Can anyone provide me sample of invitation of writing for B1/B2 visa?

Ok, I was expecting to help someone to come to US but one my friends who is working as immigration agent said it would be better to write an sponsor to the person I am sending invitation to come to US.

I am totally clueless on sending invitation of like that. (Can anyone please send me sample of such letter?)

Personally, I came with my parents in EDV visa. And I want invite my 30 year old guy friend from Nepal to visit US. Most of the immigration consultancy are saying it's almost impossible to invite people of such age to US.

So, I really need your help guys on preparing the list of supporting document for his B1/B2 visa.

On the other hand, I am going to ask for petition or some advocacy letter with my mayor and congress women from my states to help on his visa. I was wondering of asking there signature upon his advocacy letter that can be presented at the time of his visa interview. Do you think that would work out ?

What are the things I should prepare to invite someone from Nepal to US? And what are the things he(someone from Nepal) needs to prepare to come to US specially during his visa interview period?

I really need your help as I could not find any forum to post this request.


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