIP. submitted by /u/1lipbandit [link] [comments] source

Adjustment of status or consular processing?

Hello everyone, I have a difficult decision to make. I have been in the US on an F1 visa for 5+ years and was recently arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Now, the case will most likely be resolved without a conviction according to my lawyer. I am married to a US citizen and currently planning on applying for a green card. I have to choose whether to adjust status here in the US, or go back to my home country (Italy) and get one through consular processing. My spouse would come back with me. I am worried that staying in the US could potentially mean issues with ICE, as I know arrests can result in problems with nonimmigrant visas. However, I am still in school and my F1 status is intact. On the other hand, I worry that after getting my visa packet at the consulate, CBP might create issues at the border asking about previous arrests/drug use. The police report for my case states that I admitted to using in the past. I am currently in rehab and by the time I am approved I

Hi! I'm preparing to apply for green card through marriage and adjustment of status. For the medical examination - I don't have my records of vaccination, could anyone tell me what vaccines (and proof of) I should get before I see someone for the exam itself? Really appreciate it! Thank you!

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Is Hong Kong still considered ROW for AOS purposes?

Trump signed an Executive Order that will subject foreign nationals born in Hong Kong to the same immigrant visa quota and wait times as those born in mainland China. Is USCIS adhering to the executive order at the moment? I still don't see Hong Kong being singled out as a non-ROW country in the latest visa bulletin . If a HK-born applicant filed I-485 under EB3 ROW category (which is current now), will the I-485 application be rejected by USCIS? submitted by /u/oaij [link] [comments] source

Been in the US for 21 years, might not be allowed to stay

My girlfriend is an Indian citizen who was born in India and came to the US when she was 2 back in 1999. She's lived here ever since. Her parents work for the Indian Embassy and have A-2 diplomatic visas, and for her whole life in the US, my girlfriend was also on this visa. Her little brother was born here and is a US citizen. Her parents applied for a green card back in 2008, and their lawyers are saying its FINALLY going to be processed and approved in June 2021. However, as soon as this happens, they have to give up the A-2 visa- and when that happens, my girlfriend can't keep the A-2 and loses status in the US. She's a 3rd-year student at a university and wants to apply to medical school at the end of her 3rd year in summer 2021. Her only hope to stay and finish her studies lies in getting an F-1 visa. However, there's not only been a constant assault on these visas from the Trump administration, but apparently its now taking as much as 6-9 months (instead of t

Marrying /falling in love with a foreigner as a green card holder

Im a green card holder and I’m with someone from over seas and was wondering how long the process would be so he can live with me in the US or get a green card ( he’s educated and has a masters in civil engineering) from what I’ve searched online it takes more than 3 years to get a spousal green card ... I was wondering how people maintain relationship for this long and what they do in the process since you have to live apart / long distance for so long( do you guys on holidays frequently to other countries to see each other ) are there any Other ways he can live with me in the US while waiting for his green card ? I’m feeling quite anxious about this whole Process, I love my partner and I’m so confused about when we’ll be able to live together ... submitted by /u/yellowflo25 [link] [comments] source

Question ;-;

Hey guys! I and my boyfriend are very long-distance and he wants to become u.s citizen...he lives in Egypt tho… does anyone have any tips on what we should do? :/ if you do it would be most helpful and thanks in advance! also, we are both 14 if that information is needed as well submitted by /u/Porn_HubCom [link] [comments] source

N400, why is it taking so long?

So, I’ve been a permanent resident since 2014 or since I was 13 years old. Me and my mom came as refugees. We did not apply for a green card until 2010 as we did not travel anywhere, once we did, we got it within a couple of months, anyways, as our cards were due to expire this year, we both applied for citizenship. My mom’s application has been processed in a matter of weeks and she has given her fingerprints and is now awaiting the final steps. I on the other hand am yet to receive any info. We both applied the same day which was back in middle of May. My completion date kept moving from November to January and now February but they are yet to inform me of when I will go give fingerprints. As it was taking so long, I reapplied for a green card to as mine would have expired in September. I got called to give fingerprints within a couple of weeks and the green card arrived a few days ago but nothing yet regarding my citizenship status. Anyone knows what the start to finish time