Is there a way I can move to US

I'm a 19yo Romanian who wants live and work in the United States and I want to know if there is a way I can do it. I tried to see if my grandmother in law could take me, since she has citizenship but it seems like she can't and I tried with going on a greencard site early this month and a few days ago I was called by a Florida number, and the guy asked me some of the same questions I gave on the site. He asked me if I'm married or have a criminal record and stuff, and after that we began to not understand each other that well and the. last thing was something along the lines of "are you expecting a mail from the government" and I was like "I don't know for sure how this works" then after a bit of more talk he said he wishes me luck with my visa and I don't really know what that really means for me or for the possibility of me getting to USA.. All I want is to go live and work there and I don't really have anyone that can help me like family or friends what can I do?

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