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CR-1 Case FE Review Note but documentarily approved

My spouse’s CR-1 was just NVC approved yesterday but at the same time got a Case FE Review note stating my income did not meet minimum requirement. But a further decision will be made by the consular at the time of the interview. I’m confused why we got this, I’ve made 3X or 4X the poverty guideline annually over the last 5 years, and over 80k in savings and stocks which we also included on my affidavit of support. The only thing I can think of is we quit our jobs from Aug19to April20 to travel. But I’ve since gotten a job and submitted as part of the proof of current employment. And the affidavit was submitted after I started working again. The salary from the current employment exceeds the poverty guideline as well. Is it a mistake by NVC? And is this something to be concerned with? Or should my wife just bring all the most recent bank statements when she goes to the interview? submitted by /u/Mavsfever [link] [comments] source

US Citizenship by Marriage

Hi everyone! My grandmother was born and raised in Germany. She met her husband (a US Citizen) in Germany and also married him in Germany on a US Army Base in 1962. She was told by a US Official in Germany that she would automatically get US Citizenship by marring him. But when she came over to the USA they had to file as a Permanent Resident and she still has a green card to this date. I know that current US laws don't allow this today, but was this allowed back then? If so, would she still have citizenship? submitted by /u/Razzashi99 [link] [comments] source

is Hong Kong excluded from the travel restriction

If I live in Hk and want to go back to the US with a f-1 visa will I be able to? The cdc website mainland China has a travel restriction in place but it also said excluding Hong Kong and Macau. Some people say I can but some say I can’t, I tried asking the us embassy but have gotten no response submitted by /u/edenfea1 [link] [comments] source

Immigration Advice

I am working under a Student Visa here in the United States. I have been living with my girlfriend for the past two years, and we look forward to getting married sometime in the future. My employer has applied to sponsor me for a work visa but I'm concerned my application will not be selected. If that is the case, then my timer starts. My visa status expires in July 2021 and we both are trying to figure out what steps I can take to maintain my status. I have read a lot about this online and I am not sure what/which citizen pathway to follow. People talk about K1, K3 visas and fiance or spouse visa's. My major concerns are: 1) How long will it realistically take to get each visa approved? 2) How soon can I work after submitting the application? What is the best most efficient way to make sure I can continue working at my current job while the submitted forms are pending? 3) Would it be best and quickest to file for a fiance or spouse visa or to adjust my status in another wa


I had a COR EOIR 42b case granted by the judge in January, Infopass completed in February, i was told to wait for 30-60 days. It has been over 130 days and no news yet. Does anyone know if they are processing this kind of of cases in Newark? Your answer will be very appreciated submitted by /u/Dannyro1 [link] [comments] source

Chance of approval for i-751

Hi, So my wife got her biometrics done on Jan 2 for the i-751. We haven't received any notice on an interview or any next steps. Especially now with covid. Any chance we should get an update soon? We're getting a little worried with the possible furloughs at uscis.. Thank you in advance and good luck to all and be safe! submitted by /u/ZeroMission [link] [comments] source

H-1B to B-2 advice on behalf of my wonderful Fiance.

I created this post because me and my Fiance are in between a rock and a hard place. Long story short, I am U.S. born citizen and my Fiance who I have been with for five wonderful years was on her H-1B during that period. She always aimed to get a labor based green card through her employer rather than through marriage. With that being, said we always tried to get married when we had the finances for it. When we finally had the finances we were planning to book a wedding in JUNE, 2020. Since this COVID incident happened it put everything on hold. Now we are looking to get married via online as it is the economical and safest approach since we don't need to gather in large groups. It was 2 days ago I found out that my fiance H-1B extension was denied. Her company recommended and advised filing a tourist B-2 visa she panicked and signed it without consulting me. We planned to get married before the B-2 visa. I feel like this was unforeseeable outcome because of the Covid Pandemic,

What's the average i-765 (EAD) processing time for my OPT? I applied early this month. Is there anyway to expedite it as I already have a company wanting to hire me but their decision depends on my EAD arrival.

Any suggestions? Should I contact my Senate ? Please let me. They haven't given me an offer letter because they're not sure how long it might take. submitted by /u/lastwreckedsoul [link] [comments] source

Need Clarification on whether i can cross the US/Canada land border

Long story short, wife and I have been in our home country of Canada since the start of the pandemic. We are TN visa holders (valid another year or so). Im having a hard time finding info if i can cross back the land border or not. I came from the US by car with my dog and belongings whilst my wife traveled to Canada via plane. I've read the faq on this subreddit and i saw this : Furthermore, the US-Canada border is closed except to essential travel and citizens returning to their own countries. Note that travel for work (e.g. TN) is considered essential. Does this mean coming back home to the US on a TN visa is considered essential? Even at the land border? FYI, i've sent emails to US immigration with no responses yet. Any info/insight/sources would be very much appreciated. submitted by /u/thegardens [link] [comments] source

OPT expired while waiting on OPT STEM. Am I good?

I applied 3 months before opt expiration, and I got the receipt back. Case status still just says "we received your Form I-765..." but my actual OPT expires in two. Is this automatically covered by the cap gap? And is there a limit on that? Also, once my stem is approved is the start date gonna be the date it's accepted or the day my initial OPT ends? Please help I'm so nervous submitted by /u/smoresNporn [link] [comments] source

I am a United States citizen planning on immigrating to Canada. What should I expect?

I think the worst thing for me as an American is that I have seen so many immigrants treated so badly and I am scared that my family will be treated the same. I have done a lot of reaearch and understand what I should do in order to get started or even approved but I want to know what I should expect once I get there. Can anyone help me? submitted by /u/AngelaRose618 [link] [comments] source

Does I-797 as part of marriage based adjustment of status ‘cancel’ H1B status?

I (citizen) got married to my spouse (H1B). If he theoretically were to get his I-797 EAD would that cancel his H1B status? My understanding is that he should wait to file I-797 unless his H1B expires before we receive his green card, is that correct? submitted by /u/doghouse1988 [link] [comments] source

Work Permit processing times for DACA vs Green card applications?

Hi all, I am currently a DACA recipient with my work permit set to expire later this year in December. I also got married recently, my wife is a US citizen and I will be applying for my green card in the next few weeks. In my experience with DACA, I usually apply about 5 months before I expire and my work permit comes in around 2-3 months before the expiration date. My question is - if I apply now for my green card say within the next couple of weeks, how long does it usually take for USCIS to issue a work permit for an adjustment of status based on marriage? Should I apply through DACA as well just to be safe that I do get my work permit in order? I can't afford to stop working unfortunately, and do not want to have a lapse when my current work permit expires. Obviously I'd rather not have to spend the fees necessary, but if it means being safe with getting a work permit on time than I would rather do that. submitted by /u/caelumus [link] [comments] source htt

K1 Visa Circumstances - Really stuck on what to do

Hi guys. You are all so helpful I really appreciate this community. I need clarification and advice because honestly we're in a predicament. Here's the outline: Applied for K1 Visa Nov 2019. Approved March 2020 - forwarded to US embassy. Corona virus happened. I've heard nothing from the embassy at all, as is the case with many others. Application date on notice of action has now passed. I contacted the embassy asking them to extend it or make sure everything is okay and I got back canned answers from the website. Looks like the travel ban effects people in UK. K1 Visa is a non immigrant visa which is exempt from immigration ban... Except on the US Embassy London Website the K1 Visa is categorised as an Immigrant visa. See links below: - web page for non immigrant visa doesn't mention K1 - immigrant visas that do mention K1 Other circumstances: Fiance

My family and I are trying to renew our L1/L2 visa

Our visas technically expired in 2018 but our I-94 allows us to stay here in the US until October 2020. We were planning on renewing our visas over the summer but we weren’t able to due to the coronavirus travel restrictions and now that Trump has extended the work visa ban we really are completely lost. First of all, will we even be able to renew our visas considering the ban? We are currently in the US legally and haven’t left the country for over two years. If we can’t renew them due to the ban, what are our options? Can we extend our I-94 until the end of the year to stay here until the ban is over? submitted by /u/sofia812 [link] [comments] source

Are Marriage Based AOS Applications even being processed?

Below is a timeline of everything we have filed. I'm just wondering if AOS applications are even being processed right now. I keep reading articles that make it seem like they aren't, but shouldn't my attoreny notify me if they aren't? I'm just so frustrated with the amount of money we've spent just to be in limbo. (I would ask my attorney but don't have a couple hundred dollars to pay her for one question at the moment.) Timeline: October 2019 : married. November 2019: Filed for Parole in Place. Early January 2020: Parole in Place approved. February 26, 2020: AOS received by USCIS. April 2020: Notice that fingerprints taken the previous year for DACA renewal will be used. June 8 2020: "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview." submitted by /u/latina0394 [link] [comments] source

Unemployment for an O1 visa holder?

My friend who is an O1 visa holder under me as his agent, was just told he will be furloughed in July. While his visa is not tied to his employer, We are trying to understand if he can apply for unemployment or if this will hurt him when the renewal comes due. He has been on the US for 19 yrs now and has never been laid off or furloughed —any ideas on this? submitted by /u/ImEricCana [link] [comments] source

Entering the US coming from a country with a travel ban

I’m a LPT in the US and a Brazilian citizen. I need to go to Brazil in July due to health concerns in my family. I believe I’m allowed to reenter the US as a LPR, but wanted to understand if there’s any specific process involved? Do I need to fill out any forms, or bring any specific documentation other than my green card? Will I be allowed to enter, or required to quarantine in some government facility? submitted by /u/Sanakhte [link] [comments] source

Taxes at NVC stage pf CR1 process

My husband and I are about to start the NVC step of but he didn't file taxes for the past 3 years. He filed for 2019 but the 2 priors he didnt even though he was supposed to. The problem is that now IRS is not mailing the wages transcripts we would need to back file those years and he cant get them online because doesn't have a credit card or any other kind of credit. Can we still file the i864 and write a letter explaining? We will have his father as a joint sponsor with us submitted by /u/adegaben [link] [comments] source

Immigrating to a new country

Im trying to see the possiblity of immigrating to another country like us canada australia or uk but i dont know anything about the process or how i should start. Im an undergrad at an american university studying economics if that helps submitted by /u/poprocksinmypants [link] [comments] source

Is it worth it to apply to the US for further studies as an immigrant given the current situation?

I was planning to apply for Fall 2021 to some 2-year masters programs but given the current situation, I am starting to question myself. How much would the H1B affect students coming next year to study in the US? EDIT - I am a non-immigrant, there is an error in the title, thanks submitted by /u/throwaway_secondtime [link] [comments] source

Adopting a legal resident

I am trying to figure out the process to adopt my stepdaughter. She and her mother are Brazilian citizens but they both have green cards. I am in the US military and stationed overseas but we did live in the States for a number of years together. I have been scouring the web on the process but everything points me in the direction of adopting a child from another country as if I have no relation to them. Is there anyone out there that can help? submitted by /u/murph2336 [link] [comments] source

Taxes problem during the NVC step

My husband and I are about to start the NVC step of but he didn't file taxes for the past 3 years. He filed for 2019 but the 2 priors he didnt even though he was supposed to. The problem is that now IRS is not mailing the wages transcripts we would need to back file those years and he cant get them online because doesn't have a credit card or any other kind of credit. Can we still file the i864 and write a letter explaining? We will have his father as a joint sponsor with us submitted by /u/adegaben [link] [comments] source

US/Brazil travel restrictions for connecting flights?

The US currently restricts the entry of foreign nationals who have been to Brazil in the past 14 days. Does this prevent the foreign national from boarding a US-bound flight if they are only making an international connection? We will fly from Brazil to Mexico to spend our 14 days there, but most flights connect through the US. submitted by /u/border_land [link] [comments] source

Son of deceased US citizen father looking for US citizenship

Hello, I'm the son of a deceased father who was a US citizen, I was born in 1987, my mother is Canadian, she resided in the US for a short period of time with my father. She left on bad terms just before my birth in Canada. She didn't put my father on the birth certificate. They were never married. My mother applied at the consulate for a fiancé VISA but never when thru with it because things went bad between them (I have the document from the US consulate). My father died when I was 14. His sister (my aunt) is still alive. I had a relation with my father and family abroad and would fly there about 1 time every year from age 8 (I have supporting documents plane tickets, pictures etc.). Abroad family would send me letters on a regular basis and I kept these documents. I also have life insurance documents, and variety of checks that was sent to my mother. I would like to apply for US citizenship. It seems like I would fall under Section 309a of INA. From what I've read a b

HELP: BioE or ChemE for Eventual H1B?

Hey guys, I'm currently on an H4 under my dad's H1B. I turn 21 in November of 2024 and our GC application began in June 2011 (EB2-India). I have already convinced myself that we will not receive the green card in time and that I NEED to major in something that could give me my own h1b when I'm older. The only engineering jobs I seem to have any sort of interest in include either chemical engineering or bioengineering. I would love to get a PHD later as well. Can any current H1B holders in these fields or familiar with these fields give me advice on which one to choose as I apply for university this fall? submitted by /u/slytherin861 [link] [comments] source

EAD for college - visa type

Hi all - To apply for a college course it is asking for a visa type. What does one do when they are AOS from TN (now expired) and have an EAD? There's not really a visa status now - so what do you put? submitted by /u/proofreadre [link] [comments] source

US Consulates in Canada

Any idea on when the US consulates in Canada are going to reopen? The case counts have been decreasing for a long time. I have an F1 visa date booked for August 27th, but I’m not sure if that’s just a dummy date and the consulate, actually, is closed. Any chance it opens before August 27th? submitted by /u/ProverbialRelic [link] [comments] source

Part-time student under OPT?

Hi! I am in the US on an F1 student visa. I finished my Ph.D. last August and am currently working as a post-doc(full-time) under OPT. I have have been given an offer to continue here for 2 more years so I have applied for STEM-OPT extension. I just got an admit from another university for a post-doctoral certificate program. This is a 1-year program that I intend to do part-time(remotely) and complete in 3 semesters and my boss consents to this. This certificate will help tremendously in my career and open up several doors. I am wondering if this might have any legal consequences? Will it be violating any F1/OPT/STEM-OPT rules? submitted by /u/MadPhysicist01 [link] [comments] source

Changing F1 to Green Card through marriage

Anyone know when I should start working on the paperwork? Like I'm in college for 4 years so when should I do that? Also which steps should I take? submitted by /u/facsis [link] [comments] source

Can I apply for a J1 visa while being in the process of a K1 visa?

Hello everyone! So I'm from Argentina, and I've been in a relationship with an american man who lives in the US for 2.5 years now. While we're waiting for me to finish university, I've been doing J1 Work&Travel programs to the US during my summers to get to experience US culture first hand, and to spend time with him. Long story short, my question is: can I be in the process of obtaining a K1 visa, while also applying a J1 visa? From what I've read so far, K1s have long waiting times in between stages, and can take a long time to be finalized: during that waiting time, could I petition and use a J1 visa to work in the US for the winter season? I apologize if this isn't the best place to ask but it's a pretty specific question and googling told me I can apply for 2 visas at the same time, but not if I'm free to enter and work in the US while waiting on a K1. Thank you! submitted by /u/moonshine_fox21 [link] [comments] source https://ww

US Citizen looking to return home for short trip from Ontario

Hoping to find some advice on travelling to the US from Toronto. I'm an American citizen who is in Toronto on a working visa, looking to return home to Philadelphia for a short trip to see my family at the end of July. My boyfriend, a UK citizen, is also looking to come. We recently heard that Canadians are able to enter the US by air. I also read that my boyfriend may be able to come since he has been in Toronto for 6 months and hasn't travelled anywhere else and we've been quarantined. Does anyone have any more credible information on this? Or maybe know where to direct me? Any advice helps, thanks! submitted by /u/FalafelWrap97 [link] [comments] source

Is it legal for a company to furlough you until your EAD arrives?

I'm on O-1B visa that is expiring on September. I have a pending AOS through marriage (70 days and counting) so I'm waiting for my combo card to continue working. I never required an EAD to work with my employer hence I'm applying for a fresh EAD card (i had one as a student that expired a decade ago tho). While my boss is 100% on board writing a letter to expedite my EAD (explaining how my work interruption can cause the company thousands of dollars), we're also thinking what to do if my card STILL doesn't arrive on time. My boss told me that they can furlough me until my EAD arrives. Is this my best option right now? submitted by /u/Sehnsucht_13 [link] [comments] source

TN visa at Pearson without a flight booked.

I'm close to getting a job offer in the US. I'm not sure if I will get the TN visa. Can I go to Pearson airport to get the visa without a flight being booked? I'm worried I will miss the flight due to not having the TN approved. submitted by /u/Shoddy-Lingonberry-4 [link] [comments] source

Travel domestically while AOS

I struggle to find an official explanation on any government website. Can you travel domestically while waiting for your green card? My status says waiting for interview. I don’t want to jeopardize my status, but also wondering if I am allowed to explore this beautiful country. Thanks submitted by /u/GigiKaydo [link] [comments] source

Received my EAD card am I able to get my social security number or do I need to wait for whenever they decide to reopen

Offices have been closed since March and don’t look like they are reopening anytime soon. Has anyone received a new ssn during the COVID pandemic and if so could they explain what they did to receive it submitted by /u/Dv22055 [link] [comments] source

Help getting an F1 appointment...

I'm working with a friend to get an F1 student visa, and we finally completed the I-20 form, but we just found out... There's no interview appointments going on in Germany. And our request to get an emergency appointment was denied. Is there anything we can do to get this visa in time for the fall semester? We're desperate... submitted by /u/EinNormalerChemiker [link] [comments] source

two law firms gave different versions of E2 visa requirements

I am a Canadian interested in the E2 investors visa to start a new business in the US. I contacted two law firms and got two different versions of the requirements. Before I pay another law firms consulting fee to get a third opinion I thought I'd see if anyone on Reddit can offer help. The first law firm said that I do not need a location yet for the new business. They said I could apply with no location set. After I get the visa I can go to the US to select a location and set the store up. The second law firm said that to set up a new business I need to show significant risk to my investment. Before I can even apply for the visa I have to go down to the US, select a location, sign lease, pay rent, completely set up store and hire staff. Then I can apply for a visa. If I do not do that I will be declined by the US consulate. which of these is correct? thanks for any help submitted by /u/Smiling_Banana [link] [comments] source

Can I adjust status from B1 to H-1B ?

I am in USA on B1 visa. But can't leave USA due to covid condition. 3 yrs ago, I left USA without using H-1B fully (1 yr I did NOT use and have I-140 approved). Now, as I can't leave USA due to covid, can I claim my un-used H-1B. I did read the below statement in one of the topics. "Apply for a change of status to B with form I-539. Once approved, you can change back to a work visa status again with the I-129." submitted by /u/practicalperson77 [link] [comments] source

Do I have to quit my job to do an online master's course?

I got admission to a US university to do a full-time MS CS course. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, I will not be able to get my visa before I start the course as you normally would. However, I will be holding an F1 status (correct me if I am wrong) regardless of the start date of my course. Is it legal for me to continue my full-time job and pursue my Masters (on F1 status) in parallel until I get my visa stamping? Or would I have to risk quitting my job and start my course remotely prior to my visa stamping? submitted by /u/divithreddyg [link] [comments] source

As an international student graduating from Harvard Business School with an MBA, in what fields are you allowed to start a business in?

Generally if you are on F-1 student visa you can work on OPT and then on H1B if you graduate from a university in USA. You can also start your own business in America if it's in the same field as your major. But what if you study in a business school. Your area of study is business so does that mean you can start a business in ANY field in USA? What do international students usually do after they graduate from Harvard Business School with their MBA? submitted by /u/akaaaa12 [link] [comments] source

Can I compete in chess tournaments with prizes as an F1 student?

If yes, do I have to report when I pay the registration fee? Do I have to report winnings if I win? And do I have to pay taxes on winnings? submitted by /u/ImportantSeries0 [link] [comments] source

Can K1 be eventually considered as mission critical?

Hello, just want to say thanks in advance for reading my post. Maybe I'm in too over head my with this. Recently the Embassy has included spousal visas as mission critical and started doing interviews for them again. So is it possible for K1, which is a visa to become the spouse of a US Citizen within 90 days, to be considered as "mission critical"? Would we be able to write a letter of appeal to Dept. of State or whosoever, regarding this concern? submitted by /u/LifeIsSufferingxoxo [link] [comments] source

H1B suspension, Merit based H1B system and STEM OPT concerns.

I'm not sure if this post belongs here, but I'm not sure there's another platform like Reddit where I can get a candid response without being called a bunch of names. I was supposed to start my Master's degree in a really good University this fall but due to the uncertainty, I'm not sure I can. I will be starting on an F-1 visa and there are a lot of rumours about the STEM OPT program being canned, possibly. With the suspension of H1B and the possibility of a Merit-based H1B system, this will probably hinder mine, and thousands of others' plans of paying back the huge investment on a degree in the US and the possibility of a reasonable amount of savings before moving back. There a lot of US citizens who say that immigrants really helped the economy and that US is a country for immigrants. There are also citizens who immediately attack you on any public forum when you try to understand the effects of the new EO by saying things like "If we employ 3rd world,


Does anyone know if there’s an official way to give up your DV selection? submitted by /u/MCM-M [link] [comments] source

TN Visa as a Clinical Research Coordinator

Hi there, I am entering school in the US under F1 status with an I-20 and my spouse would be eligible to enter with F2 status as we are both Canadians. I was wondering what the best option for her as a clinical research coordinator (she has a BS in biology) would be - is a TN visa (after embassies and consulates open?) possible with this type of a job? I imagine she would eligible to work as a clinical research manager as well. Thanks for the help. submitted by /u/bigheadweeze [link] [comments] source

O1 Visa RFE based on Coronavirus

Just thought of leaving here that my O1 visa has received an RFE on two fronts relating to Covid-19: 1 they want confirmation from employers that my work itinerary is unchanged despite the pandemic; 2 they want pay stubs (or any pay records) from the last 6 months to proof that I've maintained my status (I'm currently an O1 holder although this is a petition with a new agent). I am working with my lawyer on this but any tips will be appreciated. And anyone applying for O1s right now should consider strengthening these points as USCIS seems to be double checking how the pandemic has impacted you. They referred on the RFE to "publicly available information" to justify their doubts. submitted by /u/plankrin [link] [comments] source

Is EB2-NIW excluded from the June 22 EO?

June 22 EO says the following. Do you know if this means that EB2-NIW cases can receive visa right now, or need to wait until the end of the year? Thank you. 3.(b) The suspension and limitation on entry pursuant to section 2 of this proclamation shall not apply to: (iv) any alien whose entry would be in the national interest as determined by the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or their respective designees. submitted by /u/SnooMarzipans4849 [link] [comments] source

Can you travel with a i-797c?

So my wife will have to file her I-751 removal of conditions. Now I know with coronavirus going on, the U.S citizens/residents wont be able to travel at the moment, but let's pretend we can travel. Can my wife travel outside the country with her expired green card and the I-797c form? submitted by /u/SgtBigPigeon [link] [comments] source

Could having a meme page put my Visa at risk now that the US checks our social media profiles?

I have a Instagram page wife I post Star Wars memes and was wondering if this could put my Visa at risk. In case it helps, this is the page: submitted by /u/bobathehut [link] [comments] source

CBP Officer

Could anyone give me advice working as a CBP Officer? From my research, I have found that you can't turn 40 years old before your application gets referred. I'll be 40 in November. I am scheduled to take the entrance exam July 11th. Will I still qualify? I have no run ins with the law and my background is clean. The only thing that concerns me is my credit history. Me and my wife separated for 4 years and I let some bills get behind. I have no tax or federal debt and my credit score isn't the greatest. However I will graduate with a BS in Secuirty Management next month. When I applied I was advised that I may enter at GS-7 salary. I know the hiring process could be anywhere from 1-2 years, so I ask should I pursue going to take the entrance exam or should I just give up based on my credit history? Any advise would be great! Thank You! submitted by /u/diehardbrave [link] [comments] source

i765 form expired?

Can I use the form listed here for renewal ? ​ In the upper right corner it says the form expires 05/31/2020. Would the renewal be denied? submitted by /u/random869 [link] [comments] source

For a Friend- Undocumented Parents

Hi, I’m posting here because there isn’t anyone I can talk to irl. A while ago, my best friend (20F) admitted to me she thinks/knows her parents overstayed their visa. As far as she’s told me, her understanding of the situation isn’t crystal clear, due to not fully discussing it with her parents/ a slight language barrier as she is not fluent fully in her native language. My friend is an American citizen- born & raised here. Still, she worries about her family, and recently this has come up as she was starting to apply for a security clearance. She still lives with her family, and her family immigrated from China (as we are in the US, this is more concerning from a national security stempoint). I’m coming here to see if anyone had advice for her regarding the security clearance, or about her parents applying for a green card. I’d be happy to answer most questions to the full extent of my knowledge and thanks so much for your help! Please let me know if there is a better place t


Please someone help me out, I used to drive for uber eats in my country, so i have been driving for uber eats in the US for about 3 weeks now until i came across a post online that i am not authorised as f1 student to do so. I requested cancellation of my uber eats account immediately and i have stopped. ​ I want to know if i will later get into trouble for the 3 weeks of working for uber eats later on, and what can i do not to get into trouble? submitted by /u/dave_66 [link] [comments] source

F-2 in AOS process and approved EAD

Have F-2 visa (F-1 dependent), physically in the US. Applied for green card on early February and received EAD. Question as follows: If EAD is used (i.e. start working using EAD), does this imply that underlying F-2 status is lost? I.e. in case of green card denial, does this imply being out of status and having to depart the US? I know that the above is true for F-1. Also is true if F-2 enters on Advance Parole. But not sure about F-2 working under EAD which normally cannot work at all. submitted by /u/bomberb17 [link] [comments] source

H4 extension required?

I need your advice on this! My husband's H1b will be terminated next month, and he is going to apply for new h1b (transfer) with new employer next month as well. We are going to apply for premium process, but not sure how long it would take. In this case, Do I need to file i539 together? If I don't file it, am I going to be out of status right after termination date? Or I will be in grace period? Thank you so much in advance. submitted by /u/ellie9011 [link] [comments] source

TN or E-3?

Hi all. I am one of many folks blindsided by the executive order last week. My company was in the process of an L-1A application to move me to the US but couldnt get it done in time. now we are evaluating other options. I am a dual citizen of Australia and Canada. We have a call with my company’s lawyer tomorrow to discuss our options, but wanted to ask a few questions in the meantime. E-3 Am I right to assume it is a waste of time to peruse the E-3 path right now? Even though I meet all of the requirements of the visa, I can’t get an interview because the consulates are closed. Is it a safe assumption that consulates will be massively backlogged when they do reopen? Currently the Toronto consulate is showing an 8 day wait for non immigrant visas on the department of state website. Is this a mistake? The consulate page itself says visa processing is suspended. Random question but am I still able to hold my nexus card as a canadian citizen with an E-3? TN Forgive me for being vag

Marriage green card situation

Hello all, There’s a lot of great info here but i haven’t been able to find the answer to my specific question: My husband (alien, living in NYC) and I (US citizen) got married in December, and began the process of applying for his green card. We have the pro bono help of a law firm, and I think we submitted the app in January. We received confirmation that the application was accepted. My husbands artist visa expired in March. Right before the pandemic shut downs in March, my husband got a few notices in the mail for his biometrics appointment, but they were canceled. No word since then. Our lawyer is also MIA. We want to get out of the city but are scared we’ll miss the biometrics mail if we’re not at home for a few weeks. I have a bit of anxiety about the whole situation, but my specific questions are: are the offices that schedule biometric appointments even open and operating right now? And if so, is it possible to check online if a biometrics appointment has been scheduled?

Is it normal for an O-2 visa holder trying to move to an O-1

For example: Manager (O2) and Musician (O1) working together in the states. The manager is solely allowed there and restricted to only work with that musician. If the manager seemed to be offered more work out in the US from US clients they wouldn't be able to take it legally but if they moved to the O1 would this be possible? And is this common? submitted by /u/SpellNo [link] [comments] source

Green Card Lottery

I am have a Bachelor's degree (Mechanical engineering) from India and plan to pursue my Master's in Science in the United States. I know that the usual route for Indians is student visa and on completing the degree, a H1B visa. However, I was born in England(I hold an Indian passport-not a British citizen) and someone told me that I could apply for a EB visa through England's allotment in the Green Card lottery. How true is this statement? If yes, what should I do to ensure that I qualify for it? If no, please guide me to further reading on the matter for my better understanding. Thanks a lot. submitted by /u/kemmel_straight [link] [comments] source

US employment rights?

Those of us H1Bs, Js or affected by travel restrictions with contracts which (I assume) start in the fall, what legal rights do employment contract holders have to protect us more or less being laid off suddenly? Has anyone already had this experience? Many people have left their old jobs in the EU / UK / Asia to prepare for moving and I wonder if a lot of people in this sub are just going to be left without work when September comes around. submitted by /u/londonthrowawayniv [link] [comments] source

How early should I start applying for jobs for OPT?

I will be graduating in May 2021 and am planning to look for entry level jobs in the biotech industry. How early should I start applying for jobs? I was thinking about November this year. submitted by /u/Weakness_Key [link] [comments] source

US Citizens already within EU denied travel

Just thought I would share this here as it was suggested in a thread a few days ago that US citizens already within the EU would have no issue travelling between open countries. My husband and son just got denied trying to board a flight to Barcelona from the UK. I (a British citizen) was with them but no budge. Spain has been open since June 21 to EU countries but they were denied based on citizenship. They haven’t been in the US since February. submitted by /u/vanilla-ghost [link] [comments] source

Small companies vs Large companies for OPT —> H1B

For a person who is looking to get OPT and possibly H1B sponsorship in the future, is it better to focus on searching for jobs in large companies or small companies? submitted by /u/babywhite30 [link] [comments] source

HR asking to travel back to US from India amidst Covid crisis

Hello all. I am an H1B visa holder currently stuck in India since Feb 2020. I finish my 180 day period on July 31st and my HR has asked me to make a trip back to the US before that to avoid tax implications. I am extremely scared of travelling as its a 24 hour flight and my family is also very tensed. Can someone please guide me on what are these implications and is there a way to avoid them? Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you. submitted by /u/vks1212 [link] [comments] source


hi guys, i am a 24 yo man. I am Indonesian. I have no special skills. But i want to immigrate to america to make a better living for my daughter (she’s 4). how can i do that? and do u guys have any suggestions what city should i live in usa (considering job vacancy, life cost, education, healthcare)? submitted by /u/tuhan-demit [link] [comments] source

Flying to Mexico

My husband and I are currently in Europe and have a valid L1 visa. We’d like to go back to the US by going to Mexico first and then head back to the States. What are potential risks / concerns we should be aware of? submitted by /u/Jobaur27 [link] [comments] source

Flagpoling for TN visa without quarantine?

I am a Canadian citizen who is set to start my job in the US using a TN visa in approximately 1 month. I am currently within the US as a visitor. I would like to avoid having to do a 2 week quarantine in Canada and was wondering if there was any way I could apply at a POE and be allowed to instantly enter the US. For reference I plan on applying at Peace Arch in Blaine Washington. submitted by /u/joshd018 [link] [comments] source

Can my British husband come to the US during Covid?

Hi y’all, I can’t find this information anywhere, are spouses exempt from the travel ban? I’m a US citizen, my husband is British. Currently his paperwork for his green card is at the embassy in London and we’re prepping for his interview (whenever they reopen and schedule it lol... at this point after waiting a year and half this feels like a joke the gov is playing on us). I’m wondering if it’s possible for him to fly here to visit for about a month? We haven’t seen each other in over 6 months and I’m deeply missing him. I just moved into our new apartment and I want him here for this. Any help would be fantastic thank you! submitted by /u/blakeco123 [link] [comments] source

To those affected by the EO but have secured employment in the US, how are your companies handling the situation?

I have an approved H1B transfer petition and was waiting for visa stamping before this EO hits. Have no way to reenter the US now and begin my employment. Is anyone in the same shoes? I recon my company will transfer me to a different office until the ban is lifted. submitted by /u/Sharkiex1838 [link] [comments] source

I-130 Approval and then Reopen

Has anyone that received an approval ever gotten a reopen right after? I got my I-130 approved about 3 months ago and out of nowhere they just sent me a notice for the case being reopened. Should I be worried? submitted by /u/xmen1228 [link] [comments] source

So I just got married a week ago to my girlfriend (citizen) in order to get my green card. I found a lawyer willing to do the process. The immigration fees are $1800 (which I'm sure it is) but he's charging $3500 for HIS fee. Is he ripping me off? Is there a way I can get someone to do it cheaper?

submitted by /u/lucasmahrk [link] [comments] source

Quick Immigration Services

Hey everyone! I've lived in the U.S. for the past 10 years, currently undergoing a green card application with my lovely wife. Throughout the process, I had so many questions about the process, and some issues we've been having. Unfortunately, trying to find answers to simple questions regarding immigration, seems almost impossible! Most immigration lawyers don't offer quick 15 minute free consultations. All I wanted to do, was to find the answer to a simple question, and put my mind at ease! I know that my frustration is not my own, and is shared by many of us who are going through the immigration process here in the U.S. We are looking to create a new online service, that provides 15 minutes to 30 minute consultations, for a monthly fee. You would be able to ask any questions to an immigration lawyer, for a fee of just 24.99 a month! I'd love to know your thoughts on using a service like this. submitted by /u/benaffleks [link] [comments] source htt

Anyone received their EAD without having any biometric records?

Will USCIS waive the biometric requirement for EADs (such as pending I-485) if the applicant has no biometric records in any ASC? Or will they withhold the approved EAD until the applicant is fingerprinted? submitted by /u/DesolateAbomination [link] [comments] source

Married to US citizen when switching visas

If someone currently on a J1 visa and is not subject to two year home country requirement wants to switch to a J1 clinical visa, would marriage to a US citizen hurt them? I am a US citizen and my fiancé wants to start a residency program next year, so if we marry while he is still J1 research would that impact his chances of getting the J1 clinical even though he would have matched and have ECFMG sponsorship? Does the concept of immigrant intent matter inside the US or only at embassies? Would they turn him down for the J1 clinical because he is married to a citizen? Or are things different for physicians? If he does get the J1 clinical, would an embassy turn him down when we travel abroad and he goes to get it stamped since he would be married to a citizen? submitted by /u/Pearl_Tree_1 [link] [comments] source

I am wondering what else I can add to have bona fide evidence (Cali)

Been together 2-3 years. Planned on getting married but did not know when, because virus is shutting everything down scared us into doing it quickly in courthouse(scheduled for this coming week). I heard because of the new spike of virus cases they may recommend shutting everything down AGAIN. -Opened a joint bank account 2 years ago -Added spouse to health insurance a year ago -Live together for 2 years and 2 different locations and have mail from bank and insurance to prove it -Traveled together several times and have tickets -3 years worth of photos of traveling and living together -Lots of chat from apps -No way to add her to any util bills as far as I can tell, but she has no income anyways -List each other as beneficiaries and emergency contacts Spouse never met my family but I am kind of estranged from my family, no hate or love perfectly normal family just never talk together. I am not sure if that is a red flag or if I should even mention that in interview, but I hav

Australia PR Question - Has EOI Selection Stopped?

Hi all! I was checking on my EOI the other day and it seems that there haven't been any EOI selections for the state sponsored or skilled worker PR in Australia since April. I assume that it got stopped because of COVID, but is there any news as to when it will start again. I tried to search whether immigration has stopped, but can't seem to find anything in the news. submitted by /u/supergeek2727 [link] [comments] source

Which office has a faster processing time?

Hi all. I filled for 2 I-130(wife is here, also filled I-485, and the other I-130 is for my mother) in NYC. Me and my wife thinking to move to DC or DMV area. My question is. Does DC have a faster processing time (obviously we gonna change the address) or Fairfax County has a faster processing time? Has anyone filled above forms from one of of the above places? I assume it is much faster than NYC? submitted by /u/jafar15 [link] [comments] source

Automatic Revalidation (F1)

Hi! Does anyone have a list of the Caribbean islands that automatic revalidation on expired F1 visa is accepted? I am from the Caribbean and I just want to know if I am allowed to go home for under 30 days for important matters. I can’t find a list anywhere? All I know is Cuba is not included. Thanks! submitted by /u/idkwhatidkwhat [link] [comments] source

US citizen in Brazil

This might not be the right place for this question so if anyone can guide me there please do. I’m from the USA and my fiancé is from Brazil. We applied for the K-1 fiancé visa and are just waiting to hear back (it’s been 4 months). Anyway we are living in Brazil right now so that we can be together while we wait to be approved. Next month will be 6 months for me here in Brazil. I’ve read online that tourists can only stay a maximum of 180 days here in Brazil but that was when visas were required for US citizens (which changed last year - they’re no longer required). Anyway does anyone know if I’m allowed to stay longer? What do I need to do? And what is the penalty if I stay over 180 days? I’ve been trying to call places and read online but have had no luck. Everyone just keeps giving me new numbers to call. No one seems to know. I’m getting desperate because I don’t want to go home without my fiancé because he can’t come to the USA right now and we don’t want to be a part not knowin

Opt out F1 to F2B

Hello, everyone. I just became a U.S. citizen and this week l received the WL from NVC for my son. He is in Colombia, and his currently category is F2B but according to my knowledge his category will change automatically after my naturalization to F1. Anyway, l want my son to keep his F2B so far. However, l am not sure if this category could suffer a visa retrogress in the future due to all these "stranger things" situation: EO, COVID-19, furloughs, etc. and l would like to wait the opt out of F1 just in case. My question is: how long does NVC to approve an opt out of F1? Then USCIS? l want to be as prepared as possible and make the best decision so he can immigrate as soon as possible. Any suggestions? TIA submitted by /u/JanettLayne [link] [comments] source

Anyone know when US Consulates will open up?

I’m making the risky move to leave the US on my F-1, currently on OPT, but need to renew the F-1 in my passport. Any idea when they’ll re-open? submitted by /u/toothpastie007 [link] [comments] source