Thinking of returning too soon?

I am a UK citizen who recently had a 90 day stay in the US from July to October under the visa waiver program; my wife who is a US citizen applied for a visa to move to the UK with me whilst I was there and that is where we are now living and beginning our married life together. My wife's mother lives alone and because I have some time off at Christmas from my studies we were thinking about going to spend the holidays with her, we would be there for approximately 32 days and then return home. I understand this may be an issue as I would have only been out of the US for 2 and a half months before trying to return. What I am wondering is if my wife having a UK visa along with my studies be sufficient proof to immigration that I am not going to overstay? We would be going through pre-departure immigration at Dublin airport as I live in Northern Ireland.

Thank you in advance!

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