K1 Visa vs CR1

(Background) I am US citizen and fiancé is Brazilian. She has one year of school left and is done at the end of 2022. We are thinking about doing either a K1 fiancé or a CR1. For either option we would submit in February/March of 2022. I am going to visit her again in January, and would get married if we decide CR1 is our option. We have all the documentation prepared for a K1.

(Question 1) I see that K1 visas are taking much longer than normal times, is the CR1 also taking extreme times or is it the same? Which would be better for someone who is just looking to get their fiancé/spouse to US around the beginning of 2023 or end of 2022?

(Question 2) Also if approved early on either how long does the fiancé have to organize their affairs? I have red 6 months from date of Visa Approval but keep in mind about Medical.

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