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Does anyone have experience applying for spousal visas through immigration services (Boundless, SimpleCitizen, etc.)

My wife(Brit) and I (American) are looking into using an immigration service for her visa but want to weigh our options first. Any recommendations on immigration services we should look into? submitted by /u/forrestlifer [link] [comments] source

What is the condition of Indian Travel ban right now?

I am fully vaccinated and planning to fly to India. What are the rules at present that complicate travel to & from India, from the US? I hear the latter is more difficult and currently impossible. Does being fully vaccinated simplify anything? All I see are about student traveling up to Aug 1 before program start date. But what about F1 students in STEM Extension OPT. When is the travel ban expected to end? Any idea? Can someone please provide info that they know or have come across? submitted by /u/LuckyNum2222 [link] [comments] source

Can I go through training/onboarding without a CPT yet?

Hey guys, Google can't seem to answer this question. I've yet to receive my CPT but my employer wants their new interns to be at the office on a certain day to get photos done/learn the software. Can I show up but hold off on working until I receive my CPT? I am on an F1 visa. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/loldisathrowaway [link] [comments] source

PERM Update

Did anyone get any updates for documents submitted in December timeframe at the Texas center for the PERM process? Did anyone got scheduled the fingerprinting? submitted by /u/Outlawzzzz [link] [comments] source

Lost Indian passport in US

Hello, I lost my passport couple of days back. Tried filing a police report online but this morning it was rejected citing that a lost passport cannot be reported online and must be reported to the state department. I am confused now. The same police department advised me to file online when I walked to the station. Also I want to let the Indian consulate know about my situation but they are redirecting all queries to VFS Global, a contractor for passport related services. Any direction in this matter is welcome. Thank you! submitted by /u/extramental [link] [comments] source

Expecting interview

I am probably just over thinking this but wanted to hear other people’s experiences. I applied to remove conditions on my CR2 green card. I already went in to do my fingerprints. I got an update in myUSCIS in April 14, that they are ready to schedule my interview and to expect a notice with date and information. I still haven’t received that notice as of today May 31. Should I try to contact them for an update? Or is this a reasonable about of time to wait for such a notice? I don’t want to pester people but also don’t want to miss my interview date if the notice was lost or something. submitted by /u/amanderrrr [link] [comments] source

Almost 3 weeks and no Form G-1145 notice yet

Hello guys!! I am getting super worried, can’t even sleep. So I sent out my adjustment of status package along with the form G-1145 to the Chicago lockbox on May 13th through USPS, which said has been delivered on Monday May 17th 2021. Now I’m scared and wondering if they have even received it. Because from what I saw is that people receive the text/email notices by 10days. And unfortunately I can only see the state and zip code on the USPS receipt, so I’m not sure if they read the address wrong, or delivered it to someone else instead of the lockbox, OR if it has really been delivered to the lockbox. I emailed the lockbox and I’m still waiting for their response. I always call the bank to check my cashier’s check, and it hasn’t been cash yet. So I have nothing. I keep getting frustrated at myself for not asking for a signature at delivery. My worry is not even only about the money or time, it is more about all my informations in that packet place in someone’s hand. I know that s

How do I get my wife and I to the U.S?

Hi! I've scoured the internet with our specific situation and have come up with multiple ways on how to do this however I don't know what route is the specific route to go. I am a US/CDN dual citizen living and working in Canada. Born and raised in the U.S (Michigan) however since my Dad was Canadian, i acquired dual citizenship. Been living and working in Canada for 20 years. My wife is Canadian, and now I have the opportunity to be sent to Texas through my work in a year or two but I don't want to leave her behind. Anybody have any pointers on what avenue I am to pursue? Is J-2 the way to go? submitted by /u/DeeJGee [link] [comments] source

Biden’s immigration reform

I read about this bill a couple of days ago and it looked pretty good for us students. Anyone know where I can track what the status of the bill is, if it’s passed or not, etc? submitted by /u/CityProfessional9540 [link] [comments] source

Spouse visa through expedited consular process - US Dept?

My husband and I can only have a baby through surrogacy. Due to health issues and age, it's our only option. I am a US citizen, he is from Europe. We would like to try an expedited process through consular approval (State Dept reviews and approves) to get his spouse visa approved within 2 weeks. The process would take 18 months to 2 years at a minimum, so a tourist or other visa won't help. Do you know the expedited process through consular approval (State Dept reviews and approves) ? How does it work? Do we have any chances? Advice to get approved? ​ I am also getting a full-time job in the US and it seems like this could be considered a reason for an expedited process approval? Regular visa takes several months and gets us close to an age where we can't try this anymore. Thanks submitted by /u/iqforstyle [link] [comments] source

How easy it is to move to USA for Acting if you have a PR of Canada

I am planning to move to Canada for my studies. And then i plan to work their in films, tv, and theatre as an actor. In future I was obviously thinking if i could go and work in LA. So how practical the idea seems? submitted by /u/Tiny_Inspection4231 [link] [comments] source

Question about i-551 stamp

I filed my n400 application last year 2020 and my green card expired at the same year 2020 .. since im waiting for my interview can i still get an i-1551 stamp? And im planning to leave a couple of weeks to other country this coming july. Since i dont want to renew my GC because i already filed my n400 and dont want to pay for i90 just to get a stamp . Is there any way i can get a free i-551 stamp? TIA submitted by /u/dream2365 [link] [comments] source

Worried my ds 160 photo isn't good enough

So i uploaded my photo and submitted my application, but upon measurement, it seems like the requirement that states 'head height must be 50-69% of total height' may not have been fulfilled. My head height looks almost 75% of the total height. Everything else is fine. If my photo doesn't make the cut, can they reject my entire application? Or will they just tell me to upload another photo? Or will they ask me to bring a photo to the interview? I'm applying for a student visa. Thanks! submitted by /u/DryGift1435 [link] [comments] source

(UK) Can I apply for citizenship right after getting settled status?

Currently I've been in the UK for about 2-3 years, pre settled and all Once those 5 years are completed I shall move to settled status But by then I'll also have met the legal criteria for applying for british citizenship Is that possible? submitted by /u/Complete_Ad_1122 [link] [comments] source

I want to move to Canada to be with my s/o but I don't know how to get started

Hey there, I don't know if this is the right place to be asking these kinds of questions but I decided that I might as well give it a shot. ​ I am a student from the states and I've been dating a girl that I know in Canada for a very long time now. I want to be able to live with my significant other (s/o) in Canada but I don't know how to get started at doing so. I tried looking but I want a more clear answer. My main plan is to study as an international student in Canada so I could get a study permit. But, where would I go from here? submitted by /u/No-Valuable9290 [link] [comments] source

Getting green card as child of U.S. Citizen

I was intrigued by this page: I turn 18 very soon, and I was born and raised in Canada (still living here). My mom is a U.S. Citizen How would I get my green card? submitted by /u/nocomment1457 [link] [comments] source

Adjust of Status Interview Questions for Parents

Hi I'm going to be sponsoring my parents for their green cards once I become a US citizen (hopefully soon). I know that the interview when you are adjusting status through marriage is used to see if the marriage is legitimate. They'll ask about your living situation, relationship, etc. In the case of parents, what's asked during the interview? submitted by /u/CulturalShelter7297 [link] [comments] source

Can I apply for TN before my OPT ends?

My OPT ends on July 7th, but I will be in the Detroit area near the Canada/U.S. border in June and was wondering if I can just cross and apply for TN in June, even though my OPT ends in July. Also, what are people's experiences getting TN at the Canada/U.S. border (tunnel between Windsor and Detroit) versus at Pearson International Airport? submitted by /u/jgrewal5 [link] [comments] source

Proving fraudulent marriage to USCIS

Hello, So about 5 years ago my Fiancée co-sponsored his fathers wife to come to the US from Mexico on the K1 visa. They married in 2017. Her 3 year green card expired in early 2020, and due to world events, her green card was extended until June 2021. My fiancée’s father unfortunately passed away in late 2020, and his wife had proceeded to kick out my minor in laws from their home and took control of all the finances. She also attempted to get restraining orders on myself and my fiancée and my in-laws, but was laughed out of court and told to go to probate. We are now at a little over 6 months since my father in laws death, and she is already in a relationship with my father in laws married brother. We have reason to believe their relationship predates my father in laws death and that she used my father in law to get a green card, as his brother isn’t a citizen and couldn’t get her here on his own. We have tried filling out the form on the USCIS website and contacting ICE, but have h

Question about filling out I864 for NVC

My wife is a permanent resident. She is sponsoring her two children. Two separate I-130 petitions were submitted and approved. I will be a cosponsor (I am a U.S. citizen). We are now preparing the forms to submit on the NVC website. Some questions we have are this: 1) For Part 3.1 for each of the child's forms should my wife check yes? 2) For Part 3.2 should we leave it blank since even though the children would be immigrating at the same time they are listed on separate visa petitions? 3) For Part 3.29 for each form should we only enter 1 since the children are listed on separate visa petitions? 4) For Part 6.7, is it okay if the income is below poverty level so long as the income combined with the cosponsor's is sufficient? 5) For Part 6.24a,b,c, since we filed our taxes jointly, do we need to only include the income of my wife and not mine as well? If so, does the number have to be exact? Regarding the I864A that I would fill out, 1) Do I need to fill a separate one

Changing F-1 to F-2

Hello. So I currently have an F-1 visa for a Ph.D. program but want to withdraw or take a leave of absence (longer than 5 months) from my studies and join my wife in the US (who has an F-1 visa) with an F-2 visa. I contacted the embassy and they said that I can have either an F-1 or F-2 visa in my passport (holding two visas of the same F class is not allowed) and during the interview for the F-2 visa, my F-1 visa will be canceled. I am wondering what you think if there is going to be any issue regarding my change from F-1 to F-2 given that the reason for this change is that I did not find the school program very useful and match align with my future plans and that is the main reason I am changing from F-1 to F-2. Do you think there will be any complications now or in the future? What do you think is the chance of me getting an F-2? And if I am refused, do you think they will also cancel my F-1 visa? Thank you. submitted by /u/orim123 [link] [comments] source https://w

How do you pay the DV lottery winner fee?

Hello all, This may sound like a stupid question but I’m really confused on how I am supposed to pay the DV fee? Is there a form I have to fill out? Where do I send it to? I’m doing adjustment of status by the way so I am in the U.S. Thank you so much! submitted by /u/AlarmingUmpire3 [link] [comments] source

How can I convince my parents to do the EB5?

I am from Hong Kong and my parents own a small apartment worth $4 million USD. I don't understand why they wouldn't want to move to the US, they could easily use less than half of that money for the EB5 visa. How can I convince them? I just think that the environment would be much better for them in the US. submitted by /u/Nearby-Ebb-7509 [link] [comments] source

Is OPT and H1B the only ways to stay in the US after F1 visa?

Just wondering the different ways someone can stay in the US after completing their bachelors. As far as I know, you can do OPT and then a 2 year extension is STEM OPT and apply for H1B each year and hope you get it. Besides that track, and getting married to a US Citizen, is there any other way? submitted by /u/pinkydrinky1 [link] [comments] source

Immigrant Fee can be paid after entering US, right?

Family member just got issued an IR2 immigrant visa. The passport arrived in the mail with a form instructing them to go online and pay a $220 immigrant fee prior to leaving for the US. When we try to follow the instructions to do that online, we just get “an unexpected error occurred”. I figure maybe their info hasn’t been updated in the system yet? I forwarded all the details to our attorney asking for his help but it being a holiday weekend I’m not sure if he’ll respond before my family member’s flight which is in less than 24 hours. Everything I read online says this fee can be paid after arrival to the US. Just hoping to get confirmation that this is correct to calm my nerves? Thanks submitted by /u/StrongCar [link] [comments] source

Time/Process of Spousal Visa

I'm American and my spouse is argentinian. We have been married less then 2 years. Ive had a consultation with a lawyer and they explained that I need to start the petition for a CR-1 Visa. From what they said and what I can find on the internet the processing time before my spouse can come to America is 12-14 months. My questions are: Is this the correct visa? Is the 12-14 months accurate based on personal experiance or is it normally longer/shorter? And finally say it does take 14 months or longer, is there another visa she can apply for like the visitor visa which normally takes 3-6 months for approval to come to america sooner then spousal or is she not able to get a visitor visa now that we are married? submitted by /u/MakeYouSayWTFak [link] [comments] source

Proof of finances after living out of country

We applied for a spousal visa for my husband back in March, currently we are waiting for a notice of approval. Once it is (hopefully) approved, it'll be time to provide financial information proving I can afford for him to move here. I believe they ask for 3 years worth of taxes, what happens if I haven't worked in the US in each of those years? I lived in the UK with my husband until 2020, I moved back here in March 2020 and have been working since then. I filed this year, obviously, but what happens for 2020 and 2019 which will show nothing? I don't know if it matters, we have been married 3 years. Thanks submitted by /u/DepartureOk1459 [link] [comments] source

PERM advertisement timing requirements for green card. Can it really be completed in 60 days?

I keep hearing that employers only have run recruitment for 60 days. 30 for a state workforce agency (SWA) and then 30 days for a cool down period to respond to applicants and if they do not find any applicant that meets the minimum qualifications, they can proceed. However, the PERM advertisement must include other types of advertising. Can it all be done within 60 days? Does this mean multiple advertising steps are done concurrently? Is there an upper day limit? submitted by /u/kidcurry96 [link] [comments] source

Affidavit of Support - Am I the only one who can't access the uploading section?

Hey All! I'm going crazy to figure out why can't I access the Affidavit of Support section to upload the documents. I press on the "Affidavit of Support Documents & Financial Evidence" section and it just transfers me to the Civil Documents. I pressed on all the links on the website but it doesn't seem that I could get to that section.. Am I the only one that it's happening to him? I'm literally losing my mind, Thanks. submitted by /u/erezhazan1 [link] [comments] source

Choosing where in the US to settle

Hi, My wife recently got the option to immigrate to the US. This is a big change, and I would like some advice from others who have travelled and know more about it than I do. We are both in IT, high mid-senior level. We want to live in a medium-large city that has some big companies and networking opportunities, as we don’t exactly have jobs lined up, and the security of a larger company would be good for us. We also have a two year old daughter, and would of course want good daycare or nursery options. What would be some good places to look at for us? LA and New York come to mind, but we don’t know anything specific, nor what regions or boroughs would work best for us. Would appreciate any help! submitted by /u/IlliquidFabricator [link] [comments] source

Visit on ESTA or apply for a B1 visa? (Special circumstances..).

I am looking to open a business in the US by getting a E-2 treaty investor visa. Before doing that, I need to visit a few places in person to get things going, get everything in place to be able to then apply for the E-2 visa. That involves having a rental agreement in place for the office and any other proof for the E-2 visa. Problem is, if I use my ESTA, I can only stay 90 days. Would it make sense in my situation to apply for an actual B-1 visa? submitted by /u/ucdrogon [link] [comments] source


How long does it take for a administrator appeal to get an answer? submitted by /u/Mr-RodgersLa [link] [comments] source

Health insurance and existing problems?

I’m moving from the UK to US in a few months time. I have seen a specialist in the UK and have a severely deviated septum that “collapsed” after a failed first surgery to correct it. I’m on the surgical list in the UK but the waiting time is roughly 1 year. My new employer offers wonderful insurance coverage (they are a top university). My question is, moving with an existing problem that needs surgery, can I see a specialist, get the surgery and claim on insurance soon after moving? submitted by /u/HailMary74 [link] [comments] source

US STEM OPT: Forgot to put A-number on my I-765

So, I fucked up and forgot to put my A-number (USCIS number on my EAD) in the field on my I-765 when filing my STEM extension application. I’ve sent them a copy of my EAD card in the application. Should I call the helpline and ask it to be added to the application? Or do I need to wait for an RFE to add it? submitted by /u/InarticulateAtheist [link] [comments] source

I can't find my I-130 Application Online on my USCIS account

Hi everyone! Today I was about to upload my documents and then submit my I-130 application online but I couldn't find it. I never clicked submit the last time I signed in to my account. I don't know why I can't find it. I can only see the home page of my account but no application. Do you know why it happened or any suggestions? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you! submitted by /u/Jimmyhai23 [link] [comments] source

Is it possible to change visa category from B1/B2 to F1 with the same MRV fee?

Around Feb 2021, I filled out a DS 160 form and paid the visa fee for a tourist visa (B1/B2). However, due to the lockdown only 23rd has been shown as the available date. I have not taken the visa interview for this category. I have the following questions : Is it possible to change the visa category on the cgi account after the payment has been made ? ( From B1/B2 to F1) If not, would I need to repeat the whole process again ? Starting from filling out a new DS 160 form and then making the payment, Sevis fee and so on. Since I had a regular appointment scheduled but for a different category, and have not taken that interview, do I have to mention this if/when I have to fill the form for F1 visa ? Is there anyway to delete the application I made for the B1/B2 category ? submitted by /u/welc0meToTheMachine [link] [comments] source

Submitting I-130 application for my husband overseas. Do we have enough evidence?

We don’t share finances or a home (yet). We have many photos, texts, emails, plane tickets, gifts, receipts, etc. I’m afraid this won’t be enough. I’m not sure how common this is. We have been together for 2 1/2 years, married for almost 2 months. He has never been to the US because his country makes it very hard to even obtain a travel visa. I have been to his country on multiple occasions. We did not have a wedding ceremony due to the pandemic but we proceeded with the legal part - so we are legally married. I just wanted your thoughts. Is there anything else I can provide to prove this is bonafide? submitted by /u/No-Rip-1300 [link] [comments] source

An immigration question

What are the commitments of the signer of a (affidavit of support) for an immigrating family and how easy is it to acquire one if you don't know anybody and would anyone sign it for payment submitted by /u/hellblazer909 [link] [comments] source

Will I be able to enter the U.S from Australia if i have a possession of marijuana charge from 2 years ago?

I plan on visiting California to see my relatives over there once the Covid drama is over, however I am just worried I might be refused entry due to me getting convicted and fined in court after the cops found a couple grams of weed in my car in 2019. It is the only conviction on my record, I have never done prison time either. I heard my predicament will have me fail the ESTA test, if so is there a way to appeal and get some sort of visa to be able to enter the U.S, would i have to go to the embassy? (I am in Sydney,NSW) thanks in advance. submitted by /u/TheSpinnerFromOz [link] [comments] source

Dental Insurance without SSN (Ny)

My husband and I are still in the process of submitting paperwork for his overstayed visa.. But he's having lots of serious dental issues. Does anybody know where we can get affordable dental insurance that doesn't require a SSN. Or Affordable places in or around NY? Any help would be truly appreciated 🙏🏽 submitted by /u/msroxiie [link] [comments] source

I-485 & I-693 Medical Exam in Chicago

Hi everyone! I am curious to know if you'd recommend any doctor in Chicago (of anywhere in Illinois) for the medical exam of form I-693? :) It would be great to hear more from your experience, huge thanks!! submitted by /u/patrickstarrrrrs [link] [comments] source

Did I mess up my life by choosing to come to the United States as a college student on an F1 Visa?

The expirence for me hasn’t been to negative so far but I don’t go to a top school but I’m a CS stem major. My plan after graduating college was to work here in the US but reading through this sub it looks like it’s almost impossible. I don’t know how much an American degree means elsewhere in the world but what are my options now? I am currently a junior so I should start making a plan now to go somewhere else and start over instead of trying to make it here submitted by /u/hastagelf [link] [comments] source

H.Rept. 102-287. I need to find this house report on H.R.3049 - Miscellaneous and Technical Immigration and Naturalization Amendments of 1991

Unable to pull it up online... can’t seem to find discussion on it in the Congressional Record either. Any way I can find this? Thanks in advance submitted by /u/SenateMajorityLeader [link] [comments] source

I 129f advice

I submitted my I 129f back in October I finally got a rfe request last week I was told I needed more proof of us meeting in the past 2 years I submitted photos of us together My passport stamped Entry and exit stamps Boarding passes Apparently I guess I need a photo of us with a giant clock displaying the day and year in the background What would you do in my situation I have a photo of us from a night club. The club posted it on their Facebook page We re not in the center of the photo the club posted it with a date and year stamp on facebook but we re only visible from the side I have other photo s and videos of us at the club wearing same clothes I can add hotel receipts to prove I was at those hotels I can get her parents to say yes he was here we had dinner at this restaurant. I honestly am surprised the documents I submitted were not enough What would you do I'm thinking I can add Affidavits from her family Affidavits from my family here And also that dated pictur

Green card filed non-resident taxes

I am a green card holder about to apply for citizenship. However reading the citizenship application form I see a question about nonresident taxes While I was a green card holder my American company sent me to work outside USA. I made sure to come back to USA every 6 months to keep the green card. However I filed taxes as a non resident because tax wise I was outside USA 330 days that tax year. How problematic will this be when I’m trying to become a us citizen? Any advice? submitted by /u/Wrstling152 [link] [comments] source

H1b to green card for Indians

I spoke to our company lawyer about what the process looks like, and it honestly depressed the shit out of me. Sounds like it’s ~10-11 years at-least. What sucks also is that my soon to be fiancé cannot work on a h4 until my green card is approved. Anyone going through the same struggle? I read somewhere that Biden proposed an immigration bill which promises work authorization for h4 visa holders, is that true? I’m not sure what to do :/ especially since my boss isn’t sure if our company will be present in 10 years.. submitted by /u/CityProfessional9540 [link] [comments] source

When to file I-485?

My wife is in her country and I am in the states, her interview is 6/16/21, should I go ahead and send the 485 and fee to USCIS? As soon as the I-130 is approve(which it was) the I-485 can be filed, right? submitted by /u/urafaogott [link] [comments] source

Please i need help asap

Can you tell me what is the best english speaking country in eu to live and work for an 18 year old? submitted by /u/No-Effort-7494 [link] [comments] source

Is it permitted to do Remote work for a home country office job whilst in the US on F-1 Visa?

Hello, I want to study in the US on an F-1 Visa and have been accepted at a good school. I have zero intention to work in the U.S. - as well as it being illegal, I have a good career lined up in my home country when I get back, and a potential big professional advancement starting in late 2022. However I do have a query about Remote Working for an employer in your home country whilst on an F-1 Visa. I have an employer who moved to all-Remote Working due to the pandemic. However they plan to continue this. Whilst my plan was to resign my position so I can go and study in the US, they may want to keep me on for part-time or ad hoc work. Between 6 - 18 hours per week, possibly weekends. All work would be remote, done by laptop and headset, things like file administration, signing off on documents, admin work. My salary would still go into my home country bank account as before. No American jobs will be harmed. Is this legal? Is this legally ambiguous? Would I be straying into unclear

GC interview question

Hello everyone, I have a quick question for anyone here who recently got their GC Interview. If you did expedite your EAD or AP and got approved or denied are they going to ask about that in your actual interview? or any related questions if you travel outside the country because of humanitarian reason( like someone from your family got sick or any other reasons) is it gonna be a topic in the interview too? thank you ! submitted by /u/Dense-Secret-8629 [link] [comments] source

Expat Tourist Visa while waiting for CR1

Curious if anyone in an expat situation has successfully applied for a US tourist visa while waiting for CR1. I'm a USC living overseas and got married (Thai cititzen) overseas. I own property in the US and am on a 2-3 year overseas contract. We would eventually like to return to the US and by the time a CR1 processes, that should work out quite nicely. However, I'd also like to visit friends and family and would feel guilty going home without taking my wife. As far as I can tell, since we both would have intentions of visiting and returning overseas, we should be able to qualify in getting her a tourist visa as a gap filler? Does anyone know if this is even possible or by filing the CR1 are we pretty much disqualifying her and saying that she has intentions to immigrate (even if in a few years). submitted by /u/streak84 [link] [comments] source

L1 visa at border POE vs at airport

Hi all, I am planning on presenting an L1-B petition sometime within the next 2 weeks at either a border POE or at Pearson airport. I wanted to know if there are any benefits/drawbacks from either option? Are there higher chances of getting approved with one over the other? Many thanks in advance submitted by /u/rangahaha [link] [comments] source

How long do I need to leave the country for in order to return?

Hi everyone, I’m here in the UK and have been here for almost 6 months. I need to leave by the 15th of June. I am not a UK citizen nor do I have a visa yet. What’s the minimum amount of time I would need to leave the country to be able to return? Can I leave for a couple days (let’s say to Ireland or something) and come back and have another 3-6 months here? I couldn’t find any definitive number of days on the UK site. I’m looking for the absolute shortest amount of time possible that I’d need to leave the country for so I can come back, continue renting my flat and figure out my visa situation. Thanks for the help submitted by /u/Octrockville [link] [comments] source

Is B2 visa still disallowed from travel to USA (from Malaysia)?

Hello, My girlfriend was able to get a 10-yr B2 visa in mid-2019 that she used to visit me in Califfornia, USA during Nov-2019 just pre-covid. When Covid hit, her visa was in the non-essential travel category. I am wondering if these restrictions are still in place or if/when her visa might allow her to enter the USA. Its a real nightmare finding the right info online, the visitor visa webpage doesn't detail it and most of the restrictions pages show hard to understand, outdated or lack of direct answers or information. I understand there is a travel ban for certain countries (Malaysia not listed). Can she travel to Mexico for entry or is non-essential travel still restrict her from coming here? Can she qualify under essential travel for medical purposes for getting a COVID vaccine, something not available still in Malaysia. Can we declare being fiancées to allow her travel? I wanted to know if her B2 visa would permit travel to USA with negative COVID-test and/or if these res

Anyone flown from NZ to the USA recently for the purpose of tourism/meeting a partner?

This might be the wrong subreddit so lmk if it is, I am not trying to immigrate to the USA lol, I just am going on a holiday for 3 weeks. Me and my boyfried are doing a road trip around the west coast for 3 weeks. I am flying to the USA from NZ and returning to NZ after. I was just wondering if anyone did this recently? Did CBP give you a hard time for travelling to meet your bf/gf during covid? I am hoping that a lease document in my home country, a return ticket, about 13k in savings, and some hotels booked should mean that I am able to safely pass CBP without issues, but I heard they are being extra strict with tourists visiting their partners during COVID. for the record me and my bf have never met before. We have been together for about 4 months. Anyway, how did you guys go holidaying in the USA? submitted by /u/ykilledyou [link] [comments] source

Anyone know how long it takes to receive the K1 visa in the mail after approval?

I am just curious if anyone knows how long it takes. My fiance got approved recently and we weren't told really any info on how long its gonna take just that we would receive it in the mail and have until November to use it. submitted by /u/Reddituser8018 [link] [comments] source

BFs mom just died, leaving his sister 16, pregnant and an orphan in Ukraine. Visa???

Sooo... Yeah. Bfs family is from Ukraine, he's the only one with dual citizenship. His mom got covid and just passed away last week. He's been trying to get the sister over here...their dad died a long time ago and my bf is the only one of his 2 brothers that took care of his mom and sis (even tho they're over there and he's alllll the way over here -.- they're not helping at all). We just got denied the I-130 he's been working on. They didn't even interview them. Just read the file, talked to him on the phone for a bit and BOOM denied. She's a minor still so shes gonna be taken into state care probably Monday... She is pregnant and due to pop any day, so maybe that was a factor. Also, he filed the I-130 before his mom died. And I feel like it was rushed and maybe he didn't put as much into the supporting evidence as he could have? I mean he literally sent money to support them. He's a plumber, good job plus my little bit of income. We could eas

J-2 Two Year Home Residency No Objection Waiver | Military Conscription

I am a Taiwanese citizen. My company is petitioning me for EB3 green card but we recently found that the J-2 that I held in high school here is subjected to the two year home residency rule. My lawyer checked my travel history and determined that I am exactly two days shy of fulfilling that rule. She is about to file for a waiver under no objection category for me. However, I am worried that Taiwan embassy will deny it because I have not fulfilled my military duty in Taiwan (military conscription). I also have the option to just travel back to Taiwan since my visa is still valid until early 2022 and I am not over 24 year-old yet, but it is not an easy task with the current COVID situation in Taiwan. What do you think I should do? Is there is anyone with similar background who was granted a J waiver from their embassy despite not having served in the military yet? edit: My lawyer apparently hasn't handled any J waiver case for Taiwan nationals before but she reassured me that al

TN Visa Experience at Vancouver (YVR)

Wanted to share my experience since I was looking for a post like this before my visit. I am a Canadian citizen, who has attended law school in USA, got barred as a lawyer in a USA state, who has worked as a lawyer in USA for 5 years. On May 26, 2021, I landed at YVR at noon from USA with intentions of doing a “flagpole” back into USA. I called in advance and CBP told me to buy a return ticket for same day, and that they would escort me from Canadian entrance border to USA entrance border to ensure I do not leave the airport due to pandemic restrictions (test + hotel). They told me to select “exempt” status on the ArriveCAN app. When I arrived, the Canadian officer was not sure if I could flagpole during the pandemic restrictions. He asked a few colleagues and said that since they are busy (was in line with two packed flights from Japan and China) I could just walk over, and also firmly told me to not leave the airport. He checked my 6pm return boarding pass for same day and asked m

Can a canadian PR fly from Canada to the US?

Can a canadian PR (citizen of a different country) who has spent the last year in Canada fly from Canada to the US right now? Vancouver to Seattle to visit family submitted by /u/SunnyGreenwall [link] [comments] source


Can a 18 year old from EU immigrate to UAE dubai for work?anf if yes what should i do? submitted by /u/No-Effort-7494 [link] [comments] source

Visiting US while on a TN visa

I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada who is set to start working in the US on a TN visa in mid July. Immigration attorneys are currently preparing my package and may go through USCIS pre-approval if they deem it necessary. In any case I plan on driving to the peace bridge POE to get my TN, flagpole, then fly into the US from YYZ the next day. From my research I've heard this is not an issue. However I would be flying into California (to visit for a week prior to my start date) while my job is in NY. Is this a problem? Do you present your flight ticket to CBP at the airport? or is that screening done separately (aka could be done even if you had no ticket)? Would it be better to not get my TN at a POE till after I come back from my vacation? is this a red flag if USCIS has already pre-approved my application? submitted by /u/barcatoronto [link] [comments] source

IV Interview reschedule procedure

I have a situation I need to know if someone has experience: With just 10 days notice, the Embassy scheduled an interview for my husband and three minor step-children. My husband was able to schedule the medical exams in time but my step-daughters' school refused to release the girls for the medical exam then, interview one week later. It is a private school and the government overseeing the schools could not get the school to cooperate. They stalled us enough that we ran out of time. So, the other night, I reluctantly went online to reschedule the interviews. Of course, there are no interviews to reschedule. I had to create an account for each person. I have emailed the embassy and asked them to reschedule all 4 persons and asked how long it would be for another interview and I have not had a reply but it has been only two days. I consulted RapidVisa and they say I just have to wait for the embassy and to try to call them. I already tried to call and there is no way to get to a p

Will my US Tourist visa get declined because of this?

Hi, basically today i got caught with a joint (0.8gr) which usually is not a big deal.(I live in Albania) I waited 2 hours before questioning and then told them im a consumer (otherwise they categorise you as a seller) and then i wrote my name and signed some papers and they took my urine to test it if im really a consumer or not after that they let me off and told me that my name might not even be written in the system so it might not be included as criminal record, but i still have my worries. Now the issue is that i am trying to get a US Tourist visa but i don't know if it will get denied because of it? submitted by /u/A4rius [link] [comments] source

Path to citizenship - clear or not?

Hello, throwaway account but thanks for your time, I'll try to summarize all the key points and I'd appreciate all the advice. - Entered at 9 years old, with inspection, overstayed Visa - Got served with deportation orders - Family hired a lawyer to represent our case, this is where things get cloudy as I'm not 100% familiar (yes I'll be consulting everybody soon) but my understanding is our deportation order is closed. Parents are now greencard holders and I have had DACA for 7-8 years now. - GF of almost 8 years and I just got married. We also purchased a house together and moved in so we think a joint mortgage is a strong evidence, along with the rest of everything we shared. My family is highly recommending to re-open our case with our lawyer and have them represent us. This can cost almost 5 figures (although some of that can't be avoided as filing fees already) so we want to spend a little time figuring out if it's recommended to file a change of sta

(17 Male) Planning to go to emigrate to USA when i turn 18 to become a professional UFC fighter. Since here i have 0 possibilities to do so.

I'm from Serbia and i always loved combat sports, been a wrestler since i was 7, my dream was always either being a professional wrestler or a professional mma fighter and i really want to make it to UFC. Its impossible to do it here since we dont have any mma clubs and we the combat sport clubs we do have are awful and fucked up. Is there any way i can emigrate to the USA legally to train there? submitted by /u/KingWik69 [link] [comments] source

Current H-4 child dependent on dad's H-1B, can someone explain to me some more specifics regarding what a GC EAD is?

Hello! I'm currently another Indian who came here at 1 (now 15) but has to suffer in the terribly long backlog that plagues those of us seeking a greencard. As far as I was aware, H-4 child dependents are unable to work since only spouses are able to qualify for an EAD. However, my mom (who's on a H4 EAD) recently mentioned something called a 'GC EAD' which would allow me to work despite not being a full permanent resident at that point, and I don't exactly understand what it means. If anyone could do an 'ELI5' or break it down a little, for me, I would really appreciate it. submitted by /u/aMiserable_creature [link] [comments] source

DOL Prevailing Wage Pocessing Times

Is it correct that today, in May 2021 it's taking 5 month's to process the prevailing wage? What have you heard or has been your experience? Thanks for your answers! submitted by /u/justafalseprophet [link] [comments] source

Gay woman trying to immigrate to US on marriage visa from malaysia?

Basically what the title says. We don’t know where to start. Malaysia isn’t particularly accepting of gay people. What can we do, what are our options? We just want to be together :( submitted by /u/momomyoo [link] [comments] source

N-400 Citizenship Interview: Case update time on myUSCIS account to Oath after Interview?

Me & my wife both had our citizenship interviews yesterday (we both passed). We both had to submit new passport photos after interview (because my interview officer thought appearance was changed since 2015 photo they had when I received the green card). We went to CVS nearby got the new photos & submitted back to USCIS office yesterday itself after the interview. ​ Today morning when we checked our myUSCIS accounts - only my wife's account is updated to show interview completed & oath ceremony as next step. My USCIS account still shows "Interview Scheduled" step (which I already passed yesterday). Both our interviews were conducted by different officers - so I assume may be my wife's officer updated her case as Interview Passed immediately yesterday - while my officer may have done it late or will update my case today (which will show on myUSCIS account later in couple of days?). ​ Just wondering if anybody else has seen such issue? (few days delay t


Does anyone know what countries are the best to immigrade if you are 18 year old from europian union(cyprus) who just wants to work and speaks english fluently? I just want to move to another country submitted by /u/No-Effort-7494 [link] [comments] source

“Notice of Immigrant Visa Case Creation” email

I just got this email after 6 years of my father filing my I-130 greencard petition in Oct 2015. I’m going to follow the steps but I’m just curious how many months am I looking at to get my GC from this point onwards? According to the June 2021 visa bulletin that has been moving very slowly the past year, the final action date for my country and category (F1) is Nov 1, 2014 so I’m surprised I got this email although my priority date is further away.. Oct 2015. How did that happen? submitted by /u/abcdef1912 [link] [comments] source

Planning to get a green card

Okay. So my situation is that I F/28/ us citizen have a partner M/29/German citizen. I want to move back to the us but since he has never been there we got him a B1 visa so he can visit me extended and he can see whether he can see a future there for us together. If we both end up deciding to build a life together in the US, we plan on getting engaged and then married. Here comes question 1: Do you guys advise going for a fiancé visa or green card after we decide this step? Can we apply for him from the USA? Then the second aspect that I read a lot about is money. I saved up 30 k which I think she be enough assets to prove that I can sponsor my man. Is there any advice about how he can stay in the US while the visa is being processed? Before you Tell me this is not thought out… I know I know… just please point me in the right direction. Has anyone been in a similar situation going from a B1 visa to a green card? submitted by /u/swiftie090193 [link] [comments] source

Need help

Hello guys does anyone know that if iam allowed to get a work visa in USA as european union citizen who is 18 years old and have a high school certificate.i just want to move to usa for work.? submitted by /u/No-Effort-7494 [link] [comments] source

Social security, pension benefits for retiree

My mother worked 30 years in the states and wants to go back home to here country as she is nearing her end of life and spend her time with her brother. Can she collect her social security/and her earned pension amounts overseas? She’s a permanent resident.. my dad is a citizen. And wants to go with her, would he be allowed to collect his social security, he gets disability , they don’t seem to know how to find the exact answer. submitted by /u/a13lifesimple [link] [comments] source

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

I’m a US green card holder and I work for a tech company in Boston, my partner ended up getting a job in Toronto Canada and I plan on going there with her to help her settle in and stuff towards the end of June. My company will most likely be fine with it because we aren’t required to come in to work till September at the earliest but am I allowed to work from Canada (from home) for a couple months from an immigration standpoint? I only plan on staying till August end. submitted by /u/Sicario3234 [link] [comments] source

Psychology/Biology Senior looking for OPT

I am graduating this July and I am having a lot of trouble finding job opportunities directly related to my major, since Psych jobs usually require more specialization. Did anyone here major in Psych and had luck finding OPT?? submitted by /u/strawbshortcake34 [link] [comments] source

Processing time after responding to RFE for 1-29F, K1 Visa

My partner is from Belgium, and I, Connecticut. We have been together for over 4 years, spending most of our time together and traveling. We applied for a finance visa in September and got a Request for Evidence Letter in April, for proof of intent to wed. We sent our evidence back last week, around mid May. As it's such a strenuous and exhausting waiting period, its already been almost 9 months, does anyone have any input as to how long it takes for the USCIS to respond to this? I just need some hope that I won't be waiting another three months or longer. Thank you submitted by /u/Dependent_Change_693 [link] [comments] source

Second masters in usa

Hi guys please help me out I have interview next month. I did first masters (mba) in Australia.Iam planning to second masters in usa(in information systems).could you please help with question “why second masters in usa” Thank you submitted by /u/Wooden_College1523 [link] [comments] source

J-1 visa overstayed for 5 months while also holding B-2 visa. Possible to return to US under new B-2 visa?

PLEASE READ THE TEXT as I feel that it is a complicated issue for me!! ​ CONTEXT: I went through an intern course lasting 1 year from July 2017 to July 2018 with the J-1 visa but unfortunately, I was terminated halfway through the course by my host company due to disciplinary actions (I was late once during my probation and the next two same infractions happened during the last month I worked). However, my sponsors changed my SEVIS to an authorized early withdrawal, saying that my course is shortened instead and my 30 day grace period started when they notified me of this. Unfortunately, due to me being a stubborn and immature guy back then, I decided to stay as I also held a B-2 visa, thinking that I could have continued staying as a tourist instead. I called an immigration lawyer for consulting and basically told me that I'm not allowed to find any other work and just stay put or get married to a US citizen (which I had no plans of doing so). So for the 5 months I overstayed,