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Getting warned of last time able to enter US with VWP. Is this true ??

Hello guys, My girlfriend from Taiwan just came visit me with a VWP status. We both know that VWP allow for 90 days staying here in US and she planned to stay for 86 days. This is the second time she came to visit me after 6~7 months. She got pulled into the room and got investigated like most people did. She did not lie and answer all of the question. At the end she was warned that this is the last time she able to enter with VWP. She saw that the officer wrote a heavy note on her profile. The first time she came visit she did stay slightly over 90 days due to Covid and flight cancellation. I believe she only stay 97 or 100 days for that reason. And we also filed the extension of stay per USCIS guideline on their websites. The custom at the border said she is trying to challenge the law by stepping close the the red line of 90 days every time. She also give prove of her departure flight. I’m so irritated because 90 days is the permission of stay and we did no try to break it. Why gi

Which state(s) have no Covid-19 social distancing rules?

Hi, Planning to visit the US by the end of the year from the UK. Just wondering, which areas (if any) have abolished social distancing rules? Ideally I want to go to fully opened nightclubs etc. in the US when I visit. Cheers! submitted by /u/LZYJME [link] [comments] source

I’m on F1 visa and mom is marrying a citizen

I’m from a south Asian country studying as an undergrad in US on F1 . Mom is marrying a citizen and immigrating with my sister to US. I would need to renew my visa for masters in the US again in 3 years. I was wondering if it would affect my chances of getting my visa approved because of “roots in home country”. Just worried and trying to figure things out submitted by /u/pewpewpewpew12345678 [link] [comments] source

Too many previous address to remember…is this an issue??

On the I-130A we will need to list all of my husband’s addresses of the last 5 years. During two of those years, he was serving a voluntary church mission in another country (different from either of ours) and lived at so many addresses across four provinces there- some for as little as 3 weeks and some for up to 6 months. He can generally remember which city he was in for which time period, but not the specific addresses. Will this be a problem? How should I tackle this in the paperwork? Also would this service be something to list under his previous employment even if he wasn’t paid, since that’s literally all he did during those 2 years? submitted by /u/cobija126 [link] [comments] source

Looking to transfer a J1 visa to… “ “

Me and my girlfriend are looking at different ways she could stay longer in the US, her visa will be expiring the 7 of September. Does anyone know a visa she could apply to transfer/extend her stay in the US? Be an educational visa or anything we would be ready to do. Thank you very much, submitted by /u/CaetanoGalliG [link] [comments] source

Automatic Visa Revalidation Question! Need help!

I am currently on my second O-1B visa. I received an approval notice for my petition on Sept 15th, 2021. My previous O-1B expired on August 31st, 2021. I submitted by petition for renewal/extension on June 30th (2 months before expiration), but received approval on 15th September. I am currently in possession of my approved I-797. I intend to travel to Mexico for three days in November. Questions: Do I qualify for Automatic Visa Revalidation? Does the gap in expiry of the previous visa and approval of the new one (5 days) create an issue? I asked CBP directly and this statement has me confused: “Be in possession of a valid I-94 which must show an unexpired period of initial admission or extension of stay.” Can anyone shed light on what this statement means and whether I qualify for AVR? submitted by /u/Ok-Nefariousness7455 [link] [comments] source

Online i-130 photo requirement

" Make sure your whole face is visible, you are facing the camera directly, and the background is white or off-white. Your head must be bare, unless contrary to your religious beliefs. Also, include an image of the back of the photograph with your name and A-Number written in pen or pencil. " Is this part necessary if it is filed online. It feels like it is written for when these form was sent by mail. Thank your help. submitted by /u/victoriagregorio [link] [comments] source

PR portal credentials

Hi, I recently got the email about approval of permanent residence application and IRCC requested some info for pr confirmation portal. I did sent everything and they replied me within 24 hours with email with a link to portal but there are no login credentials provided in it. Subject of the email i received from IRCC: NEW case created under your account Please help!!Thanks in advance!! submitted by /u/abhishekk12 [link] [comments] source

Questions about immigration from the Philippines to the United States

I have a girlfriend of 4 years who lives in the Philippines me and her are planning to get married but I'm quiet confused about how she could permanently move here? Is it possible for her to become a us citizen? I've done a little bit of research but I was wondering if any of you have experiences in this! submitted by /u/Ezio1515 [link] [comments] source

Lost USCIS docs

I switched lawyers around June and my new lawyer didn’t give me much information on my case I decided to look my case status ion the USCIS site and it said that some documents where sent and it was delivered to my previous lawyers office. I called them and they said they did receive some papers but since they weren’t on our case anymore that they sent back my documents. I then contacted my current lawyer and he said that he’ll look into it and they contacted my old lawyer. My old lawyer then said that they didn’t receive anything and now we don’t know where my documents are at. I’ve been in the process of obtaining a work permit for about 5 years and at the moment where I live it’s hard to look for jobs on the low. I’m about to be 21 with no stable job so this is kinda urgent. Is there any other method to find where my documents went because my lawyer said I have to pay again for them to send the papers back. I could do it if it was just me but I’m in a group with my family for gettin

L1-B submitted, potential role change (UK to US)

I'm looking for some guidance on which is perhaps a bit of an unusual situation. My employer recently filed my L1-B petition, I'm now waiting for the interview. Everything was delayed due to the travel restrictions so I'm still working in my previous role from the UK for the time being even though I accepted and signed my offer in July. My company now wants me to take on a different role due to some people leaving the business segment I currently work for. This role would be a higher level with more pay and more responsibilities although the title and job contents would be largely similar. Since another part of the business has been sponsoring my visa there are some internal politics going on behind the scenes. What I am interested in is as to how this would affect the current petition. As I said, title and content would be similar, the specialized knowledge as well. Would my employer have to file a new petition considering this role does offer a higher salary and has sli

What's the difference between conditional residency and permanent residency in the US?

Hi all! I'm attempting to learn more about immigration law in the US to help my extended family, but as you all probably know it's VERY complex, so I'm having some issues with all the technicalities. Currently, I'm trying to discern the differences between conditional residence and permanent residence. I found this article on a lawyer's website that outlines them pretty well, but it's the only thing I've found this in depth, so I have nothing to compare it to.... Just wondering if there's an immigration lawyer or anyone else here who can confirm these details or just even give me a simple explanation! Thank you in advance!! Here's the article! #immigrationlaw submitted by /u/Burreaux_Heaux9 [link] [comments] source

H1b amendment filing under process

Hello, My H1B amendment is not yet filed, it's in the final stage of approval right now. But my initial petition kicks off on 1st October, what can I expect in this situation. The amendment will be filed within 1 or 2 days. Thanks submitted by /u/totorotututu [link] [comments] source

Parents over 65 Healthcare in US

I’m looking for advice and best practices on how to take care of my 65+ parents who are retired and moving to the US on green cards (I am a US citizen sponsoring their green cards). They have not worked in the US and not paid any SS contributions. They will be living in a property I am buying for them (I will own it and they will be my tenants). At this moment their health is stable and they do not need any supervision/ nursing services. My dad does take heart medications so he cannot be uninsured. For context, I live in NY and they will live either in NY or NJ. What are my options for healthcare insurance? What are some best practices? Can they be claimed as dependents if we do not live together? Looking for personal anecdotes and advice! submitted by /u/personofinterest876 [link] [comments] source

ESTA after visa denial from a long time ago

I’m going to do the ESTA this weekend but wanted to check if I have a glimmer or hope or not. I need encouragement, US immigration stresses me out. :) Context: I was denied a B1/2 visa under 214(b) (insufficient ties) in 2004. I was 24 and just met my then boyfriend now husband (American citizen). I agree back then our case looked sketchy. :) Since then I have been granted 2 separate B1/2 visas (one for 2 years the other for 10 yrs) and my employer also sponsored me for an L1-B, which expired of June this year. Well, it wasn’t extended after the initial 3 years as due to Covid I no longer need to work form the States, still with company though. I entered about 9 times on this visa, never violated any conditions. What are my chances of getting an ESTA approved with this history? :) To add, when I applied for tourist visas my country was not yet in the VWP, so I had to. This would be my first ESTA. The embassy where I am currently does not process non-immigrant visas due to Covid, so

Anyone get divorce When you hold 2 years GC and get 10 years GC after divorce?

It's really long story,I really feel if I keep staying with him in the marriage that I will get mental issues. One year ago,I didn't have EAD either GC,I didn't work( I used to want to work and get cash,but he didn't allow me to do it and I didn't have a DL) so I was the only one who was spending money and not making money. I used to spend less than 200 dollars per month for myself,even as a military spouse,I get 300 dollars from the military) Once a day,the Valentines Day was coming,so I came up an idea,I wanted to spend 5 dollars to buy a shiny cup for my mother in law. When my husband saw the cup,it costed 5 dollars,he was freaking out in the car,he punched the steering wheel and said:why do you always spend so much money?I was shocked and got off the car,kept crying in the parking lot)then he hugged me and apologized to me. We returned the cup after that. I thought everything is fine,everything is over. Until recently,he came back from TDY,so We are staying tog

EB3 Employment Based GC

Hi, I am currently in the green card process, employment based, EB3. I have a L1 visa that is expiring middle of next year. PERM approval pending. I’ve been trying to understand how the process is once I140 and I485 are submitted. Am I allowed to travel outside of the US before I485 is approved? Do I need advanced parole to do so? If the visa expires and I485 is pending, do I need to leave? Or how does it work? Thanks! submitted by /u/yesthatismesilly [link] [comments] source

Humanitarian Parole for Afghans

So we applied for humanitarian parole for my uncle and his wife and kids in Afghanistan around September 17th. I called into the USCIS office last friday and after hours of waiting finally got some answers. They told me that every Afghanistan case is currently getting expedited without the need for requests. Also it takes 7-9 USCIS business days to process applications to get a definitive answer back from them. Still have yet to hear anything though. Anyone else in here with this same issue? submitted by /u/BigCeo23 [link] [comments] source

My girlfriend (UK) is flying to be with me (US) permanently. What does she need to do?

The travel ban is lifting in November, & she'll be flying to the United States to start the process of becoming a citizen. We intend to get married & for her to live with me. If anyone would be able to shed some light on the steps that we need to take, we'd both be really grateful. We've done a fair amount of research, but it all seems very complicated. submitted by /u/StarkingHound [link] [comments] source

Can a GPA of 2.0 fetch admission for MS in US in Finance

Which colleges in US give admissions for MS in Finance colleges with graduation score of 51% (from an A Grade Indian college) ? Do the odds rise with a high GRE score & getting good score in certified courses ? Is the competition for MS in HCI/UiUx less than that of Finance, as that's my second option submitted by /u/twa8u [link] [comments] source

NZ work visa holder and leave without Pay

Just wondering if there are any restrictions around how long you can be on a leave without pay if you are on an essential work visa in NZ if the employer alright with the leave? I am curious about the tax and income requirements as the work visa would have approved on these conditions. My question in plain words will be-: Can someone on a 3 year essential work visa go on Leave without pay for ,say, 30 months and come back and resume? Will it affect their tax residency? Will the next visa application be impacted? PS: I know there are some recent chnages around mass residency approvals etc. My question is around the normal scenario. Thanks in advance for all comments. submitted by /u/ajamezn [link] [comments] source

Best way to join the US armed forces as a foreigner WITHOUT a green card

To keep this as brief as possible, I am an engineering student from northern Europe. I am very interested in joining in the US armed forces, but unfortunately, I don't live in the US and I don't have a permanent residence permit (green card). I am currently 21 years old. What would be the fastest way for me to join the US military? As much as I appreciate banter, I'm only interested in serious responses. Thanks! submitted by /u/obi11kenobi [link] [comments] source

What type of visa for spouse of US citizen traveling shortly to the US

My spouse is a usc and we live outside of the US. Our marriage license was issued in the states. I was on H1B back then. But ever since I quit my job and left the US, which invalidated my H1B status, I have never had any US visa. I need to get into the states for a short period of time to visit her family. What type of visa should I apply for? It's not going to be an immigration visa as I have no intent for that. Will I get into any problem or flagged as a potential immigrant if I apply for a B-2 tourist visa? submitted by /u/xcsublime [link] [comments] source

My school won't give me the I20 until about 2 months before classes start

Would that be enough time to get a student visa? I thought you needed to have the visa 1 month prior to starting your studies and with covid I see my consulate has a ~139 days waiting time for a visa appointment. ​ Is this normal? Would I have to call the consulate to see if I can schedule an emergency appointment? Has anyone gone through this same experience? submitted by /u/mexcatolico [link] [comments] source

ADVICE NEEDED! F1 OPT Job starts at 90 unemployment day

The start date of my job got pushed one week and therefore it literally starts on the 90th day of the unemployment. I would like to avoid this situation but I only have one week. What else can I do if I can not find any volunteer opportunities to fill employment? submitted by /u/throwawayyyredditq [link] [comments] source

How do immigration check vaccination status upon arrival?

Traveling from Turkey to LAX next week. I am currently vaccinated from the UK. They do not offer cards as do the US, instead, it is an app on your phone. Will this work in the US? submitted by /u/kingleonidas883394 [link] [comments] source

Why don't us Americans with immigrant families lobby for Congress to pass friendlier family immigration laws?

Do we really think it's okay or remotely humane to be splitting families apart for months to years on end? Why can't we lobby Congress and put an end to these ridiculous immigration laws? Let's allow petitioners to allow their immediate family to live in the USA while their petition is processing. Don't tell me US immigration doesn't have the power to issue temporary protected status to families waiting. Give immigrants a court date/consulate date, and let the immigrants into the country while waiting for the processing. Please contact your senators and congressmen to lobby the laws. submitted by /u/ohiodylan [link] [comments] source

Waiting on a Spouse Visa While Pregnant

My fiancé (UK) and I (US) are planning to marry in December and file for an IR-1 spouse visa while he waits back in the UK. We just found out we’re pregnant, and now I’m concerned about the processing time for visas. If we’re due in May, that would be around 5 months between our wedding/the time we file and when the baby arrives. If the visa isn’t final by then, will he still be allowed to travel to America to be with me (as long as he plans to just visit)? Any suggestions for how to speed up a spouse visa in this situation? submitted by /u/MysteriousScallion9 [link] [comments] source

F1 visa with substantial juvenile record

Hello! I will be applying for my PhD in the US this coming year. I am at a top ranked UK institution and have received excellent grades. My supervisor (who has worked with student who got into grad school in the US) has said he thinks I am likely to get into a few very good grad schools. However my concern is when I was under 18 I got arrested a few times (pretty much all for simple battery, common assault and criminal damage). As such I have 2 convictions for those offences. I also got a youth caution for computer hacking, and was charged with a very serious assault (this was dropped as it was clear cut self defence). Since then I have not committed any further offences, and I have become a model citizen. I am now 22 years old for reference. Since my arrests/convictions were as a juvenile, and I was adjudicated as a juvenile, I see that I am not inadmissible. However I worry that I'll be denied a visa anyway (I've read that sometimes consular officers forget the specific law

Hi everyone. Quick question, my moms ead is expired in March and has received the i 765 for an extension of 180 days. Because of the covid and backlog, she hasn’t received EAD yet. And 180 days has already passed. Will she be able to work?

Any insight or advice you can share is great. submitted by /u/northmyr [link] [comments] source

Looking for recommendations for good immigration lawyers/sites? Wife wants to be able to Skype in on calls as she is in a different country right now

Is it better to work with a local attorney or is it just fine working with someone online? We are looking for help getting documents together for green card spousal visa information, etc. Thanks for your help. submitted by /u/fuckredditfuckredd [link] [comments] source

L-1 Visa - Do I qualify?

L-1 Visa - Do I qualify? I’ve been working for an American company which is a science equipment manufacturer for the last 2.5 years and am looking to transfer to the Pennsylvania area where they are located. (I am Canadian). I mentioned I’d like to move when the PA territory opened and they made some inquiries with our finance department about getting an L-1 visa. They told me it would very difficult to get me a visa because I require “specialized knowledge” to justify the move. I’ve looked up what that means and I am still finding it confusing. The girl who was in the role before me was from Saudi Arabia, she had started as a product specialist and then moved into sales. Other than a bit more knowledge in chemistry, myself and this other woman are pretty equally qualified. Does my specialized knowledge of how our equipment works and the science behind it all not count a “specialized knowledge the USCIS is looking for? Can any help me figure this out? I’m guessing they just don’

Have my Uncle in the US, want to immigrate

I am 21 and have my uncle in United States who is a US citizen. I want to go, have job and settle in the US. I am very new to this kind of Visa, green card, and immigration stuffs so please take easy on me if I say something hilariously wrong. The question is does he be able to call me from there as relatives and grant me the permission of getting the visa? Can anyone "please" explain where should we start, what forms we should fill. I just need some insight. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/alliomaeson [link] [comments] source

Can someone with a Tourist Visa Visit USA after sending I130

Good morning everyone, I am a Green Card holder and I have submitted an I130 for my wife (F2A). We had plans on her coming to visit me while we wait for her I130 process to move forward. I am in USA right now. Would she have any troubles at the airport? She has also submitted her DS260 before, as we were DV Lottery Winners but she couldn't complete her case (FTJ) in time, as the fiscal year is ending, and I did AOS. That is why we are doing I130 now. Would there be any issues? She has a valid B2 visa. But we don't want to risk her receiving a sanction of some sort. Thanks a lot! submitted by /u/kolopoi0 [link] [comments] source

My undergrad employer filed for Perm while on OPT, will I be approved for my grad school OPT & STEM OPT extension?

Hi everyone! Before I left for grad school, my undergrad OPT employer had applied for PERM for me, but after about a year or so, it fell through and was denied. My employer and lawyer refiled again, and am now waiting on the prevailing wage determination. I am currently in grad school - will be graduating Spring 2022, and am worried that my OPT will not be approved because of that. Hoping for some insights and advice if anyone knows what the situation here will be. On top of that, I will also be applying for STEM OPT this time around as well. Should I be worried that it will be a cause for denial? ​ I found these two links (about STEM OPT extension), one saying that it doesn't matter, and another one saying it does, so I'm really looking for some clarification here: First link: Second link:

I have a UK loan and moving to USA

I have a loan here in the uk that I pay off monthly. I am moving to the USA to get married in December and plan to keep paying the loan off through my uk bank account. I read on the terms and agreements for the loan that if you move out of the country they can ask for the full loan amount. My question is how would they know I left if I don’t tell them? I’m not looking to be judged here, I can’t pay the full amount off right now but can every month on this two year loan. Any issues that could arise? Thank you. submitted by /u/Snowman9000x [link] [comments] source

When is the application date for DV lottery this year?

I've check the site and all the information seems to be about DV-2022 which happened in 2020. With that I assume I should be looking for DV-2023 related date or article which none exist. Does anyone know the date for this year lottery? Thanks. submitted by /u/ake74 [link] [comments] source

DV lottery photo

I have entered the DV lottery a total of 7 times and have never been selected. Just yesterday I was browsing the official State Dept guidance on completing an application. It states that you must use a photo taken within the last 6 months and cannot use the same photo from a previous application. Rather carelessly, I hadn’t realised this. I’ve reused photos over and over, as well as using photos that have coloured backgrounds instead of the proper white background. Do you think this has affected the outcome of all these years’ applications? Do you think if I was drawn, that they would disregard it based purely on the photo? submitted by /u/serendipitous20 [link] [comments] source

Traveling to USA next week with K1 visa

Hello, all! Me and my fiance have been on our k1 journey since November 2019 and it's finally coming to an end. I'll be arriving to USA on October 8th and I have no idea what to expect at the Port of entry! I'm an easily nervous and anxious person and I would like to hear your experiences with the PoE. submitted by /u/marigoldtrigger [link] [comments] source

US Government Shutdown and Embassies/Consulates

Will the US Embassies/Consulates abroad shut down with the government at midnight tomorrow if an agreement isn't reached, or do they not get affected as immediately? submitted by /u/elle-cott0 [link] [comments] source

Processing times DS-5535 - Ireland

Hello, last week I completed my U.S. embassy appointment in Dublin Ireland to renew my visa. Previously I was on a L1 visa, but I’m moving to H-1B now. My interview was successful in the embassy and got approved for my new visa. Yesterday I receive an email stating that they want more information in the form of a DS-5535 form. This form took the best part of 5 hours to complete for me, and I submitted it right away. Has anyone got any processing times for this form? I was hoping to get my passport/visa back next week but I am very doubtful I’ll get it back by the. submitted by /u/ajmh1234 [link] [comments] source

Entering US on Immigration Visa, then leave again

I am a US citizen living with my husband in his home country right now. I had applied for family based green card for him and he received his immigrant visa earlier this year, and it expires in November. We had originally planned to return to the United States in the beginning of November before it expires. However due to a sudden change of his work, he might need to return to his home country again, most likely before he is able to receive his green card (which I understand would take a couple of months to arrive after we return to the US). I am trying to find out: 1. Is my husband allowed to leave the US before he can receive his green card? 2. Is there a minimum time requirement of how long he has to stay in the US before he is allowed to leave? 3. For example, if he only stays in the US for a few days in November,, then return to his home country to finish his work, then return to US again in December, would this be allowed? 4. Do I need to travel with him? Thank you for any adv

J1-Water spilled on passport

Long story short: everything readable, only empty pages got noticeable wet and now just look a bit wavy. is this an issue. Passport was in my bag, bottle opened. Got it out and dried it off. You can tell some pages were wet, these are a bit wavy. The visa page is fine, got to it quick enough that it looks like it water never got on that page , the passport page is 100% fine. The page with the stamp I got at the border is fine too I think, it’s slightly hard to tell if it says 17 aug or 7 aug but It might have always been like that, there are no stamps on any other pages. I’m in the us and I am going home for Christmas and coming back to the us after. Will this cause an issue? I’d appreciate any thoughts, panicking a lot. Edit: my entry is also recorded on an electronic I-94 so I don’t think the stamp matters submitted by /u/Competitive-Choice96 [link] [comments] source


Hi, I am asking behalf of my friend she was f2a category her husband out of country he tried past for tourist visa that was rejected. Now, they’re married so he wants to study here in USA is it possible to get student visa under I-130 processing? submitted by /u/Commercial_Chemist43 [link] [comments] source

Safest way to leave the US and attend interview in Ciudad Juarez?

Hello everyone, After years of waiting, my husband and I finally received an interview date at the Ciudad Juarez embassy! The appointment is next week the 7th. We are both currently in the US, he's a citizen and I'm a DACA recipient. I don't have any unlawful presence since I received DACA as a minor and have not let it lapse since. I am aware I am risking a lot by leaving and won't be able to come back with DACA (we did apply for AP, but haven't heard back yet and with only one weeks notice until the interview date it doesn't give us much time to ask for expedited processing). We did not apply for a waiver either. Our lawyer mentioned we could just take a flight from our local airport to the Juarez airport, and I shouldn't have issues there. However, we're a bit worried that they might question me due to not having a US visa or proper paperwork, and I'd rather avoid as many possible issues as possible. So we are thinking of flying to El Paso and

London to San Diego after travel ban

Hello, I heard the travel ban is being lifted for vaccinated citizens from the EU and other countries in early November. I am interested in visiting San Diego from London, and am currently in the process of filling out my ESTA. I am, however, not a UK citizen, merely studying here on a student visa myself, from a EU country. For the section of the ESTA asking for an address of home/residence, do I fill out my address that is listed as my residence address in my home country or the residence address here in London where I live as a student? Thank you! submitted by /u/diorqueen [link] [comments] source

I-130 Beneficiary’s Immediate Family: Do I include his stepchild through me (spouse petitioner)?

I’m filing the I-130 for my foreign spouse for the CR-1 spousal based green card. In the beneficiary’s immediate family section it asks about their spouse and children. I’m the spouse, and I have one child which is now the beneficiary’s stepchild. No other children involved. Do I put my (petitioner’s) child on my spouse’s (beneficiary’s) children information section? submitted by /u/cobija126 [link] [comments] source

I-864 Enforcement: Prenups Cannot Stop a Green Card Holder From Getting Financial Support From Their Sponsor

* This is completely fictional and only meant to explain some aspects of private 864 enforcement in an easy to understand format. * Lilly was very excited to marry Phillip and move to America. Phillip was going to sponsor her immigration to the US and Lilly would start a new life. Prior to getting married, Lilly was surprised when Phillip demanded she sign a prenuptial agreement. As part of that agreement, Lilly had to give up and waive all of her rights with regards to money, alimony or spousal support. She wasn't comfortable with this, but signed anyway because she wanted to marry Phillip and come to America. A few years later, Lilly has a green card and lives in the US, but things are going poorly with Phillip. He's abusive and difficult to live with. Lilly wants out, but feels trapped. Her English is poor and she doesn’t have a job or many marketable skills. Lilly knows that if she applies for many public benefits, Phillip's income will be deemed to her and she will

Not enough space on DS-160 /VCU1 forms

Hello, I will shortly be applying for a US visa. There isnt enough space on the VCU1 to fully explain everything, and I havent yet gone on the DS-160 ; am I allowed to type beyond the margin of the box or will it not count? submitted by /u/Apprehensive-Ear-968 [link] [comments] source

K1 applicant had med exam in home country, still needs vaccinations.

Hi there, My fiancé entered on a K1 and was required to take a medical exam before she was interviewed, but she chose not to take her required vaccinations at that time. She then received a paper saying she had to get a few vaccinations here in the US before adjusting her status. Will she need to get another medical exam done, or does she just need the vaccinations? Also, she had her first COVID vaccine in her home country and had her second shot here. Will we run into issues for this? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Darthsteve09 [link] [comments] source

Renewing TN status before 6 months

Is it possible to go to the border and get a new TN visa for the same job you are currently doing maybe 1 year to 10 months before the status expires? Reason is that I would like to apply for a new TN before filling i-140. submitted by /u/reactbooter [link] [comments] source

How can i get a visa to move to my Girlfriend that lives in Estonia?

I live in non EU country and my Girlfriend wants to get me a visa to move and live with her there , what's the requirements for it and the process ? and what kind of a visa i need for this ? submitted by /u/Sil007 [link] [comments] source

Waiting for an interview appt vs USTravelDocs

We received notice that we are documentarily qualified for a visa interview. The email said this: NVC will work with the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General in PORT AU PRINCE, HAT to schedule an interview appointment for you. Yet I am seeing things about people scheduling via USTravelDocs. I've made an account there but haven't filed for anything since I am a little confused. What should I be doing next? submitted by /u/needlestuck [link] [comments] source

Canadian Citizen needing a B1/B2 Visa for US CPA

Hey guys, I am new to this subreddit I decided to give it a shot. I am a Canadian Citizen. I did the US CPA (it is an American title to become a certified professional accountant). I passed my exams and now I am in the process of certification. The state board that I am applying for requires that I must have at least a combined b1/b2 visa. I told them that Canadians do not need a visa to enter the US, but the laws of the said state requires that licensed professionals of any order have an official B1/B2 visa. I processed my DS-160 to interview with the American embassy and explain my situation. Do you guys think I will be able to obtain the official visa to put in my passport for my CPA license requirement? What do you think? submitted by /u/yeslawd859423 [link] [comments] source

Waiting times for L-visa appointments?

Hi everyone. I need to apply for a L-visa for my work soon. However the US Embassy website indicates a wait time of 90 days (at Brussels, Belgium). Does anyone know how accurate these wait times are? Or if there’s a way to get an appointment sooner? Many thanks guys submitted by /u/idontlistentohiphop [link] [comments] source

Your case is being held for review (I-485 wife is the petitioner)

I am the beneficiary I had my interview yesterday The IO was cool asking few questions about us, ask few questions about the I-130 and I-130a form we filled, then needed the original of one particular document (which we brought at the interview) But at the beginning the IO told us that she won’t be able to take a decision since I said that my ex filed (K1 visa) for me back in 2006 and now the USCIS can’t retrieve anything about that information and they have to find out about that application in order for them to give a final decision But the thing is, she verbally told me she filed for me but, it seems like she never did (until we broke up somewhere in 2007) she was living in the US and I was in my home country and I was really young I didn’t know much about immigration Ever since I’ve been applying for my B1/B2 visa in 2014 and in 2019 I always include that my ex applied for me and I’ve been granted with 5 years B1/B2 visa each time The IO made me sign a paper saying my GC wil

Does USA vaccinate tourists?

I prefer to use the US vaccines as opposed to the EU submitted by /u/kingleonidas883394 [link] [comments] source

What is my wifes last name?

I know this might sound silly, but my wife is finally here in America with me after a year long i-130 process (woot!). The problem is I have no idea what last name she needs to legally use. For anonymity I will say her last name is Johnson and mine is Williams. ​ When we got married we wrote her last name down as a hyphenated version of our names on the marriage cert. So, Johnson-Williams is the last name we wrote on the marriage cert that we used to start the i-130 process. However on her visa and her Social Security card it's just Johnson. ​ Our bet is that we use what's on her SSN as her legal last name, but what does that mean for our marriage cert? Do we need to get a new one? ​ Sorry if this is a dumb question I just want to be 100% sure I'm doing everything right and legally. submitted by /u/ITquestionsForFriend [link] [comments] source

Put an expedite for I-765 and they’ve placed it under my I-485!!!

Has this happened to anyone? I’ve requested the expedite for EAD yesterday but they’ve placed it under my AOS application. I tried to put another expedite for the I-765 this morning but the agent couldn’t do it because the previous expedite request made over a month ago has been assigned to an officer. I didn’t even know one could request to expedite I-485 and even then I don’t think the reason for expediting the I-765 would fit the I-485 expedite. What happens now? Will my case be negatively affected? What a mess! submitted by /u/nathnath096 [link] [comments] source

Need to get my wife to the US as fast as possible.

Quick rundown. Wife is Chinese Married for 7 years Wife studied in America from 2009-2014 She lived in America for a total of 7 years Originally had a CR-1 visa (but ended up forfeiting it because we had to come to China) We moved to China in spring of 2016 We have 2 children now (3 y/o and 10 months old) Both children were born in China but are US citizens I am going back to the US in January 2022. I have a job lined up already for when I arrive so I can get straight to work. The plan is for me to go first, work, save up so more cash, find a place to live, get a car, and pretty much have everything ready for my family when the arrive so that it will be less of a hassle for their transition of moving abroad. Issue is that my wife doesn’t have a visa now. I have heard some cases that Chinese citizens are having to wait a very long time for the visa to be issued. Is this true? But really I am wanting to know this, am I able to get my wife back the US soon? If so, how? What is the qu

getting a job in the u.s. as a uk citizen

So i was just wondering what the procedures are for applying to a job in the states while im a citizen of the uk? can i just ask for an interview in the uk and if i get accepted do i then apply for a work permit or what? submitted by /u/TheMilkyHoe207 [link] [comments] source

Confirming appointment via phone

So, we moved recently. Yes, we updated our address with USCIS. We got a notification in the app a month+ after moving that our green card interview had been scheduled, and that we would be getting a letter in the mail with additional details. It has been 20 days and we haven't seen that letter yet. Is there some kind of way to reach a human being? I'm trying to gain access to our previous addresses mail to see if it came, but no dice. submitted by /u/nmcal [link] [comments] source

Interesting trend USA Dv lottery

Hi guys, So I have a question, I have noticed a trend of people that have won the US dv lottery, all of which are married and have children. I have personally spoken to 5 recipients of the green card lottery of which all said they are married with kids, I also have spoken to people that know of other people who have all the same lifestyle situation that won. My question to you is do you know of anyone that is single that have actually won the green card lottery. Thanks! submitted by /u/StockSoldier [link] [comments] source

NVC Processing Backed Up

Hello all, My husband and I have been waiting for NVC to review resubmitted documents for close to two months now. I also applied for an expedite because my husband managed to get an offer of employment. My family (husband, me, and, daughter) have been living in China. My question is this: my daughter and I are going to the US next month because her exit documents will expire. I’m wondering if there’s anything we can do to bring my husband to the US with us? I’ve read about people getting a tourist visa and then filing for an I-130, etc. while in the states. Obviously, we are past that stage so I’m wondering if there are any options for us. Thank you submitted by /u/AlternativeAd9373 [link] [comments] source

Green card process marriage

So i meet my gf here in reddit around 4 months ago now i know our relationship is going a bit quick but honestly we do wanna get marry she is from the USA and i am from Costa Rica i have some questions regarding the green card: Currently with COVID how long does the green card takes? Is there any way for me work while we wait for the green card so i can help her? submitted by /u/Ok-Helicopter3811 [link] [comments] source

Need Answers

Hello i left the usa in 2018 i was there about 18 years i want to go back to my real home is there anybody that can point me to the right direction to get started ? submitted by /u/Partypete2077 [link] [comments] source

Cr-1 time

With COVID I don't know how long CR1 would take nowadays. Its for Colombia and I know there's a website but cannot recall the name. Help pls submitted by /u/Spuffy19 [link] [comments] source

B2 Tourist visa question

Hello. I previously traveled tothe US on December 2020 and stayed for a total of 4 months. Now i am planning on returning in November because i need to take an exam on December 2021. Is it okay if i return and enter on November? Does the 6 month stay rule renew or how does it work? Since i am entering on my 5th month and dont want to have any problem on december. submitted by /u/Johncena21596 [link] [comments] source

Anyone have experience with Direct Consular Filing to the USA through London?

My partner and I are considering going this route. I have a job offer and we are relocating to the states due to health issues. We are hoping someone might have some advice or insight into how long the process took for you? submitted by /u/bumble_860 [link] [comments] source

Indian Passport renewal in US

For renewing my Indian passport in the US, should I print my current US address (which might change in a year or two) or reuse the same Indian address already printed on my passport? (My parents still live at the Indian address currently printed on the passport). And what should I fill in the "Other Address" section? submitted by /u/mishra39 [link] [comments] source

I-130 sibling priority date by country?

Does the I-130 priority date to bring a sibling to the US defer based on the nationality of the applicant? I.e. if you’re from a small country in Africa vs. if you are from China or India? Reason I ask is because I know employment green cards have priority dates based on countries. submitted by /u/herpes_free_since-03 [link] [comments] source

Affiliate marketing under TD visa

Hello everyone, I’m under a TD visa and been thinking to join affiliate programs for my blog, do you know if this is possible? I mean, will I have any problem earning this money? submitted by /u/_dancing_queen [link] [comments] source

US current travel

I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this my husband is coming on Sunday with a visa from the UK to the USA but I've been getting notifications saying the bans not getting lifted till November and that they require a vaccine card he has not been vaccinated yet and I'm concerned their going to turn him away has anyone else had this issue? He was only told he would have to take a covid test not be vaccinated. Will they deny him entry? Please only people who have experienced this and not just guessing on it thank you. submitted by /u/igaveintoboredom [link] [comments] source

Visiting family in the USA and need to work remotely for a week. Is this allowed?

Hi guys, Hopefully a straightforward question and answer case here! I work for a company in Europe and I am based remotely. I plan to visit my partner's family in the USA for Christmas and wanted to be able to spend longer than my annual leave alone would allow me to. I have no intention of conducting any business or work in-person in the USA. I'd be there for 2/3 weeks max. ​ Is there any restriction on what I am hopefully planning to do? Obviously if I can't, I won't. But if I am doing my job and conducting my duties in the exact same fashion as I would be whilst at home, is that permissible? ​ Thank you all very kindly in advance submitted by /u/skinfruittamango [link] [comments] source

Creating a joint bank account for citizen and noncitizen?

Hi all, Me and my husband want to create a joint bank account together. I don't have a SSN or ITIN. Are there any banks that would let us do this? Or could he make the account and then I could be added as a joint owner (he is a US citizen and I am not). What could we do? submitted by /u/ykilledyou [link] [comments] source

How difficult is it to move to Australia, permanently, through student visa?

Me and my SO want to move to AU with our main goal being the acquisition of a permanent stay visa. We've been told the Partnership Student Visa would be the easiest path. What are our chances of eventually getting the PR visa? submitted by /u/Kie_ra [link] [comments] source

How long does Vermont service center take to process i-539 after Biometrics?

Hi Guys! I am new to reddit and in dire need of some help. I applied for change of status to student visa on August 10, 2020. It took almost a year to get my biometrics scheduled, but I got it done in July 2021. I was very excited to after my Biometrics was taken to start my studies in September but I haven't heard from USCIS since. It has been almost 14 months since I have applied for change of status. I am losing hope now. I tried calling USCIS but cannot get past their automated voice. I tried looking up if they offer premium processing but they don't for i-539. It is getting frustrating now. I will appreciate any advice. Thank you. submitted by /u/Avaitorr [link] [comments] source

Working before getting employment authorization from Marriage GreenCard

Hello, I’m at the beginning of obtaining a marriage green card. My husband lives in another city around 4 hours away. The lawyer told me that if I can, I can go back to work before I get the employment authorization. He said that it will prove why me and my husband don’t live in the same city. I’m just nervous that working without authorization will jeopardize my case. Or my employer will get into trouble because I worked without authorization. Has anyone had experience with this? submitted by /u/claire0906 [link] [comments] source

utah wedding for CR1

hi folks, I am a USC and my gf is a Canadian citizen. We have known each other for over 3 years now and have met several times. She works in the healthcare sector and is unable to travel too frequently and I am unable to travel too frequently since I am taking care of my ailing father. All our trips are usually decided in the last minute and it is not easy to just get married. I was going to tell her about Utah county's online zoom wedding which (to my knowledge) is perfectly legal. Does anyone know if that's an ok scenario if I wanted to apply cr1 for my gf? submitted by /u/Sure_Challenge4557 [link] [comments] source

Reminder: Nearly 25% of Americans could be eligible for a second passport to improve their travel/work freedom

Being on here for a bit, I've noticed some questions people have asked about visa requirements when traveling. I'd encourage anyone looking to increase their ease of travel to investigate obtaining a second citizenship by descent (perhaps as many as 80 million Americans are eligible through these programs). I just made a Udemy course on the subject ( ) covering each of the eligible countries and it is currently being offered for free (coupon code: “ DESCENT ”) Hope this helps! Also, r/IWantOut is a great supplementary resource on this topic as well! submitted by /u/merpfish [link] [comments] source