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No AR-11 was found!

Hey Folks - I submitted my online AR-11 on 12/4/2021 and received the confirmation email; however, I closed the browser window before saving the autogenerated form at the time before saving it. Now there’s a tool to reprint your form by entering 🔹AR-11 Confirmation # 🔹Name, Citizenship 🔹Date of Birth However, when I enter those I receive the following error: 🔺The following error(s) need to be corrected: No AR-11 was found🔺 Has anyone had this issue before? The worrying part is that my marriage based AOS status changed on 12/10 to 🔸Your Case Status: Testing and Interview On December 10, 2021, we scheduled an interview for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number MSC219xxxxxxx. We will mail you an interview notice. So it’s really important for them to have the right address! I have also submitted my USPS COA and know it’s been processed there as I have received forwarded mail from my previous address! submitted by /u/Nic

F1 Visa Off-Campus Work Eligibility

I'm an undergraduate freshman who got his F1 visa six months ago (non CPT, OPT etc.). Am I permitted to work off-campus? Would working remotely online, in my dorm (on campus premises) for an off-campus establishment count as working off-campus? Additionally, am I allowed to take a remote online job for an establishment located on-campus, but work this job remotely in an apartment not in campus premises? submitted by /u/bigman070 [link] [comments] source

Visa rejection and literally no visa appointment date available in my country for my girl friend whom I wanted to invite here in US.

Hi, F1 visa student here. My girl friend got her tourist visa rejected before like 4 years ago as well. Now as I am able to sponser myself but she cannot find any more interview dates in our country Embassy. Can I write to my congress person advocating her visa case? Is it possible that my congress person able to anything in such cases ? Anyone been stuck with similar issue. How it ended? submitted by /u/Apart_Emotion_3899 [link] [comments] source

Wanna moove to Finland

Hi all. I'm a UK electrician who wants to move to Finland. My wife is a housewife but is also a degree holder and so would be willing to work if necessary. We would like to know all our options for being able to move to Finland in the next 3-5 years. Could anyone point out what the options might be if money were no object? - One of us is willing to pay to study in Finland (in English) if we have to. - I want to work and my wife wants to stay home if possible but we're both willing to work. - I am willing to start a Finland-registered business and 'employ' myself. - I am willing to get a job with a company. The only thing bothering me is the salary requirement now that we're '3rd country nationals' and not in the EU anymore (thanks voters...) I see the salary before tax for an individual is around 1200 euro which is manageable, but how does this work with a wife and three children? What does the salary extend to and would I even be able to find a job

Are there any chances for me?

Hello, I (19F) from greece, I can't stand anything about my country. I've been wanting to leave ever since I was 12. I can't stand the language, the food, the buildings, the economy, the people, the government, the dirt. Just everything about Greece is disgusting and horrible and tourists of course would never get it. But believe me, I'm sick of everything and everyone here. I got an opportunity to go to Germany but I dropped it for some personal reasons but if another one came again I think I would still decline. I have nursing assistant (CNA) and microbiology assistant degrees, and I will also get an IELTS proficiency soon. I don't have a driving license and I don't speak any other languages except for Greek and English. So, with what I got, Is there a chance for me to leave Greece? I would love to go to Canada but it's impossible with my education level, so what about other countries? (That are better than Greece of course). Thank you. submitted by

Job market for a CS masters student in Europe vs UK

Since EU countries don’t issue EU wide work permits after masters, instead of comparing Europe and UK, I want to compare Germany vs UK and Sweden vs UK. I’m also open to other European countries where I can find jobs with light/moderate effort. I’m from non EU country, looking to do masters in CS in Europe. I have 2 years gap in my resume. My undergrad and grad studies are in electrical / computer engineering. Which place is better, UK or EU, in terms of jobs after masters ? I’m a fresher with no experience. Thanks! submitted by /u/Heavy_Drive7086 [link] [comments] source

Is the I-130 petition the Fastest route to take to be with my spouse ASAP!

Hi, my spouse is a US born citizen{F} recently married to me{M} Nigerian. We’ve been together for almost 3 years now but spent most of this time physically apart and only been able to meet 2ce, it’s becoming harder with each passing DAY, WEEK, MONTH to spend more time being apart as our love & connection grows stronger. Being that we’re now legally married we’re about to put in the I-130 petition for me to go be with her but the likeliest waiting & processing time we’ve recently been hearing about is between 12 to 15 months to get an interview date(Covid & all). I just need some advice to know if this is still the best & fastest way or there are/is something else that could be faster… Don’t mind the how long GC or citizenship might take, just the chance to be able to be around each other for lengthy times asap! Anything would be very much helpful & appreciated!! submitted by /u/Ok_Neighborhood_8025 [link] [comments] source

B1/B2 visa permit location issue

Hi guys, I am a medical student from Pakistan and I managed to secure clinical rotations in the US at good hospitals...and got the B1/B2 valid visa for 5 years back in june. I was supposed to travel in September for them, but unfortunately the covid situation messed it all up and it all got delayed to late January of the coming year. My family lives in saudi arabia and I am currently here in KSA and circumstances have resulted as such that i booked a flight to the States from Riyadh. My visa was issued and stamped in Karachi, Pakistan. I wanted to ask if there is any issue in travelling from another country than from the place where the visa was stamped? Do I first have to travel back to Pakistan..and then from there to the US? It will create much of a hassle for me, including additional costs...I tried asking around but no one knew so posting here (hopefully in the right thread). Thankyou! submitted by /u/DoneWithLifeeee [link] [comments] source

Which US visa should my Canadian Spouse apply for?

I am a US citizen marrying a Canadian citizen in a couple of weeks. We don’t plan on living together until after the summer when she finishes her studies in Canada. In the mean time I plan on starting the visa process ASAP. So I have a couple questions. 1). If the marriage takes place in Canada will that delay any visa processes? Or should we get married in the US (if that’s even possible) 2). Realistically I know her 2 options are a K1 or CR-1 visa. She plans on taking a gap year (Fall 2022- summer 2023) to apply for law school, what is the most realistic option for the fastest turnaround? 3). Is it true Canadian citizens can stay in the US for up to 6 months without a visa? Once the visa application process starts, can she still come in and out of the US as she pleases? Thank you all in advance! submitted by /u/Altruistic-Hold167 [link] [comments] source

How to update Nexus immigration status?

I am a Canadian citizen residing/working in the US. I got my Nexus card when I was still on H1B visa. When I was there for the interview, I was told that I can just drop in to update them if my immigration status changes. I got my green card a year ago during the pandemic. The Nexus offices has largely been closed and, as a result, I am not able to drop in to update my status. I have already entered and left Canada multiple times using the Nexus pass since then. Is there another way to update my status aside from dropping in? Do I have an obligation to update my immigration status within certain timeframe? submitted by /u/tuzzer [link] [comments] source

NVC asked for more documents

Hi, We have a case in NVC since oct 6 and today 30/12/2021 we received email that we need to upload my fathers who is added sponsor to the case his W-2 from 2020. I wanted to ask you how long will this delay the case? submitted by /u/Aleksandar1223 [link] [comments] source

Hi my sister had a greencard back in the time when she were in the states and she were minor living with my naturalized us citizien parents and she qualifies for us citizen as (section 3 ina320) she contacted embassy for applying for us passport but they kept telling her to get sb1 return visa

Now shes 22 and in algeria i cant understand why they kept telling her to get sb1 even ahe qualifies for us citizen submitted by /u/Aymen157099 [link] [comments] source

Green Card for Sibling of Saudi born Indian Citizen

My sister is an Indian Green Card Holder who was born in Saudi Arabia. I am an Indian Citizen born in India, can I apply for a Green Card through her birth country? As Indian born people have long wait times submitted by /u/throwawayd86 [link] [comments] source

Documents reviewed by NVC and asked to resubmit some. How long does it take for NVC to review re-submitted documents?

My husband is a US citizen. Our i 130 is now at NVC and we were asked to resumbit few documents today. How long should i wait for my case to be documentarily qualified? Anybody with similar experience? submitted by /u/Automatic-Promise-18 [link] [comments] source

90/180 days rule for Schengen after resident permit expired

Hi all! I am an Uruguayan citizen. Until November 25th, I was working for a German company with a working visa and a resident permit. I then resigned (hence my resident permit is no longer valid) and I left on November 28th. My question is: does the 90/180 days rule start applying 'from 0' starting on the 25th? I have an OK understanding of how it works, but I can't find any information about what happens in my situation. Also, if you could point me out to where should I ask, I would appreciate it. submitted by /u/i_like_rocks8 [link] [comments] source

When should I submit IR1 petition?

Filing from Singapore for my alien spouse… target to have visa in hand by Dec 2023. Appreciate any advice. submitted by /u/celtosaxon [link] [comments] source

EU girlfriend overstaying ESTA?

I'm a US citizen living abroad and have been in a relationship with a EU citizen for the past 4 years now. Our intention is to move to the US sometime next year. Now, I'm looking at options for both of us to live in the US legally and we've thought that getting married would be a good idea. My concern is, would it be legally allowed to have her come on a regular ESTA visa to the US and then getting married while there? Any insight/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/Urukhaivcamp [link] [comments] source

Does the recent visa interview waiver announcement mean that employment visas will be given quicker?

Right now, for L1 visa applicants interview slots are available as late as 2023! Will the interview waiver change anything for them? My understanding is, dropbox appointments will start to increase because you it doesn't risk spreading covid. But biometrics will still be a bottleneck. However biometrics is usually done much more quickly than a visa interview. Thoughts? submitted by /u/douknowwho [link] [comments] source

Overstayed ESTA due to covid. How screwed am I?

Not sure if this is the right sub for this, but I need advice. Tested positive for covid the day before my return flight (about 2 weeks ago), and I was denied boarding. Had to call my friend to pick me back up from the airport. I've tried to contact the airline, but with no success. Unfortunately I am now a few days over the 90-day limit and still haven't been able to get a negative covid test, nor can I afford to book a one-way ticket back home... What am I supposed to do now? submitted by /u/HenryKissiger [link] [comments] source

brokerage account on a visa (usa)?

hi. i'm considered as a resident alien in usa (for tax purposes) but am on an O1 visa, so am not a permanent resident. im looking into opening a brokerage account and was wondering if this is allowed. any help is appreciated, thank you! submitted by /u/econoboxchic [link] [comments] source

J1 Visa

Hi Good Day. I am a J1 trainee here in U.S , I am asking if is it ok after my training in U.S if I can apply in Canada for work crossing the boarder. Is it a legal way? that won't affect my J1 visa. hope that you can answer my question. submitted by /u/TornadoSnorer [link] [comments] source

Green card renewal — extremely backed up?

We renewed for my dad’s green card renewal mid January of this year. There hasn’t been any new updates since, except an acknowledgment of the USCIS receiving his application. What should we do to have this move forward? Do we need to contact our state representatives? He needs to do some business again out of country, so this is getting a bit worrisome submitted by /u/Luxsens [link] [comments] source

Visa on a Canceled Passport

This is for CANADA btw, I failed to mention this in the title of the post. I have a valid temporary residence visa that was issued with my study permit approval, on a passport that was supposed to expire in late 2022 but has now been canceled since I've renewed it. I now have a renewed passport, and a visa valid for nearly another year on my canceled passport. Is it fine if I just carry both when I fly to Canada? Or do I have to get a NEW visa since I got my passport renewed? Processing times with COVID have been all over the place so I'm not too keen to do that.. submitted by /u/subliminalmiracle [link] [comments] source

What will happen if all developed (high GDP per capita) countries stop immigration?

I live in Canada. No offense against any nation. But I see thousands of people coming in every year from third world countries or developed countries. Why is that? Why do we need people who take our high paying office jobs? Our own people are not unskilled that they can't do work in office jobs. What will happen if nations like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France stops immigration? submitted by /u/EveningSecret8545 [link] [comments] source

Using a European covid pass in the US?

Hi, everyone! I have a bit of a dilemma and I'm looking for your experiences and advice. I got double vaccinated with Pfizer in June and I'm flying to the US with my fiance in the last week of January on a K1 visa. My plan was to get the J&J vaccine as a booster when I arrive, so that I will have a CDC vaccine card that I can use anywhere. However, this omicron thing is making me paranoid that I might test positive right before the flight, which will completely ruin all our plans. I'm considering getting my third shot of Pfizer while still in my home country, but then I will be stuck with a European green pass instead of a CDC card. From what I hear, most Americans will get confused if you use foreign ID at a bar, so naturally I'm worried I won't be able to go anywhere without a CDC card despite being triple jabbed. Has anyone had any experience with this? What would you do if you were me? submitted by /u/mellow_yellow___ [link] [comments] sourc

Immigration interview

My marriage based interview is on hold and review what should i be expecting? submitted by /u/Unlikely-Mekus [link] [comments] source

TN to marriage green card: to go through H1-B or directly?

I’m not trying to commit any immigration fraud. I get that TN is not a dual-intent status, and should not be used solely to immigrate. However, I’ve heard several stories of people on TN status marrying US citizens (in good faith, of course) and applying for green cards directly. If it’s theoretically possible, is it even worth the hassle of going through the H1-B lottery? It has a 33% chance per year, and seems to me like a waste for a Canadian to use this visa just as a stepping stone when it’s not absolutely necessary. What are the drawbacks of filing for a green card while on TN status? If I follow the 90-day rule and avoid travelling during the time it’s pending, is there actually any real risk associated? Can I apply for an EAD as well if I wanted to change employers or work past the expiration of my TN? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Hhas1proton [link] [comments] source

NVC Requested W2

This was more than a month ago. I know Omni and Christmas disrupted the regular process. I sent it in 4 hours after receiving the message. How long does it normally take for them to reopen a case and finally give us our embassy appointment date. Every other document was accepted. Thank you guys for the help, Happy New Year. submitted by /u/HaaVeeAir [link] [comments] source

ESTA “Travel not authorized” after satisfactory departure granted - Chances of being eligible again or getting a B2 visa?

As a French citizen, I visited my American boyfriend in the US with a Valid ESTA this summer after quarantining in Croatia for 14 days (because of the travel ban) and I caught Covid while I was there traveling. It was near my departure date so I applied for the Satisfactory Departure through USCIS because the airlines stated that anyone with covid symptoms would be denied boarding. I was very sick with a high fever that lasted several weeks, and was told by a doctor I was a Covid long hauler. USCIS wasn’t very clear in their instructions (they submitted my request without asking me to provide a Covid test as proof) and due to miscommunication they first denied my request. But I contacted CBP ESTA because I was unable to leave, and once I provided a positive covid test (by their request) they did however grant my request for Satisfactory Departure. They stated I was to leave the country on or before 12/21/2021 and I left on 12/12/2021. I tried to reapply for the ESTA after noticing it

F2 to H4 change of status rejection

USCIS rejected F2 to H4 change of status application for my spouse. My H1b is already approved and we filed the application together. USCIS decline the application because they requested for RFE, which I never received. I know there is option to request to motion but my concern is with my wife being out of status now since the application is denied. Her recent I94 states admission until date as D/S, which is tied with her previous F2. Do you think she is already out of status now or she can stay and file request to motion? submitted by /u/Any_Air_3449 [link] [comments] source

GC based on marriage to US citizen - Have you interviewed in Stockholm under the pandemic?

This may be an overly niche question, but I'm hoping someone can share their experience or knowledge. We are trying to plan our move to the US and have heard wildly different ideas of how long the wait for an interview at the Stockholm embassy may be at present. I've heard everything from 1-2 months to 2 years, but I think this may be because I've heard from applicants in different GC categories, etc. I'm hoping someone in our same category can shine a little light on this -- I can't find clear information anywhere and have no idea if planning for the next few years of our life is even possible at this point. So if you (or a client, friend, etc) have had an interview scheduled in Stockholm for a green card based on marriage to a US citizen in the past year or so: how long was your wait from NVC approval to interview date? Thank you so much to anyone with information. submitted by /u/SiggyMarvin [link] [comments] source

Overstayed but I-94 says D/S

Hey everyone, I’m a J-1 holder who dropped out of the program and overstayed for 4 years, but my I-94 says D/S and I never got an official notice to leave the US or anything alike. Have I automatically accrued unlawful presence? And if I leave the US and try to reenter later on for a short visit, will I be inadmissible? I keep reading that if your I-94 says D/S and you don’t have a specific date when you were supposed to leave, you have not accrued unlawful presence until USCIS declares that you have. So if I leave before any removal procedures occur, my overstay could go undetected. Is this true? submitted by /u/MassiveAntelope1529 [link] [comments] source

How is life in the USA?

I want to study in the USA but when I read comments here from Europeans on Reddit, they say it is not worth it to live there. I am from Europe but love the USA. Is it really that bad there? And is it worth it to pay so much tuition? I want to study Graphic Design at a Community College in the Bay Area. submitted by /u/londonchick11 [link] [comments] source

Is this true about J-1 2-year home residency?

Q: Can I enter the U.S. on an F-1 visa and later change status to H-1B if I am still subject to the 2-year rule? A: You may be able to do it. USCIS generally takes the approach that if the previous J-1 holder is now in the U.S. in another status, then change of status to another nonimmigrant category (even H or L) is permitted. USCIS considers the regulation barring change of status to apply only to those who are currently holding J-1 status. submitted by /u/dominick_th [link] [comments] source

Stolen wallet with green card

I lost my wallet at a movie theatre with my green card inside and someone took it. I went on the immigration website and it said to file an I-90 form online to get a new one but it asks for the information on the green card and I don’t have access to it. The website also said there was an application fee of like $500 or something cray like that. Am I going to have to pay that? I’m planning on calling them later today but just thought I’d ask before heading to sleep. submitted by /u/PIT_AB84 [link] [comments] source

🇲🇽Sponsor Green Card for parent’s 💬

I’m depressed thinking what’s to happen of the upcoming year. My parents have lost loved ones and now my dad is very ill. I’m 22 and want to help but have no clue how to sponsor them for a green card. Both came here illegally and neither have criminal records. If someone can help it would mean a lot to me 🙏🏼 submitted by /u/Itswillielugo [link] [comments] source

Online Phd while working full time on F1 OPT

Is it possible to do a fully online phd while I am on F1 STEM OPT and working? Would there be no issues regarding my visa if the phd is fully online? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you. submitted by /u/ncikp678 [link] [comments] source

Traveling undocumented

Hi merry Christmas everyone ! I’m in LA for 4 years now and I wanted to know if I can take fly to travel around US ?Can you travel if you are undocumented with valid passeport ? submitted by /u/IntelligentFix8421 [link] [comments] source

Foreign Affairs Manual regarding Residence Abroad requirement for F/M/J visas updated.

It was updated on 12/20 allowing more lenient requirement for resident abroad for F/M/J visas. It eliminated most of the Trump era requirement and revived the pre-Trump era DoS policy of slightly more lenient policy regarding residence abroad with a clear statement that F/M/J students' residence abroad is inherently different from B or other short term visitors (clause b). It also adds another clause c saying maintaining residence abroad may be satisfied if they intend to return to reside with their parents or guardians and intend to depart does not necessarily mean going back to the country of their passport. New text: 9 FAM 402.5-5(E)(1) (U) Residence Abroad Required a. (U) INA 101(a)(15)(F)(i) and INA 101(a)(15)(M)(i) require that an F-1 or M-1 applicant possess a residence in a foreign country he or she has no intention of abandoning. You must be satisfied that the applicant intends to depart upon completion of the approved activity. Consequently, you must be satisfied t

Are spouses of those on Student Visa in the US allowed to work?

I'm from India and I am planning on applying for a Masters program in Florida. Can I bring my partner along as a dependent on student visa? Will he be allowed to work? submitted by /u/18159396 [link] [comments] source

Residency Help

My asylum application was accepted in the U.S and after a year I have applied for residency in the United States. If I were to gain residency elsewhere (Portugal) through investment would that cause problems with my residency application here? submitted by /u/Kategna [link] [comments] source


Hello, I have been working under H1B for around 3 years and will submit i-485 soon. There is a question on i-485 that asks " What is your current immigration status ( if it has changed since your arrival)?" . I am quite confused on how to answer that as there is conflicting info on the internet. My current immigration status is still H1B and has not changed since my last arrival. So, should I just leave it blank or put N/A or put H1B on that space? submitted by /u/Regular_Recent [link] [comments] source

US L1B to Green Card

My company sponsored my L1B and are happy to start my green card process. I am from the UK. I am reading around and saw this: "The PERM Labor Certification usually takes about 8 months to complete. This includes the 30-day job order requirement, the extra 30-day waiting period after the job order, and the 6-month processing time for the ETA-9089 application." I also saw I can pay some fee for faster processing. Does this mean it will take 8 months to get my green card from the L1B or 8 months just for the first step of the process? I'm trying to plan timelines to manage my tenancy and so on also. submitted by /u/lseactuary [link] [comments] source

Divorce before ROC

Hi guys I currently have a conditional green card that’s about to expire on January 2022 I’m on the process of finalizing a uncontested divorce (waiting for the divorce decree) and I’m about to file my ROC without my ex. Is there going to be an issue? Our marriage was real it just didn’t work out in the end. submitted by /u/girlonpointes [link] [comments] source

H1b visa stamping interview waived

If you are already living in the us, have an appeoved petitoon, never been refused a visa before and am doing an h1b stamping renewal. What foes this new interview waiver situation mean? Where can i go to gst my passport stamped? I am an indian citizen. Can i just mail my passport at this point or what's the process? submitted by /u/fatexdestinny [link] [comments] source

If the government makes it easier for foreigners to obtain a work visa, wouldn't that encourage people to come legally?

​ I had a supervisor who was here in the U.S on a work visa but she has her masters degree. Even with her masters, it was a difficult process getting a visa to stay here. Better have your masters or PhD or MD or whatever or you're screwed. However, if it was easier for people to get a visa legally, then they won't be coming here illegally right? submitted by /u/Kindly-Strategy6927 [link] [comments] source

K-1 visa

K1 fiancé visa Hello looking for anyone who has done their immigration papers for the fiancé k1 visa. Hoping someone can help answer some questions or let me know what they did for their process for particular things I’m struggling with ? I want to turn in my application soon so please let me know if anyone has experience. Thank you 😊 I would like to ask has anyone included a letter of some sort from a family member that know the couple very well and can basically confirm it’s a real relationship. I believe this is called a witness affidavit? I was told from someone it will help the case especially if the place I am bringing my fiancé from is known for having“red flagged for fraud” as many fraud cases come from there sadly. However I was also told it may be trying to hard and adding too much info can be risky and make me look guilty that this isn’t a real relationship so I’m trying to hard. I was planning on adding an affidavit from his sister stating she knows us well and we are a

US spouse Visa

Completely new to the process of Spouse Visa for the form I-130 and I-130A USA. My husband lives overseas and I live in Virginia and I’m a US citizen. What forms do I need to fill out other than those? Do I only have to provide the evidence mentioned or anything that helps that makes the case strong and how long does it take to have them opened and approved? Can you travel while your case is being processed? submitted by /u/Comfortable-Beach465 [link] [comments] source

Are there any options for health insurance for undocumented person?

I can't find any information about this online. It seems like any traditional markets for insurance are closed to the undocumented. I can't get insurance through my employer. Are there any alternatives that I am missing? submitted by /u/Professional-Top4397 [link] [comments] source

Deported from America

Hello everyone. I was deported from america in 2017 from Florida. I got in trouble with the law and putbon probation. 7 months into probation ICE came and got me and I was deported 4 months later. I have a 10 year barr but I was thinking about waiting half my 10 year barr and trying to get back into the US the right way. I also had the Dream Act work permit because I was brought to america when I was 4 with my parents. My question is would it be a good idea to even try to apply to come back and 5 of the 10 years or is it pointless? Has anyone else been deported before? If so I would love to talk and see how you experienced it. Thanks yall! submitted by /u/Rubbaduck606 [link] [comments] source

Is US nonimmigrant visa issuances influenced by gender?

Hi everyone, I'm preparing for my US visa application (B1) from aisa and most people around me warned me that as a single marriageable woman I'm likely to be denied a visa. I was wondering if there is really a lot of gender and age considerations in the issuance of non-immigrant visas? I went to check the public data on visas and found no data on gender in visa issuance, so I would like to get more information and advice here. submitted by /u/AromaticAd6947 [link] [comments] source

Should I get a sponsor?

Should I get a sponsor? I plan on working in January when I file for the I-130, I did not work 2020 or this year but in 2019 & 2018 I did my taxes. Also, when they ask for a end year for where I currently live, there’s no “present” option, what should I put? submitted by /u/imjusthereforanswrs [link] [comments] source

Can anyone provide me type of document that can be supportive for my case?

Visa category "B2" 1)I am a student of some university with few back logs remaining though my college years are already completed. 2)Intention to go abroad: To meet some of my school friends and check on the university that I might apply in future. 3)Sponsoring part: My friend living in States is willing to share the travel cost and living cost. 4)My parents are already retired from there job but I am only there kids. 5)Married status: Not married. I posted this before but I started feeling like it's impossible for me to get US visa with this category. P:S: Does a person applying for B2 visa need to pay SEVIS fee? My rough estimation cost is $160 before visa and some amount after getting visa and willing to take a bet. ​ Please advice me the best ​ Thanks for making this sub. submitted by /u/Zealousideal_Air_980 [link] [comments] source

I can’t be written on my (soon to be) husbands (US citizen) address.

I have a non-immigrant visa and have lived in the states for the past ten years. My bf and I have been on and off for seven years. Long story short, we met in our early 20s and even though it felt right, we were too young and it didn’t work out but we always stayed in contact. He married short after and we remained as friends. Crazily enough, we have no photo evidence at all from all these years. We are not huge on the social media life. I do have text messages dating back to mid 2016 though, but I don’t know if that’s enough. His husband was also a non-immigrant and got his green card through their marriage. Now that we’re getting married next week, there are some problems that’s arised. His landlord doesn’t allow him to add anyone to his address unless he resigns the lease and that’d add several hundred dollars to the rent, and we just can’t afford it at this time. And on top of that, I have a lease on my own apartment that expires in April. It’s all just such a mess. Will this be

I have no idea where to start or what process to take to start the immigration (Canada to US)

I am a US citizen and my boyfriend of 5 years is Canadian. We literally live 15 minutes apart but on opposite sides of the border. I cannot relocate to Canada because I work for the US government so he would have to relocate here. Would it be easier to start with the fiance visa instead of getting married and doing the immediate family visa? Neither one of us really know what process would be best to start. How long has the process usually taken? Any tips or helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Just_Promise_2482 [link] [comments] source

Can anyone provide me sample of sponser ship letter?

I cannot afford to to go US on my own. But my friend in US is willing to sponsor me. So, my friend who is inviting me to US in B2 visa is in confusion that we (Non immigrant ) might requires a some sorts of proof of getting funding to travel to US. I don't have a job or bank statement. Am I eligible to get B2 visa? All I have right now is passport. What shall we do? submitted by /u/Zealousideal_Air_980 [link] [comments] source

Couple questions for British Citizens traveling on a J-1 to USA (Or have done)

Hi, so I got my J-1 and I've booked a flight. I got a 4 hour layover in the US. (Not JFK airport, phew). And I was wondering if I could get any tips as I'm with Nationwide Banking and I don't want to take out cash and convert it then hold it in my carry-on, I wanted to just use my apple pay with my Nationwide Visa debit card to pay for things in the US. ​ Will this work? Yes or no pls. ​ If yes, can you also add after that, any options for student banking in the USA that may make my life a hell of a lot easier? Ty! Also second question, I have a british sim card with the Three network. Any idea how internet will work once I'm in my layover airport in the USA, or in the states at my final location in general? ​ Cos I will need internet to navigate emails n socials, as well as respond to iMessage/WhatsApp texts. ​ tyyy! submitted by /u/xwynters [link] [comments] source

Uber I-130

Ok I’m filing my husband’s visa and works for uber in his country, he’s Dominican and I’m sure theres no uber headquarters… what do I fill out for the country & address line? submitted by /u/imjusthereforanswrs [link] [comments] source

Leaving everything behind

Dear all I am a civil engineer specializing in geotechnical engineering (Ph.D.). I am currently working in Mozambique in the African continent. I have 3 properties here which 1 is a beach house, the total is worth close to 1 Millon USD. I am working for a client now where I get paid 2 000 USD NET/month, NO debt, I can save more than 1 500 USD. I am considering immigrating to other countries such as Canada or Australia. But not sure if is feasible. I would like to hear your opinions. The main reason for immigration is a career development and more exciting projects. Thanks and regards submitted by /u/ComprehensiveBig7414 [link] [comments] source

Canadian B-2 Visa Question

My spouse lives in the USA at the moment (in the process of moving her to Canada as a permanent resident) but currently I frequently travel to see her. I spent 4 months with her during this summer and am now spending 2 weeks with her at Christmas. I've always been cautious to make sure I never spend more than 180 days in the USA in any 12 months period because I'm aware that's the law. My question is: can I stay longer than 180 days in a year if the stamp in my passport is valid for longer than that? For example: I recently spent 4 months in the USA this summer, I've Judy returned and have been given a 6 month long stamp I'm my passport, if I stay as long as the stamp is valid for, would it be considered overstaying? To clarify, I'm not planning on staying that long I've got a life in Canada but the officer was warning me that my long visits could been seen as suspicious submitted by /u/ryanrocks255 [link] [comments] source https://www.reddit

I've had a tourist visa request refused in 2017, has my situation changed enough that is worth trying again?

Hello, In 2017 I've had an interview for a tourist visa and after 30 seconds ( this is not an exaggeration ) interview where I got asked how long I plan to stay and where I've got the money from, I was rejected the visa. My situation back then : I was 21, a student, last year, for bachelors in Computer science, I was also working at a computer science position at that time for about 3ish months on a permanent contract. I applied alone. No house/cars on my name, didn't have any solid travelling plans. The situation now : I will be 25 or 26 at the time I apply, I have a bachelors in Computer Science, roughly 5 years exp. in my field, I want to apply together with my girlfriend who also just started working couple of weeks ago in a Computer Science position although she has bachelors in another field. I have way more money on my name and I make about 5-10x more now. I have a better idea of how long I want to stay if I were to visit the states, where exactly I want to go, e

ITIN or SSN for unemployed F2 Dependent Wife?

I'm on F1 & my wife's in F2. She needs either an ITIN or SSN because without that she can't get credit card, build credit history or many other important stuff. Is it possible for her to get ITIN or SSN? I'm pretty sure SSN is not possible due to unemployment. What about ITIN? Can somebody provide advice? Thanks! submitted by /u/LuckyNum2222 [link] [comments] source

Mandamus Lawsuit on Pending EAD Renewal. How Long It May Take for USCIS to Process an Application Once a Lawsuit Is Filed?

How long it might take in practice for USCIS to process an EAD renewal application once they are served after a mandamus lawsuit for EAD renewal processing delay is filed? Would appreciate an honest answer on how quickly it may get resolved after you file (which is not necessarily the same as the safe "maximum within X months" answer). Background. My EAD renewal application in c08 category is a part of the USCIS backlog. I've been waiting for my application to be processed for more than 8 months now, and my EAD extension has already lapsed. I filed 2 expedite requests, but both were denied without any RFE. Although I am currently waiting for a decision on the class action in my category, I am also considering filing a separate mandamus lawsuit. submitted by /u/chupacabra845 [link] [comments] source

Indian/Chinese H1b folks- what drives you?

As a part of this group, I’m fairly uncertain about my future here. There doesn’t seem to be any measures to address the GC backlog, and it’s affecting me mentally. So, I’m asking for inspiration. submitted by /u/CityProfessional9540 [link] [comments] source

My bff married an immigrant before and wanna get marry a bee it a bad idea?

My best friend was married for five years to a girl who needed the green card, they weren’t in any relationship, strictly business. They forgot to get divorce and did it now 6 months ago. We have known each other for about 6-7 years and had a fling back then. We have always stayed friends and now he wanna help me get my green card. I’m just worried because they divorced so recently and I feel like it looks suspicious. Do they look extra into these type of cases when you’ve married twice like that? I know a lot of people on here look down on these type of arrangements, but please keep the angry opinions for yourself. That’s not what I’m here for. Edit: The title should say “A new immigrant*. Not a Bee” submitted by /u/hoehoehoe96 [link] [comments] source

Does OPT STEM Extension count as immigrant intent?

I'm in India and will be starting work on OPT soon. For convenience, I rented an apartment in the state I will be working at but without much thought I signed up for a 15 month lease (it goes over my 1-year OPT period but my major is STEM-eligible and my employer is E-Verified). Would CBP at the POE ask how long the lease term of my new address and ask if I will be applying for STEM extension? Does STEM extension mean immigrant intent? submitted by /u/Conscious_Chapter_80 [link] [comments] source

K-1 visa status

I submitted the paperwork for the k-1 and got a notice that it was accepted about 9 months ago. Since that time I haven’t gotten any word and am I just a little weary. I know it takes time but is there anyway to check the status? Sent application to Dallas Tx office Wife is coming from Costa Rica submitted by /u/Rastamike808 [link] [comments] source

What was my cousin made to sign at the airport that banned her?

A few years ago, my dear cousin had a very unpleasant situation happen at an airport during inspection as she was arriving to the US to visit some friends for a few days. She was at the time an Australian resident (now a citizen, but she is originally from Chile). She got put in secondary inspection, her bag was opened and searched and they found a lot of nail products. She loves to do her nails, and they were her own for personal use. She also had some more that were unopened that she was bringing as a gift. The CBP agent then accused her of coming to the US to stay indefinitely to work as a nail artist. My cousin just loves doing her nails and is very good at it. She explained this to the agent, but he was convinced. They kept searching her bags and found a folder with all her documents and among them, there was a US immigration lawyer's card. So they used this as conclusive evidence that she was intending to violate her visa and contact this lawyer to get some sort of status.

Will Marijuana come up in my medical exam?

I live in a state where marijuana is legal. Would it come up during my medical exam? submitted by /u/karasu_02 [link] [comments] source

Looking to move from Canada to USA, which visa could I apply for?

I have been interested in moving from Canada to the US for many years however have only attempted to begin the process within the past year or more. I am currently self employed in Canada, I have worked as a video editor since 2016-2017 and have mainly worked with one US company, and just recently picked up work from a second US company with a few odd jobs here and there, all of them based in the US. I originally had plans to go to university for film and media but did not follow through with it as I started working instead so my highest education would be a high school diploma. The first US company I have worked with is willing to take me on as a full time employee under their company and have me relocate to Texas to work with them, during my time with said company I have worked with them daily and my tasks pretty much surpassed just editing and I help with graphic design, marketing, and aiding with management, production etc The company I am looking to relocate to has already at

Traveling on F-1 STEM OPT Extension without most recent I-20

I was working with a staffing agency till October and then was absorbed as a FTE by the client company. I informed my school about the changes and it got approved but never received/followed up for an updated I-20. I had a bad health scare in November and had to leave US to go back home. And now I have my flight back to the United States 5 days later and also have a new offer in hand to start from January 3rd. My I-20 does not reflect the changes in employment (absorbed as FTE + new offer). But the travel signature is less than 6 month old. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? Any advice on how I can deal with this? Everything else is in place: Valid passport, visa and EAD. I would appreciate any kind of help. Note: I have already contacted my school but haven't heard back from them and given that Christmas is right around the corner I don't feel optimistic. submitted by /u/TypicalCagedMind [link] [comments] source

I485: Contacting USCIS field office regarding error

My missus and I applied for our I-485 AoS as we were eligible via Cross-chargeability as her country of birth’s priority date is current. However, the local office in Bay Area rejected the application stating that the priority date was not current. Our lawyers confirmed that this was done in error by USCIS During the course of the application, we had our AP/ EAD approved as well by the Nebraska office. Is there anyway to reach out to the local office (CA) directly to point this mistake out and get it corrected? submitted by /u/stigonav [link] [comments] source

Can I face any negative repercussions during my H1B visa stamping because of frequent job changes?

Because of reasons beyond my control, I had to change multiple employers in the last few months (a summary of my employment change is included below). Now, I got a great job offer from Employer E today. Can I join employer E before my H1B visa stamping? Can I face any negative repercussions during my H1B visa stamping because of frequent job changes? I have legitimate reasons for every job change. I am planning to go for visa stamping in March/April 2022. Employer A (on CPT): Sept 1st to Sept 17th Employer B (on CPT): Sept 20th to Sept 30th Employer C (on H1B): From Oct 1st to Dec 6th (have salary slip for only October 2021) Employer D (on H1B): From Dec 7th till date submitted by /u/Slight_Ad_6184 [link] [comments] source

Unpaid externship, not for academic credit, with organisation who is not a designated sponsor - B1/B2 visa or J-1?

Update: my embassy got back to me and said I should apply for a H-3 visa as a trainee. This would involve my org filing a I-129H on my behalf and submitting it to the USCIS directly. Hi all, I posted here yesterday but seemed to get downvoted for being confused lol just to be clear, I really do not want to do anything illegal, I am just very confused about the US visa system as my situation may be somewhat unique and I am trying to figure out how to do all this correctly. I recently graduated from a masters programme and therefore am no longer a student. I have been offered a 6 month unpaid externship in the States. It's part time, 20 - 32 hours a week and there is no financial or academic compensation. The organisation is a nonprofit civil rights organisation and the purpose of the externship would be to gain work experience and professional development. My question: I have applied for a B1/B2 visa under the advice of someone who has done the same thing for the same organisati

K-1 visa & a possible war zone

Hey guys, As some of you may know, the war situation in Ukraine is getting spicy. There are talks about an upcoming invasion and many countries seem to take it really seriously. I have a K1 visa pending (case received 5 months ago, waiting for NOA2), I wonder what happens if the war does break out? Will the US embassy review Ukrainian applications in other countries? Will they stop the process altogether? Getting real worried in here. I know there's no way to control the future, but at this point I'm willing to take any plausible ideas. Maybe someone has heard about similar cases in the past?.. Grateful for any crumbs. submitted by /u/PerceptionNo5 [link] [comments] source