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Fianće Questions

Hello, i’m currently applying for my greencard (i have H1b visa) and my lawyers are about to submit all my documents for Step 3. I have a few questions about my fianće (who currently lives in ph) My fiancé is planning to return here by 1st qtr of 2021 (he has b1/b2 visa). Is it okay for us to get married within 90 days upon his arrival? While my GReen card is in process (assuming i still haven’t done my interview when we get married), can i submit his application to USCIS as my husband / dependent when we get married while he’s here in the us? Is it okay for him to stay in the US while we’re processing his papers? Your responses will highly be appreciated! Thank you submitted by /u/pink_popper [link] [comments] sourceće_questions/

immigration to canada or usa

is it easier to immigrate to canada or USA? if I'm a college graduate (in stem) and willing to work/live permanently in either of the two countries and immigrate there, which country should be the easiest choice? submitted by /u/KeyBaker5744 [link] [comments] source

Settle in Canada

Hello, I'm from Pakistan. I want to settle in Canada. This is my dream. I'm 20 years old. Can someone please guide me? What do I do? submitted by /u/Ahmad-Nawab [link] [comments] source

DV Lottery application and providing passport info

For the DV lottery, I understand that we need to provide our passport number, country of issuance, and expiration date. If I lost the lottery and decided to visit the United States in the future then when the border officer swipes my passport, he'll see on his screen that I applied to the DV lottery in the past. Wouldn't he give me a hard time because he might suspect that I have an intention to immigrate? submitted by /u/Baratheon2020 [link] [comments] source

Crossing Land Border from Canada to US on TN & TD visa?

So read some posts that said during covid crossing the land border by car to the US is allowed under "essential travel" with a TN visa, but does the same apply to family members coming with you in the car who have TD Visas? submitted by /u/WT-2413659 [link] [comments] source

Does I-797C means that you're pending status

My spouse (beneficiary) is an international student with an F1 visa. She about the graduate with Bachelor degree and F1 will be terminated. However we have filled I-485 received the I-797C for I-485 back in July, does I-797C means that her status is pending and her status in US still legal right? submitted by /u/patpi3141 [link] [comments] source

Pre-Settled Status Query (UK)

Hi there, my boyfriend lives in Sweden and I live in the UK. I recently got my first rented flat here in the UK and my boyfriend wants to come and live with me permanently. The question that I have is: If he visits me for two weeks in early December and then returns home to Sweden can he still successfully apply for pre settled status in the UK? I have read that the one day option means that you just have to prove that you've been in the UK for one day out of the last 6 months before 31st December 2020 - does him returning to Sweden render this invalid? Or as long as he applies before 30th June 2021 is this OK? Many thanks for anyone who takes the time to read or respond! submitted by /u/DistanceCool2442 [link] [comments] source

Green card application through marriage

I am a green card applicant though marriage my wife is a us citizen and I’m an esta overstay. Chicago is our uscis facility . Case revived by uscis feb 25th 2020 Biometrics appointment scheduled for April 1st 2020 didn’t happen as offices were closed Biometrics rescheduled for October 20th 2020 So my first question is how long are people waiting for their EAD from the chicago office as I see some people have sent in applications in May and have done biometrics and have their cards already from different facility’s that must be due to Chicago’s higher population I guess . My second question what is the timeline once biometrics are takwn to get the interview scheduled ? Would it also be worth trying to expedite my case as it is beyond normal processing times ? Thank you for your help submitted by /u/Kerrymaninchicago [link] [comments] source

Have I abused the terms of my ESTA/WVP?

When I was admitted entry into the US on the visa waiver program I had a return flight which I showed to the border officer. After I arrived the airline changed my flight numerous times until it left me with an over 24 layover, and because of the coronavirus risk and obvious inconvenience that caused I didn't feel safe nor comfortable doing that. I then cancelled my flight to search for a new one and don't currently hold one, is this breaking the rules of the VWP? I am soon trying to apply for satisfactory departure in order for an additional 30 days to exit the US and will have to bring up cancelling my flight because of the long layover and coronavirus risk it caused, but I'm afraid they'll revoke my ESTA for not currently holding a return ticket. Flight costs are high and I cannot afford one even with the refund, as well as having to pay for accommodation to self isolate in for 14 days because my parents who I live with are afraid of catching the virus. My mother is

N400 interview after divorce. Please share your experience.

Hello All, I got married to a USC in 2010, this was an arranged marriage that happened in my home country. It was decided by my in-laws and my husband that I should stay in my home country complete my education and then move to the US. Finally in 2015, my husband applied for my green card and during the interview at the consulate, we were asked to prove the validity of our marriage, we showed marriage certificate and phone records for all years. I came to the US with a 10-year green card in 2015. After coming here things went really bad for me. I lived with my husband and his parents in their house, I was both mentally and physically abused my his family. During the end of 2017 (after living with my ex-husband for 2 years) with help of a few friends I filed for a divorce and got separated. After the divorce I went back home but my parents weren’t happy with the divorce and asked me to leave. I came to the US just within 2 weeks of visiting my country. This year I’ve become eligible f


Anyone had any experience lately about i944? submitted by /u/Hot-Ad7667 [link] [comments] source

Insight on timeline from document qualified to interview schedule?

I am the US Citizen applying as the sponsor for my husband (IR1 visa) We are living in his home country during this whole process. We were recently approved as document qualified by the NVC (yay!) and are waiting to hear from the about an interview being scheduled. Im interested if anyone has been approved for an interview lately and can tell me how long until they heard about when their interview would be We received a notice from the NVC on August 19 that we are document qualified. That’s the last we’ve heard from them. Our embassy here was a little later to open, but opened Aug 31 for IR1 Visa interviews among other things. Immigration from where we are to the US is very low, so we don’t expect to be behind a huge line. (Probably) Anyone in a similar timeline? I’m just looking to gauge how much longer until we have an interview appointment. I know all responses will be a total guess because it’s different for every. Embassy. submitted by /u/cheesefri [link] [comments

In less than 8 months, despite covid delays, my husband is a permanent resident!!! (Adjustment of Status / Marriage Based / Timeline Included)

I loved reading these posts while we were waiting so I figured I’d share! There were so many things that could have gone wrong during our process, but we were very fortunate. We got married in February and rushed to apply because we didn’t want to do the I-944. Not because we thought it would disqualify us, but because it was a very time consuming form. It took us longer than we expected to complete all the forms and organize all our evidence, so we didn’t mail it out until February 21. For reference the I-944 was required after February 24. We shipped it FedEx overnight delivery and delivery was attempted Saturday. No one was there to sign so delivery was not reattempted until Monday, Feb 24. This made us nervous, but USCIS said they would go by the receipt date so we thought we’d be okay. More on that later. We didn’t get delivery receipts until April 1. We believe this delay was because we overpaid. We realized after submitting our application that we didn’t need to pay extra fo

My questions about immigration legally and illegally (I'm Indian)

What is illegal immigration? Is illegal immigration acceptable or not? Should we support illegal immigrants? What if the illegal immigrant aren't there to live a peaceful life what if they're there to do damaging things.. These are just my questions social media is confusing and I don't understand anything I'm just curious submitted by /u/Sea-Upstairs-1505 [link] [comments] source

My husband's visa was approved! We are confused about taxes/residency after he enters the US.

My husband is from a European county and will be entering the US next month with his CR-1 visa and will receive his green card within 120 days of entering. How does he officially declare his residency there? Does this happen at the airport when he enters the country? Also, how do taxes work if he enters in November? Does he pay his taxes to his previous European country, the US, both? I have tried to Google around but can't find answers to these questions. Does anyone know? Thanks so much. submitted by /u/NecessaryQ3355 [link] [comments] source

A question about the diversity visa process.

There are only 10 days left to apply so I wanted to do it today but I'm not sure what 'in care of' means. Is it the name of my guardian/parent? I can't put a link to a picture in my post so I will just leave it in a comment submitted by /u/Deadwolf_YT [link] [comments] source

National Interest Exemption work visa - do I only have 30 days??

There seems to be conflicting info on this!! I got granted a NIE H1B work visa - do I have 30 days to get in?? My job starts around the 10th of Jan... won’t the CBP officer ask me why I’m entering so much earlier?? Help!!! submitted by /u/AccountantAwkward228 [link] [comments] source

What to do when I first get into the US?

I am a Jordanian citizen, I also happen to own a US passport. My question is not so much about the paperwork and stuff, but about what should I do when I step foot in the US. I'm going there to study. I plan on going alone if things work out. What things should I do first? find a place to live? get a job? I really dont know how it will work out, can someone tell me what things I can do once i get there? submitted by /u/yeetbbe7 [link] [comments] source

Will Presidential Proclamations End if Trump is Voted Out?

**Not looking to discuss political views.** Hey guys, just wondering if the end of a presidential term also means the end of that president's proclamations? Specifically referring to the 5 geographical Covid travel bans including 9996 that stops travel from Ireland to the US. My K1 petition was approved in March, 4 days after the ban went into effect, and I'm losing my mind trying to get any answers from NVC or the embassy. submitted by /u/CallieScott [link] [comments] source

For OPT, how will your University verify that the job you are talking about related to your major, is really the correct job title? Can you lie about it?

For example, my major is “Business / Economics” and so I need to get jobs within that major. So, let’s say I apply for an “administrative assistant” job. Can I stretch out the truth by saying it’s a “business administrative assistant” job to my University? How will they verify? submitted by /u/Ella_Wonderstruck [link] [comments] source

Will seeking mental health services affect my immigration process in being a citizen in a few years?

Hi, I wanted to know whether seeking out mental health services affect my process. I am already a US resident. I became a resident in early 2019. I know it may be a dumb question but I’ve been hesitant seeking professional help for so long and now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t do this anymore. I have been to a counselor and psychologist before but I would stop seeing them because of fear of this being used against me. Especially when I was seeing my psychologist three times a week because of so much unresolved trauma. This was before and after becoming a resident. My family and even a lawyer advised to stop going in fear that I may be denied in the future especially after spending over $7k on my immigration process. But I just can’t do this anymore, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t sleep most nights and I am failing school. It’s affecting me so badly in so many ways. I just don’t want to be here anymore. I hate myself and everything that has happened to me and what I’ve

Would i need a joint sponsorship from my parents if im making less than 25K a year for a K1 visa or cr1?

I'm a 23 year old commercial pilot that lost my sponsorship with skywest and envoy air when covid hit. Since ive been in flight school the last couple of years my income as a university student has just been through a part time call center jobs and some freelance work to pay for basic necessities and rent. With the airline industry crashed due to covid I'm exploring other options through the military that could raise my income above poverty level 125% or flight instructing that pays around 16/hour. My question is does the income I've made in the past few years really affect the income paperwork to file in the future if im working a new job at that point? Any advice appreciated submitted by /u/aviator122 [link] [comments] source

False US citizen claim. Please help!

Hi there. My husband and I recently got married and now applying for a green card. I think I made a mistake and falsely claimed to be a US citizen on i-9 form when applying for a job a year ago. I know there is no waiver for the false claim but is there any other way around? If I quit my job and wait until my employer gets rid of my I-9 form will it be okay to apply then? Please help, I really need some advice! I’m worried I can be forever banned from getting my green card. I need advice :( submitted by /u/BeginningPart8735 [link] [comments] source


Hi, Wife is finishing up school and just recently applied for her OPT EAD and requested an SSN with it. We're also preparing to file our GC documents and I know an option is to apply for an EAD (seems to be a different one than the OPT version) as part of this process as well. Our advisor is saying it'll be fine to receive the OPT EAD first and then request a replacement EAD after she has received the OPT EAD which would be different from requesting a new EAD. Would this work or should we still file for a work permit/EAD with our GC application? Asking because our advisor has been wrong several times and I am trying to think through any issues with this plan as we need to make sure that we have her GC EAD before her OPT expires for work sponsorship reasons. submitted by /u/throwaway01759326 [link] [comments] source

Unemployment benefits for Conditional Resident?

I have my conditional GC and lost my job due to Covid. Will applying for unemployment be an issue with my Removal if Conditions? Has anybody done so successfully? Just want to make sure I am on the right scope of things . submitted by /u/killadocg23 [link] [comments] source

Does confession of abuse count via text as evidence?

So I and my partner have been having issues where she lashes out at me for reasons irrelevant to me or vents her frustration out on me for a totally different reason. It’s become emotionally and mentally abusive for me and I feel I’m not the same person anymore. The latest happened 2 days back with something related to her kids doing and the same thing happened again. There hasn’t been physical violence till now but the last time it happened and I told her how it wasn’t ok and it was getting to a point where I wanted to leave and she admitted via text that she had been shitty and “tbh abusive” in her words and how I didn’t deserve that. Would that also count as evidence? Thanks. submitted by /u/Mundane_End_4476 [link] [comments] source

40 quarters in lieu of affidavit of support

Parent is a TPS holder seeking adjustment of status. They were paroled in way before the recent policy change regarding advance parole so they are still eligible. Unfortunately I (Citizen) didn't meet the income requirement to sponsor them, however, we found that intending immigrants with 40 quarters of work don't require a sponsor. My parent has been working and filing taxes for the last 20 years and has accumulated 80 quarters of work credit. The immigration lawyer we're consulting (very knowledgeable and very expensive, of course) is optimistic about her case considering they have double the required quarters and a clean record regarding their TPS (never filed for anything else, paroled, no criminal history, no prior run ins with immigration,and never received any federal public benefit). The one thing the lawyer is a little worried about though is how the folks at immigration are going to handle this case, since according to him filing with work credits rather than spo

California 130&485

I filled my 130&485 case on 09/15, was delivered 09/18/2020. Just 3 days ago my card was charged for $1760. It took 5,5 weeks to accept it. I asked Emma about receipt number and they gave one which start MSC...for I-485 and said that they mailed it and I should get within 30 days. Questions: 1) weren’t they supposed to give me many receipt numbers cause I filled many forms (a package including work authorization etc?) 2) I have not received any text messages but completed the for that and they should have it! Is this normal? 3) I have not included I-944 cause it was not required in September and then they changed that again. Also I did not include medical exam.I am supposed to get RFE for both of it? EAD and biometrics are dependent on RFE or they send anyway earlier then RFE? 4) what’s average time now from getting receipt to get biometrics and renewal of EAD(I had it on my OPT before) 5) If I want to expedite EAD cause of financial difficulties, how to do that? My husband is my

UPS lost our I-130.

I overnight expressed the I-130 (and all accompanying documents and the cashier's check!) for my wife and her son yesterday in an attempt to get everything there before this weekend, when forms expire and costs increase. We woke today to find that the envelope ended up on the wrong truck. UPS isn't sure which truck that is, they just know it's not on the truck it was supposed to be on. I spent 3 hours on the phone fighting with UPS (who refuses to refund the cost of shipping by the way, so never EVER use them please) and finally got them to change the delivery address to my own, figuring that if I didn't, it would just end up getting there late, being refused, and take months to get my documents and cashier's check back to me. Now my wife and I are wondering if something we found online makes that a really bad decision: Part G - Public Grounds of Inadmissability states that all applications and petitions sent by commercial carriers, they will use the date on the

DV2022 photo checker

Does anyone have the link to check if the photo meets the requirement and is acceptable? I can’t seem to find one this year, only the one that lets you crop the photo. It’d be great if you could send me the link submitted by /u/Poohpu [link] [comments] source

Need help with a research project on immigrants

Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate student, and I am working on a research project for a class on social science research methods. For the topic, I chose to study 1.5 Generation immigrants - people who immigrate to a new country before or during their early teens. This is something I personally resonate with as a 1.5G immigrant myself. I'm looking to have a few interviews with people who fit into a definition of being 1.5G immigrant. I'm searching for people with immigration experience in any society, does not have to be North America. If you're willing to help, I will need 30-45 minutes of your time for a call + signing a consent form (all your info remains confidential and will only be seen by my professor). Much thanks in advance! submitted by /u/spohad [link] [comments] source

I 130 for spouse

How to find out with service center is currently processing my case if they keep transferring the file to different locations? submitted by /u/OwlNotes [link] [comments] source

Mistake in standalone I-131 filing for AOS I-485

I forgot to submit two photographs with the I-131 submission. Will USCIS reject my application or send me an RFE? submitted by /u/edi1801 [link] [comments] source

Immigration finance hypothetical

Let's say, like many of us, you have been in the US for a long time. You started your *US* credit history from nothing. Let's now also say through a rejection of application or for other reasons you cannot immigrate, and have to leave the country. What are you liable for in terms of you consumer debt, if any? If you bought a bunch of stuff an defaulted, are there even any consequences to defaulting now that you will never live in the US again? submitted by /u/sm_rdm_guy [link] [comments] source

Getting someone out of Pakistan ASAP, ideally to USA [LGBT]

Cross-posted from r/legaladvice at someone's suggestion. I (25M) am a natural born US citizen. Long story shortened, a very dear friend of mine lives in Pakistan (and is a Pakistani citizen,) and we have to get him out within a year. Sooner is better, because we may actually have less than a year (impending unwanted marriage, his family has the ability to change the timeline.) I am in northern California, but my parents live in Missouri, and I could go there if it would….. somehow make any of this easier or there is superior legal aid there. Ideally we would be getting him to the US so myself and my family can help get him on his feet, but if that’s not possible in the time frame, literally any safe LGBT friendly country would do. Because it might be relevant in terms of organizations that could help, we are both transgender men. I have physically and legally transitioned to a man, and look the part. He has not because it’s not safe or possible there, and him being trans is a

Application Status Changed - B1/B2 Visa on AIS.USVISA Website

Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone is in the process of immigrating to the US (my Wife) from Mexico and had an interview date for early November (8 days away now) that was canceled? Generally I get an email, then reschedule (5 times now)... this time nothing. I figure their system could be slow in rolling out the notifications. Normally you can log into the AIS.USVisa website and you can check your status, and we're showing as not having an interview date currently. BUT in case it is some glitch or whatever with their database, and it's only showing as us not having a date, and I go through the process to reschedule - it will effectively drop our date from 8 days from now, all the way until mid January. On the other hand, if I wait an extra day to call the center since they aren't open, it could be pushed back even further, I think March and then July are the next appointments as other people nab the slots. Anyone know what's up right now? submitted by /u

Priority Date Just Became Current, what happens next?

I am an applicant for employment based adjustment of status in the EB 3 category. I had my interview with USCIS January 2020 and my priority date just became current in the November Visa Bulletin. What are my chances of my Green Card being approved during the month of November? submitted by /u/cinnamon_21 [link] [comments] source

Immigrating to Japan Help

I want to migrate to Japan and start a new life. But I’m homeless in NYC and my budget is $2000 USD. I have a US passport and I am an aspiring athlete. I plan to move to Hiroshima, where it’s cheap. I’m 100% sober. I’m homeless because my dad kicked me out of home for being transgender. I don’t know where to start... Can I have a consultation with a professional on immigration to Japan? submitted by /u/QuartzPink [link] [comments] source

What to do when a mortgage lender won't accept USCIS documents as proof of permanent residency?

Hello all, As the title suggests, I have applied for a mortgage, we were preapproved, are under contract, we paid the lender for the appraisal etc. My conditional permanent resident card has an expiration date of early November 2020. I applied for removal of conditions in a timely manner, the application was accepted and my I-797 notice clearly states that my residency is extended by 18 months and that, when presented with my expired Green Card, it is proof of residency and work authorization. My spouse is also a US citizen. The problem is that the lender is not accepting the I-797 as proof of residency, even though it clearly states so on the official USCIS letterhead. They want an I-551 stamp. Unfortunately, USCIS is not holding any infopass appointments right now. They don't even want to take my biometrics (fingerprints) and sent me a notice that they'd just use my old ones. Usually, a biometrics appointment is when they apply the I-551 stamp (as far as I know). I have

Question about Household Income in Form I-944 -- joint tax returns

I am trying to fill out Form I-944 and have a question about section "Household Income". This section asks for the total income of each household member from the most recent tax return. Does anyone know how to fill this section for joint tax returns? Do I list my income and spouse's income separately (which will differ from tax transcripts) or list everything under my name (which gives the impression spouse didn't have income). Does anyone have experience filling out this section with joint tax returns? submitted by /u/colourblindy [link] [comments] source

USA immigration(CAD married to American)

What is the fastest way for a Canadian citizen with an American spouse to obtain the legal documentation to live and work in the USA? We are currently in Canada and would like to return to America. We have been married for 11 years and have 3 children together. submitted by /u/Background_Ad_8468 [link] [comments] source

Hardship Letter

Hi all! Last October, my best friend married a man from India (we are in the U.S.). They have been working on the citizenship process and have just gotten to the step where she has to write a letter of hardship. I’m sorry if this post isn’t allowed since I am not directly going through the process, but I am just really curious as to why there has to be a hardship if he wasn’t in her life? Why isn’t the fact that they are in love enough? I hope this doesn’t come across as negative or anything. submitted by /u/beekrights [link] [comments] source

Help!! Got denied our I-485!!? (NYC)

My husband (USC) and I (Danish) was scheduled for our interview on October 14th. We got the notice on 9/19, dated 9/11. Pretty soon we were aware that we wouldn’t be able to make it due to Corona and quarantining and started making calls. We finally got through and rescheduled (date TBA according to them). Got a confirmation letter on 10/6 stating that we had contacted USCIS about rescheduling our interview, however, they have no knowledge of this interview. Today we got a letter, denying the I-485 due to not showing up to the scheduled interview. We have paper and letters as well as receipts for contacting by phone for all of this. What should/can we do? submitted by /u/BigLittleWolfCat [link] [comments] source

Leaving job after H1B approved but before visa stamp/moving to h1b status

My company applied for me in the lottery this year and was successful. My petition was also successful. However, my company chose consular processing. I am currently working for them in the US , however I am not on H1B status yet, even though my petition has been approved. My question is, if I leave my company before getting my visa stamp, will I have to go through the lottery again in the future? I am thinking of going back to school for a graduate degree. It’s unlikely that I will get a stamp anytime soon due to travel restrictions and the EO preventing new H1B issuances abroad. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/cyclist1401 [link] [comments] source

EAD/AP (i765/i131) APPROVED!!

I suddenly saw an approval letter for EAD and AP in my mailbox this night. My online case status still didn't change. The i765 and i131 still shows " Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken." I just wanted to share this with you all, this subreddit has really helped me cope with all the anxiety I accumulated while waiting lol. Case was processed at NBC and filed office is Houston, Texas. My case was received May 15 Case Accepted and money cashed June 16 Did Biometrics on August 7th and it was applied to the case the same day. i485 case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview on August 18th. PS; Am 21 - My dad filed for my mom and I but only my approval letter came tonight, am a bit worried because all our letters and updates always come at the same time, we also did our biometrics together. Goodluck to all the people that are still waiting. submitted by /u/mzBluebird [link] [comments] source

Japan Visa help

So i want to go to japan using a program called workaway, if you aren't familiar with it basically, you work for a company or a person in exchange for accommodation for a short period of time. so it's a good way to travel for cheap. I've never been out of the country before and have wanted to do this for a while and i have my heart set on going to japan. But i've never been out of the country before and I'm only 19. I've done a little bit of research on the types of visa used to go to japan but i'm starting to get discouraged because it doesn't seem like i can qualify for the visas. I don't think i can go on a tourist visa because i will technically be getting compensated. and i can't go on a work visa since i'm only 19 and obviously don't have a bachelors degree. I saw something about a working holiday visa but came to find out i can't get one because i'm a US citizen. so i'm at a loss for what i can do. I'd really like

Visa became current after retogression; interview completed

My interview is completed but since there was no visa available, the green card could not be issued at the time. In the last bulletin, the visa became available. What happens now, anyone have any experience? I also have two applications one in Eb2 and another one in Eb3. The interview was not for a specific category submitted by /u/OnlyWasabi9 [link] [comments] source


I'm getting married the Friday 6th on November, I was hoping by now to have the answer from my application of the extension of the TN Visa (with premium processing (I'm from Mexico), but I haven't even received the receipt yet. Can I still get married? Will this affect the result of my application? Can they know I got married? Just wondering if will be better to postpone the wedding or it's okay? submitted by /u/vdtrr [link] [comments] source

Trying to obtain Birth Certificate from Saudi Arabia from outside the country for RFE

Hello, Has anyone tried to get their Birth Certificate from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when they no longer there? Trying to get this for Green Card purposes. I don't know how to contact the embassy and found the Ministry of Interior's number - called him and he hung up (when he heard I was a woman?).... Has anyone had success trying to get their Birth Certificate? If so, please help how? I am trying to get this document for my younger brother. Tried contacting attorneys and no help anywhere (in US or KSA)?? submitted by /u/immihelpsos77 [link] [comments] source

F1 Visa OPT 90 unemployment days overstay

Hey guys, I'm an F1 student and I managed to find a job for my OPT towards the end of 3 months after my card was issues. However, my DSO emailed me to tell me that the job I found is not related to my major and I have used all 90 unemployment days and thus I need to depart. My question is, am I currently breaking any laws and will I be getting any bans while leaving US due to overstay? Should I consult an immigration lawyer? submitted by /u/Familiar-Egg-3289 [link] [comments] source

(USA) Marriage based visa interview scheduled in France during lockdown

My husband's interview to obtain a greencard to US is scheduled for next week. It was supposed to occur in Paris and he lives outside that region. We called the embassy earlier today and they didn't know what would resume during the lockdown. Does anyone have any updated information? Scouring the websites isnt really helping atm. We don't know if he will be able to travel there from outside the region or if the interview will even take place. Any word is appreciated atm! Thank you! submitted by /u/Snoo_25596 [link] [comments] source

DV 2021 Sponsor

Hello, I’m an International student (F1) living in the US. I’m filing my immigration form i-485 through Diversity visa and I have to file as well the affidavit of support (Form i-134) through a US citizen sponsor. (One thing to know is my parents back home support me 100% but cant file i134. And I also work on campus, so the US citizen sponsor will just be a matter of formalities.) 1) I was wondering how much does the sponsor who lives alone need to have in his bank account/ tax records to be considered valid sponsoring? (knowing that there is +$5k in my bank account) 2) Will I be able to avoid filling the form i-134 if I gather more than +$10k in the bank account? (which can be proven through the receipts of the amount received by my parents) submitted by /u/Veunouss9 [link] [comments] source

Suffering Suckateer

I’m an arab 30 yr old female and I’m stuck in my home country where life is mostly difficult especially for females, and it doesn’t help that I’m unmarried and have different views. I’m grateful for everything I have but I’m looking for a quality life where I could feel safe. I speak two languages, Arabic and English and I have a Masters in Marketing that I completed in Europe. I have been relentlessly trying to immigrate to Europe or Canada, applying for many jobs since 2019 with no luck, the responses I have been getting revolve around “we can’t sponsor you at the moment”. Canada’s immigration express entry laws also just changed and the scores are bound to get higher which means I don’t stand a chance receiving an invitation. Does anyone have any advice for me? noting that I’m not best at learning new languages, but I’m a hard worker and I’m leading a team in my current work with an international corporation and have 6 years of experience. Preferably looking for a job in b2b dig

You need to be exempt from both Proclamations?

I just had my appt at the US Embassy (in Europe) & they told me that although I proved I am exempt from the PP 10052, I also need to prove I am exempt from PP 9993? I thought I could just spend 14 days in a non-banned country and enter? Could I maybe book an appointment at a U.S. embassy in a non-banned country and get my visa then? Please help!!!! submitted by /u/Regular-Constant-367 [link] [comments] source

NVC Police Certificate help!

Hi everyone, hope you are well, My spouse and I are applying for a CR1 visa (he is from Canada, I am from the states). We are at the NVC steps and have filled out the I-864 forms and uploaded required documents, we were almost done with his part until we saw that he needed to upload a police certificate (for Canada). The problem is that he is visiting me currently and will be here till almost Christmas time, due to covid and us not seeing each other for a while. Is there any way he can get his police certificate while still in the states? Any help would be much appreciated, we are pretty bummed out right now. We really hoped we would be able to send in this application step ASAP. submitted by /u/throwaway890890123 [link] [comments] source

Requesting satisfactory departure on VWP/ESTA relating to coronavirus

I have some questions regarding the "30 day satisfactory departure" offered to those admitted to the US using the VWP and who are struggling to leave because of issues relating to coronavirus. I was admitted entry to the US on August 18th, I am a UK citizen and because of the travel ban imposed on me I stayed in Croatia for 17 days and then entered the US successfully using my ESTA to visit my girlfriend. I am now however finding it difficult to leave and want to request satisfactory departure so am wondering if my reasons fall into those accepted and if they do exactly how I go about applying. My reasons are as follow: ●The airline I had booked my return flight with changed my outbound flight to a day earlier meaning I would have to wait in the airport for over 24 hours before getting my connecting flight home. This is something I was afraid of doing because of the added risk of contracting covid by a long layover at the airport and a much lengthier travel itinerary. I was

N-400 & I751 combo interview

Just combo had interview today after 3 years with a pending i-751. Everything seemed to be going well and my husband passed the civics test. The officer drilled us with questions and I believe we answered thoroughly. However at the end, he gave us a paper that said we passed the naturalization but checked a decision cannot be made about your application. This morning I checked the status and my husband status on the USCIS n-400 website less than 24 hours later and it says, “congratulations your application was approved you will be sent a letter to take your oath.” I am super confused, so were both applications approved? If so why tell us that a decision cannot be made at the interview? I also checked the I-751 status and that has not changed, it just says that his case was transferred. Any ideas? submitted by /u/Shesworried [link] [comments] source

Need some information regarding Mexico's laws for working

Hi everyone. Well, I am in a relationship with a Mexican girl and we intend to get married in the future, however, I read on the internet that I cannot get a work permit even after marriage. (I need to get Permanent Resident which takes about 2 years!) Now, I want to know is there any possible way that I can work after marriage in Mexico? I am from Iran and we want to live in Guadalajara, Mexico. submitted by /u/jasonns2020 [link] [comments] source

Can I register a company in US and hire myself?

Can I register a company in US and hire myself as an employee and get myself any work visa after completing my uni? submitted by /u/throwawaybeiwgebwjsv [link] [comments] source

Accidentally submitted i-90 instead of i-751!

My husband and I accidentally submitted an I-90 instead of the I-751. They called immediately saying wed made a mistake. Should we submit a withdrawal for the I-90? Ive heard it can complicate the process. And i would also assume the fee is non-refundable, would disputing the charge with the bank be a good idea? Were still within the timeframe to submit the i-751, we just want to know what to do about the i-90. Uscis said they have to investigate and we should submit a withdraw. submitted by /u/susb1tch [link] [comments] source

Can you travel on ESTA if you're not from a banned country?

I'm from Singapore and airlines recently announced direct flights resuming between America and Singapore within the next few weeks. My little brother is currently in Boston on F1 but he has been accepted and wants to transfer to a school in California. I'm hoping to fly over and help him move across the country during the winter break. I'm confused if I can travel on ESTA since I'm not from a banned country or is the entire program still currently suspended for all countries? Thanks! submitted by /u/flyingpizzapan99 [link] [comments] source

EAD approved - got help from House rep

Today, I got an email from my House Rep’s offce that my EAD had been approved! PD 6/25 Marriage to LPR wife, I am currently F-1 I did not expedite my EAD. In fact, the office told me that Congress has no power to expedite. What they do is put in inquiries for their constituents. I asked to put in inquiry because I am a college senior and wanted a job experience before I graduate. It’s currently a recruiting season for my major and I did not want to mark ‘authorized to work in US’ before the EAD was in my hand. I emphasized that I have no financial need to expedite the EAD, but simply said wanted to get an experience. My rep’s office put in a request a week ago and I got an email from the office saying that the USCIS approved my EAD today! I-485 - PD 6/25, biometrics mid Aug, RtS three days after Just wanted to share because I think the reps would be more willing to help since it’s an election time (less than a week) submitted by /u/Ciris31 [link] [comments] source htt

PERM (EB3) filed on 6/30/20 & still waiting for approval... what's everyone else's wait time for those who filed in 2020?

I've been checking amtech22, trackitt, and daily & none of them are really giving me hope for my case to be approved soon... 4 months & counting. I've also checked w my immi lawyer and they said no audit notified. I just want to get a sense of how long everyone else who applied during this 2020 sh*t show has been waiting and give myself some peace of mind... submitted by /u/pl_ty [link] [comments] source

Letter to Immigration Judge

Hey guys , I was told to write a letter about my stepdad who is soon facing his last court date. Has anyone got any suggestions of topics I should cover? Anyone have experience with this sort of stuff? For reference. I’m a senior in high school who is also undocumented. Should I include my status in the letter? submitted by /u/Feeliam6072 [link] [comments] source

Do civil documents that have been accepted by the NVC expire?

All of our CR1 documents were accepted by the NVC in February and my wife has been waiting for an interview date at the Montreal consulate ever since. Will any of our submitted documents expire? For instance, the fingerprints/police records she submitted (and were accepted) were from September 2019. We are concerned they could expire during this painfully long waiting period. Should we be concerned? Anything we should get new updated copies of just in case? submitted by /u/a_smocking_gun [link] [comments] source

Status of Adjustment (From F1 to Green card). Kindly Help!!

Hey Guys, I came into the states on an F-1 visa and graduated in May 2020. I am currently on OPT (Optical Practical Training) and looking for a job right now. I have a gf who is a citizen and we are planning to get married soon. It's not like contract marriage as you might have heard some stories. We've been together for 7 years. While being on opt, F1 holders have to report to SEVIS service about their employment in the first 90 days since they receive the EAD card. My 90 days period will be ended on Nov. 12. So we are planning to get married on Nov. 2. After that, we are planning to file for a green card application so that I can stay here legally. As you might have thought, I only have 10 days for the green card application. My question is if I fail/delay the application process, will I be illegal after Nov. 12? I tried to talk with my friends who went through the same procedure. They told me that once you are married to US citizens, you can legally stay here even though

Adjustment of Status with TN extension on the process

Hi everyone, the attorney at work submitted my paperwork with Premium processing on October 16th for an extension of my visa TN (the current one expires on Nov 11). I haven't get the receipt yet which means they haven't star working in my case (right?). On the other hand, I'm engaged and my bf (American citizen) and me (Mexican) want to elope in the next two weeks. I talked with my personal attorney and she suggested to do it now and start the paperwork asap for the adjustment of status (green card through marriage) even if I haven't get the TN extension yet. She also told me that as soon as we submitted the paperwork, my TN visa is automatically canceled and that I need to speak with my boss to see if they would let me work without a TN and until I get the permit to work. I am so confused because both attorneys, the one at work and my personal, are telling me different information. Questions... 1) Is it okay to start AND submit the AOS now even without getting the

Might have gotten myself into trouble when I forgot to update SEVP Portal when I left my job in July

Long story short, I am currently on STEM-OPT, which will expire in Sept 2021. Back in July, I decided to quit my previous job and use my unemployment days on my STEM-OPT to travel around the US. At the time, I was seriously considering leaving the US so I did not bother to meet with my DSO and ask about any procedure that needed to be taken. Fast forward to a few months later, I decided to try to find a job in the US and continue staying in the US until at least my STEM-OPT runs out. I was also hoping to start my application for self-petition green card (EB2-NIW). I am in the interview process with a few companies and already have an official offer that I'm considering. What is the best to find out if the lack of update on my SEVP portal affected my STEM-OPT status? I have scheduled a meeting with my DSO on Friday, but would like to have more information before that, since I'm talking to companies about hiring me right now. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/mountain_

How long does it take to reopen an administratively closed I-485?

My case just got dismissed from court. I submitted an I485 a while back and USCIS informed me that it will be closed since I had a pending case. At that time I was told I can reopen the application by sending a letter or notifying them? Is this true? If so, does anyone know how long this takes? submitted by /u/bahaw1024 [link] [comments] source

Can I come to the US with an ESTA if I was in a country that’s not part of the COVID travel restrictions?

I’m European. My friend who is also European left the UK do stay in Jamaica for 14 days, he told me that it’s what he had to do to enter the US. Would I be able to do the same with an esta or would I need a work visa like he did? I never had one And are F1 visas still being granted? submitted by /u/aquariangem [link] [comments] source

ESTA denied. Trying to get my parents into the USA for Christmas from the UK through Costa Rica

Hi my parents (UK citizens) will be in Costa Rica for over 14 days around Christmas, from there they want to fly to USA to see me (I am a USA citizen). I have two questions, 1. why would their esta be denied if they will not be in one of the banned zones. 2. is there any way to get a waiver for parents to avoid the ban? I know some exceptions exist. ​ Thanks for all your help submitted by /u/bc_english [link] [comments] source