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University Graduate in Canada Wanting to Move to the States

hello, i am in a tough position and need any possible advice. I am from Libya, I moved to Canada with a student visa, I graduated got a work permit, and started working. I need to move to the states to be with my girlfriend. I have been applying for jobs in the states but got nothing but rejections so far. My current company doesn't have an office in the states so they can't do anything. My girlfriend is having a serious surgery and couldn't do it in Canada, I have applied for a visitor visa around a year ago and it hasn't even been reviewed, they simply took my application, took 200 bucks and never got back to me. is there anything I could do to get to the states? what is the fastest way? could I apply for grad school in the states? applying for jobs in the states seems pointless but is it worth it at all? is there a point? getting married is an option but it's too special of an occasion to be used as a tool to get in the states so I want to avoid that if possib

Name change for Naturalization Certificate

Hi all, my immigration journey has been done for a couple of years now, but I had a change of last name. My citizenship Cert is now showing my old last name and not my 'currently' legal one. Do I have to change that certificate or can I just keep the original one? $555 is quite a sum of money for a name change... Thank you! submitted by /u/ItsMyTime2020 [link] [comments] source

Green card options

I was born in UAE and Im on H4 visa,but my spouse is of indian origin.I know it will take a long time to green card for her because of the green card back log.What are my options to get the green card???!!! submitted by /u/dinku865 [link] [comments] source

Is traveling abroad safe which i751 (Removal of Conditions) is processing for spouse?

My spouse (LPR, Removal of Conditions pending) wants to visit their family abroad for 2 weeks. For the past few years we've been using their GreenCard for entry but now we have to use the documents/receipt from the i751. Makes sense. What happens if the i751 is for some reason rejected while they are abroad? Is it too risky to travel during this processing time? submitted by /u/GNU_Yorker [link] [comments] source

EB1C visa

Just a thought, why would any employer want to sponsor you for an EB1C visa if they have already given you an L1A? All the does is allow the person to be able to find employment with other companies. Wondering what the benefit is to the employer. submitted by /u/testpilot40 [link] [comments] source


Hello, I have a question about getting a student visa. About 2 years ago i ovestayed my Schengen(europe visa) for a couple of months. Got notified and fined when going back to my country ( i was a silly 18 y/o). Now i'm offered the possibility to get a scolarship in the US. I just would like to know if that issue i had in Europe would cause any problems when applying for my student visa in the US. submitted by /u/GCaasi [link] [comments] source

Death of Petitioner

Hi. My grandfather (US Citizen) filled an I-130 petition for his daughter (my mother) (Married & over 21 years of age) many years ago. I was also listed on that petition (at that time I was 13, now I’m 21). Unfortunately, my grandfather died. My mother wasn’t present in the US when my grandfather passed away. However, I was in the US because I’m studying here. I want to know if I’m eligible to request Section 204(l) - Relief for Surviving Relatives so the petition can continue since I’m a derivative beneficiary and I was living in the US when my grandfather passed away? Thank you submitted by /u/DPure- [link] [comments] source

Vaccine requirement for non immigrants - Please be nice

throwaway for obvious reasons - whenever this topic is brought up people get emotional and fail to use rational thinking. I am pretty upset over the requirement for non-immigrants to be vaccinated for air travel and soon land border crossings. I have other vaccines and am not a vaccine denier or anti vax. I am however extremely hesitant with this Covid Vaccine. I can assume the reason for the blanket vaccine requirement implemented by Biden administration is to control and limit the flow and entry of covid-19 strains into the US. If that is the case, why not make EVERY air travel passenger required to get the vaccine, even US citizens and residents. I don't even want to get started on how even FULLY VACCINATED people carry, transmit and expose the virus just as easily as unvaccinated people do as we've seen with Omicron. I am quite happy to be tested multiple times and quarantine for 14 days upon entry, hell, ill even get tested 3 times before, during and after travel AND

How accurate is the Visa Appointment Waiting time website? | italy

So I checked the website for the appointment waiting time few months ago and it said 999 for all visa types which meant the consulates were not issuing visas but recently, I’ve been seeing, Visitor Visa - 45 Calendar Days Student - 28 days All other immigrate visas - 124 days which is why I went ahead and paid the fees but when I tried to schedule my appointment, it said no appointment available for naples, rome etc. and the ONLY appointment available for Florence or Milan was 23rd Feb 2023. Any thoughts? Does that mean they’re just not issuing visas or if they’re fully booked? Thank you! submitted by /u/amyshahx [link] [comments] source

Should I witch to old employer ?

I am going thru employment based GC process. I feel like things are going extremely slow with Labor cert (PERM). I am getting an option to switch to previous employer that had an approved I-140 when I left that job 2 yrs ago. I don't know for sure if the I-140 hasn't been withdrawn. Assuming that previous employers I-140 is still active, and I accept their new position, would they be able to simply file I-485 immediately? My priority date is current. submitted by /u/PassionMaleficent361 [link] [comments] source

DS5535 after interview

After my F1 visa interview the consulate kept my passport and handed me the rest of the documents saying they need to first confirm some additional information, later that day I received an email with a DS5535 form to fill out, I filled it out and received an email saying they have received the form and I am under administrative processing, what does this mean and will this mean my visa will take alot more time? my classes start on Jan 18 submitted by /u/wuttshisface [link] [comments] source

uk to us - partner is green card holder

as im sure many know already, its difficult to find a straight answer for this but im really hoping someone here would be able to help me out here. my partner lives in the us as a green card holder (he is due to get his citizenship by spring 2023), im a uk citizen. what is the best way for us to live together there as soon as possible? marry in the us and then apply for a green card, or marry elsewhere and apply from abroad? long distance and each goodbye feels increasingly harder and we’re both ready to make this next move. any advice will be so appreciated! submitted by /u/kay408 [link] [comments] source

How long can a Canadian stay in the States?

Now I know what you’re going to say; “It’s 6 months did you even google it?!” The thing is I don’t understand how the months are counted. As an example I was in USA from June 30th to August 2 for a total of 35 days. However, I was there in June, July, and August. Would this count as 3 months? I am trying to figure out how long I can go to the states for and am unsure if I have 3 more months, or if it is counted by days with which I would have around 150 more days. Any help is appreciated!!! submitted by /u/BearsCpa [link] [comments] source

Us Citizen Residing in Canada for the time being, wants to have baby in Canada, but wants the baby to also be an American Citizen

So my husband and I got married in the US. I’m an American, born and raised. He’s a Canadian, born and raised. We’ve moved to Canada and have been here for two and a half years. We’re thinking about starting to try for a baby. We’ll definitely be living in Canada for the next few years, so it would make sense for us to have the baby in a Canadian hospital, which would of course mean the baby would be born a Canadian citizen. My only concern is how to go about getting an American citizenship for the baby. Its very important to me that my baby be an American, just like I am. What processes would I need to do in this scenario? Thanks in advance. TLDR: If an American living in Canada has a baby in Canada, how would they get their baby an American citizenship? submitted by /u/cocoturtle1 [link] [comments] source

How accurate is the US Visa Appointment wait time estimate for your Embassy/Consulate?

I’m trying to get an non-immigrant employment based Visa. I already have my I-129 approved, I just need a visa stamp. Looking at the appointment wait times page ( ), these are the wait times I’m getting: Visitor Visa - 450 Calendar Days Student/Exchange Visitor Visas - 5 Calendar Days All Other Nonimmigrant Visas - 5 Calendar Days I was really excited when I saw the wait time to be only 5 days long (barring some potential delays), so I went ahead and tried scheduling an appointment. To my surprise, the first available date is in June 2023, which is completely out of touch with the estimate provided earlier. Could someone please chime in on the estimates of other countries, and the date of the first appointment that can actually be scheduled? Thank you in advance, submitted by /u/Jimmylapper [link] [comments] source

What to do with COVID Contact on ESTA? (Visa Waiver Program)

Hi all, I’m currently on ESTA which came into effect early November. My trip takes up about 80 days as I’m here visiting my SO. Today my SO told me that his entire family tested positive for COVID-19. I still have about a month before I fly off, but I’m really worried. We met his family for Christmas, and I’m really worried - This is basically my worst nightmare. We have a couple for ART kits to use, but I’ve been told symptoms don’t show up etc. The USCIS website states that in cases related to COVID-19, those under a Visa Waiver program are eligible to request an additional 30 days for suitable departure: Flexibility for Visa Waiver Entrants. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) entrants are not eligible to extend their stay or change status. However, under current regulations, if an emergency (such as COVID-19) prevents the departure of a VWP entrant, USCIS in its discretion may grant a period of satisfactory departure for up to 30 days. Please see 8 CFR 217.3(a). For those VWP entrants al

[US] Want to join LTR asap. Which visa? H1b vs J1 vs L1 vs EB2

Hi all, I'm seeking advice on what visa category should I try go for. Summary: LTR lives in the US under a O-1 Currently MIA/FLL area but is flexible between that and NYC Distance will eventually destroy the relationship, I want to give a good try at immigrating to the US before discussing her comeback to Europe (max autumn if no progress on my side) Currently can visit few weeks here and there under ESTA and work remotely, but not sustainable I am a mainland EU citizen (she is from my same country) Both in high-end careers - $200k+ type of jobs I graduated from business school (MBA) in July 21 (so I would still qualify for a J-1) I would not qualify for a O-1, but could for a EB-2 We would not necessarily plan on staying long term in the US but would still try convert to green card if given the chance (never know what opportunities might arise, especially in the States) I work for a US company out of the UK office Constantly work with the US because the demand is muc

Is it legal to apply for a US B1 visa from 2 countries at the same time?

Hi everyone! Made a reddit account just for this because I'm not sure who to ask regarding my concern and also because opinions of visa agencies differ. I hope this is the right place. Short version: Can an expat apply for US B1 visa from the country they are currently in AND their home country? / Can you apply for US B1 visa from 2 countries at the same time? Is this a red flag for the consular officers and can they see I applied from 2 countries? Long version:I hold Indian citizenship but I've currently been staying in the Philippines for the past 4+ years. I wanted to apply for a US B1 visa for the purpose of doing an observership related to my career. Unfortunately the situation for B1 visa appointment wait times in both the Philippines and in India are roughly more than a year!I already applied and was able to get a interview date in early 2023 at the US embassy in the Philippines. I figured that since i've been staying here it would be better to apply from here ins

What would happen if i only took online classes when my university is asking me to take at least 1 in person class as an international student?

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible for me to get away with only taking online classes as an international student when my university is asking me to take at least one in person. I really want to stay with my uncle in a different state as i’m not doing well mentally, and by next semester i hope that i could transfer to a university in that state… i was also wondering if universities are notified when you enter the US? submitted by /u/Lice202709 [link] [comments] source

Traveling internationally close to f1 visa end date

I'm currently on the first year of my F1 OPT and I'm planning to travel to India from 3rd week of March to 2nd week of April. On my passport, my f1 visa end date is on 4/20/2022. Given this, do you think it's advisable to travel on the dates I've mentioned since it's close to my F1 visa end date?? I'm going to be back by 4/10/2022 so I just want to make sure I'll be allowed back in the country 10 days before my F1 visa on my passport expires. I am employed and my opt is valid till July 31st submitted by /u/salamander355 [link] [comments] source

K1 Visa processing time for 2022

My fiancé is getting his passport so we can file for the I-129F, he should have it in about a month. I know everything is backed up because of covid, but is there a rough estimate on how long it would be from February? submitted by /u/nekitoaiko [link] [comments] source

Advice on working in the US

Guidance on working in the US Hiya all, as of writing I am going to uni to study outdoor education and I’m from the UK. The dream for me is to move to the United States and work as an outdoor instructor. but visas and green cards are proving to be quite the barrier. I’m going to focous on my qualifications at uni but does anyone know how to work in the US and how to get like a extended work visa or citizenship? Thanks all! submitted by /u/Nervous_Sea4635 [link] [comments] source

Traveling to Canada

I am a Canadian citizen lol. But have been living in the US. Can someone tell me what is required (documents) to fly into Canada right now? And vaccination proof do you need a hard copy? Thanks! submitted by /u/libragirl82 [link] [comments] source

I had a class B misdemeanor case in the usa back in 2015 and the judge dismissed the case , due to my leaving the country. I had to leave because my student VISA expired . So now my sister is a USA citizen . So if she applies for me and i get a green card will it be a problem for me to re-enter

submitted by /u/PomegranateShot7080 [link] [comments] source

ESTA USA, Name Change

ESTA, Name Change Hey guys, I am european and planning to visit the U.S. this month. I already visited the country in 2017 and have no criminal background. However, I legally changed my First Name AND my Family Name in 2018 because of familiar reasons (I know that is unusual, but nothing fishy). Now they’re asking for parent’s names (obviously very different from mine) and also if I am known under aliases. I thought I’d put my old name under Aliases but I’m not sure. Does anyone have an idea what to do here? Help would be much appreciated. submitted by /u/IceARF [link] [comments] source

Signing for MIL, how am i responsible?

Hell everyone, my MIL is applying for citizenship, my husband started the process for her prior to our marriage and since we did our taxes together last year, the MIL’s lawyer also needs me to sign that ill be responsible for her. How exactly does this affect me? What does this mean? I was in the military last year but left in November and im unemployed and going to school and relying on my disability payments. Thats why in confused because its not like im bringing in money now to be able to assist. submitted by /u/KarenCakes27 [link] [comments] source

Are interviews for employment based GC still being waved?

Basically the title. We are going to file I-485 for EB3 soon and I was wondering if they are still waving interviews. If yes then till when? submitted by /u/Reds_9 [link] [comments] source

My wife on k1 adjusted her status , we received a RFE but still have an appointment for biometrics

I’m a little confused because I sent pay stubs , bank statements , and my tax return . I definitely make more than 125 percent of the poverty guidelines .I don’t understand what I did wrong . submitted by /u/GeorgeW_smith [link] [comments] source

26/F American, Currently in Bulgaria. Hoping to get ANY EU visa.

Hi all. My partner and I left America about two months ago and now have only one month left on our ‘tourist visas’. We’re scrambling trying to find a way to stay in Europe for longer than 3 months. We’re in Bulgaria, working in exchange for room and board for a woman who owns an Icelandic company that isn’t registered in Bulgaria. She’s never done any of this before, so we’re at a loss for how or what type of visa we can get. From what I’ve seen online it doesn’t even sound possible without a lawyer and the last one I contacted wanted to charge 900€. We can’t afford a lawyer so that isn’t an option, she offered for us to stay in her home in Iceland until we find jobs in Europe but I think it’ll be easier to find work once we arrive. More info: We’re African American,and both could be considered semi-skilled laborers — we’ve worked in restaurants, on farms, construction, sales and customer service etc. What should we do when our visa expires? Edit: Bonus points for warmer countries

Spouse's income source while applying for my GC.

My spouse is a US citizen and moving to the new city where I am. Currently she is unemployed, can we still go ahead with the application process since she doesn't have a source of income? submitted by /u/PavlovianPanda [link] [comments] source

Worried about my past affecting my visa application

Hi all. My background: I'm an Iranian 23 years old. I previously studied A levels and entered an university in the UK. However during the second year of my studies corona started and it caused my brain ( for lack of a better word) to re-develop a mental disease I was cured of years prior to corona. (its called PGAD) At some point I was no longer able to continue study and live on my own and treat my disease. So I had to withdraw from my course and go back to my country to seek help. I have now re-learned how to control my disease ( because it has no cure doctors taught me how to control it) and wish to continue my studies abroad since the courses I want to study are not available in my country. my disease was documented in a UK hospital and in my country. My question: whether the fact that I withdrew from my course and left the UK will affect my future student-visa applications? Thanks a lot for reading guys. submitted by /u/blizzamir [link] [comments] source http

Trading on a STEM OTP

My question is to Indian citizens on a STEM OTP in the United States. Is it legal to options/margin/day trade on the American stock market while on a student visa? Indian laws state we’re allowed to remit a maximum of 250k USD per year for the purpose of trading, but we cannot use that money for short term trades. However, the rules make no mention of immigrants and those living in foreign countries on visas. From what I gather American platforms have no restrictions on their end and will not stop one from opening an account. However, things get dicey considering how rigid the RBI is on this issue. I’d really appreciate it if you kind folks could answer my question, or point me to the relevant regulations. Thanks! submitted by /u/BansheesOnCrack [link] [comments] source

K1 visa issue

My fiancé is American, I am British and we live in London. Our case is ready for interview at the US embassy in London for our K1 visa. I am having trouble finding specific advice about filling out the I-134. My fiancé has a Uk based job however he will resign and move back to the US with me. Last year he made 12 times the minimum income requirement and has more than that in savings/stock. I have received conflicting information about whether this is acceptable - please help! submitted by /u/k1advice [link] [comments] source

Question about advanced parole

My wife is going through the AOS process, and she finally got her advanced parole approved and got her card. We plan on traveling out of the country in February to visit her parents, since her mother is not in the best shape health-wise. My question is, what else do we need to bring with us document-wise aside from passport, identification and the advanced parole card? Are there any other must-bring documents for someone adjusting their status? submitted by /u/JL6462448 [link] [comments] source

Petitioning brother question

If i petition my brother from Mexico who currently has a tourist visa. Would they still be able to apply for a student visa, employer visa while waiting or be able to adjust by marrying a resident/us citizen in the future. Thank you. submitted by /u/Kinetic_Orochi [link] [comments] source

Canada 🇨🇦 Vs USA 🇺🇸 Which country do you prefer for Quality of life, job opportunities and better future?

Canada 🇨🇦 Vs USA 🇺🇸 Which country you prefer for Quality of life, job opportunities, better future? I want to move to a country with good quality of life, decent pay, safe and good economic future / growth. Which country is better according to you? View Poll submitted by /u/Particular_Ad_1821 [link] [comments] source

US B1/B2 visa renewal from Canada processing time

Applied for renewal of US B1/B2 visa from Canada (not a Canadian citizen). Was asked to send documents to Ottawa. Documents were received on November 25. The visa status website ( ) still shows "No Status". Is anyone else waiting or has anyone had their visa renewed recently? I am wondering how long it is taking as there's no information on processing times. I'd like to have an idea since they've had my documents for 6 weeks already. submitted by /u/00001990 [link] [comments] source

Greenlight for transit visa without waiver?

I probably know the answer but just to be sure, if one has over stayed for a year and few months in the USA, returned on their own (not deported), would they be still be denied a transit visa, even though they are traveling to another country by connected flight -that Connects in the states? submitted by /u/Interesting_Ad9449 [link] [comments] source

I-134 form, do we add trust fund?

My fiancé is filling out the his affidavit of support and it asks for ‘balances of all my savings and checking accounts in United States-based financial institutions’ does he add his trust fund to this? submitted by /u/EnglishGirl18 [link] [comments] source

A B2 (Tourist Visa) befor applying for tht IR-1.

I, American, lives in Colombia with my wife. I do not want to start tht CR-1/IR-1 visa just yet because I want to be eligible for tht IR-1 at the time of entry. We were just recently married. Nov 2021. I need to go back to tht USA to run some errands. Renew my ATM and credit cards. Booster shit of covid. Sell my car. Those sort of things. But i would like it if my spouse came so she can visit my parents. The issue is that she doesn't have much ties to Colombia. It would be a red flag in my head. Based on what I have read from tht internet. I thought if I was with her that whole time that they would cut some slack. Because I need to return back to Colombia to keep my own visa active. I can't stay out of the country for more than 6 months. So basically babysit her and make sure she returns back to Colombia. Tht problem is that the waiting time here in Bogota is over 600 days for an interview and by that time I can file for the IR-1. Do you want think it would be worth the mo

Canadian on TN. What happens if I switch employers?

My TN has roughly 1.5 years left on it. If I were to switch employers during this period, is there anything I should be on the lookout for? submitted by /u/hiddenpowerlevel [link] [comments] source

Moving to America without a sponsor.

Hi all. I have a bit of a complex situation here, bare with me. I(US citizen) met my fiancé (UK citizen) online in 2020, we dated all the way through the pandemic, then in October 2021, he traveled to America to see me. His travel waiver is expiring but we do not want to be separated again so we are currently considering our options. We would like to go back to the UK for a year or so, and start some kind of immigration process but the worry is, I’m a years time, I will not have a sufficient income to sponsor him anymore as I won’t be working while I’m gone, so K-1 and spouse visa won’t work. Is there an option that we can start, maybe right away if needed and not need a sponsor or prove last years income instead of at the end of the process. Or is our only option staying in America, getting married after the 90 day rule and filing change of status? Obviously this wasn’t our intention when he came to visit, but at this point separation is the only thing that isn’t an option anymore. T

Consular Reviewability In Immigration Matters

Consular Reviewability In Immigration Matters The doctrine of consular non-reviewability is generally understood to mean that the decisions made by a consulate officer in regards to an immigration visa are final and immune from judicial review. While deferential, courts have not treated consular non-reviewability as absolute. Consular decisions are reviewable under the "facially legitimate and bona fide reason" standard created under the Supreme Court case, Kleindienst v. Mandel , and some other scenarios. Some scenarios where courts have reviewed a consular decision include the arbitrary revocation of visas, decisions made with legal or procedural errors, and when the underlying statute governing the consular decision was unconstitutional. Courts have also set the doctrine aside when a consulate does not, or is unreasonably delayed in making, a decision. Undoubtedly, consular based decisions can be difficult to challenge. However, viable paths exist in some situations an

Can I travel to Cuba with a U.S. visa?

I have a U.S. visa in my UK passport and will be working and residing in the U.S. very shortly. I am wondering if it possible to visit Cuba without jeopardising my visa / re-entry? I will likely be visiting from a summer holiday in Mexico. submitted by /u/HailMary74 [link] [comments] source

I 130 approved

My i 130 case is approved on 30th December i have a question to ask i applied tourist visa my appointment date is 19 January i want to visit us for my anniversary Please tell me do i need to go for visit visa interview or wait for the NVC visa processing? submitted by /u/Slow-Arachnid-5671 [link] [comments] source


The attorney uploaded the recruitment documentation beforehand with the 9089 form to prevent an audit. Has anyone’s attorney also done that? submitted by /u/beer_chuggerr [link] [comments] source

Visa question

Hi guys, My dad wants to visit the US as a tourist sometime in the (near) future. He has a Belgian nationality, however he was born and raised in Iran (until he migrated to Belgium in 1985). Therefore on his Belgian ID, it’s stated that he was born in Iran… I assume he has to fill in the DS-160 application and make an appointment at the US embassy in order to get a tourism visa, is this correct? Or are there other things we should look into, or would only an esta suffice? Thank you! submitted by /u/idontlistentohiphop [link] [comments] source

Withdrawing B2 visa application

Hi, I no longer need a visa as I will not be travelling to the US. However I submitted my DS160 and scheduled an appointment at the embassy. How can I withdraw this application? If I were to just cancel my appointment would this suffice? Or is there something I need to do to formally withdraw my application? submitted by /u/Apprehensive-Ear-968 [link] [comments] source

K-1 process advice

Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster to this sub. I (UK citizen) proposed to my girlfriend (US citizen) after a long time of long distance and she stupidly said yes! I’m currently in the states until early February, our plan is to start the process of the fiancé visa when I return to the UK. We have decided to seek some information on the process ahead with a immigration lawyer in the next few days. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on their personal experience and offer any kind of advice. The main question we have is what sort of time frame we’re looking at. According to Google, applications from the UK can take 3-6 months if everything goes smoothly. But I’m not taking that as gospel. Financially we’re both in a good situation to start the application and there is nothing in either our backgrounds that will be a cause for concern. Any information would be super appreciated! submitted by /u/Yellowcab1111 [link] [comments] source https://ww

We might have left out an important question in I-129F (K-1) and now freaking out

OK I am having a little freak-out moment right now and asking for your opinion. I was checking the I-129F PDF we filled out electronically. After filling it out electronically, my fiancé scanned it and manually filled out the empty fields with "N/A"s etc. I noticed that in the PDF version we did not check the 53rd question, which reads as "Have you and your fiancé(e) met in person during the two years immediately before filing this petition?" I know it's one of the two requirements for I-129F approval so I really, really hope my fiancé checked this box after printing out the form. We did write in Number 54 that we met in person in November 2021, and we also mentioned that in our letter of circumstances of meeting, and provided his boarding passes to Turkey. In this case, what can happen? I now wish we scanned the I-129F after we manually filled it... We have already received our NOA-1. submitted by /u/goododds9394 [link] [comments] source https:

L1B visa questions.

A brief introduction: My goal is to live and work in the United States, specifically in New York City, and this has always been a dream of mine. However it comes to my understanding that work visas can be pretty hard to get. Ideally I would finish my bachelors degree (outside the US) then attempt to find an employer to sponsor H1B, but from researching online, hardly any companies would want to sponsor an entry level graduate from outside the US. So I wondered if L1B would be a more valid option. How likely would a company be willing to sponsor me for L1B only after a year of working for them? If I can get employed by a large, international firm, would it increase my chances of getting the L1B? Are certain jobs favored over others? For example, I’m looking to work in the financial sector (I see more people mentioning computer/tech related jobs though). submitted by /u/Forsaken-Chain-1952 [link] [comments] source

I-485 filing question regarding ESTA

Hey everyone. I’m a US citizen who plans on filing for adjustment if status for my non-citizen spouse. I have the other documents in order but when I spoke to a lawyer (just a consultation, we do not have one on retainer), they said to wait 90 days before filing. My spouse’s ESTA only lasts about 90 days but the lawyer said not to worry about it as it extends automatically for a spouse of a US citizen? I’ve looked online but only found vague answers. Do we need to apply for an ESTA extension? submitted by /u/Bagonga [link] [comments] source

Building credit in the US - new immigrant (IR1 visa)

I just moved to the US last week and I'm in the process of sorting out various life admin bits (phone, bank account, driver's license, etc.). Next up is finding a suitable credit card for someone like me who has just moved over. I know I'll have to start from scratch, but can anyone recommend a decent credit card to help build credit for new a immigrant to the US? I know there will be a lot of mitigating factors that will help me make a decision, but any general guidance would be appreciated! submitted by /u/Bill-Ceallaigh [link] [comments] source

Global entry

Wanting to get global entry for my husband who is a green card holder. That is a valid document for global entry, but he currently has the extension letter and we are waiting for 10 year green card with conditions removed. Should we wait for that card? Or can we apply with the extension letter? submitted by /u/mas772 [link] [comments] source

Multiple DUI’s and Inadmissiblity

Anyone had issue entering US being non citizen convicted of multiple DUI’s? Or deported? I am on work visa - and got convicted of 3 DUI’s. submitted by /u/embraced_sobriety [link] [comments] source

864 Enforcement Tip

There is no exhaustion requirement to fulfill in order to bring a viable claim for financial support through the I-864 contract. This means that if your spouse or ex spouse is not fulfilling their financial obligation to you, you do not need to alert or depend on any government agency before suing and collecting on your own. You can enforce your own rights straight away. submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

Immigration Litigation Tip For Mandamus Cases

There is no statutory exhaustion requirement to fulfill in order to bring a viable mandamus case for an immigration delay. However, some courts have held that mandamus relief is not appropriate where an adequate alternative judicial remedy is available. According to the 5th Circuit, a remedy “is adequate if it is ‘capable of affording full relief as to the very subject matter in question.’” Wolcott v. Sebelius, 635 F.3d 757, 768 (5th Cir. 2011). submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

How much money do I need to enter the US for a week?

I know that not enough money can mean denied entry, which I want to avoid. How much do I need to have in my bank account for a week long visit? Can I have it on my PayPal? Do I need cash (I don't really use cash at all anymore so I'd prefer not to)? To clarify: I'm not asking how much I need to afford food and travel and housing, I'm asking how much I need so the officer at the border doesn't think I'm totally broke and came to the US with the intention to overstay and work. I'll be staying at my fiance's house so in reality I just need money to pay my half for the food, but I'm guessing that won't be enough for the officer. submitted by /u/AdHistorical7068 [link] [comments] source

Got the job offer from a large company in the USA but no response from immigration firm

I have been offered a Science related position in huge multinational industry in the USA. Very good salary and benefits. After accepting the job offer and clearing the background check, the next step was meeting with the immigration lawyers. In this sense, three weeks ago I had a meeting with the third-party immigration law firm that represents this company. Before this meeting I was super-excited, but sadly all my expectations went down after that meeting. According to them, O1 is my only Visa option. Despite they didn´t say "you have no chances", based on their reactions after hearing the answers to their questions, I am assuming my chances are pretty low. Right after the meeting, I filled a form listing everything related to O1 Visa (publications, work history, prizes - only description, I have provided no documents) and since then I have been patiently waiting for their response for over 3 weeks. Q1 - Is O1 really my only Visa option? I understand that H-1B is out of

SSN Card + P1 visa

Hi everyone How do I obtain a SSN as a Canadian who is working in the US with P1 visa status? What paperwork etc do I need? Any help and direction would be great. Thanks in advance submitted by /u/Horse_gurl1 [link] [comments] source

US to UK work visa questions!

I currently live in Hawaii for a year working in autism and am starting my masters in the summer. Considering moving to the up to work in schools but not sure how the UK work visa process works. Do I need a job ready to go or have something lined up? submitted by /u/Princessinatower [link] [comments] source

UK YMS scheme inquiry

Hello, I am a south korean national applying for the UK YMS visa. I am currently a resident in the UK and been here for 3years as a student. Based on the gov website it seems like I cannot apply for YMS whilst I am in the UK. It says applications cannot apply whilst in the UK Not sure if that means I cant apply for this Scheme in the UK or YMS visa once I win this YMS lottery. Anyone knows anything about this? submitted by /u/HoneyBeee101 [link] [comments] source

A PHD in Norway or Canadian PR?

This is a genuine doubt of mine and i am confused now. I was pretty clear about Canada but the healthcare system is irking me a lot. You have to wait months to get a dermatology consultation; that's seriously messed up. This got me thinking is it really worth it. One of my friend is in Europe and he seems pretty happy with Europe and Norway seems to have a good scope for PhD so I am now confused😵😵 Background: I am 29 years old, got 5 years of work ex in marketing analytics and I have a double masters : MBA in international business and marketing ; PGP in Data science and business analytics. Please provide some guidance 🙏🙏🙏 Note: I am gay btw so I need to take that into consideration😅 submitted by /u/theoverthinker_1990 [link] [comments] source

How Can My SA Girlfriend Stay in Ireland Permanently?

Hi Guys, I'm looking for advice because I'm starting to panic over this issue, and any advice would be fantastic! My South African Girlfriend has been living and working in Ireland as an Au Pair for approximately a year and half. At the end of April 2022, her Au Pair contract will expire and she will have to return to South Africa. At first, we where fine with this as it was supposed to be just a month back in SA so she can see her family etc. but now I'm very worried that she won't be allowed to come back and live here. She's been trying to contact Irish Immigration to figure out what she needs to actually stay here, work, live and become a citizen but we're getting scared now as we can't get anything from them or we're always put on hold and time is running out. I don't think I can bare being separated from her for months and months and she feels the same. Things aren't good for her in SA. What is the right move here? What process can we

Clarification needed for requirements for a TN visa

I am graduating college April 2022 as a mechatronics engineer with an advanced diploma studying for 3 years in Canada. I want to go to US and I saw TN visa can be the path for me but I am worried when looking up it requires a bachelor's which I am just short of in terms of years studying. Are advance diplomas acceptable or would I need additional field experience or I am unable to get a TN visa. submitted by /u/AShyToastyBunny [link] [comments] source

Do I still need to go to the US Embassy?

I got my green card back in July 2021 through the Diversity Visa lottery. As my previous status was F1 and I completed the green card process while being in the United States, Do I need to go to the US Embassy when I visit home or Im good to come back to the US whenever I want with my green card? submitted by /u/Veunouss9 [link] [comments] source

Application for Asylum

On my last court the judge give me “I-588, Application for Asylum” all i want to know is i need a lawyer for do it or not? if someone can help me i’ll more that grateful submitted by /u/mosa27 [link] [comments] source

Checked baggage allowance

Im flying from usa to india next month via qatar airways.My domestic connection flight is American Airlines.The qatar airways customer service told i can carry 2 checked baggage free of charge with me,but the electronic ticket receipt says i need to pay $100 for the second bag.Iam lil bit confused right now.Anyone know anything about this??! submitted by /u/dinku865 [link] [comments] source

Silly question but does the immigration process take into consideration that I was on antidepressants for about a month?

I read somewhere US immigration has something about mental illness being a cause to deny entry to someone immigrating. Would the antidepressants count towards that? submitted by /u/Large-Disk9035 [link] [comments] source

No longer student (no F1 paper) with visa that doesn’t expire until 2023. Can I use the student visa to go to Mexico?

Hello, thanks for landing here. I am on advanced parole (adjustment of status), with a valid travel parole card. I was previously an F1 student and graduated in 2020; however my visa doesn’t expire until 2023. Normally, if I was still a student, I would be allowed into Mexico. But now that I am no longer a student, can I use this visa to go to Mexico? Keep in mind I do not have an updated F1 paper anymore. Thank you so much in advance. submitted by /u/talalam [link] [comments] source

Hi, I’m trying to claim US citizenship but I am unsure if I can? Both my mother and grandmother were born in America. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

My mother was born in America and lived there for 2 years before moving to Ireland. She later went back for a summer to complete her SATs when she was 18. My grandmother is also a US citizen and lived there for 10+ years. Both have US passports. I am a 24 year old Irish/British citizen. It’s my dream to move to America but I’m unsure if I can claim citizenship. I’ve been told I can by some people but I’m unsure if I can having done some research. Anyone with any advice or experience in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks submitted by /u/donut1997 [link] [comments] source

Will this be an issue?

US Immigration I've previously travelled many times to the US via the VWP program previously. So this time at the POE, the CBP officer asked me how long I am staying for and I said "2 weeks". However, I realise now my flight is actually on the 16th day so I am actually staying for 2 weeks and 2 days technically. It was very early in the morning and I was running on 2 hours of sleep so I messed up answering this question it seems. I wasn't trying to lie or anything, I genuinely made a mistake. Would this cause future problems? I had a return flight booked of course before reaching the POE so I'm thinking maybe the CBP officer would have been able to see that I was staying for 2 weeks and 2 days so I assume if it was an issue, they would have raised it at the POE. But I don't know. submitted by /u/PEEL333 [link] [comments] source

How difficult is to get PR ( Green Card ) as a Indian after studying from US?

After researching a bit, it seems like it's impossible to get PR ( Green Card ) as a Indian because of long H1b wait times. What do you think? Is there any other way through which I can get Green Card? Or should I look into other countries like Canada ? submitted by /u/Particular_Ad_1821 [link] [comments] source

Switching job when H1B visa renewal is coming up

I am thinking of switching my job, mainly because of green card sponsorship. Long story short I start at my current position 2 years ago and my company is telling me they used the job description for the position above for my PERM and now I have to wait till I get a promotion so they can file the I-485 (I already have a approved I-140). My manger said he will try push for a promotion this coming review cycle in July. But not the current cycle in Feb. Even then a promotion is not guaranteed. So I have been thinking of switching to a different company that is willing to hire me and then sponsor a green card right away. I understand they will have to restart the whole process again but at least my green card will not be tied to my promotion. But there is another issue, my H1B expires in 2022 so my current employer will have to apply for a extension. Is it a good idea to switch jobs in this position? Also what are your thoughts on the whole green card situation? submitted by /u/R

K1 visa application time scale

Hello, me and my fiancée recently got engaged and are wanting to start the process with the K1 visa for me to move over to the US. I know time scales can’t be exact, but we are wondering is anyone has recently been through the whole process and could give us an estimate of the full process. Any replies would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!! submitted by /u/dangerman97 [link] [comments] source

Paid the DS-160 fees, unable to find slots in my home country. What will happen if I stay put in America after my Visa expires, but I have a valid I797?

So I paid 190$ DS-160 fees without realizing how bad the situation is WRT getting a dropbox slot. I am on an H1b visa in America and it is valid till July of next year. I have an approved I-797 that is valid till 2024. I think my DS-160 fees are valid for an entire year. I am already in America. What happens if I stay put here in the country till 2023 when I can find a slot easily. I can renew my driver's license using my I-797 in New Jersey right? I don't think my landlord has ever checked my visa. I don't think I would be breaking any law by not getting the stamping done. With the whole Covid thing, I actually detest the whole idea of taking a 24-hour flight halfway across the world to see my parents who I see almost every day on WhatsApp anyways. Even my lawyer told me that it is not necessary for me to exit the country after the visa expires. submitted by /u/throwback656 [link] [comments] source

Impact of recent interview waiver announcement on H1B stamping (India)

I came to US on F1 Visa in 2017. Since then I travelled to India once in 2018 when I was still on my Student Visa. I got my H1B approved in 2019 but haven't travelled to India since then. I might need to travel to India sometime in next few months but I am bit confused about the stamping process. The US Consulate website shows that not all the consulates in India are fully open yet and those that are open are only available for Emergency appointments (what qualifies as an Emergency appointment is bit vague). There also aren't many slots available even at the consulate offices that are open. How does the recent announcement regarding interview waiver impact my stamping process? I previously was never refused a Visa. Do I still need to schedule an interview slot and then hope that the consulate waives my interview? Or can I just skip scheduling the interview process with the US Consulate because of the interview waiver announcement? submitted by /u/sports_junky [link]