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GF visiting states on ESTA, do we have the proper documents?

I'm a dual citizen (Swiss/ US) I'll be meeting my GF (Germany) in Mexico to do our 15 nights. I've been in the US about a month already just visiting family. After our stay, we will fly to LAX to begin our one month stay in the states. Documents we will be bringing: -Work contract signed by her and her employer certifying that she will be starting a job in November in Germany -Her German bank info with around 5k Euros to prove she has sufficient funds - Her German health insurance as well as Travel insurance - Return flight for the both of US to Germany ​ Do you think this is enough to bring along or are there other documents we should bring? Neither of us are on apartment contracts at the moment. Do you think we should have any problems proving our plans to CBP? Thanks for the time. submitted by /u/Sixunderground00 [link] [comments] source

Immigrating to Canada

Hey Folks - Asking for my brother: He’s 40; currently living in iur home country - a developing country with a worsening economy. He owns his own furniture business and is relatively successful but again the worsening economy and instability has made him think about immigration more and more in the last few years. What are his chances for the skilled worker immigration path? 🔹His Background & Experience: 🌎 Native/bilingual fluency in English; limited French. đź“š He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in 2003 from the country’s best school, worked a few years and then went to the Netherlands and obtained his master’s degree in Integrated Product Design from a very good school there in 2009 and then worked there for a few years. 📉Following the recession in 2012, he went back to our home country and started his own furniture business with financial support from my parents. He uses plywood and CNC machinery. submitted by /u/Nickie_Niaki [link] [comments]

Please help me

Which country is the best place for getting permanent residency? I like English culture and living in a multicultural country. I was enjoying living in Australia especially in Melbourne. I can make reasons why do I want to live in Australia. I got a job offer in Canada and I am processing my application and once, I finish my fingerprint, medical checkup then I might get finalized my Visa. I'm questioning why do I want to go to Canada? I couldn't find any reason for me. all of sudden, I am afraid if I make a wrong decision. because I wish for no failure so bad in this time. when you cross the border, you need to be very considerate and I am going to get hurts if the reality isn't there for me. I know it sounds silly but It's not easy to leave the country where you've been staying for a long time. Do you agree? It is complicated when you are facing a situation that is about to blow away everything that you have done so far. Is this illusion? submitted by /u/Odd

TN-Visa for college dropout Software Engineer?

I'm a Canadian citizen that just got a job offer for a software engineering position in the Bay Area, and always thought TN-Visa's are pretty easy to get. The company has said they'll get me the visa through their immigration lawyers but I'm wondering how hard it would be considering I don't have a degree. I did study Computer Science for like 1.5 years, and do have industry experience (contract work, entrepreneurial with incorporated company), I do have other experience which I'm not sure counts, like working on open source side projects, or building unincorporated businesses, but I read somewhere that I need to have 3 years of professional + related experience to be eligible for a TN? Are my chances low? submitted by /u/Flash92_00 [link] [comments] source

How to self deport?

I was brought to the US 23 years ago as a child, I'm still undocumented to this day and I'd like to return to my home country. Would like to know the best way to go about self deporting, can I just get emergency travel documents from the embassy then buy a ticket home? submitted by /u/Feisty_Scar7294 [link] [comments] source

Can this affect my US visa application?

I’m 21 rn and back when I was 16, I was dumb enough to send nude pics to strangers online on some stupid adult site. I know I know CP is illegal but at that time I was so dumb and naive amd wasn’t aware of it and I still don’t know what the hell was I thinking? And honestly it still haunts me to this day. The pictures were faceless and majority of the time I never told the guys my real name but there were 2-3 exceptions when I got close to them. Anyways it’s definitely the most horrible embarrassing thing I’ve ever done and I’m paranoid and scared that it’ll affect me, especially visa and job opportunities. It’s been years since and it has never come up and I’ve looked up myself online a lot and found nothing. Any way the visa ppl can find this out? submitted by /u/sparklesonthebtree [link] [comments] source

Valid current passport needed??

My current passport (for my country of citizenship) is expired. Do I need to renew it in order to apply for US citizenship? As in will it be a required supporting document or anything and need to be renewed? Thanks. submitted by /u/peterlall [link] [comments] source

Pet relocation horror story

TL;DR: horror experience with pet travel relocation and whole story chronologically stated, from lies to holding my pets hostage. Advice needed. Sorry about the book. Beware of this company. What started as empty promises, has blossomed into further lies, deceit, theft, animal abuse, and a complete and utter lack of accountability. We initially received a quote of R39 000 for a platinum package which I quote: PLATINUM OPTION This really is the whole nine yards (minus Bruce Willis sadly) your platinum option includes EVERYTHING that the Gold option does, but with Platinum all you need to do is Rock up at destination airport on the time and day that we agree with you and take your Fur kid home. Nothing more. Well, to say that this has not been our experience is the absolute least of my concerns at this point. Oh, and when you try post anything on their Facebook page, they delete it, which can only lead me to think that I am not the first person to be duped by this company. Thankf

University/job Immigration questions regarding USA/Canada

I had a few questions regarding immigration policies and postgrad application in Canada/USA. I would be very grateful if you could answer/share your knowledge and experience in as many of these questions as possible. I have been accepted to good universities in Europe (KU Leuven and Politech de Torino). I have also been accepted as a transfer applicant to the University of Alberta. If possible, I would prefer to go to Europe and complete my graduation, and then go for a job in Canada/USA, if it does not affect my job acceptance chances too much. Tuition in Europe is cheaper, and it is closer to home. Would it be probable to get a job in Canada/USA after completing my bachelor's degree in Europe? Would not having PR be an issue in getting a job in Canada/USA. Some people were telling me they only give jobs to EU citizens and not to Indian citizens who have graduated from a European university as there is some law that they have to convince the authorities that the job position a

American Citizen With Myanmar Want To Go Back To The US

I'm an American citizen currently living in Myanmar on a social visa. My wife is Burmese and her and I have been married well over a year. Currently there's a coup and the US embassy has not issued any visas since Feb 1st. I'm about to file a I-130 online though. The question is should I set her interview date in Thailand at the US embassy or at the US in Yangon Myanmar? The US embassy in Yangon Myanmar has no date to give regarding when they will interview people again and again covid isn't the only reason why it's closed (coup). Also can we still apply for travel visa to the US while the I-130 is processing? We need to go back to the states due to an emergency but it appears it will be too long of a wait. Any tips or pointers will be helpful! submitted by /u/Informal-Suit9126 [link] [comments] source

Can I use foreign drivers license as an ID card when asked for a government issued-ID?

Am I able to use my Quebec driver's license as an ID for everyday ID purpose? i.e. buying alcohol, getting into a show that requires government-issued ID alongside your proof of vaccination. Just wondering since I just moved to the US! submitted by /u/emzykate [link] [comments] source

I94 expires today / extension

Friends, I have a small question. My dad's i94 date to leave US is today. He is in b1. He has a flight back to his home country tomorrow. He wants to stay here in the US for a couple of weeks more. Is online applying for extension today an option? He do not want this to hamper his future US travels. Any ideas? submitted by /u/OcramOcram [link] [comments] source

I need help figuring out what to do..

So there’s a lot of backstory required in order to explain my situation but i’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I’m adopted and have no real clue as to who my parents are. I was adopted in a country where it is very difficult to adopt kids, especially of my gender. This is relevant to the story later. (Any time I refer to my parents, it will be my adopted one’s, not my real ones). My mother was extremely abusive and hit me, starved me, and tried to kill me multiple times (one of which was trying to strangle me, leaving me with ptsd resulting in panic attacks and social anxiety). She isolated me by homeschooling me, and controlled every minute of my life. I learned that I was adopted when I was 9 years old because she was upset I wanted to quit the swim team, and told me that she could “send me back where I came from” because I was “an ungrateful daughter who had no appreciation for the life she gave me”. My father knew of my abuse but not to what extent because I was too scare

ESTA denied — CBP TCC referring me to DHS TRIP

Hello, A similar post was made on here, although my circumstances are a little bit different. To the question: Have you ever stayed in the U.S. exceeding the length of stay permitted by the U.S. government? I had to answer "Yes", since I couldn't leave the U.S. on time last year on my J-1 visa, and left 4 days after the end of my grace period. To provide a little bit of a background, Hurricane Laura hit and the Greyhound Bus had stopped circulating because of it. I had no other means of transportation and had to wait for the only available person to take me to the airport and it unfortunately was 4 days later. I understand that the circumstances don't really matter, since you're unable to provide the length of overstay when answering that question, but I submitted my inquiry to the CBP Info Center explaining exactly that, and I got this response: Hello, The Department of Homeland Security’s Travel Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) is a single point of

Wait can applying unemployment fuck me over in the future?

If I try to apply for a green card or adjust status in the future, would having applied or received unemployment benefits be ground for denial? submitted by /u/coolcrispyslut [link] [comments] source

F-1 student doesn't know what to do

A friend of mine is in the following situation: Got an f-1 visa for a school he didn't attend in 2019. Visa is valid till 2024. He spoke to school management and they told him he could enroll by completing the I-20 form and sending it to them. School management is currently on leave until end of august. He found an apartment and wants to move to the US now. He is european. Can he enter the US with the eTA 90 day visa and then once school management returns from leave and receive his I-20 form he'll activate his f-2 status? submitted by /u/ad_renaline [link] [comments] source

h1b selected thru lottery but don’t want to apply. would it cause issues in further lotteries?

I was selected in lottery today but I wanted to go to grad school this fall. If I go to grad school and end up not applying for h1b, would there be any repercussions in the future lottery petitions for h1b, when I graduate from grad school? Or would i simply be fighting the odds again, without any other issues? Thanks! submitted by /u/ProfessionOrSchool [link] [comments] source

Booking a USA consular appt for a non-immigrant visa in a country you are not from

Has anyone recently gotten a visa stamp at a USA consulate located in a country you are not from? I am looking into getting an O1 visa appointment, but most consulates only take requests from citizens/residents from the country they are located in. For example, you'd have to be Mexican or reside in Mexico to get an appt there. submitted by /u/michhessel [link] [comments] source

USCIS sending email/text urging to respond to i693 RFEs asap

Pending EB 485 applicants are receiving following email or text from USCIS. Apparently USCIS is urging everyone to courier their i-693 RFE response so that they can approve the 485 before end of the fiscal year in 09/30 and EB FY2021 does not go to waste as much as possible. It feels like USCIS is preparing to do a frenetic two month sprint and there will be a lot of approvals in the coming months. Email content: USCIS has identified a number of applicants for employment-based adjustment of status without a valid medical clearance (Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record) who will receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) soon. If you have applied for adjustment of status based on employment and have not yet submitted Form I-693, we urge you to respond to the RFE as soon as possible so that we may adjudicate your case and, if approvable, allocate an immigrant visa before October 1, 2021. Here’s how: return the RFE response with valid medical clearance to the ad

NVC Immigrant Visa Backlog Report

Hi everyone -- this might not be news to you but I just found out about the backlog report of DQ'ed cases at NVC and thought it was noteworthy. Here ya go: ​ submitted by /u/Totally_Kyle0420 [link] [comments] source

H1B Visa requirements for early stage startup founders

Hi, I recently completed my master's and building a startup based on my master's research thesis. Currently, I'm on F1 Stem OPT Extension working for our startup. The startup applied for an H1B visa this year and the application got picked in the lottery this week. I'd like to know if there are any minimum wage or any other requirements for h1b visa application for startup employee/founders? In other words, what do the startup need to have in place for a successful h1b approval? Can someone advice please? Thanks. submitted by /u/vinodhrajsubramanian [link] [comments] source

A Nice Positive Article on US Immigration

I love the reframe in this article. I'm sometimes guilty of focusing too much on the difficulties too! The immigration process is tough, but there is good reason to go through it and just as importantly, good reason for Americans to welcome and encourage it. submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

Do I need to submit the same photo at my GC interview that I uploaded in the civil documents section in the online application?

They need two photos at the interview but I only have one right now that I had taken sometime back that I’m thinking of uploading in the civil documents section. Also, is it okay if my scanned documents are 300 dpi instead of the recommended 150 dpi if the file size is less than 2 mb? Thank you! submitted by /u/ToothPicker2 [link] [comments] source

Need to bring my recently retired mother-in-law from Canada to US for longer than 6 months. She needs to keep her OHIP insurance since she has medical issues. What are some ways to make this happen? Thank you in advance for your time.

So, my wife and I just found out that she is pregnant and her mother wants to come and stay with us in Florida for longer than 6 months. Her mother just retired in June and has some medical issues, so she doesn't want to risk losing her OHIP plan. She mentioned that OHIP requires Canadians to remain in Canada for 6 months out of the year. Not sure what the actual laws are, which is why I am posting this on reddit. I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction. Here is some more info: My wife is a permanent resident. We have been married since November 2017. Mother-in-law is willing to put up some money to open a business. If you are able to provide me with links or articles with info on this that would be greatly appreciated. I just don't even know where to start looking or what type of visa I should be looking for. Thank you reddit community! :) submitted by /u/HectorofTroy70 [link] [comments] source

Need some immigration advice.

Good day all. My girlfriend is a physician back in her home country and she came here to visit for the first time to visit me of course, prepare and take USMLE (3 months -ish preptime) and shadow some doctors so she can get a US clinical experience. she was granted about 6 months to stay here using a tourist visa. she has a return flight before the day of her stay expires. So right now, with things getting out of hand back in her home country and I don't want her to leave and have an LDR again, we decided to get married and do the marriage green card visa (I-130, I-485). can we do this? will there be any red flags or something because we suddenly change our plans? hoping for some insights in our situation. Thanks! submitted by /u/MoraxellaCorrodens [link] [comments] source

Immigration to canada

So i want to immigrate to canada, i want to go and study a university, my english level is around upper intermediate - advanced, after im done i want to get a citizenship and stay in canada, could you enlighten me on how this process would work? Im currently living in turkey. submitted by /u/xBeast325 [link] [comments] source

TN Visa Application via Pearson

I'm typing this from a restaurant at YYZ Terminal 1... I just flew from NYC to Toronto this morning, to apply for a new TN visa (new job). This is what my experience was like. This recount of my experience is for people who are trying to do the same-day return trip to YYZ for a new TN visa. Flying Out of LGA This was all pretty straightforward. Airport was actually quite busy even though I got to the airport around 5:15 AM. Seems like travel is back to a normal level of business. I got to my gate around 5:40 AM just in time for my 5:50 AM boarding time. They checked my vaccination & COVID test records before boarding. Landing in YYZ I landed around 7:50 AM. Went straight to immigration. They checked my ArriveCAN app code, vaccination record & COVID test. They also asked for a Canadian address. The officer said they needed it as a Public Health requirement to release me. If you have family or friends living in Canada, I would suggest getting their addresses beforehand

Health Insurance Coverage Obamacare

Hello all, I'm in NY on a work visa that is eligible for Obamacare. My company does not offer health insurance. This is my first time shopping for health insurance, I've tried looking through the NY Marketplace website but I can't understand if what I'm eventually offered is Obamacare, and my phone gets spammed by phone calls. I feel like I need to speak to a reliable agent that can help me enroll in it. I see quotes of a minimum of $450 with deductibles of $8000-9000. How does that even help....? My question is, how much are you supposed to pay for Obamacare? And does any of you know any agent that can help me apply? Or can someone please guide me through an application online? A big thank you from no-knowledge me! submitted by /u/Dana_BBB [link] [comments] source

TN/TD visa --> I-485, I-765 and I-131 (EB2 NIW I-140 pending)

Hi Redditors, We are Canadians currently in Canada. I have pending I-140 application under EB2 NIW. My fiance (soon to be wife) might be relocating to the US for work and will be on a TN visa. I may have the option of joining her on a TD visa. I know that I am not allowed to work on a TD visa. I have a few questions: If we enter the US on my partner's TN/TD visa, are we allowed to file I-485, I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (Advance Parole) concurrently while my EB2 NIW I-140 is still pending? I have heard that once we file an I-485 application, my partner will not be able to renew her TN, but we will be allowed to remain in the US on the existing TN/TD visa until it expires? If my I-765 and I-131 are approved while my EB2 NIW I-140 and I-485 are still pending, will we be allowed to work and travel? Which visa would I be on at this point given that I am allowed to work? What is the current processing time for I-765 and I-131? Assuming my EB2 NIW I-140 is approved while we are in the

About moving to European Union countries with pet

Hi everyone, I have a question to ask. Currently, I agreed with a job offer from one of the European Union countries, I need to move to the country with my daughter, which is a silly but loving cat. As I checked, a rabies titre test is needed, at least after a month from being vaccinated. In my situation, my cat was vaccinated 9 months ago. So, should I directly get her tested? If she passes the test, I should wait for three months, but her new rabies vaccination needs to be done, in october. Would having her vaccinated against rabies during the 3-months wait period be problem when she enters her new country? What would you suggest me to do? P.S.: I am a Non-EU citizen submitted by /u/___dionysos___ [link] [comments] source

Need for TB testing to enter the UK

A friend of mine is a British Citizen and is going to the UK to study for more than six months. He is a Hong Kong resident and had stayed in Hong Kong for more than six months. We are not sure whether he would need to take a TB test to enter the UK as although the TB test is intended for visa applicants, it is stated that people who are Hong Kong residents and intend to stay in the UK for more than six months need to be tested. Does he need to be tested? Please help ASAP as he is due to leave for the UK soon. Thanks in advance! reference on UK government website submitted by /u/capitalist_socialism [link] [comments] source

DSH Travel Inquiry Program Question - ESTA Travel Not Authorised

My ESTA has not been authorised (don't really know why, I meet all the criteria, my record is clear and I haven't been to the US in over 10 years), and I have submitted a Travel Inquiry form through DHS TRIP asking if they could double-check or at least confirm the reason behind the refusal. Does anyone know approximately how long this process takes? Has anybody had their ESTA's successfully approved this way? Was hoping to travel at the end of the summer, so any guidance on this would be appreiated. submitted by /u/laurengkelly [link] [comments] source

Seeking advice for my 26/M boyfriend to migrate to Sweden

Hey everyone. I've gotten a study visa to Sweden and I'm looking to settle there for the long haul. I will be flying there in early August and my boyfriend plans on joining me. He is 26 years old and has 2.5 years of experience working in the food industry (he works for one of wholefoods competitors, worked in the kitchen) and he has expressed interest in just settling with me there, finding a job, working there and staying there for the forseeable future. I know its a long shot, but is there anything my boyfriend can do in person when he arrives in early August to make the process and all possible during the 2.5 weeks he is staying with me? can we apply for the permits and everything from Sweden? Any help would be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/downinthedumps89 [link] [comments] source

How do I get my American citizenship

I was born in South Africa and when I was 4 my parents moved to the US (Florida) because my mother found work there (legally). While we were there my parents became naturalized citizens and I became a citizen as well because I was a minor (I got a passport too). However we moved back to South Africa when I was 10 and we never returned and my parents are not considering moving back to the states. I was wondering if anyone could help me to see if there's any way I could reclaim my citizenship. Thank you submitted by /u/Sid_6900 [link] [comments] source

Interview and Divorce

I am a US Citizen that applied for my wife back in 2019. We Received our interview letter July 2021. However, my wife wants a divorce. What are my options? What should I do that the process doesn’t effect future possible immigration petitions if I were to marry again? Thank you. submitted by /u/sushi786 [link] [comments] source

Need help around US immigration possibility for senior citizen with blindness.

Hi, So I’m planning to try for a US based job through L1 or H1 in the next 1-2 years. My mother is a senior citizen (71) and blind and also can’t move around much. I want to take her along with me however not just on a B1/B2 because that will require her travel every 6 months which physically she can’t do. Are there any visas that support such movement or any organisations that can help in this area. Just don’t want to leave her behind. Appreciate any help I can get. submitted by /u/Blitz4ce [link] [comments] source


Has anyone received the decision on I-539 form for July, 2020 (change to F visa) at California Service Center? submitted by /u/stellatmt [link] [comments] source

Point of Caution when sponsoring someone for a Green Card (I-864)

Make sure you REALLY trust the person you are sponsoring. In some scenarios, a sponsor can be sued directly by the beneficiary and be forced to support them indefinitely (and pay the beneficiaries attorneys fees for the pleasure of being sued). This can come as a surprise to some people in a divorce or other situations where a relationship sours. Sponsoring someone to come to the US is a beautiful thing, just do it with both eyes open. ​ submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

DV Lottery Delays

This is one of the more frustrating situations that the backlog is causing. A person wins the DV lottery (less than one out of a hundred applicants win) and they lose their ability to immigrate because the Government didn't process their case in time and so they lose their opportunity. That is one cruel emotional roller coaster. Mandamus lawsuits here can be life changing. submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

N400 interview

Hello everyone, I finally got an interview for my N400 application! However, the case for I-751 removal of conditions is still pending. I have seen several cases where the I-751 case is adjudicated during the interview before the N400. So I am assuming my spouse needs to be present for the interview. However, the letter states due to COVID only people allowed with me are “an interpreter if needed, an attorney, or someone to assist with any disabilities.” The letter does mention that I need to bring my marriage certificate, spouse’s birth certificate and proof of divorce for previous marriages if any. For anyone who had an interview recently, does your spouse need to be present? submitted by /u/Frenchie_PA [link] [comments] source

I-797 Travel - What Exp to Write for Advanced Passenger Info?

Flying with BA - contacted them and they had no clue what I was talking about. They require an expiry date for advanced passenger info. My greencard is expired but my I-797 states I have an additional 18 months from that date. I presume I enter the latter? Anyone experienced this ? submitted by /u/kimsthinking [link] [comments] source

Looking for a way to speed up L1 visa interview going through nearby embassy

Hi, situation: I'm expecting a L1 petition approval in the coming weeks, and was looking to expedite the VISA interview process. Based in Europe and my home consulate currently has a 90 day wait. I've looked around about wait times in nearby consulates. Some have residency requirements (e.g. in Poland only Polish passport holders can apply). On the Romanian consulate, the wait time is 2 days, and they only (according to the website) have residence requirements for B visitor visas. Does anyone have experience with going this route? Or arguments against it? Of course before undergoing this path I would first contact the embassy to make sure I won't be turned away right away. Just looking for experiences, as I can't get my DS-160 yet. Cheers! Q submitted by /u/quarantiiiiiiine [link] [comments] source

F-1 Visa (I20) advice needed

Hello guys, So this is like really unique situation happened to me, I went to States with f-1 Visa then i had to take semester off because of my family matters, then after 5 months of it when i tried to go back to school i found out that i have been illegally staying there and my school can’t give me back i-20 and they asked me to reinstate but then when i planned to fly back to my country i had to wait for like 3 months to get my passport back from the Embassy of my country at LA because of presidential election period,after that covid strike and my flight got canceled again. another 3 months gone i got a waitlist on my country relief flight and had to wait like 4 months ,so i could say i took more than ayear to get me back to my country. Now that i m back home and apply new school and got new i-20 , if i apply for F-1 visa , would i get REJECTED or Pass? how can make up those to pass? what do i need to prepare? submitted by /u/Shine___ [link] [comments] source https://ww

Does acquiring foreign citizenship/residence affect green card?

If you live in the US on a green card, does it affect your green card if you: acquire another citizenship by descent or marriage acquire another citizenship by investment acquire another residence visa by investment that leads to citizenship after some years, and requires minimal time outside the USA (e.g. visiting the foreign country 1 week / year)? submitted by /u/flatkitsune [link] [comments] source

We moved, submitted the change of address - they're still sending things to our old address in a different state - what now?

We moved in December. Sold the old house a few weeks ago. Got a call today from our title agent (who happens to be a friend of mine) that the new owners dropped off mail for me from USCIS - they figured it had to be important. ​ I updated my address with USCIS back in February. I still have the confirmation email. But yet new mail is being sent to the wrong state. ​ I've tried calling USCIS and keep getting that stupid automated thing sending me links to the website to change my address when I've already done that and clearly it didn't work. ​ Any steps for talking to a real human at USCIS that can fix my address? submitted by /u/FuzzyRoseHat [link] [comments] source

Changing immigration status from F1 student to Permanent Resident, renew IL driver license

Hi guys. I changed my immigration status from F1 student to Permanent Resident. Now I am waiting for my green card. My IL driver's license expired last month. I haven't received any mail regarding renewal. Can I still drive using my IL license? My car insurance won't be expired until Oct. How can I renew my driver's license. Do I need to wait for my green card mailed? submitted by /u/AlexaXSiri [link] [comments] source

Which is better, easier and quicker.. marriage or fiancé petition

I’m a USA citizen and my girlfriend is in the USA on a J1 visa, is better to get married while in the USA on her J1 visa or wait until she go back and do it threw a fiancĂ© visa submitted by /u/desdonn [link] [comments] source

K2 visa

If my K2 visa gets approved before my 21st birthday do I have 90 days before I physically have to be in the United or must I be in the states before I turn 21. there were some delays with our application after the interview because of my birth certificate and my step dads divorce papers, but we have sent them off and they will arrive August 2nd my 21st birthday is August 11th and I'm wondering if we have to wait on them to ship back the package and I turn 21 will that be a problem? submitted by /u/aaron_rose [link] [comments] source

Visa Packet Cd Juarez

For anyone that had consulate appt in Ciudad Juárez, how long did your packet take to arrive to be picked up? I had my last interview on the 27th and my lawyer is out of office and she’s one that made the login info for CAS (where I can check status and tracking of packet) Should I just go to CAS every day until packet is ready to be picked up?? submitted by /u/RawrCookieess [link] [comments] source

TN to Green Card through Employer?

I've been working in the US for the past 6 years with a TN visa under the computer systems analyst category, I just renewed for another 3 years and the CEO of the company has offered to help me in getting a green card so we don't have to go through renewals anymore. Is this a possibility? I've heard about a way of getting a greencard through your employer but I don't know if this is a viable option or a real one. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. submitted by /u/soybienmarvel [link] [comments] source

Asylum help

Hey guys any asylum lawyers or experts in this thread? Just wondering how the border is with title 42. Can people still cross the lane bridge and claim asylum? submitted by /u/Real-Coast2893 [link] [comments] source

Additional h1b selections?

Just got this in my inbox, from USCIS: ​ We recently determined that we needed to select additional registrations to reach the FY 2022 numerical allocations. On July 28, we selected previously submitted electronic registrations using a random selection process. The petition filing period based on registrations selected on July 28 will begin on Aug. 2 and close on Nov. 3. Individuals with selected registrations will have their myUSCIS accounts updated to include a selection notice, which includes details of when and where to file. submitted by /u/a56-7w [link] [comments] source

Visiting family in the states

Hey everyone so me (UK) and wife (US) wanna visit her family out in the states soon since it’s been a long time, we currently reside in the UK. I’ve done some researching and found that spouses are exempt from the travel corridor restrictions, we’re both double vaccinated too, will we still have any issues? Has anyone done this recently? submitted by /u/Churchkirk [link] [comments] source

March 2021 Marriage Green Card Fillers, got biometric yet?

I filed my case to USCIS on March 4th, got 4 receipt on April. It's been almost 5 months now, but still haven't got biometric letter. I'm in NY. How's everybody's status? submitted by /u/RoseMilkTea19 [link] [comments] source

Travelling to the US for 4-5 months on a visitor's visa

Hello everyone, I am planning a long trip to the US to visit family and friends. I have a long association with the US considering I studied there and there are many people I am going to stay with. I have a job in my home country which has been remote since the pandemic. I will be working my current job while I am in the US and can show proof for it. I also have healthy savings/salary and can afford my trip, and considering I will be staying with family in different parts of the US during this time my living expenses will be minimal. I also have a project I HAVE to return to my home country for and will have proper proof to show that I definitely need to be back for it. I get anxious when I read posts here that warn against staying in the US for that long. Since Covid, there have been deaths, new births, etc in my family and this is the only time I have to visit them. It's really important for me that I do this and take this time because I have been working nonstop through the p

Concurrently filed i130 and i485 and want to swap to consular?

We originally filed i130 and i485 back in February of 2020. On January 28, 2021 we received notice that they withdrew out i485 as requested. There has been no update on the I130 since and representative tells me its still in national benefits center in lee summit MO. Is this where I130s usually sit for consular processing? Did we need to send some sort of correspondence about the I130 since we withdrew i485? submitted by /u/DiscordGamer7492 [link] [comments] source

Does this count as false claim of citizenship?

If someone has never been to the US before and is currently applying for a K1, how would this scenario look? The person used to teach English online for an Asian company that was aware they were hiring non native English speakers, but asked them to tell the clients they're American. With the initial I-129F, the couple included a tinder conversation where the beneficiary says something along the lines of "I have to say I'm American for my English teaching job", even though they're not. As far as I understand, false claim of citizenship is usually linked to the I-9 employment form. Since the beneficiary has never been to the US before and has no existing previous visas or petitions, would this still be grounds for inadmissibility? Once again, one single tinder message, nothing to do with employment in the US. Thanks submitted by /u/mellow_yellow___ [link] [comments] source

Is it easy to find a job as an engineer in Germany?

I know Turkish people easily go to germany but how easy is it to find a job? I am a high-school sophomore and thinking of studying Mechatronics Engineering in college. submitted by /u/sinanirmak [link] [comments] source

Seems like H1B is a shitshow, and EB2 is better. Is it stupid hard to get an EB2 also?

I'm trying to sponsor an EB2 and just starting my research. I see many posts about qualified people with H1B who are having a rough time. My research leads me to believe that an EB2 visa is more valuable than H1B status. Is it even more difficult to get through than the H1B? submitted by /u/Skellyton5 [link] [comments] source

Will my F1 (pending AOS) have any effect for my parents (B1/B2) at POE

I’m currently on F1 visa (stem opt), and as part of my husband’s GC process (EB based), we have also filed for my AOS. My parents have an active b1/b2 visitor visa. They have traveled many times to the US before, and have always spent more time in their home country than in the US. Will my pending GC AOS have any negative impact for them when they come to the US in the future? It would be great if people in similar scenario can share their parents’ travel experience at POE. submitted by /u/Significant_Win1548 [link] [comments] source

Would I get into trouble if I have extend my US trip and cancel the ticket I showed to immigration?

Hello! I am currently thinking of going to the US for two months on my tourist visa but my trip might need to get extended if my cousin’s wedding dates get firmed up? Is it ok if I book a return ticket for two months and show that to US immigration and then rebook it to a later date while in the US and stay on for the wedding (which might happen 1-2 months after)? Thanks! submitted by /u/Ok-Muscle-6880 [link] [comments] source

Immigrating to the US to my fiance. What would be the best option for us?

I live in Poland and I'm able to travel to the US without much issues, but we want to be able to stay together as soon as possible. We've considered a fiance visa but the supposed wait time of 7 months is definitely not going to work for us (There's some pressing issues that won't let us just wait around). So far an employment-based visa seems to be the best option but I'm not sure if it's possible for me to get one. Would it be better to have him immigrate to the EU instead? I'd appreciate any suggestions on what we should do or keep in mind here. submitted by /u/ninaccount [link] [comments] source

US Consulates in Mexico: visa appointment as non-Mexican

Hi all, I'm looking to renew my E2 Visa and the best option for getting an appointment at a US embassy is looking like Mexico (in my home country, appointments at the US consulate are looking extremely difficult to get) However, on the site it says appointments are only for Mexican residents. How stringent are they about this? Have any non-Mexicans been able to get an appointment? I have a Mexican friend who would be able to pay the fee from a Mexican bank and so I could go through the appointment booking process on the site. But if I turned up to the appointment as a non-Mexican on the day would they turn me away or - being in the country and at the embassy - would they be okay to follow through with the appointment despite my non-Mexican nationality. Thank you all submitted by /u/silverman567 [link] [comments] source