IA few questions about immigration from USA to Belgium

I am approaching a move to Belgium so a partner and I can live our lives there together. I have looked into several possible ways, but I'm seeking advice and I have questions.

I have secured decent funds. I have about $6,000 with more before I plan to depart which is scheduled for December 12th. I have a passport that will remain active for many years. My partner's family is extremely supportive and is offering me a place to stay as well as help eith enrolment. I cannot qualify for cohabitation currently. It seems best that I try to enroll in schooling there and obtain a student visa. I have been learning Dutch for about 95 days. I'd have to study courses in English.

I have not studdied post-secondary education yet. I've started applications and tomorrow I'll ask for my high school transcripts.

I'm afraid of being denied on a visa application. I'm also afraid that it may he improper that I move there and apply for the visa afterwards. The Belgian embassies are very far away from where I live in the United States.

I'd really like some advice about how I may successfully obtain a visa legally. Would the local consulate be upset that I'd stay on a passport and then applied for schooling? Is there a better visa to apply for? I haven't taken a SAT or ACT test. I'm intelligent enough, I believe, to be accepted, but I'm not extremely intelligent. Is there a particular university I should apply to? Can I apply for a fall semester, but reside in Belgium until then?

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