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Mandamus Against USCIS

Filed a 601A waiver in 10/2019 and see the processing times increase as every month goes by. Any opinions on when I should approach my attorney about filing a mandamus? Thanks. submitted by /u/Passingtime543 [link] [comments] source

Indian H1B Green Card Wait

If you guys care at all about passing S. 386 and not having the green card line for EB-2 and EB-3 Indian H1Bs be 70 years long, I honestly urge you all to tweet about the issue and get it higher up on the twitter “trending” list. Please try to raise awareness for the countless kids like me who’ve lived here all our lives and don’t want to age out when we turn 21. Here is a tweet generator ! (Topic is currently #11 trending on Twitter) submitted by /u/slytherin861 [link] [comments] source

Moving while filling for adjustment of status?

Sorry I'm getting a lot of mixed info. My husband is filing adjustment of status and he is from Canada. My parents are filing as a cosponsor and being included in household income requirements with this application. We are all in the States currently, living on my parent's land. I recently got a job offer out of state. We are worried that moving after filing the cosponsor and household income will negatively affect our application. I have read that we are able to move within the USA after filing notice of address change. Our lawyer says it's not recommended by her since it muddles up the paperwork, but won't explicitly say we can't move. She has been careful to avoid all kinds of directional language and instead makes plans around our actions. Are we able to move for this job? submitted by /u/stonedkangaroo [link] [comments] source

Not sure how to help a friend

I know someone who believes he is a German citizen his mother brought him over here when he was around 5 years old. He would like to get a job and a apartment but he can’t do so because he does not have any paperwork. His mother was able to get him to graduate high school and free and reduced lunch. He also has a library card. His mother showed him a birth certificate from Germany. This person is 19 years old speaks English and graduated from a US high school. I’m not sure how to help him his mom kicked him out of the house also. Is there a way to get this person a work permit so they can get a job or there own place. He’s lived here for about 15 years and is 19 now. His mom has all his paperwork would he have to be a US citizen if he graduated high school. submitted by /u/burnerodom [link] [comments] source

Immigration interviews?

So much has changed now with Trump changing things constantly. I’m not sure where the USCIS is with marriage based green card interviews. Does anyone know? I’m currently at the waiting for interview stage. Got there and my EAD right before the lockdown. submitted by /u/songwongpong [link] [comments] source

Best way/format to send pictures for adjustment of status

I want to know how do I send pictures as evidence for AOS? Do I take print outs on paper or they need an album? Also if I wish to send screenshots of text messages from last few months then how many from each month should I send? submitted by /u/WakandaPauper [link] [comments] source

If DACA gets canceled, what happens to DACA who don’t have a passport?

I am on TPS but my friend/roommate is on DACA. He came here as a baby with his extended family since they never knew who his dad was and his mom died during child birth. We have been planning on a worst case scenario since the election result is uncertain and we want to be on the safe side. I recently secured a 10 year tourist visa to Canada which will allow me to stay there for 6 months at a time, I plan to get a job offer during that time somehow and figure out express entry. It is a long shot but at least I have somewhere to go and have a passport with a visa stamp. I have been vigorously saving money so I can stay afloat in Canada while I figure out a permanent status. My roommate wants to do the same but he doesn’t have a passport. What happens in his case if DACA gets canceled? We are pretty much convinced that both DACA and TPS will be canceled if Trump gets re-elected. submitted by /u/burner_acc55 [link] [comments] source

Biometrics and name change

Will the center where I will go for biometrics accept my passport with just my maiden name only on it? I change my last name from Campbell to Campbell Barry after my marriage (just added husband’s last name) and the USCIS application forma have Campbell Barry on them all. I updated my information at the SSA and got a new card but the lockdown happened in March in my state and since then I couldn’t get to update my state ID. I have my appointment to renew my state ID set for a month from today and my biometrics appointment is unfortunately before that date. Right now, I have zero ID document with my new last name. Will they accept my passport with maiden name and maybe take my social security card that was at least update and also my marriage certificate? submitted by /u/oumi23 [link] [comments] source

Birthday outside Canada for PR holder

My friend and his wife including a child all have Canadian PR however they are currently not staying in Canada. The issue is his wife is pregnant and they are considering what will happen if she gives birth outside Canada as flights are extremely difficult to get and the wife is close to date she can even travel. How best can they address this for the baby when they decide to move back to Canada? submitted by /u/godsglaive [link] [comments] source

Would applying to medi-cal for new born affect my petition for visa through marriage process?

Would it fall under the public charge rule? To give context, My wife is an American citizen and I am a daca recipient and we are in process of getting my visa for residency. We are in the process of waiting for the waiver to get approved and get our date for appointment in ciudad Juárez. Me and my wife are having our baby next month and we want to apply for medical for the baby once it’s born. But my question, would applying for medical for the baby would we put some kind of risk and lowering our chances to get approved once we get an appointment date at ciudad Juárez. Thank you so much for the help. If this is the wrong subreddit, I apologize. Can somebody guide towards the right subreddit. Thank you again. submitted by /u/JuliusCaesar129 [link] [comments] source

TN visa renewal process across POE

Hi everyone, I have to renew my TN visa as the current one ended. I intend to go to the Detroit tunnel POE on Monday when the cob office opens and try to renew my visa there (I have a letter from my employer). Do I have to, for whatever reason, go across the border back to Canada, so I come back into the states and re-apply for my TN visa? I can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere, especially during these uncertain times due to the Covid. My visa ended today but I believe I have a 10 day, I'd not 60 day, grace period to stay in the US. If I don't have to leave the country I would rather not, given the current circumstances. Thank you for any help! Cheers. submitted by /u/Albiob [link] [comments] source

NVC Case FE Review note

Hi everyone, my family and I are under the F3 category and we just received a notice from NVC that our documents have been approved and that we are Documentarily Qualified. My only concern is this message that we received today in addition to the acceptance: ​ " [Name of petitioner] does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants for this case. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit . To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 for a joint sponsor may be submitted." ​ We already have a petitioner and a household sponsor (the household sponsor's income is above the required level), but still unsure why we received this. Has anyone else received this message? All of our documents say "Approved" on NVC. Does this mean we have to find another sponsor? Can we show the consular officer our

Currently stuck in El Salvador, applied for IR2 visa but was just denied the application I601 even though mother is a US citizen. What is the next step?

Have been stuck in El Salvador waiting to be approved to go back to the US since 2018. Finally had an appointment with the embassy on April of 2019 but they asked that my twin brother and I submit a I601 form since we lived in the US after our 18th birthday. We submitted them with an immigration paralegal on November of 2019, my brother’s was approved April 16 2020, but mine required a proof of signature which was then sent on may 28 2020. As of July 31, 2020 I have received the notice that I was denied but am currently waiting on the reason why via mail. Any advice on what can be done next since my brother’s was approved and my mom is a US citizen? I have a girlfriend who has been patiently waiting for me to get back but I am honestly terrified to tell her these news because it would just break her heart. Thanks in advance submitted by /u/DitchTheHero [link] [comments] source

Tax question for OPT with AOS in process

Hi friends. My employer took full taxes from my pay, but im on OPT and im not supposed to do so. I think they are not supposed to take SSN & medicare from my pay. I want to tell my employer to fix it, but this week my wife and I also sent in AOS application..... Can I still get it fixed? I definitely do not want to overpay taxes Thanks submitted by /u/travis229 [link] [comments] source

I need your advice for immigrating to the US. I have some options and need your opinion.

I am a software engineer currently working in the EU. I am 31 years of age. I wanna move to the US and my main reason is how "accepting" americans are of other nationalities. I have the following options. H1b: This is the most obvious way to move there. However the h1b visa is based on a lottery which means its gonna be hard to get this one. student - Opt: Another option is trying to get an MBA scholarship to a 1 year degree. I will use this as a stepping stone to get a job as a software engineer or a manager. I think I will probably not be able to work on this visa. So I have to live on my savings. O-1: I am probably not eligible for this one but I ahve a 2 year Engineering doctorate degree. Its a doctorate without research and is considered at the same level as a Phd where I live. L1 visa: This is transfer through another company but it means I have to work in another country for some years and in the end I may or may not be able to get a transfer to the US. I

US citizen recently engaged to U.K. citizen

Now what? Lol just engaged and no idea about next steps. I plan on moving to Manchester england. No idea what to do now. Please help! submitted by /u/bluemoon1131 [link] [comments] source

Another update with presidential proclamation of Work Visa (H1B) ​ If an individual is not subject to the Proclamation, then neither the individual nor the individuals spouse or children will be prevented from obtaining a visa due to the Proclamation. The Department of State is committed to implementing this Proclamation in an orderly fashion in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and interagency partners and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. So am guessing they now allow H1b spouse irrespective of their Visa type . At least thats how i infer it. Do correct me if am wrong. submitted by /u/achand8238 [link] [comments] source

Immigration to join US Army

I live in New Zealand and are interested in serving in the U.S Marines, To enlist the only relevant requirement to overcome is being a LEGAL RESIDENT (citizenship not required). You can immigrate to the US as a legal resident by being sponsored for a job do you think it would be possible to: Be sponsored for immigration by the US ARMY to work at the US ARMY. Thanks. submitted by /u/trubshoe [link] [comments] source

If I got a one-year immigration ban from one country will that show up for other countries or haunt me in the future?

The guidelines clearly state not to ask for advice on how to break the law, but the good news is that I already did it. I overstayed a visa, mostly due to COVID19, and reported myself to the authorities after getting a flight ticket back to my home country. They waived a fine under the condition that I voluntarily accept a one year ban from the country, a fairly generous move on their part honestly. What I want to know is whether this mere one-year ban will follow me across the globe and into my future. Before COVID19 I was a frequent traveler and I would like to be again once it is safe to do so, but I am worried that I will have a black mark on my "permanent record". Does such a record exist? Should I have just paid the fine? Any input or advice from immigration officials or people with experience on the wrong side of legal immigration would be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/Sandlicker [link] [comments] source


Do you usually win on the 3rd attempt? Or if you don’t can you do your masters and then you’ll have 3 chances so does that help? submitted by /u/Surajvarne [link] [comments] source

From AUS > SG > US

Hello! I am an Australian citizen, living/working in Singapore on an employment pass. While here I have met an America and we plan to get married here, apply for CR-1 and I move to the US. We are nervous bc of all the different countries at play here and don’t want to collect the wrong info from the wrong place. What things have you Noticed they are really strict on in the application? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/STEPH_DOGGI_1 [link] [comments] source

Tn visa holder renewal and application for td Best Process

Hi, Im currently a TN-2 visa holder that expires on January 2nd 2021 And I'm getting marry in Octuber (Mexico), I'm wondering what would be the best way to get a visa for my future wife and stepdaughter and renew mine in the process. Should I renew mine first and they apply later? or can it happen at the same time? Thank you very much for your answers submitted by /u/jeiik [link] [comments] source

US citizen marries to h1b/student visa person

What chances of getting cheated on because of visa status (student visa/ h1b visa)? If US citizen divorced women (Indian nationality - 30 year) marries to student visa / h1b visa guy via . Does anyone think that guy just marry for the visa status? How to avoid this kind of circumstances? How to know the boy is reliable and will not cheat? What are the laws that are in the favor of US citizen which we need to aware before this kind of situation arise? Actually, I am a victim of fraudulent marriage. My ex came to United States from India (I sponsored him). He run away from marriage after getting green card. Any ideas? submitted by /u/JayJones1234 [link] [comments] source

How Long and Difficult is the Immigration Process to go to a place like Canada or the United States?

I'm an 18 year old male, I'm also of African descent if that matters. I live on a Caribbean island and I've never really liked living here. I've always hoped one day after getting a degree, and working for a few years to save up. I could do something like moving to another more developed, colder and less humid country to try finding work. Somewhere with snow in the winters, days where I can wear long sleeve clothes and reliable infrastructure. Somewhere with a higher standard of living, things like windows with meshes that keep bugs out and various other living amenities. I'm a long way off from the prerequisites to try a plan like that. I still need to get a degree, a job and begin saving. But I've been feeling particularly depressed as of late probably due to my depression and I felt like my end goal is kind of impossible or can't be achieved in any reasonable time frame. So I wanted to ask, as a naive child with little to no knowledge of the world, bu

F1 to GC via Adjustment of status

Hey all, this might be a stupid question, my partner and I have just got married (preplanned etc). I’m currently on an F1, and we know what forms etc we need to fill in, but when and what do I have to tell my university? submitted by /u/wildidle [link] [comments] source

Emergency travel to India (H1B)

My dad is sick in India and there is a chance that I might have to travel there in case it gets worse. I'm an H1B and my partner is here on an H4. She's unemployed while I'm working. Is there a provision for travelling from the US to India right now? If I somehow manage to travel, will my partner end up stranded here in the US? Has anybody here gone through a similar situation recently? Thank you in advance! Edit: My Visa stamp is valid till 2021 submitted by /u/sanghiMonkey [link] [comments] source

Move to Ireland

I am planning to move to Ireland from the USA to finish my secondary education, my Mum and dad are irish citizens and I am in the process of renewing my irish passport. Could I enter the country with my US passport and then continue to reside there beyond the 90 day limit once I get my irish passport? submitted by /u/tandooritony [link] [comments] source

To get a green card or not?

I recently obtained L1A status and am preparing to move to the US. This move came about due to a combination of work and personal circumstances. I work for an amazing company in a terrible industry, and its my goal to be out of this industry in 3 years max. All of our management (including me) are long time coworkers and friends, so there are no secrets between us. The quid pro quo I have with my company is that I'm going to help our US operations manage through a very difficult 1-2 year period. In return, they have made a fantastic move happen for me and are prepared to sponsor me to stay in the US. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to apply for a green card or not. On the one hand, I am in such a fortunate position to hold L1A status, with a green card in relatively easy reach. Am I right to assume I could apply for a green card immediately after moving to the US, and expect to have it in hand approx 1 year later for somewhere in the range of $5-$10k in legal and ap

Reentry permit application specifics

The USCIS website only requires the copy of green card be submitted with I-131 form for the reentry permit application. Is it more common to submit additional documentations such as proof of ties (bank accounts, drivers license, etc) or are they only required if you receive a request for additional info or when traveling back to the states? Also for the reason of long term travel, how much detail should one provide? Is “to be close to family members and care for them” (no severe illness, just age) sufficient? submitted by /u/a-lil-penguin [link] [comments] source

OPT Application - Never received Notice of Receipt

on May 26, 2020, USCIS received my form I-765 and I have yet to receive the notice of receipt. My case status has been posted as "case was received" until this morning, it updated to saying "notice was returned to USCIS because the post office could not deliver it". It doesn't describe what specific notice that is being returned, it could be the notice of receipt(hopefully), it could also be a RFE(Request for evidence) or even worse a denial. It just says that I have request a copy immediately or it will have a serious effect on my application. I have followed the instruction and e-requested it to be redelivered to the same address(my address on application was correct), but I still feel iffy about it. Has anyone been in this situation? Is there anyway I can find out what notice it is? Since my case status has been "received" for a little over two months already, would this mean that the notice was delivered to me was an RFE or a denial? Cause if it

Abuse and threats

I’ve been dealing with a bunch of verbal and psychological abuse from my husband for a while now. And I’m working with a lawyer on VAWA to get out. Only my family knows and recently I have a feeling his siblings are suspicious about it. They are very bitter as people, I know from other family members that when they get mad at you about something they start threatening or they will share personal information. I am scared that they will tell him or that they will do something to ruin my petition. If they do is there a legal way that I can fight it as an immigrant? I’m sure they know the law better than me. submitted by /u/meandDaisy [link] [comments] source

Where can we get Married? US Citizen marrying Mexican

I'm a US Citizen. My fiancé is Mexican. I live in the US, she lives in Mexico (don't worry, we see each other all the time :) ) She has a tourist Visa. We plan on getting married and for her to move to the states once the immigration process is done. But first we have to get married on paper! Where can we legally get married? Can we get married in the states on paper before we apply for her green card (Or is the only way to get married in the states to a foreigner is with a K1 Visa)? If we want to apply after already being married, is it true we have to get married overseas? Is it easier to get married on paper in Mexico first? What are our options? submitted by /u/StickyRibbs [link] [comments] source

Leave blank or N/A?

I'm in the final stages of preparing my adjustment of status package through marriage and am wondering if I truly should write N/A or 0/none when applicable in every blank slot on all forms. Thanks! submitted by /u/eeamarshall [link] [comments] source

co-sponsor form question

I am petitioning my parents, So my husband will fill out the I-864A, and I'm confused about the part 5 of the form. They are asking for a "number'. Since we are filing separate I864A forms for both, Should we enter my parents name in Part 5 1.a.and 6.a. , And enter "2" for number in both section? Thanks submitted by /u/unaminimalista20 [link] [comments] source

Expired F visa with valid EAD for re-entry

I am currently in the US and hold an F-1 visa and an OPT EAD (I-766) that both expired this month (2020-07). I have filed my STEM OPT extension application and it has been received and processed -- I received my I-797C proving receipt, giving my EAD a 180-day extension. Considering visas are like "keys" to enter the country legally, my intuition tells me that if my F visa expires, I cannot legally re-enter. However, my STEM OPT is expected to last two years beyond my F visa, telling me this might be by design and I can re-enter by presenting my EAD and I-797C. I want to find out if it is currently possible to re-enter the United States legally if I elect to leave . I talked to my lawyers at work but so far they've been giving me the standard "we don't recommend traveling because borders can close without warning" and not exactly answering my question. Can anyone provide insight or anecdotes on how to proceed here? tl;dr: expired F visa during OPT period.

Received a new F-1 visa: are there quarantine rules for foreign nationals entering USA?

I’m a new F1 visa student and I am planning to fly into JFK from Japan. I am wondering if a 14 day quarantine (meaning I cannot attend in person classes) will be required of me by the customs officer after arrival? I can’t seem to find much information on this online. Or, am I allowed to enter the country any time with my visa as long as it’s before my school start date? submitted by /u/oatmealsupreme [link] [comments] source

Best route for my nephews (Korean) to live with me (US born) and my Korean-born wife?

Hello everyone! I live in Korea now with my Korean wife, but we will be living in America again in the future. My brother in law wants his sons (minors) to have the opportunity to study abroad and he’s wondering if they would be able to live with me and my wife for an extended period of time. What kind of visa should we pursue? Thank you for your time. submitted by /u/DeeDubb83 [link] [comments] source

OPT application outside processing time. USCIS simply replied that the case is under review. Now what?

My case recently became eligible for outside normal processing time inquiry. So, I sent the relevant form for case inquiry. USCIS replied by simply saying that my case is under review by an officer and they don't have time frame for when it will be resolved. No other details were provided. It has been nearly 6 months since I filed for the EAD. Is there anything else I can do? submitted by /u/myufthrowaway [link] [comments] source

What would be the outcome of an American male [19] marrying an Indian female [18] to try to naturalize the female?

This is a cross post from r/legaladvice and was told to come here for the immigration/family part of this problem. Two people, Fiona and Matt want to get married in the United States. Fiona is an undocumented 18 year old female from India who is a good person (good at school, no criminal records, child of immigrants who overstayed their visa for 5+ years) Matt, an American 19 year old male who has never had a job, and is in college with financial aid, wants to marry Fiona. Matt wants to marry Fiona for 2 reasons: 1) Matt loves Fiona. 2) Matt wants to give Fiona a chance in America, since this is basically her new home. Both Matt and Fiona trust each other (assume this has no part in the problem), and both live with their parents. What would be the consequences/odds of Matt being able to marry Fiona? Would this negatively effect Matt financially? Would they even be able to get married if none have ever worked/filed taxes? Edit: Matt and Fiona would marry in Maryland, USA s

A friend of mine who’s a US citizen has his parents inside the US on a tourist visa and are stuck due to covid. Can he sponsor them while they’re on a tourist visa?

My friend’s parents came here on a 3 month visit and can’t go back due to covid. However since he is a US citizen he’s considering sponsoring them while they’re here and wants to know if that’s the right way to go about it since they’re on a tourist visa and have been here for 4 months now, which means they have 2 months to return but things still seem bad around the world due to covid. What are his options? submitted by /u/WakandaPauper [link] [comments] source

H1b I797 Qs

Hey everyone, so my friend got his H1b approved. When can he travel? Meaning does he have to wait for the I797 approval notice? How does he get the I797? Is it a copy or does he need the original? How long does the original take to be mailed to him? He is a canadian citizen. Thank you submitted by /u/theklaw22 [link] [comments] source

Can I schedule Infopass outside the US?

Hi I am a GC holder staying abroad for temporary work. I am going to make a quick 1 week trip to the US because I lost both the GC and the Travel document so I have to replace them. I have to go back for the work. I am planning to come back to the US next year. I thought it would be a good idea to get the i551 stamp this time so I don’t have to get the boarding foil again when I come back to the US for biometrics. Can I schedule Infopass ahead and then go to the office during the trip? Do I have to be in the US to schedule it? I am worried that I won’t have enough time to wait by then. My feeling is that I will get the i131 with bio waived but I am not sure about the i90. I had the green colored design card. I did submit i90 rn I131- receive it in US embassy I90- receive it in the attorney’s office than my family in the US Like the borading foil is $575 at a time so like um If I get the replaced Travel Document with bio waived before the i90 biometrics then I would be lucky

EAD renewal

Submitted a renewal for a EAD associated with i485. I got a text message from USCIS with a receipt number that starts with IOE. I went ahead and tried to track this case number and it looks like it can not be found. What is happening here? submitted by /u/random869 [link] [comments] source

Us citizen looking to move to Australia permanently

Have any other US citizens gotten into Australia and managed to get a job and live there permanently? How difficult was it and what can i expect in attempting this? I am n done with living in America and hope to find peace in a quiet and small country like Australia. submitted by /u/EverySpend [link] [comments] source

Advice Needed For Green Card!

Any helpful information, advice, and experience is appreciated! I am 22 years old, a Bahamian Citizen and I have been living in the U.S. for 5 years going to school. My birth father is a US citizen through naturalization but he did not live in the US for 5 years before I was born. My step father (who legally adopted me before I turned 16) is a US citizen through birth. Multiple immigration attorneys have told me that my only option is to apply for a green card and wait 5-7 years. It is so unfair that with TWO fathers who are US citizens, I have to wait that long for a green card. Are there any known loopholes?! submitted by /u/chan0120 [link] [comments] source

H4 Visa Kids

Any H4 visa kids in this subreddit? I’m trying to make an instagram groupchat so more of us can connect and look at our options together regarding college, career, etc. submitted by /u/slytherin861 [link] [comments] source

Review Documents Time frame

How long do you think it would take the NVC to review the submitted documents if they were submitted today. submitted by /u/AliAZger7 [link] [comments] source

I am a New Zealand Citizen trying to move to Vancouver for work. Does anyone know the visa process?

As I mentioned I am currently a New Zealand citizen and I am attempting to move with my wife to Vancouver to work for a US based tech company that recently established a Canadian Entity. Does anyone have an idea of how the immigration/visa process would be for my wife and I? This help would be a life saver! submitted by /u/eric4freedy443 [link] [comments] source

Call your congress people. S386 is not the right approach to immigration. (Phone numbers included)

please call and share objections to S386 and request hearings!! It takes only a minute for each call. Rounds, Mike (R - SD) (202) 224-5842 Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN) (202) 224-3344 Grassley, Chuck (R - IA) (202) 224-3744 Hawley, Josh (R - MO) (202) 224-6154 Hi, My name is XX XX, I am calling to urge the honorable Senator to object to any Unanimous consent attempt on HR1044/S386. This bill is anything but fair. It is controversial and has never had a single hearing. Adding new amendments to HR1044/S386 has made it a totally new immigration bill. Many groups will be affected by this legislation and they need to be heard and have their concerns addressed. This bill as it stands is harmful to the US national interests and economy. Thune, John (R - SD) (202) 224-2321 Johnson, Ron (R - WI) (202) 224-5323 Baldwin, Tammy (D - WI) (202) 224-5653 Risch, James E. (R - ID) (202) 224-2752 Crapo, Mike (R - ID) (202) 224-6142 Hoeven, John (R - ND) (202) 224-2551 Smith, Tina (D - MN) (202) 224-5641

CPT gap while on furlough, but getting health benefits

Does anyone know if this is a no-no pending H1b? Is receiving company provided health benefits while on unpaid furlough due to COVID? What if the person asks company to pay for benefits themselves? This is in NY state. CPT is expiring pending renewal being held up by the school (waiting for grades). submitted by /u/burrick2003 [link] [comments] source

Can I directly apply for a U.S passport

Background: I was a LPR in the US while living with my mother who was a U.S citizen. At the time we both did not know that I was eligible to directly apply for a US passport since I had automatically became a citizen through INA 320. Now we both live abroad, and I am over the age of 18, can I still only apply for a U.S passport or do I need to file for the N-600 ( Certificate of Citizenship) first? submitted by /u/Sebastien88 [link] [comments] source

How to go about a CR1 spouse visa

Hi, so I'm new to the spouse visa process and I'm curious, should I pay someone to help me with it? like rapidvisa? because I'm not sure what exactly all I need to do to acquire it. I'm trying to get my wife a visa so that she can come and live with me here in the states. submitted by /u/TooChillIGuess [link] [comments] source

I-131 Required while on an L1-B?

Hi all, I'm working through the seemingly endless forms required for a marriage based GC. I'm currently on and L1-B visa, that expires June 2023. I'm hoping to submit my application asap, but wondering if I need to fill out an I-131 given I'm currently on an L1-B? Ideally I'd like to travel back to NZ for 1-2 months around Jan-Feb 2022. Based on the articles I've read online, it seems I don't need an Advance Parole Re-entry permit. Just wanting to sanity check this if anyone else has applied for the marriage based GC while on an H1-B or L1 visa, and been able to leave / come back without any issues. Many thanks, this sub has been super helpful so far :D submitted by /u/cummins7 [link] [comments] source

Bringing girlfriend to visit me in the States for a few weeks. (She has a B2)

My girlfriend lives in Kazakhstan (I'm in the US) and she has a 10-year B2 visa to the US, she just left in early June after an exchange semester. I was planning to visit her in Turkey in August but she is unable enter Turkey due to supposed restrictions (according to the Kazakh government and her airline) due to Covid. Since she would be able to make it to the US, there are no entry restrictions if she flies through Turkey since she would be transiting. Are there any entry restrictions due to Covid that I'm missing here with regard to US entry bans? Do you think she would have trouble at the border with agents? She is enrolled in school in Bulgaria in September and would be a senior there and as such could provide proof of payments made and being enrolled in a business degree. She would have an itinerary to travel out of the country after a few weeks and an itinerary for travel in the US. Would it be easier for her to say she is visiting friends in the states, it would be tru

If you were laid off recently on H-1b

If you were laid off recently on H-1b, we might still be able to transfer you visa. We're actively interviewing/hiring for various Software Engineer roles at this time. If interested, please reply via a personal message. Looking forward to speaking with you! submitted by /u/Careful_Ad_9801 [link] [comments] source

marrying my US-citizen partner - visa and work auth timeline

I (non-citizen) have been dating my partner (US citizen) for about 7-8 months. My F1 OPT-STEM recently expired (I am currently on the 60 days grace period), and I have a new job lined up with an academic institution that is sponsoring me for a J-1 visa, one exempted from last month's immigration ban. However, due to the stress involved with the current immigration and travel bans, I and my partner have been talking about getting married to facilitate me staying in the country (and finding a job after my next one). I found online multiple sources describing the timeline, from filing a I-130 and a I-485 to finally get a green card (like the success story at ) My question: would there be any limitation for me, in terms of work authorization? Am I allowed to work at any time during the process, or at no time, or what? Does it matter if we file before I get my J-1 or after? If it matters, we

Green Card Holder working in Japan, want to get a reentry permit, but if I go to the US to get it I won't be able to enter Japan and may loose my Job

Hello there I have a big issue, So I started working in Japan in April, ( was previously a student) and my plan was to come back to the US get a re try permit and work in Japan , but because of COVID the Japan border was closed and if I wish to go back to the US to get my reentry permit I won't be able to come back to Japan and may be out of a job. I know if I let 12 months pass I may loose my green card. I have been waiting for Japan to reopen it's borders so I can safely go to the US, get my permit and come back. I've also been waiting mainly because it's strongly advices not to travel between countries. But seeing the way the cases aren't slowing down I'm not sure that's gonna happen any time soon. So my questions are: Is there any way to get the permit without having to get physically back in the US? Is there any way that I can keep my resident status after 12 months, like a new law gets established that forgives the 12 months because of the COVID

NVC stage of CR-1

Hi everyone I am filling out my documents for the NVC stage of a CR-1 visa and I’m having an issue. I (applicant) filled out my DS-260 information questionnaire, reviewed it, got all the way to the end where it says sign and submit, entered “NO” nobody helped me fill out this application, entered my case number and my passport number and it won’t let me move forward. The button at the bottom of the screen saying “sign and submit application” is grey and I can’t click on it. I’ve reviewed my entire application multiple times and I’m almost positive I didn’t miss anything. Why won’t the website let me move forward and submit it? Has anyone else had this issue? Does anybody have a possible solution? Thanks in advance submitted by /u/SubjectEstimate6 [link] [comments] source

Husband might be homeless while I have housing in the US

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but here goes. I am so frustrated and anxious. My husband and I are very much in love. I am on a student visa in his country but we are working toward him getting to move back to the states with me soon on a marriage visa. My husband’s horrid parents (with whom we have been living during the pandemic) recently kicked us out on the street. They literally told us to go check into a homeless shelter. Fortunately, we were able to book an room for a week with some of our savings. After that ended, as a student I was able to get a dorm room for cheap, since there aren’t many students in dorms right now. Husband is staying in the room with me whenever he can, he is allowed to stay a limited number of nights per week, and otherwise he stays in a hotel nearby. We are okay here, although the building is mostly empty and the lock on the door to the building doesn’t work (our room does lock), and the hot water has been off and on, but the al

Moving my car to Canada

Has anyone here moved from the US to Canada? I've been living in the US several years and bought a car here. Still paying off the loan. When my visa expires and I have to move back to Canada, will I be able to bring my car? I know there's an export process if I'm a Canadian who goes to the US just to buy a car. Is the process the same if I've actually been living in the US and had the car here for years? submitted by /u/pink_wallpaper [link] [comments] source

Remote work and immigration

Hi all, I was wondering what countries allow remote workers to immigrate to them (or at least give them work visas). Does anyone have an insight into that? Thanks in advance submitted by /u/atrulycuriousperson [link] [comments] source

Which consulates process O-1 applications?

I talked to the consulate in Lisbon and they told me they are currently not processing O-1 visas. Are any consulates in Europe that have opened take O-1 yet? submitted by /u/JazzyRide [link] [comments] source


Hi all, Does anyone have the link for the official immigration process for uk-us immigration I have been looking for ages and cant find it submitted by /u/YELLOWMONKEY1234 [link] [comments] source

A really weird situation, has it happened to anyone recently?

On 06/12 I received 3 notices - first was: case became documentarily qualified, but then second one: please check if any column says ‘Pay Now’, ‘Invalid Doc’, ‘Incomplete’ or etc. (There was Incomplete, but we already sent them the documents and it was approved, but then they needed another same documents); and the third one was another notice, that the case is documentarily qualified, but when I go check, it says incomplete. And it stayed the same even until now. I don’t know what to do and if that’s an error? Has anyone expirienced this? Thanks! submitted by /u/isaya1 [link] [comments] source

Change of Status from J-1 to F-1 under new ICE guidelines

ICE's new guidelines forbid new students who are abroad to signup fully online schools. However, anyone has an idea would that affect the people who are in the US trying to Change their status to F1 right now? submitted by /u/plus19 [link] [comments] source

I-944 help, do we report foreign income?

On the I-944: Does the intending immigrant list income from country of origin (Canada) that she made prior to coming here? When it asks if she filed a federal tax return, I assume it means just in the US, right? Do public benefits mean just anything from the US or also Canada? And does that include this year or just prior tax years? submitted by /u/Pickle_Slushy [link] [comments] source

Filng I 864, I864A

After 13 years, one of my aunts might have the opportunity to emigrate to the US. We're at the stage of filing affidavits of support. I'm confused by the income tax sections. I'm filing forms I864 and I864A, to account for my mom and dad respectively as "sponsor" and "joint sponsor." They are married and filed taxes jointly. T1864 and I864A ask for tax forms and total income for each of my parents from tax return 1040EZ, but we only have one 1040SR (joint married). Should I look at their W2s instead? Should I list the same income since the taxes are the same? submitted by /u/herrrmione [link] [comments] source

Recent graduate on OPT currently in the US and applying for masters program

Hi, I recently graduated from my undergrad this May, and currently I'm in the US. Fortunately, my OPT was approved, but my job offer was rescinded due to covid. So now I'm trying to get into a master's program. I have a few concerns though. I am aware that ICE rescinded their policy about sending international students home if their classes are 100% online. But I heard they have a new policy where you can't apply for the fall if you're outside of the US and if your classes are 100% online (correct me if I'm wrong). Does this new rule affect me? (I'm in the US already, and I did my undergrad under an F-1 visa) Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/HeyOreo [link] [comments] source


hello everyone! i just got my green card about 5 months ago and recently just applied for reentry permit in March. it has been taking very long for USCIS to send back the appointment date for biometrics appointment probably because of COVID... is there anyone who applied at the same time as me but already have their appointment slot? and also does USCIS mailed the appointment date and time back to your address? thank you! submitted by /u/trgphhhh [link] [comments] source

How long does it take for O1A notice to arrive

I have e-notice of approval on 9th July. But the hard colt has not arrived yet. I am planning to move on 31st as I live in a different state from my new job. But I can’t fulfil I9 without hard copy. So I have to rescheduled everything. How long does it take for the hard copy to arrive after approval? Thanks. submitted by /u/ehossain [link] [comments] source

Biometric appointment

Hello, I just received my Receipt number for my asylum application( I-589 ), when should I start expecting a letter from USCIS notifying me about my biometric appointment. I live in Texas. submitted by /u/iqtifan7 [link] [comments] source

Green card application and I20

Currently we are applying for my wife’s green card. She is on a student Visa and has an I20. The Visa itself expires in a few weeks. On the green card application it asks us to provide the Visa used for entering the country. So, should we put the current visa even though it is expiring? Or should we put the I20? Or does this mean we will need to renew the the visa before we can go for the green card? submitted by /u/Titos_ex-wife [link] [comments] source

H1B Consular processing - Overstayed Visa, What are the options now?

Posting on behalf of my sister. She has an approved H1B petition but has not gotten a visa stamp yet. She just found out that her company applied her H1B under consular processing and not change of status (COS). Neither her company nor her lawyer told her about this. Her F1 visa expired in March so she has overstayed by ~ 120 days. She plans to go back this week so that she won't accrue any more days of illegal presence. Based on my online searches, she has not overstayed more than 180 days so when she does go the consulate to get her visa stamped, she should be fine. Since the consulates are not going to issue H1B stamps till December, can she get an H4 (her husband has H1B) and then come to the US and do a change of status to H1B (her H1B is valid from Oct 2019 to Sept 2022). She is going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow but I am looking to see if anyone has faced a situation like this and any suggestions/advice are well appreciated. submitted by /u/joerigami [link] [com

Help: EAD expedite story. Need some advice.

I filed my marriage AOS package April 2020 and currently waiting for my EAD. For the last 8 years, through extensions, I've been working with an O-1B visa that will be expiring mid August. At this point, my lawyer advice me to just wait or expedite my EAD and not extend my O-1 due to the USCIS last action rule or something like that. I tried expediting my EAD through USCIS (employer wrote a letter explaining severe financial hardship losing me as an employee) 2 weeks ago and got a denial stating " our records indicate that we are awaiting for biometrics processing. your case is currently in suspense or on hold until we receive your biometrics " Which I was expecting honestly. Last Saturday, I FINALLY received my Biometrics appointment for August 6. While all of this is going on, i'm making a package to send to my local congressman to expedite my EAD now here is my question... Should I pursue reaching out to a Senator or Congressman about my case AFTER my biometr

My BF wants to get a Masters in the US. Would this raise concern in the future to get married?

My BF resides in Canada and wants to pursue a masters in America. We have been dating for 3+ years and due to age, education etc, I do not want to get married unless the situation demands it till 5 years from now (when I finish graduate school). However would this raise questions during his F1 interview or even after if we choose to get married? He is interested in pursuing OPT but is willing to return to Canada after and we go through the normal proceedings of K visa or marriage in Canada and then process that. Eventually he would come here however as my job is very country specific. His intent is not to immigrate immediately after F visa and we want to do everything legally of course. submitted by /u/buhubkfkdbdldn [link] [comments] source

Legal Options for J1 Au Pair Marrying US Citizen

I will be marrying my fiancé soon and have a few questions I hope you all can help me with. She is an Au Pair (J1 Visa) from Czech Republic and her Visa expires some time next month. Our plan is to ultimately move to Europe together in 2-3 years, but for now we want to make sure she stays here in a legal way and is able to work legally. We figured going through I-130, I-485, and I-765 is the only way, is this correct? Or is there some other way since we don’t plan to stay here and it would be nice to save all the form fees! Based in Maryland, any estimates on how long this process takes? Specifically to get work auth. Also, I thought I read somewhere that after marriage the J1 becomes invalid/ this true/what exactly does that mean? Thank you! submitted by /u/mochi0919 [link] [comments] source

Incoming flights from the UAE

I'm an Irish citizen and I've been quarantined in the UAE since March. My visit visa is expiring soon and I'm having to leave the country but the only place I can go is the USA/Ireland, and I'd prefer to go to the United States. I don't have a visa or anything for the United States atm but I am eligible for ESTA. Flights are available from here to the US. Does anyone have any info if the US is handing out ESTAs/visas atm? submitted by /u/ShanMMQ [link] [comments] source

E2 visa to L-1 green card?

Hi, My mother and step father are in the US on a E2 visa (opened a business a few years ago). I am 18 years old (live with my dad in Canada) on their application. They are telling me that they’re now on the second “green card stage” which is a L-1. Apparently, we’re waiting for an interview as the final stage but it has been postponed until December 31st because of the executive order. I’m googling, but it seems like they may be mistaken. It sounds to me like we’re applying for the Eb-5 but they seem to think it is the L-1. Isn’t the L-1 a visa, much like the E2 is? How would that make sense? I’m confused, would appreciate any help. submitted by /u/WasteMobile8 [link] [comments] source