Is a GC sponsor possible with less than a year of OPT left?

So my situation is as follows. Got hired by a fairly large company in Feb 2020 after my undergrad degree in computer engineering.

Was not selected in the 2020 and 2021 H1B lotteries. My STEM OPT ends on Feb 2023 and I have

one final lottery attempt in April 2022. Company HR said they will wait and see the results of my 2022 H1B lottery and if I do not get selected, will hold a meeting with me, my manager and the attorneys to discuss "alternative" options. My manager is trying to push for a GC application, but again its the HR that makes the final decisions.

Now, by April 2022, I would only have about 10 months of OPT left, is a GC sponsorship even a possibility at that point? I'm not from China/India.

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