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Steps after I-601 and COVID situation

Hi, I am very confused about the situation of my parents right now. My dad is a US citizen while my mom is not. We are in the US right now while she is currently residing in China. Her I-601 just recently got approved. Now we don't seem to know what the next steps to take are, consulates seem to be closed in Guangzhou and when I try to contact them the information is very complicated, vague, and gives little direction. Apparently the consulate is supposed to contact us for next steps, but they haven't yet and its been a few weeks. I'm thinking this is either because the embassies are closed in China or somewhere something got messed up since its already been a couple of weeks. Is our only option right now to wait or is there some contact that could give us some clarity? It is very chaotic right now and having no sense of direction makes us very nervous. At least before the petition was approved, we knew we had to wait, but now in our current situation we don't really

Immigrants to the US

My family and i, all got our visas f-41 f-42 f-43, 5 months ago and we had a ticket this morning but we got rejected to board the flight and the expiration date is 13th june. Any help or similar situations? submitted by /u/nooshxd [link] [comments] source

Can I travel if I have two different last names, 9ne on new AP card and the other on my passport?

I changed my last name because I got married, came in as a k1 visa. My ap card has my new legal name and my passport has old last name. Can I still travel into the us if they are difrent last names? submitted by /u/joserlopez123 [link] [comments] source

Travelling to get married while on H1-B , post I485 filing

Hi, ​ My fiancee and I were supposed to get married in our native country (Sri Lanka) on Friday. But since SLis on a lockdown, were couldn't travel back on the original dates. We would like to travel to Sri Lanka when it opens up. ​ Is there any risk in travelling during this time with regards to reentry? (Can I be denied re-entry at a port ? or due to a ​ My H1-B expires in 2023. My fiancee is a PhD student on a F1 visa. ​ Part of the reason for my dilemma is the H1-B salaries seem to be increasing from next year onwards, although my salary seems to be much higher than any of the levels. submitted by /u/throwawayF1student [link] [comments] source

Declaring my assets outside of US on green card application (I-485)

I am planning to file my 485 and I wanted to declare my foreign assets (bank accounts, properties, etc.) when I do so. However, I don't know what kind of evidence and forms I would need for this. Do I need to evaluate the value of the properties I have in the foreign country and what kind of evaluation of the value of the property would the USCIS accept if my country of origin is not a first world country? submitted by /u/Galvanometer101 [link] [comments] source

What are some good option for US citizens who want to immigrate to another country?

(Serious) Hello, I hope all of you to are doing well. I wanted to ask what are some good options for US citizens who would like to immigrate to another country? I lived in Australia and Thailand for a while, and I have spent a decent amount of time in other parts of Asia as well as Europe. My 1st thought would be Australia as we prefer a warm and sunny climate, but I would like to ask what are some other good options? We would not want to immigrate to somewhere that has a cold climate as my spouse and I both prefer a warmer climate. If we didn't prefer a warmer sunny climate, Canada would be an excellent alternative. This is not a political post and no emotional loyalty commentary is needed as it doesn't help answer the question. Thank you submitted by /u/Mojave702 [link] [comments] source

Canadian looking to immigrate to AZ

I am an electrician in Ontario, would really love to live in AZ but there doesn’t really seem to be a vessel for immigration via work visa unless you’re a doctor or a computer guy. Was just wondering if anyone could provide some insight into how I could make this happen! submitted by /u/Canadiantitfucker [link] [comments] source

Form I 944: evaluation of your education, anyone tried Validential?

Hi All, so USCIS requires and evaluation of the petitioner's education and suggests a list of organizations under NACES; now I checked some of them and they have a rather complicated process in place while this company seems easier (but not part of NACES) anyone tried? submitted by /u/thisMatrix_isReal [link] [comments] source

Renewing TN visa during COVID 2020

Has anyone recently renewed their TN this year? Mine expires in September and I’m not sure if they’re still doing in person renewal. Also is there a delay in the renewal process due to that? submitted by /u/beebs89 [link] [comments] source

VAWA help

Hey guys I was wondering if my situation is valid enough to apply for VAWA. I am married to a USC and currently have DACA. I don't want to risk my current status. Furthermore, my spouse applied for an I-130 which has not yet been approved nor denied. Here are the grounds on which I believe I may qualify for VAWA. Spouse recently hit my face which made a blood vessel in my eye rupture and I have a healing bloody eyeball. I have pictures and I also went to an optometrist about this. The damage was not bad but enough for me to see a doctor. Both of our families are aware of this incident. He hit me while I was having a panic attack and he says he did it to "calm me down" (???) A few days later we were driving he threatened to punch me in the face and kill me. I have a video of this that he doesn't know about. Noone else knows I have this.. He also threatened to crash the car while we were driving. I texted his mom and my friend about this. I also have a thread of mess

Anyone have experience with I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

The lost love of my life made some bad choices earlier in life and found himself arrested and placed behind bars due to poverty after our breakup. He was subsequently deported. We have never lost feelings for one another and our circumstances have changed in the past 20 years. Now 20 years older, we have reunited via phone and wish to make actual commitment. But myself, not being skilled in any other language other than my own would hate to find myself in a country where I cannot speak the language. I would probably not be able to find work, or if so, be paid extremely low wages. I also find it to be a very daunting task to bring him back to the US with the political climate nowadays. Has anyone had any experience with filing a I-601? And then an I-212 Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States? Was it successful? Were there obstacles? Looking for any advise as I'm attempting to save extra funds so we can make this happen. submitted by /u/wndd

I-751 cover letter question - I was already in USA as a student when I met my spouse

Hi there! I’m reaching out because I’m currently filling out the I-751 form with my husband. All of the sample cover letters online talk about K-1 visas. When my husband and I met we were both college students in the US. Could you please let me know what I should be saying then? I am referring to the section that talks about “my spouse entered under K-1 visa, etc.” Also does this mean we are filing jointly or not? I’m really nervous about making any mistakes since these seem to be rejected so often. Thank you for your help! submitted by /u/baileyandthetramp [link] [comments] source

I need some tech help!

Hi guys!! hope Everyone is staying safe with everything going on! I need some tech advice and help please - So, I am lucky enough to have been able to apply for a visa through my mom sponsoring me (took FIVE years but we're in there). I need to upload an application and some other documents on their online website. I'm running into a huge roadblock - the documents can only 2 MB. Everything I have to upload is MUCH bigger than that. I've tried using online compressors and they didn't work. I downloaded a "Free PDF Software" application and although it works, the files are still too large. Does anyone know if this is even possible?? The application itself is 5,046KB and although I don't know much about GB's, KB's or MB's this seems like such a big "downsize". I used my iphone to scan my documents. The website says: “Each individual file (scanned document) must be no larger than 2 MB (megabytes). Your scanned document should be in o

Legal/Tax Responsibilities of I-864 co-sponsor for my spouse

Hey guys, I have a quick question. I've sifted through as many pages on the subject on boundless and nolo, but I haven't been able to find an answer for one question. My sister (married with two kids) will be co-sponsoring my wife to come to the US. Currently, my sister's household size is 4 (her, husband, two kids). But her income will need to be 125% of the poverty threshold for 5 people, right? My wife counts as part of her household for the I-864 purposes, right? Does this mean that she has to claim my wife as part of her household/as a dependent on tax forms for the upcoming years? Currently, all the responsibilities I see the co-sponsor would incur are: Providing financial support for immigrant (we obviously wouldn't sue to get that support if my wife's job failed to meet threshold) Responsible to pay back the government for any benefits the immigrant receives. Need to notify USCIS any time they move, until immigrant is a U.S. citizen TLDR: What res

Filing I-130 online or mailed. Which is more efficient?

This is my first post on this subreddit but I have been lurking for quite some time and love the way everyone is so helpful. So I am finally taking the step of getting my wife's visa in order after 12 years of marriage and am doing it myself as money is tight in theses moments so no lawyer to help at the moment. I wanted to ask you all what would be the best way to file? I have all the required paperwork together, all the documents and am ready to send it in. When I was downloading all the forms off the website I noticed that they had a option to file online. Anyone used that option? Any pros or cons vs mailing it all in? Thanks so much in advance for any advice. I amTrying to navigate this as best as possible and obviously want to pick the best option so any advice is much appreciated. submitted by /u/tenchisama420 [link] [comments] source

AOS - photo book as evidence of relationship. Yea or nay?

I recently got married to my USC girlfriend of 4 years and we are going to file AOS soon. I was thinking of including a bound photo book (paperback) with pictures taken during the 4 years of our relationship as evidence. But the other thread about not using blue paper in applications got me thinking. Should I just include regular individual pictures and not a photo book? If USCIS scans everything, then a paperback photo book might not be a good idea. What do y'all think? submitted by /u/drexrex [link] [comments] source

Please don't send in US immigration applications on blue paper

I've heard rumors that people think it gets your application through the process faster, because the automatic scanners can't read the application, and it must be reviewed manually to be processed. It is absolutely true that the scanners can't read applications printed on blue paper, and, that it must be inputted manually. However, it will NOT decrease processing time, and can in fact delay it further, especially if the the printed copy isn't legible either. All mailed in applications mailed in are converted to digital. White paper with typed, black ink is best. Avoid blue ink for hand written applications for the same reasons. submitted by /u/xsvspd81 [link] [comments] source

Any idea when embassies will open back up?

We applied CR1 a while ago. Our interview got cancelled two weeks before the date due to lockdown. I read that the executive order that stopped immigration for the time being doesn’t affect spouses of citizens. Is this correct? Anyone have any clue when things will open back up? Do you think it will take very long to get an interview again? submitted by /u/lotawarrior [link] [comments] source

H1B Marriages

Hello friends, I'm Siri. My aunt and uncle are searching for alliances for my sister and she recently got 2 matches. Both of them are originally from India. One among them did M.S. at USA and is working as software engineer in USA. The other person got H1B from his company and hence working as software engineer in USA. She spoked with both of them and she likes the person who got the H1B from his company. But, we heard that the scope for these people is less than the scope for the persons who did M.S. Is this true? Could anyone please suggest regarding this. Thanking you in advance. submitted by /u/swetharao94 [link] [comments] source

B1/B2 visa question!

Hi everyone I’m an international student in Canada (student permit). My classes will be online this coming fall. I currently also have a b1/B2 US visa. I was planning on staying/visiting in the US for about 4 months (September to December). I can’t find any information online but is there anything illegal here since I’m already a international student in another country and wanting to spend almost 4 months in another? I don’t plan on working during my stay. Also, I’ve visited the US only during festive season (Maximum one week) for the last 2 years. Thank you. submitted by /u/duckduckgo-- [link] [comments] source

Anyway to get my partner with me in US?

I want my partner with me in the US Me (US citizen) and partner (UK citizen) Me and my partner are currently in the U.K, I want to get back to be with family with all the protests going on. Is there any way at all for my boyfriend to get into the country, we are willing to do literally anything as long as it’s lawful. Thanks! Edit: we are aware there is an esta visa that will allow him in for 3 months, but with the current climate with Coronavirus, it’s harder to get in. We would really like to be with family during this time. We are wondering if there is any workaround with another border, sea travel, etc. submitted by /u/neverusedidk [link] [comments] source

GF (US 26F) and I (UK 24F) want to move in together

GF (US 26F) and I (UK 24F) want to move in together I’m 24 and British. My girlfriend is 26 and American. I came to the US to quarantine with her, expecting it to be for 1-2 months max. Obviously that was an optimistic prediction Now, my ESTA (visa waiver program) expires in a couple of weeks. We love each other, want to stay together, and decided to get married since I arrived in the US. We want to know what the likelihood is of getting a green card approved while on ESTA. After we get married, the plan is that I will stay here and we will start the green card application immediately (though immigration is currently frozen). We know this is not the typical (or preferred) route, and it was never our intention—COVID has made things quite messy. TL;DR what are the odds of getting a green card while in the US on an ESTA? submitted by /u/alexvauseseyebrows [link] [comments] source

Options for wanting my Canadian daughter to study in the US

Good evening Reddit, I was wondering what are the possibilities of me making my 7 year old Canadian daughter to study in the US? My husband and I visited Los Angeles a few months ago and fell in love with it too; and I was wondering what are our options for us to move in LA (Canada isn’t really what we prefer to be honest). I personally am not Canadian, Filipina rather. But my husband is Canadian. What can we do in order to be able to live in the USA, while making my daughter study there, especially since I am not a Canadian. Will my husband getting an E-2 visa (Treaty Visa since he is Canadian )(and include us) suffice? If so would it be hard to get one, and would the process be long? I heard we only need to invest at least $100,000, which I think we can definitely do. Is it possible for us, or would it be a long shot? submitted by /u/Pagski [link] [comments] source

M1 to F1 problem

**long post I'm currently in the US on an M1 vocational training visa. I'm due to complete my program at the end of June. At the end of August, I'm expected to begin my graduate program which requires an F1 visa. For some reasons, switching from M1 to F1 is the one case USCIS does not allow for adjustment of status within the country, which mean I’m required to leave the US, fly home, apply for F1 visa, then fly back here for grad school. Given the current situation, this is almost impossible. My country’s airspace is currently close, which means there’s simply no commercial flight in and out of the country. I’ve been trying to contact USCIS to ask for an exception to be able to adjust my status without having to leave the country, but there’s simply no way of contacting them. The only channel is their customer service, which I’m sure has no authority to make such decision. I’ve also contacted my school and they simply said they cannot help me with this situation and

I129F Valid day Expiration

Hi. I have been approved for I129F on April 4th and the Valid day is until August 1st. When I check the status in ceac, it says that my papers are in NVC. Should I be worried about going over the expiration date? What should I do? ​ Thanks submitted by /u/pto1995 [link] [comments] source

Getting a US visa

I’m an American dating a Moroccan man. I’m 19 he’s 23. How is it possible to get him a visa? He wants to find work here as he says in his country work is hard to find and doesn’t pay well.. I only make 1700 a month after taxes and I don’t have my own place yet. Can someone please give me advice? submitted by /u/user7885 [link] [comments] source

Can I work 40 hrs during school breaks (spring break, end of semester break before next semester starts etc) under part-time CPT?

Hello, Im wondering if I am allowed to work 40hrs/week under CPT during spring break etc. I am continuing my same internship for next semester and I may have started working full-time (40 hrs) before my official summer semester began but school was not in session. Can anyone help by shedding some light on this? I am truly worried. submitted by /u/iputdahotinpsychotic [link] [comments] source

Need info regarding US visa

My grandparents in the USA petitioned for an immigration visa for my parents (residing in Philippines) in 2001 and just recently received an approval for after 19 yrs. My grandfather died already and only my grandma is still alive but she is quite old now. She only survives on her pension and lives in a low income apartment for seniors. One of the requirements she needs to provide is the affidavit of financial support for which she does not meet the minimum income requirements. Is there any organisation that could help? As 19 yrs have passed, a lot has changed. My parents would like to seize this opportunity but the requirements are a problem. Both my parents are seniors too and not working. The COVID19 situation has impacted the Philippines badly. If/when the USA restarts doing the interviews in Manila, what is the timeline my parents have to work with? Is this (class F31) visa petition only valid for a year? Please enlighten me and need some suggestions what to do. We already contac

Hi all,

I applied adjustment of status (green card ) approved years ago and this process has involved name changed. What is the proof of name change or how do I request the proof of name change? Sounds like a silly question but it has been 15 years and tracing back is hard. Please comment submitted by /u/qcissp [link] [comments] source

Is going to Hawaii risky for pending AOS applicants?

I understand it’s within the US, but is there any chance they’ll put you through customs? I wouldn’t want to risk having my green card application abandoned submitted by /u/whatserotonin [link] [comments] source

Can I apply for AOS and EAD card after my i-130 is approved?

My OPT is ending and my i-130 was approved a month ago. I am an adult son of a permanent resident. Can I file for AOS and an EAD card to work while waiting for my case to move forward? Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/mrmitsay [link] [comments] source

O1 visa change of employer

Is anyone experienced with O-1 visa change of employer? I'm going through the process and my new attorney is starting a fresh application, with new letters and just a very small overlap with my previous application. Is that normal? Also, the new visa will be valid for an additional 3 years? Or does the time in my current visa counts for the time limit? submitted by /u/burner_1s8pwyi [link] [comments] source

I'm confused between US and Canada for pursuing Masters

I want to pursue in US but getting a H1B visa for Indian is becoming tough. Also job switch is becoming difficult. submitted by /u/obliviant26 [link] [comments] source

Form 1-765 for OPT

Current Form 1-765 is listed to expire on 5/31/2020. Should students still mail in the form or hold off? submitted by /u/blink810 [link] [comments] source

Waiting for AOS, can I get a US license?

Sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask. I’m a Canadian citizen who came to the US on a K1 visa and have filed for my AOS. Can I apply for a US drivers license? I have read conflicting things online that you need a SSN and some say you don’t but there might be a residency requirement. I do not have a current Canadian drivers license. submitted by /u/Xactos [link] [comments] source

Applying for US PASSPORT right now? :(

I’m really unsure what to do right now because we wanted to visit parents in Germany in the next months. Our child doesn’t have a passport and I imagine in July or August regular flights will resume but we can’t fly without a passport. I’m debating if we should just file now and will have to wait months — or wait until the expedited option becomes available which ultimately could be faster. Currently the expedited is not available and I’ve heard people have been waiting over 3 months and not received their passport through regular processing. But I imagine they might not open the expedited option even after kicking into the other normal gears. Any thoughts on this? I saw premium processing is happening for some visas so maybe they will do the same thing. After all they do need money. submitted by /u/orlong_ [link] [comments] source

Legal advice

So long story short, I’m an international student and I’m in my last year a public university So proud of myself. Anyway I got suspended from school in 2017 For 8 months. School terminated my SEVIS In August of 2017. I didn’t leave the country as I was already married for two year and 4 months to a US citizen. I really didn’t know that I’m breaking any laws as I was beginning to file for my green card with my lawyer at that time where I Received An email from an ICE officer to talk about my status. I went to the meeting and I’ve told the officer that I’m about to file my papers. He still served me with the notice to appeal but me on deportation process. Since then I have gotten in trouble with the law. I have been convicted of driving without a driver license. And I was charged but not convinced of petit larceny giving Fails id to law enforcement. I have filed the i-130 and got approved. The I-485 is sent to USCIS however it’s gonna be filed in court hearing. What are the things that

EO on OPT/STEM: So..this is it? It feels like this roughly covers what they were intended to do for non-immigration visa holders back in April 22nd, they said they will come up with an EO in a month and on May 22nd, nothing happened. There was a Politico article that something will be out this week---nothing but this happened. and USCIS said that they will resume premium processing-- So...should we still be worried about the government suspending the OPT/STEM OPT? I mean seeing Trump signing the EO on twitter, I guess they COULD make this regulations disappear overnight, but I doubt it. submitted by /u/hahnic [link] [comments] source

Immigration Fraud Question

A hypothetical question. If an immigrant with an active case at the USCIS or NVC reports an instance of immigration fraud, can his case be favored more positively? submitted by /u/Passingtime543 [link] [comments] source

F-1 Visa Violation

I did not complete enough credits last semester. After speaking to my DSO, she said that I will be issued a new I-20 and will need to pay the sevis fee $350 and attempt re-entery us.I've bought my flight tickets to my home this coming June. But I'm afraid what if I can't make it back to the US in time and I take more than 5 months. I'm afraid if that happens my usa visa will be Invalid. As of now its valid for 5 years. Do y'all think that the cbp or uscis will be lenient to me or anyone else facing the same problem due to covid-19,I doubt they will... submitted by /u/stromaestroo [link] [comments] source

Stolen Green Card - Currently Outside of U.S.

Hi Team, I entered the U.S. just before Covid snowballed, and came back to Australia to try and wait things out a bit. Upon entry to the U.S., my visa was endorsed by CBP and the processing for the physical GC started. GC was successfully delivered in C/O my close friend who is a U.S. resident. Original plan was for this to be forward to myself in Australia, but, on it's way to me it has been stolen out of a P.O. box in the states. Wondering if anyone has any tips how to proceed. It has been reported with USPS but wondering If i need to escalate it to a police report. Also, I have the temporary endorsed visa which is still valid as a temporary G.C. Wondering if I need to apply for a boarding foil or a re-entry permit, or if the temp. Greencard will be valid to enter the U.S.? Had planned to depart for the U.S. in August. Thanks. submitted by /u/brcnz [link] [comments] source

Is taking the 6 months maximum stay given to B-1 Visitors really overstaying?

Also, if a person were to stay 5 months, in the USA and then leave for 2 months, then comeback again for 5 mines (repeat process). Is it still considered overstaying? And is there harms to a persons visa for doing this? Will it matter if she goes to another country (not her home country) after 6 months, or if she is a frequent traveller in the past, but still plans to do the 5 Months 2 Months plan? submitted by /u/rhogerdat [link] [comments] source

F1 Visa question! :)

Hi! I was recently serving in the Peace Corps and met my boyfriend during my service, and he is a host country national from the country where I was serving. We are trying to figure out how to get him over here to the US with an F1 student visa. He wants to study at a community college to get an associates degree for the program he was studying in his country. My family and I are willing to be his financial sponsor, but obviously the intention in the end is to have him end up as a US resident (after applying to continue education for a bachelors and completing that, or getting married during his studies). Obviously, this won't look good from the perspective of a Visa interviewer. The intentions are 100% true for why he wants to study in the US, it is incomparable to his options where he lives. He wants to pursue his degree. How do we frame this situation to work out in his favor? Should we transfer the funds to someone else and make up a story or be honest about the relationship?

Applying for an ESTA or B1/B2 visa?

Hello friends, ​ So I am looking for legal advice here. Some time ago I was arrested and convicted for owning and carrying a bb gun. It's a bb gun that shoots on gas, but I live in the Netherlands, and here that is considered a crime. The laws here on bb guns are very strict. Those things are legal in Germany and Belgium but of course not here... So officially I was convicted for ''possession and carrying an illegal firearm'' (for a damn BB gun I know...). Now here's the deal, in the future I might want to visit the USA. I have visited before and filled in the ESTA file for immigration. But now I am torn on this question on the file: ​ Have you ever been arrested or convicted for a crime that resulted in serious damage to property, or serious harm to another person or government authority? ​ Now this is not my case, because I did not harm or threaten anyone just minding my own business. I only am convicted for possession of a bb gun. So technically I co

AOS for parents still processing, I485/130... Can they apply for a SSN now?

My parents' AOS is currently processing, they already received their advance parole document. However, they are both retired so we did not apply for EAD... In hindsight this seems to have been a mistake. Question now: can they apply for SSN while their application is still pending? submitted by /u/engineertee [link] [comments] source

Asylum form for child: copy mine or make one for him?

Im looking at section for my child. I am including him in my application and it says to “attach one photo of child in corner of page 9 ON THE EXTRA COPY OF THE APPLICATION SUBMITTED FOR THIS PERSON “. What does this mean? A copy of my application but with his photo? Or a new application for him with all his info, in other words, do not make a copy of mine at all? submitted by /u/Paddy-O-furniture1 [link] [comments] source

Should I hire a lawyer to do my AoS through marriage paperwork?

I have a few things worrying me about doing the paperwork on my on. First is when I came in the US i came in as a tourist and overstayed. Second, I am currently employed but I am using a different name. Are these things it would be best for a lawyer to deal with or can I do it myself? Also, how many years back worth of tax returns paperwork do i have to present? submitted by /u/Nasheuss [link] [comments] source

Public charge advice

Hi, my husband recently got laid off from work. He will lose his medical benefits the end of this month (which means I also lose medical benefits) I’m not super worried about income, we have a place to stay and we won’t go hungry. It sucks yes, but my bigger worry is health insurance. What are our options in terms of getting medi-cal coverage ? If we use something like Obama care or medi-cal will it affect my immigration application because of the public charge rule. He is a USA citizen, I am from Ireland, currently in the AOS process. Second question - will him claiming unemployment affect the public charge rule? Other background - I am still working but I do not receive benefits from my job. I’m also a personal trainer so although I’m working online, my work possibilities are reduced while we wait for gyms to open up. I’m just scared to be in this country without insurance Thanks! - I’ve struggled to find anything concrete on this as most sites I’ve found only talk about Medi

Research for Class

Hi, I wasn’t sure which forum to post this is, but decided this one might be the best fit. Can anyone please link me to current immigration policies and laws in the United States that have to do with detention centers. As well as the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants. I’m a foreign exchange student and need some aid in my research. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/prison___mikeeee [link] [comments] source

H-4 Visa Temps

I have an h-4 visa and we currently have our h1b approval receipt. Am I able to get my driving learners permit using the receipt? submitted by /u/aryanbbb [link] [comments] source

Essential travel | Traveling to Mexico City from the US for Visa Stamping

I am an Indian Citizen accepted to Medical Residency Training at a US Hospital on a J1 Visa. I came on a B1 Visa for interviews back in Nov 2019 and couldn't travel back to home country due to Coronavirus Pandemic. I94 was valid till May 3, I filed I539 for extension of status on April 16, I filed I539 for change of status to move from B1 to J1 on May 5. Requested expedited processing, they denied expedited request citing lack of biometrics. My current stay isn't unlawful, but my job starts on June 20. There isn't a way to get the CoS approved here. So I started looking at getting stamping in Mexico. I reached out to the embassy, they are accommodating. They said find a safe passage here. What all should I know before flying into Mexico City for appointments? Hotels have some weird restrictions during the pandemic? Can I stay in Airbnb? Would border officers be ok with that? Any pointers would help. I don't speak Spanish. Are there any ways to make payment in Mexi

Permanent Residence to nurses

Proposed bill: Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act There is a proposed bipartisan bill that would give 25000 unused greencards to nurses. If this were to pass, how would one apply for this? My mother passed NCLEX (and has a masters) and is a registered nurse. Her current H1B petition is currently as a system analyst because we heard H1B for nurses is rare. Would she qualify for this program or does she have to be practicing nursing right now? My mom's PERM is from 2017; we are from India; living in the US. I know this is optimistic, but considering that several republicans and a few democrats are even considering this, I am optimistic. submitted by /u/BlackWoodHarambe [link] [comments] source

How it's taking for H4-EAD to come ?

My petition for H4 EAD got submitted to USCIS on Mar 23. Currently I am on H4 status. Did anyone recently received EAD based on H4 status or know how long it may take ? submitted by /u/jedi_22 [link] [comments] source

Will my mom be stopped in immigration if they find out she will stay for a long time?

My mom who is a filipino, suddenly has the urge to move in with me along with my brother in the USA (which tbh I’m pretty not happy with, I wanna learn how to be independent). She has a B-1 Visa, expiring next year, and I have a F-1 Student’s Visa, while my brother and stepdad have a Canadian Visa. Additionally, I didn’t make my mom get a sponsor visa because the original plan was just me studying (being independent) She is now staying here for 6 months already (flight got cancelled due to COVID), and she fell in love with the place. Now she wants to move here and also make my brother study here. She is not a Canadian citizen. I was wondering what are the chances of her being barred from entering USA? Is there a chance for her visa to be revoked due to staying for long peroods of time? Her and my stepdad might come back in a few months to look for a house. And then she plans to stay 5 months USA, back to the philippines for 2 months, and back again for 5 months. Is it possible she

Extend ESTA of 9 days

Hi all, my mum came to the US less than 3 months ago with ESTA. She was supposed to leave one month afterwards but then COVID-19 happened and her flight to Italy got cancelled. Her flight is scheduled for 6/7 and her admission period expires tomorrow. I called a deferred inspection site 3 weeks ago and they asked me to call closer to departure. I called USCIS today to extend her admission. They asked few questions, filed the request and informed me someone would call back 24-48 hours later. Is that normal? Should I call a deferred inspection site tomorrow? Not sure it is a good idea to wait for someone to call me back while her admission period expires. submitted by /u/TemporaryData [link] [comments] source

What comes after the K-1 Fiancé Visa? Do we have to live in the US?

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 4 years, he’s from Ecuador and I’m from USA, and we’re ready to get married. We run a business together in Ecuador (main reason we want to get married) so we obviously want to stay here and we know what to expect on Ecuador’s end when we get married. We’re just not sure how to maneuver the US side of things. We were just going to get married in Ecuador and start the process of getting me citizenship but here’s the problem: my boyfriend cannot come to the US and never has actually visited because he was denied the tourist visa twice. I don’t want to get married until I have a clear idea of what we need to do pre- or post- wedding to ensure he gets some kind of access to the US. We are NOT getting married to help him get into the US, or to earn US citizenship, and we have absolutely no intention of ever living in the US. That being said, I would love if my husband could someday travel home to visit my family with me. So what is the best w

If I, a New Zealand citizen, had a child with my husband (an American citizen), whilst living in America, what nationality would the child be?

Wondering if there would be some sort of dual citizenship or if the hypothetical child would be considered an American citizen. submitted by /u/lynxwarden [link] [comments] source

H1B to L1

I’m currently on H1B visa in the US but given the wait times for GC, I’m considering moving abroad with my company and coming back on L1. Is it possible and has anyone ever done this before? submitted by /u/UnqualifiedCoup [link] [comments] source

Question : PAROLE IN PLACE or special parole

My husband is active in the military. I was wondering if with the PIP or special parole we would be able to help my mother her citizenship or anything like that?? Any insight is helpful! submitted by /u/dwightlover9 [link] [comments] source

How long should you wait after getting married to file the change of status?

My girlfriend and I have been talking about getting married and eventually filing for change of status but I was told that if you file the change of status right after you get married it raises suspicion. Just wanted to know if anyone had first hand experience with something like this or knows a little more about it. submitted by /u/Nasheuss [link] [comments] source

In the US and flight home keeps getting cancelled - What are my chances of getting an ESTA visa waiver extension?

I'm British and came to the US in March. I've now been here for 2 and a half months and was due to have gone home by now but my flight was cancelled, I rebooked it and it has now been cancelled again. It now seems to be impossible to get through to delta to re-arrange my flight and I'm not confident that I'll be able to get one in time and am worried that even if I do it might just be cancelled again anyway. Does anyone know what the chances are of getting a satisfactory departure approved? I've read online about the possibility of getting a satisfactory departure to give me 30 extra days here. I called up and was told I could only apply for this five days before my time limit for being here was due. That seems risky, because what if they say no!? I've then got five days to get a flight which I'm already having trouble getting and is the reason I need an extension in the first place! submitted by /u/Alarmed-Platypus [link] [comments] source ht

About filing I-485

Can’t find the info anywhere on this. My wife and I got married couple weeks ago and are working on filing forms I-130, -a, and I-485. Generally, it says that you’re supposed to wait for the response/approval of I-130/-a, before filing I-485, but in some cases you may file concurrently. One of the conditions is if you’re an immediate relative of a citizen, but my wife is a permanent resident. On the internet we found a few websites where people say you can, but I don’t know for sure. In addition, I know I have to file form I-944, declaration of self sufficiency, but I was also told that we’re supposed to file I-864, affidavit of support. As far as the two of us go, my wife is a full time student and doesn’t really have a stable job (especially during COVID), I am the one who’s working, so I-944 is a piece of cake, but what are we to do about I-864? Is it required? If so, what if she, as my spouse and a main applicant (me being the beneficiary) can’t support me, but I can support the

How exactly does the review process for immigration forms work? I am a US citizen applying for a spouse visa for my wife.

What is the review process for the I-130 and I-130A forms? Do they contact foreign countries to confirm my wife's addresses, her parents' names and DOB, etc? They are reviewing our I-130A now, does that mean the I-130 has been reviewed already? submitted by /u/trivialpursuits [link] [comments] source

Are US consulates processing emergency appointments right now?

I understand routine immigrant and non immigrant visa appointments are not taking place, but are they processing emergency appointments? ​ I'm based in Australia - great if someone has specific knowledge on that. submitted by /u/30aliens [link] [comments] source

Taiwanese Marrying US Citizen During F-1Visa/OPT

Hello. My girlfriend is about to graduate from university and is here on an F-1 Student Visa. She is currently getting ready to apply to jobs and possibly get sponsored via OPT and has until November to find a job that's in her major field and is willing to sponsor her. If we decide to get married during these OPT 3 months, will she be able to stay in the United States, even after her OPT period expires? Or will she have to travel back to her country (even though she is legally married to me, a US citizen) and wait for her Green Card application to be approved? submitted by /u/ThisMove9 [link] [comments] source

Potential Perrmanant Immigration Denial to the USA

Hello r/immigration , I am a student going into my third year of university in the UK, whilst I would normally look for advice on the UKlegaladvice Subreddit the issue is more america centric. My Family has applied for an EB5 visa for permanant residency in the United States of America and I am currently apart of the application. We have been approved to go for medical and interviews at the Embassy in London however a large problem has cropped up to do with my medical history and is the reason I have marked this post NSFW. I have a history of self harm and have been formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety by my GP and a therapist at my university and have been prescribed medications such as fluoxetine, setroline and cilitropram. I have not self harmed in 2 years coming up this december however my scars are still clearly visible and I have neither taken my medication in 5 months as they just make my mental state worse, this is has not been disclosed to my GP. There are a number

Eu long term resident moving to NL/Germany

Hello there, thanks a lot for your advices here! I’m gonna have the EU long term residence permit soon this year, after 5 years living in Italy. Being a software developer, I feel the salary here is quite low compare to other countries, also I want to find a job in a big tech company . So I’m thinking about moving out. I heard that the EU long term residence permit would give me the right to live and work freely in another EU countries. Is it true? Does it mean that if I have a job offer in NL or Germany, I wouldn’t need a work permit? And if it’s not like this, what is the advantage of holding the EU long term residence permit? Sorry if there are a lot of questions. I’m trying to get a better life for me and my family, as currently, we only save about 1k€/month if nobody are sicks. Thanks submitted by /u/liukang2014 [link] [comments] source

Ciudad Juarez

Does anyone know when the consulate in Ciudad Juarez will start having interviews? Has anyone gotten an interview re-scheduled? submitted by /u/kvalenci [link] [comments] source

Anyone traveling on AP cards currently?

I am thinking of traveling to Mexico using AP card is it possible, if so what are your experiences? submitted by /u/joserlopez123 [link] [comments] source

Will applying for unemployment affect my citizenship application?

I just got my 10 year greencard in January. I am an independent contractor and I haven’t had any luck finding work during the pandemic. I’m thinking about unemployment but don’t want it to affect my citizenship application when I apply in 3 years. Do you guys know anything about it? Is there a risk? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/squanchyc [link] [comments] source

DS-160 question | Stuck in the US | planning to go to Mexico to change Non-immigrant status and get new stamping

I'm an Indian citizen. I came into the US on a B1. My i94 expired on May 3 2020. I applied for extension of B1 (I-539) on April 16, 2020 as all flights were cancelled. Now I got into Medical Residency. I got all the authorization on May 5 ,2020. I applied for change of status B1 to J1 (I-539 again) on May 5, 2020, then, asked for expedition. They said we do not have biometrics so they cannot help me until the biometric offices do not open. As my Residency starts June 21, 2020. I'm pressed for time. I reached out to US embassy in Mexico, they said they would stamp medical personnel, due to the emergent nature of my stamping. As I am applying for DS-160. I am faced with this question: "Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a US Visa?" Should I mark yes or no. Also could you give rationale behind the answer. I have the receipt of both applications which are current