Are L1/E1/E2 visa's being issued?


Im from the Netherlands and my company requested me to set up a new branch of the business in the US. Now their visa process is not really starting because they are waiting for $100K of trade between the US business (already set up) and the NL business. They say this is required for an E visa. The reason they want to go for the E visa is because there apparently is a long wait time for L visa's.

I recently talked to an Immigration lawyer myself and she told me that this is not the case and that an L1 visa would be better fitting for my situation. Which was my initial thought too. In addition to this she told me that E visa's are more for entrepreneurs and not someone like me. She also told me that 100K is not a requirement for this visa.

I want to request my company again to look into getting an L1 visa, because i think this is the correct way to go. My question is how long is the processing time for this roughly from beginning to end? I know there is a premium processing option. I also know that some of the embassies have long delays to schedule interviews. Are there other options in the US or Europe where you can schedule an interview even though you're not a citizen there?

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

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