Tunisian software developer, looking for the best path to permanent residence/citizenship in EU

I am 24yo Tunisian (North Africa) software developer. I recently earned my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Turkey's top school (taught in English).

I was offered admission to the Technical University of Munich's Informatics master's program, however, I had issues getting my visa appointment (huge delay), and I also wanted to get some money first, so I deferred my admission.

I started working full-time freelance with a U.S. startup (through a freelance platform) about a month ago. I get paid north of 10K USD/month and it is going really well so far.

I won't be able to stay for more than a year in Turkey (as I no longer have "studying" as a reason to stay, and AFAIK I cannot extend the touristic residence permit), and I am looking forward to living in the EU in the future.

Given my background, what would be the optimal way to obtain permanent residence and hopefully citizenship in an EU country?

Thank you!

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