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B2 to H4 COS related question

My wife is on B2 visa and has applied for COS to H4. Her 6 months period on B2 ends on April 11th. I understand that if she goes outside the US after April 11th, the COS process will be cancelled, but in that case, will she be a defaulter for having overstayed the 6 months period as a visitor? [Asking because she got admitted for MS which is due to start on Aug, and she is unsure as to how long it will take for the COS to get approved. If it gets too close to Aug, she will have to leave the country and come back on F1 (consular processing), which is fine as long as she has not defaulted for having overstayed in the US beyond 6 months] submitted by /u/Oshibekh [link] [comments] source

Updates on CR2 visa, Visa interview updates Cuidad Juarez, Could I apply for a work visa while awaiting a CR2 visa.

Hello everyone, I'm currently awaiting the CR2 Visa I have been In Mexico for over a year just waiting because of the delay that covid has done In the past year. What are the current updates on the CR2 visa? My lawyer doesn't reply to my texts, calls, and emails. I also like to know what Is the current situation In Juarez what are they doing with Visa Interviews Could I receive a call up In the next couple? On to the other Issue as I said before I'm awaiting my CR2 visa but would It possible to apply for a work visa while In the progress of the CR2? submitted by /u/1opxez [link] [comments] source

Not enough income to sponsor husband

Hey all, I just recently got married. My husband lives in another country and we got married in his country. We have been long distance for 4 years so we want to be together already. However, I am nervous about my income. The thing is that Im a student (graduating next May) and havent been able to make the $21,500 required for the US. After graduation, I most likely will find a job since my city is desperate to hire many people in my field. I got a few offers already actually. So im sure we won't starve or be a burden to the country. However, Im not sure immigration will understand that. Would I be able get a joint sponsor to help me out? What are the chances of my husbands application getting denied if I get a joint sponsor instead of my own income Thank you. submitted by /u/EnvironmentalPeace21 [link] [comments] source

Home Buying: Expired Green Card

Hello, Wife and I have been pre-approved for a new home. Everything has checked getting pre approved for a mortgage until....I find out my green card is expired. I read online that this issue might just depend on the mortgage lender. I’m in the process of renewing the green card. Shouldn’t be a problem getting the card renewed except it could take 8-10 months. I’m a permanent resident, been here 40 years. Wife is a US citizen. I obviously have a SSN. Not sure how I let the GC get expired but one of those things. Anybody seen a home mortgage get rejected because of this? submitted by /u/fakhil33 [link] [comments] source

Immigrating as a High-demand tech worker without a degree

I'm a tech worker in a high demand specialty earning $150k in Canada and I'm interested in immigrating to the US. I have a two year diploma but no degree. It sounds like H1B is essentially impossible without a degree. I've been denied a TN before (2013) because the job description didn't seem temporary enough. I would be willing to try this again but the denial makes me nervous. Is the TN my only viable option aside from marriage? submitted by /u/mootoothree [link] [comments] source

Tricky STEM OPT dilemma

So this is gonna get complicated... I’m trying to apply for STEM OPT, and I can do it through both my previous degree (undergrad), and my current degree (masters). Both the same area of study. If I use my previous degree, I can start the process now, but the catch is I don’t have an i20 with an updated CIP code from that degree to reflect STEM. They got STEM right before I transferred out. But I was able to get letters from the international office & registrar explaining that situation. I could also use my current degree, but they literally JUST got STEM certification as well, (I know...always living on edge) and won’t be able to have i20 changed until June 1st . My current OPT expires June 15. Now DSO told me STEM through my previous degree could work, but there is a chance it would be denied because the STEM code was added after I graduated, USCIS may or may not read those supporting letters Using my current degree is more certain, but then only 2 weeks for preparing and fil

EB2 NIW - help

Dear, Is it a better strategy applying for EB2 NIW while in American soil (tourist visa for example) or would be the same chances when applying from my home country? Thank you submitted by /u/_John__Wick_ [link] [comments] source

Passport number same as travel document number?

Hi Everyone. I am filling out my I-539 form online to change to F1 status. Now I was asked for my passport number then next the travel document number? Are these the same? Google says it’s the passport number but there is a number in red starting with N and a control number on my J1 visa. My question here which of these two numbers is my travel document number? submitted by /u/LomziM [link] [comments] source

H1B vs EB-3

Why do employers prefer to do H1B instead of EB-3? What’s the point of H1B if EB-3 has no lottery? submitted by /u/InvestigatorWeary410 [link] [comments] source

Can you have two different names if you have citizenship in two different countries?

My fiancee would like to change her last name and take mine while we apply for permanent residency in America, but keep hers in her name as is in her native country, Korea. Is this possible? submitted by /u/DeP90Sal7 [link] [comments] source

H-1B to F-1 Change of Status

Following up on my previous post here. tl;dr - H-1B expires in September. Admitted into grad school this fall. Hoping to attend it full-time in August by changing status to F-1. Talked to a lawyer and they said because of very high processing times, I’ll have to file a COS to F-1 followed by another COS to B2 (as a “bridge” application) while I wait for the result of the first COS. They also mentioned that I could continue studying full-time while the COS to F-1 is pending, which I didn’t realize was possible? I’m guessing this doesn’t mean that I could work part-time on-campus while the COS is pending? If someone here has been in a similar situation, I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks! submitted by /u/bufferBloat [link] [comments] source

Chances of revised H1B wage levels being passed and how it would help reduce the backlog

I read that the Biden Administration has decided to delay the H1B wage hikes till next year. I wanted to know if that rule has any chance of being passed, and if it does, how much would it help reduce the backlogs for Indian and Chinese immigrants working in companies like Google/Facebook that offer very high salaries which are usually on par with what is offered to citizens. submitted by /u/piykat [link] [comments] source

Hey guys, my I 94 expired and I delayed with three days in the US. This was because of my flight had an issue(said they cannot find my name in the database. "I don't know what this means") I didn't report the matter because I don't know to whom should I plead my case. I have a tourist visa.

Should I be worried. can this be a problem when I want to visit the us again? submitted by /u/AliveWinter39 [link] [comments] source

Repost: Should I explain to USCIS and put the current AOS as underlying petition number?

I have received now a receipt number notice of my I-485 AOS application that I first filed. However, as I mentioned before the money check attached to it is not valid and the I-130 petition was rejected to it due to payment issues. Hence, the application will be rejected due to that. I know they will take at least 2 weeks to use the check. So my question is.. I’m going to file again, should I mention the petition number and explain that in my new application? And does that make my current immigration status I-485 pending since they gave me a receipt number? Should I put all of this on the new application? Because I really don’t want to wait till they reject the application cause that can take upto a month till they send it back. Or should I just withdraw it myself? I have no clue what to do. Any help would be appreciated. submitted by /u/Tiramisulover97 [link] [comments] source

Question about Family Based Green Card Spill Over to Employment Base Green Card?

Hello , I have question about spill over visas which is transferred Family based unused visas to Employment base category. My family based immigration petition I-130 was approved in 2010 waiting to get my green card. My sibling filed for me and get the petition approved. I am currently on H1b in USA and legally living here since 8 years.Is there any legal ground to challenge USCIS on spill over visas . Spill over Green Card should only transfer which are unused. I am right here where they are processing , considered unused family visa to Employment based category. Processing is still going on for spilled over visa from family based category to employment based category. Is there any legal ground challenging this situation as they dont have to process my green card overseas. I am right here in USA and it will be same for them to process my Family based green card as they are processing employment base green card. Please advise me if I have any legal ground on this rule. Jordan s

I983 Quick Question!

If you started a job during the 12 Month OPT, and applying for STEM OPT extension. For the start date of employment, do you put the start date when you started the job during the 12 Month OPT or do you put request start date of the STEM Extension EAD? Thanks! submitted by /u/JonGreat [link] [comments] source

Can I switch from a B1/B2 to F1 Visa while in the U.S.?

Hello, I’ve just been accepted to college in the U.S. and my semester starts in September. However, I wanted to go for a holiday before that too, so if I enter on my B1/B2 visa, can I switch it to my student visa when I have to begin classes or will I have to leave the country and come back in? Appreciate any responses thank you submitted by /u/Big-Term-3376 [link] [comments] source

F2 Visa chances for fiancé & complications?

Hi! I am a little anxious about the chances of my fiancé getting an F2 visa next yr. Given the following is my circumstance, are chances high that it may be rejected? I live in Bay Area and just got job last Nov (currently $70k/yr, possibility of a pay hike, but not guaranteed). My Employer was not able to file for H1B this season. I am on my F1 OPT (valid till 2023). We may be getting married around Feb 2022. So it appears I must seek F2 visa for my fiancé next year. So given that my salary is not 6 figure, and I live in California in a rented apt, a state which has cost of living, and also, I have graduated from college and still with F1 OPT, will that make it really difficult for my fiancé to get an F2? Does anyone have experience and gone through something similar to this? submitted by /u/LuckyNum2222 [link] [comments] sourceé_complications/

Visa Process as someone who was adopted

Traveling as someone who was adopted This might be a complicated question, but I was officially adopted at 22 by extended family who have raised me my entire life. I have an amended birth certificate, but appear on my birth parent’s tax records etc. I’m a US citizen by birth and was born & live in a sealed record state. I’m moving to a country in the near future where if your parents are from a certain country, then you are under heavy scrutiny and there are lots of extra security measures for you to undergo. Neither of my adopted parents are from that country, but my birth parents are. To avoid issues, I was planning on simply giving them the information that appears on my amended birth certificate without mentioning the adoption as I don’t think it’s relevant and my adopted parents are my parents. Is this an okay thing to do? Or will I be technically lying and get flagged in some kind of visa verification process? I don’t really understand what to do and any insight would be

Temporarily moving to another state while AoS?

I am an EB filer with an approved 140. My 485 already passed the 180 pending days mark. My biometrics are done and I was just moved to awaiting to schedule interview relatively recently. From what I understand, the wait times are 3 to 9 months just to get scheduled. I work for an IT consultancy and my PWC and PERM and whatnot was made for a given state. I've been working remote for over a year in my same state (like most people) due to COVID. Due to family reasons, I need to move to a different state across the country temporarily (at least a year) and work remotely from there. In an extreme scenario, I might need to stay there for the next 2 or 3 years, way after my green card is issued. How likely is my temporarily moving to a different state affect the approval of my AoS? Company lawyer seems to think it would not be an issue and I'd just need to explain why I moved even assuming there is an interview, but I cant shake the feeling I'd be at the mercy of whatever off

After H1B interview, VO told me my visa was approved but the status now says Administrative Processing

Hey guys, I had my F1->H1B visa appointment on 03/26 in New Delhi, India. It was pretty short (3-5 minutes max) and at the end of which the VO said my visa was approved and I should be able to receive it in 5 days. Today I checked the status on CEAC website and the status says Administrative Processing. Anyone has experience with this? I thought you get a 221g application when your visa goes into administrative processing. Also wondering why did he say it’s approved. submitted by /u/varun1309 [link] [comments] source

What does it mean “G 28 Rejected because improperly filed?”

I received the above when I checked my status. Does it mean my case has been accepted but something went wrong? I’m really worried. Can someone put some light on this topic. Thanks submitted by /u/Internal_Neat353 [link] [comments] source

Green Card Renewal Question

My non-US citizen wife’s conditional green card expires in September 2021. She mistakenly filed an I-90 to renew it. We have now figured out that this was not correct and she should have filed an I-751 to remove conditions. Anybody know what our next steps should be? Do we need to withdraw ASAP? Can we get a refund of the filing fee, which was over $500? Any other problems? Thanks. submitted by /u/2hard4u2c [link] [comments] source


uscis request initial evidence on february for i944 but I just found out they removed it so do I have to send it or not? submitted by /u/pelotko [link] [comments] source

Receipt number of any underlying petition?

I have received now a receipt number notice of my I-485 AOS application that I first filed. However, as I mentioned before the money check attached to it is not valid and the I-130 petition was rejected to it due to payment issues. Hence, the application will be rejected due to that. I know they will take at least 2 weeks to use the check. So my question is.. I’m going to file again, should I mention the petition number and explain that in my new application? And does that make my current immigration status I-485 pending since they gave me a receipt number? Should I put all of this on the new application? Because I really don’t want to wait till they reject the application cause that can take upto a month till they send it back. Or should I just withdraw it myself? I have no clue what to do. Any help would be appreciated. submitted by /u/Tiramisulover97 [link] [comments] source

I see a lot of companies have already announced h1b lottery results 2022 to their employees. My company did not. Without knowing anything i am really stressed. How many of you all out there are still waiting on companies to inform the lottery results? Please let me know

USCIS have already announced lottery results. So when would be like a deadline for companies to announce? submitted by /u/Tricky_Comfortable_2 [link] [comments] source

I-129F help please (US)

Hello! I recently sent in my I-129F petition, and it was declined because I forgot to sign it stating that I was above the age of 14 lol Now that I've done that; my biggest question is whether or not the paperwork that was sent back to me notifying me of the rejection will be sufficient enough for me to return it back without any issues in regards to the passport dates. We got our passport pictures taken here in the US while she was here, and sent them within the allotted 30 day time. So at the date of the original filling that was declined, they were valid. However, now they are expired. I tried the website and called multiple times to try to speak to a real person, but to no avail. ​ Furthermore, in the event that they are expired and are a no-go. Does anybody have any advice on how to get new ones while the petitioner is in the US and the beneficiary is in Romania? ​ Any advice would be much appreciated. submitted by /u/BeanBag96 [link] [comments] source https:

N400 - Naturalization Additional Evidence

Hello, Had just a quick question about the N400 form. I'm filing this online and I got all the documents etc but at the last step it's asking me for additional evidence. I gained my residency status (LPR/green card) via the Diversity vis program (Green card lottery) so not via marriage or via my employer. I am unsure what additional evidence am I providing here - Google results suggest tax reports, joint bank account statements, mortgages etc - but I do believe in my case that's irrelevant because like I said my claim is not on the grounds of marriage. Any suggestions of what might be needed here? Appreciate any advice, thanks :) submitted by /u/beteafoin13 [link] [comments] source

Luck With ESTA Less Than 90 Days?

Backstory: my husband came to the USA in October on an ESTA. We decided to marry and married November. He went back to the UK in January at his 90 days, being sure not to go over that. I have not yet filed his visa paperwork (was in the middle of filling it out) Situation: we were set to meet for vacation at the end of April and then return to the USA for 90 days. He would have been out of the country 90 days at the point so no concern. However, there was an unexpected tragedy that has emotionally decimated me and my mental health. Out of concern, he booked a flight from the UK to the USA for tomorrow. This will put him at 81 days. We have our marriage paperwork, along with some personal papers showing the ‘compassionate’ reason he’s trying to travel at 81 days rather than 100+. We understand that this is up to the border patrols discretion. We were wondering if anybody has had experience/success in such cases (like death of a family member). If so, what other information would b

Covid19 Vaccines

Are my parent eligible for the covid19 vaccine? They have there case open with USCIS changing status i485 on going. They reside in NY and are over 65yrs old submitted by /u/agentjoks [link] [comments] source

Marriage Fraud Victim

Can anyone recommend the best course of action for the victim of marriage fraud? It’s bad enough to have your life in shambles but the perpetrator looks like he’s on his way to citizenship and it’s not right that the citizen can be on the hook for support as a result of his lies. submitted by /u/TheBigBigBigBomb [link] [comments] source

Is it worth moving to the USA?

Hello, american reddit. I live in CIS-countries, our countries are poor and underdeveloped, we have got many oil, gas and more minerals. But corrpution and nepotism always kill our economy. So, how you understood CIS-countries aren`t developed countries with poweful economcy and potential for the future. I plan to study in the Chezc Republic, then with chezc diploma i will apply for a job in the USA I have got some quetions How do employers view students with a Czech diploma? Will the USA stagnate in the future? Are the ideas of nationalism popular in the USA? Texas or California? (for immigration) submitted by /u/awakada101010 [link] [comments] source

Kids at uscis interview?

Funny enough I went from never posting to posting twice in two months now lol my first post was basically me ranting about my i130 processing time first post Two weeks after the posting I got a mail from USCIS about my coming interview (almost like uscis used reddit) I was delighted to say the least because atleast progress. So I have 2 kids a five and a one year old and on the mail from them they said I shouldn't bring kids, my friend said he did and according to some research people say only bring if you have about no other option. So is there anyone here in recent times who went for an interview with their child or children? submitted by /u/Kelvincrane [link] [comments] source

ESTA application after a denial

Hi, I have a couple of questions. The first is having had a declined ESTA application for travel to the US with no reason given as to why, is it possible to then apply again (which due to the COVID outbreak would be about 3/4 years after the refusal) or is it a waste of time? If that is a no go, is there any other way to apply to visit the US? & finally, does this then affect your ability to travel to Canada? TIA submitted by /u/rizzledizzlesizzke [link] [comments] source

Australian with UK citizenship. If my child is born in Northern Ireland, do they get Irish citizenship?

So I’m Australian with a UK passport. Brexit doesn’t effect me because I have a Greek passport (thanks Mum!). I obviously can’t pass that off to my kids though. I read somewhere that if a UK citizen is born in Northern Ireland, Ireland gives them the opportunity to take up Irish citizenship when they turn 18. If I have my kids in Northern Ireland, can I get them that all important Irish (EU) passport? submitted by /u/Alarost [link] [comments] source

Good immigration lawyer?

Does anyone has any experience with a good immigration lawyer? What's his name? submitted by /u/BakerFluffy7949 [link] [comments] source

Is it possible to expedite US immgration visa interviews??

I am currently waiting for my interview(for visa) and I am going to study in the United States next year, so is it possible to request that my interview be expedited? submitted by /u/BakerFluffy7949 [link] [comments] source

I-130 inquiry.

Hi everyone. I just want to know what can I get by doing an inquiry? I exceeded the processing time and want to know if I can expedite my case (I-130 approval) by doing this. Thanks in advance for your answers. submitted by /u/Atropos07 [link] [comments] source

Certification of US tax residency

Hi, They told me that I can get the certification of US tax residency online but I didn't figure out how. I went to the site and found from IRS that I have to request this form only by mail them. If I'm not wrong is the form 8802. Any help on how can I get it without paying or mail anything? Thank you submitted by /u/sfspectator [link] [comments] source


I just want to say if anybody need help or want to ask me about my experience with I-751 feel free to hit me up I’m here to help out because I know what it’s like,the stress and long wait submitted by /u/Mulattobabe34 [link] [comments] source

Car Transportation Montreal QC to Burlington VT

So here is the situation. My fiancé is Canadian, (Montreal specifically) and I am a Vermonter. Her father is offering to sell us a car (at a steal of a price). I am looking to import it to the states for us, and can’t seem to find any legit looking websites or people to call. I need to transport it from Montreal to Burlington. I’m not looking for how the paper work for importing as it’s unnecessary because we are ultimately moving to Canada, and can keep it in his name until then (it’s very soon). I am just looking for a company to ship it. If anyone is aware of one I could call please let me know below. Thanks, in advance! submitted by /u/Isiah_deLancey [link] [comments] source

TN visa renewal

Hi, so I need to renew my TN visa with a new employer. They are working on the paperwork and have suggested sending it by mail to USCIS, but I really don't feel right about that. They say there is a chance for an RFE and then I'll need to wait for at least 6 months to complete the process, and I don't think it's worth the risk. The only reason I am even considering it is that I don't want to have to quarantine in Canada, I just want to go to the POE, turn around and come back. Anyone have any experience at Vancouver airport recently with a visa run? Did you have to stay in Canada and quarantine? And also - if you cross by land then apparently you don't need to get a hotel, just quarantine at home, so will they even care if I just turn around and head back? And finally, if I do end up crossing by land, I heard that it's pretty tough at the Vancouver/Seattle border crossing. Should I fly out to Buffalo and then drive over from there? ​ Thanks! submi

I-864 - US Citizen/Resident Joint Sponsor needs Proof of U.S. Domicile?

I'm in the process of submitting a family-based visa application. When I added a joint sponsor to the CEAC portal, under the required documents for him it says: Federal Income Tax Return or Transcript Proof of U.S. Domicile Form I-864 Affidavit of Support Proof of U.S. Citizenship or LPR Status My joint sponsor is a US citizen and resides in the US. Does he still need to submit any proof of domicile? If so, what would be a good, easy example? A driver's license? He's also submitting his last three years of tax transcripts and W2s, as well as a certificate of naturalization to prove his citizenship. If I don't need to submit any specific proof of domicile, should I just leave it as missing with no document available, or should I select Not Available and provide an explanation? Thanks for any help! submitted by /u/Front_Ad1663 [link] [comments] source

Forgot to sign I864

So I made a silly mistake and forgot to sign I864 and I got a mail from NVC to sign and re-upload. I already did that now how long will it take for next update. Please don’t laugh on my mistake 🥺 submitted by /u/royshail94 [link] [comments] source


Anybody has idea about Which month year interview going right now in seattle? Family base AOS ? i-485 submitted by /u/Eersum [link] [comments] source

864Tax Return for I 864

Hello friends, Missus wants to cross out her bank account number and her daughter's SSN from the 1040 that we are sending with i 864. Is that going to be a problem? Any insight? submitted by /u/backluva [link] [comments] source

I-864 Affidavit of Support - who’s the sponsor

Thank you in advance for your help. Here is the situation in a nutshell: - my wife and I are US citizens. She is a homemaker and I and the only source of income for our family. My income meets the Affidavit of support criteria. - my wife petitioned for her mother's green card and we are at the Affidavit of support stage. - Questions: - does my wife fill out the I 864 form as a sponsor and uses our "married, filled jointly" tax status? - does my wife fill out the form as a sponsor and lists me as the only co-sponsor? - do I fill out the form as a sponsor without my wife? Thank you submitted by /u/wygledowski [link] [comments] source

Is it safe to travel to Mexico for less than 30 days with an expired H1B visa, but valid H1B status?

Has anyone faced difficulties with this path? Here's some context about automatic revalidation I'm not too familiar with this. submitted by /u/welc0meToTheMachine [link] [comments] source

Family Sponsorship - Sibling

I have a question. What is the best resource to see a fairly accurate timeline of the steps taken for a US Citizen fill sibling to sponsor their Canadian citizen brother for Permanent residency? I know siblings are far down the preference chart, but I’m seeing if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you everyone. submitted by /u/Californian-Cdn [link] [comments] source

Pd 12/1/2020: Case Is Ready to be scheduled for an interview

My i485 changed to Case is Ready to Be scheduled for an interview on 3/25/2021, local office is QUEENS NY. Marriage based AOS. How long you think will it take to have interview? I don’t have EAD yet! submitted by /u/MohsinMasrur [link] [comments] source

Can my undocumented husband use my SSN?

My husband is an undocumented immigrant and we’re in process of getting our i601a approve. It’s taking forever. I don’t think we will know anytime soon. Because we filed on Jan 2021 receipt date is feb 2020 and I saw on the website processing time for i601a is 16-20 months for July 2019 receipt date. My husband has ITIN number but his new employer (future employer) can’t use his itin. They say they have to use a SSN. Since we’re married and file tax joint. I thought it would be okay if he use my SSN. Because we need his income to file tax so we can get a house. Will the USCIS check those stuff? Will it affect our paperwork? submitted by /u/Twee0731 [link] [comments] source

Employer changed after submitting DS-160

Back in October 2020, I submitted a DS-160 as a first step to get my TN visa. The appointment for the interview at the Consulate in Mexico kept being pushed back and the Employer decided to rescind the offer. Since, I have been offered a position at a different company and wonder if I need to submit a different DS-160. I have already paid the visa fee and want to avoid having to pay again. submitted by /u/RO_007 [link] [comments] source

USCIS Status Options

Is there a resource or does someone know what are all the main steps displayed for I-485, I-130, I-765, and I-131 or the next steps based on my situation? (Ex: Case Received > Fingerprints Taken > Case Ready to be Scheduled > etc.) Current status is: I-485: Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview I-130: Case Was Received I-765: Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken I-131: Case Was Received submitted by /u/Status-Jackfruit-409 [link] [comments] source

Travel permission before I-131 after biometrics is possible before EAD card?

I just spoke with an agent about getting an expedite request for emergency reasons, and he said that anytime after biometrics you can call the embassy in the country we are going to and request travel permission for any reason and it would be approved. he recommended it for emergencies but said it could be for anything. has anyone else heard of this? submitted by /u/butte3 [link] [comments] source

Best countries for young Gen Z immigrants

Hi! I'm 18, 19 in 2 days, and I've been considering moving to Germany for college after paying off my debts from this school year and saving up money. The thing is, I'm very naive and new when it comes to living on my own, and I want to move somewhere where it's easy for me to be self-sufficient, unlike in the U.S. where many people in their mid/younger 20's still have to live with family. I'll probably stay in the U.S. paying off debt and saving money and learning the language/preparing for 2-4 years. Is Germany a country where it's easy for younger generations to be self sufficient? What countries in general would be best for surviving on your own as a young and unestablished immigrant? I'm planning on going to Germany due to what I've heard about some colleges being free (I need to look more into the technicalities) so I know I can save money there, and I've seen that the work weeks are very short and pays well, but I don't know what to

Easiest English speaking country to move to ?

Easiest English speaking country to move to, I am South African and 30 years old. I don’t have any “skills” I am a caregiver. I would like to find a nice safe place to immigrate to. Thank you for your help. submitted by /u/Agirlthatlifts [link] [comments] source

What does Final Action date on visa bulletin mean?

I've read that it mean when the green card is available, but does that mean that you can't get a visa interview without it becoming current? submitted by /u/donopumpi [link] [comments] source

Any Immigrants from Spain?

Hello everyone, for my final history project in college I am researching Spanish (Spain) Immigration to the U.S. It has been hard to find people to 'interview', anyone can answer these questions for me? (anonymously if you prefer) 1: When and where were you born? What year did you come to the US? Where did you depart from to come to the US? And where did you settle in the US upon arrival? 2:What was the situation like in Spain when you decided to leave? 3:How and why did you decide to leave Spain? Why did you decide to come to the U.S.? 4:Did you come by yourself or with family or friends? 5:What was your first year like in the U.S.? 6: In those early days in the United States: Did you miss Spain? If yes, what did you miss? Did you like living in the US? If yes, why? Thank you! submitted by /u/ingressutopia [link] [comments] source

I-131 filing outside of the US

Hey I am just wondering where to file this. My I-130 is in the Nebraska Immigration Center and I can't seem to find where to send this. It seems I can't file it online. Anyone know? submitted by /u/urafaogott [link] [comments] source

Will applying for govt aid (TAP) affect immigration pending?

I got an undergraduate scholarship for a school. But I need to file FAFSA and NYS Tap for it. I filled FAFSA since I have socials, but verification is another issue. I’m renewing my parole and it’s taking a while. So, I’m currently not an eligible non-citizen. I emailed school, was told to apply for Daca and dreams NYS tap, instead of regular tap. There’s a deadline in about a week for the dreamers Tap. If I apply for the dreams tap as undocumented student, will it’s affect my immigration status? (Legally, I’m not daca or dreamer. Legally, I’m applying for green card). But, if I don’t apply for this dreamers tap, I don’t get 4yrs scholarship. And I can’t afford college. What do I do? submitted by /u/Bussi_Fanfic [link] [comments] source

Texas REAL ID before updating name with SSA?

I am adjusting my status and I received my EAD in my married name already. However due to COVID I haven't updated my name with SSN (don't want to lose my EAD because I'm about to start employment). I am moving to Texas so I need to apply for another REAL ID, I have all the documents required in my maiden name except for my EAD, but I also have my marriage certificate proving the name change. Would I be able to get a REAL ID at least in my maiden name? Would they turn me away and require me to update my name with SSA first? If anyone has experience like this please let me know, thank you!! ​ EDIT: I just realized another thing, I have to file my taxes in my maiden name soon because that's what SSA has my name as, and before everything is sorted out with last year's taxes, I don't want to throw a name change in between and mess things up. so I can't even change my name with SSA at the moment submitted by /u/caffeinatedostrich [link] [comments]

Potential minor complication with N-400(mom)

Hi, using throwaway account... My mom is a permanent resident who wants to file N-400 to be a citizen. But I think she may have some minor complication. I am an LPR too, but my older brother is a USC by birth in the US. She is married, and still stays touch with my father in our home country. no legal separation, divorce, nada. However, she has filed as a single for last few years because she didn't know how to claim my dad as a spouse or dependent without no ITIN or SSN. She says that she stated that she was married when she filed for her green card, so she can't say she is single, now and she has no intention to lie to immigration. Will her incorrect filing status cause trouble for naturalization? Sure, there is an option to amend it, but it would be very time consuming, and we don't have money to hire CPAs or knowledge to do it on our own from the scratch. She had one parking ticket that was eventually dismissed more than 5 years ago in a different state we used to

How many of you never became a citizen after getting green card?

I moved to the U.S. from England in 93 and still have my resident alien card. I’ve never been interested in giving up my British Citizenship, even though technically I can have dual citizenship. I just don’t want to renounce my British citizenship. 😀🇬🇧 The only thing I can’t do is vote. I still get to pay taxes though, lol, plus own as many guns as I want, which I do. 😀🇺🇸🔫 submitted by /u/O-berheim [link] [comments] source


I’m 22 from england and looking to move to Either Texas (a decent area) or somewhere in Canada possibly soon, I could find a place to stay for a little while for the first few weeks or months. I do have a trade skills in a few aspects on construction and feel I could find a job pretty fast possibly try find one before I go. I have no criminal record at all on any system, I just have a couple questions to ask. Please make it a legal state (not the reason for moving, drug test reasons) 😂 I just need some advice and info off a person other than google haha, I use every chat platform but pm me on here if you can help! Thanks! submitted by /u/Blue_Cheez [link] [comments] source

K1 RFE question

Hi everyone, I got a RFE for my K1 visa application because I missed checking a box on the I-129F form. My fiancé and I are thinking to use this as an opportunity to send in a few more pictures from the last three months. My only concern is that since they didn’t ask for more pictures it will hurt our app in some way. Any advice? Also if they send you and RFE for something like not checking a box does that means the rest of your app is probably good? submitted by /u/Unhappy_War_5720 [link] [comments] source

Opening a bankaccount as an non-US resident?

Buenas, Is possible to get a debit card from a US bank, even if I am an illegal imigrant? submitted by /u/juanjop777 [link] [comments] source

Onlyfans and US immigration

Does having an onlyfans with erotic/sensual content (not xxx explicit) would make me have inconveniences with my immigration process? I’m not into being recorded for explicit content tbh. I just started an onlyfans and I’m my country taxes for onlyfans are not regulated (yet). So my questions are: -If I’d do porn, would it affect the good moral character clauses (adultery and polygamy) more than the erotic content? -Should I close all my onlyfans related social media? -What if I’m a streamer/youtuber? -Could be the pandemic a good excuse? Thanks for your time, xx submitted by /u/supremepowerbottom [link] [comments] source

Citizenship Application

I am married with my wife and hold green card for over three years which I am qualified to apply for N-400 but the problem is my case of removing condition on the 2 year green card has not been approved by the USCIS yet. Am I still eligible to apply to get my citizenship? Or I have to wait until my 10 green card to arrive? Thanks a lot guys. submitted by /u/JD_1143 [link] [comments] source

What are my chances of getting F1 visa?

During our trip to India last year, my husband stole my passport, visa and absconded to the USA. Meantime his lawyers started divorce proceedings in the Indian court. I requested him to return back my passport, he refused to return it. So I filled a fir(police report) in India and reported this to the USA consulate, and California cops. Later He traveled back to India and returned my passport to the police. Now I am planning to apply for an F1 visa. 1. Should I mention about stolen visa in Ds160? 2. What are my chances of getting an F1? 3 Will my pending divorce case affects my chance of getting f1 visa? Thanks in advance submitted by /u/Vast_Composer_5448 [link] [comments] source

RFE requesting federal income tax return submitted to the IRS from 2019 question

I got it from hr block is this the 1040 form? How many pages is usually? The one printed is total of 23, but only two pages are the actual 1040 form. Just overthinking it and want to make sure i submit the correct document since its an RFE, if u guys submitted or got the same RFE please let me know Thanks submitted by /u/deboragch [link] [comments] source

Can you travel back home while on OPT?

Assuming your visa expired and you're on OPT, can you go back home to visit and then come back? submitted by /u/TheoryHyuga [link] [comments] source

L1 visa or spouse visa?

Hi, I'm a citizen of a western EU country. I met my American husband through gaming back in 2018. We travelled back and forth to visit eachother a few times, before getting married in Florida at the end of 2019. Since then, I have been living back in my own country, and he has been living in his. - i.e. we have never co-habitated. I worry that a US immigration official would think that we were not a 'real' couple because of this, if we were to apply for a spouse visa. I work for a major tech company, and am considering applying for an L1 (internal company transfer) visa to the US instead. Just so that my husband and I can get to a point where we live in the same country as eachother. I am a junior developer at my company though - and therefore i worry that I will not qualify for an L1-B visa. What type of visa would I be better off applying for? Any/all advice appreciated. I worry that I don't even know the right questions to be asking. Edit: Formatting submit

K-1 fiancé visa advice

Hi everyone. My long term partner and I are planning on applying for the K1 fiancé visa. I am from the US and he is Colombian and we are both currently in the middle of graduate programs abroad (my program is Canada and his is Austria). As students, we are not making enough income to be the sole sponsor for his visa so I’m wondering if anyone has experience asking a joint sponsor to sign the affidavit and if this may decrease our changes of being accepted? Any advice is super appreciated! submitted by /u/Any-Investigator5663 [link] [comments] sourceé_visa_advice/

Why are Chinese still banned from entering US

China pretty much has one of the best control measures on Covid right now yet they’re still banned from entering the US along with countries that have a messy Covid situation like EU and Brazil. Why? Joe Biden didn’t mention China at all when he renewed the ban on EU and Brazil recently. Also, when will US embassies in China go back to normal processing? It’s so envious to see Koreans and Taiwanese people being able to get visas like normal with like a 5 day turnaround, yet so many students in China are stuck in limbo for no good reasons. submitted by /u/thebootsguy [link] [comments] source

I-864 Affidavit of Support - Required documents for taxes

The instructions seem to have a conflict here or I'm reading too much into it. My wife has her interview at the embassy this week and had a few questions I was hoping to get some clarification on for the i-864. The instructions seem to have a conflict here or i'm reading too much into it. Tax Returns vs Transcript: Here it says either a transcript or the return (with w-2's etc.) with the transcript being preferred for the most recent tax year. Item Numbers 23.a. - 25. Federal Income Tax Return Information. You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year. If you believe additional returns may help you to establish your ability to maintain sufficient income, you may submit transcripts or photocopies of your Federal individual income tax returns for the three most recent years. And then at the bottom for the checklist it says under "Fo

UK to US close family in US, best way to start process, costs involved?

Hey folks As per the title, I'm looking to move from the UK to the US, my dad is a green card holding resident married to a US citizen, I am over 21 & unmarried, and qualified via a HND (2 year associate's diploma I believe is the US equivalent) as a civil engineer. I am 2 years into my career and hoping to change career after I move. I am just wondering what would be the best process to go through, it's my understanding that I could apply straight for a green card as a 3rd priority family member, although I've heard the waiting list for this can be fairly extensive (2+ years), and potentially costly? I am wondering if my current line of work would qualify me for a work sponsorship, and if I could then change jobs after getting to the US on a work visa? Additionally, where is the best place for overseas applicants to find visa sponsoring employers, I've been struggling to find anything solid that didn't stink of a scam. Any input would be appreciated, it

Question about US K-1 Visas

Has Trump's defeat improved conditions for k-1 visas? Is this a better time to start one? submitted by /u/Sar_Dubnotal [link] [comments] source

US citizen to Australia

Hey so my boyfriend is a US citizen wanting to move to Australia and work here with potential permanency Which Visa would be right for him? we’ve had a look and it looks like he can do a working holiday visa but it’s only valid for 12months is there another visa that can potentially stay longer? He’s in the military but doesn’t have other “skills” and won’t have a job lined up to sponsor him. Can he go on a partner visa and still work? Thanks guys! submitted by /u/cremepuffs69 [link] [comments] source

US student visa from China question

One of the requirements listed for the visa is for the passport to be valid at least six months after intended period of stay. My passport expires on the 2022 and my studies are expected to be until 2024/5. I’m an international student here and haven’t been able to renew because of the covid. My visa appointment is in April. My question is, how strict are they on this? submitted by /u/dormammu45 [link] [comments] source

I am an 18 year old Israeli and I consider moving to either Canada or Poland, which one should I go for and what should I do?

I’ve been having plans of living abroad from ever since I can remember, not that the place where I live currently is particularly bad but I feel like as if I want something new that has the potential of being even better. And since the us is a bit problematic for me in terms of health care and the prices of everything, I have considered Canada. I seriously don’t know how better it is but I still consider it, I do consider Poland too because it could be a lot easier for me to move there since I have a polish citizenship from the day I was born since my family is 100% polish and i am in fact the first generation in my family to ever be born outside of Poland and I’ve been there many times to know that it’s a cheap and decent country. My plans for the future is probably being an illustrator and maybe having my own animated series, (a real one like spongebob and what not) and I don’t think I’d be able to do that in my country. But regardless of that I just wanna live in a different countr

Skilled visa 189 Australia

Hi there! I have been counting and counting and I know that the lowest bar is 65 points, for now I have 75 - is it enought to apply (field architecture) or should I not bother? thanks a ton! submitted by /u/Inneraem [link] [comments] source

I-130 – Petition for child (but I'm now 20).

My father will get his green card in April. He was planning to petition and file an I-130 for me (turned 20 years old this month) and my sister (19 years old). Will this raise a problem in the future? Because I read that the petition for an unmarried child (21 above) has longer backlog. If ever I've never got my petition approved after I turned 21, will it get revoked and fall under in F2B category rather than in F2A? Thanks. submitted by /u/Jalapenok [link] [comments] source