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What is US customs like when you're coming for a long trip? (80 days)

Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have a quick question. I have a trip to the US coming up from New Zealand and I'm staying for 80 days; has anyone had any experience with customs when you're staying for a long time? I have my government managed isolation spot booked (which I can't get on my plane home without), so I feel like that rules out any inklings that they could have of me overstaying. I'm getting super paranoid about them thinking I look shifty for staying so long. But I figure if I bring proof of funds/savings and a rough itinerary just in case, I'll be all good? Or am I overthinking? Haha. Let me know! submitted by /u/_rosalea_ [link] [comments] source

What vaccines are needed for 75+ senior

What vaccines are needed for 75+ senior for i 693. She does not have any records of prior vaccines administered and its been decades since she got vaccinated. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/gamma50g [link] [comments] source

Canadian thinking about going back to US to work, this time with American Wife and Child.

Hello, I (a Canadian) have worked a total of about 13 years in the US under a TN Visa. Back then things were simple as it was just myself. Eventually towards the end of my time in the US I met and married my American Wife. We then moved to Canada and I was able to get my Wife a Permanent Resident Card for Canada, we are working on getting her Citizenship now. We also gave birth to our little Son who is now 7. He was born here in Canada, and we were able to also get him his American Citizenship, thanks to my Wife’s citizenship. Now with all that I am wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to get a TN-Visa as that supposed to be temporary. Would I get grilled because my Wife and Son are both American? Should I not stress about this? I was initially thinking about starting a Green Card application from abroad, but my situation seems a bit odd. I don’t have concrete plans set in place about when I will move back to the Us. I have a good idea in general where i am thinking of moving

USA immigration family sponsorship process help needed

Hello everyone, I don't have much knowledge about immigration so I'm here looking for help. So I have a grandmother who is a US citizen and she applied to bring my family (my dad is her son) to the US many years ago and the application is finally in the final stage right now. However, there is a possibility that my grandma might pass away before everything is done because she is quite old and ill. I want to know if she does pass away, would my family application be safe at a certain point of the process? or will the application be invalid anyway if the worst happens? submitted by /u/thespeartan [link] [comments] source

Dual citizenship AND a green card?

Is this possible? The dual citizenship is for two non-US countries. submitted by /u/quickrantforpeace [link] [comments] source

Am i eligible for stimulus check? Please help.

Hi guys! So here's my situation, I just recently came back here in the US last month. I was away for 5 years because i was studying in the Philippines. I graduated in April and came back here last month December. I'm a green card holder and i do have a SSN. I used to work at Walmart before for 3 months when i migrated here in 2014. I was 20 years old at that time. Now i'm already 26 and i'm currently living with my parents temporarily while I'm looking for a job. Am i eligible? If so, what do i need to do? I made some research and found out that the deadline for submitting info in the IRS website was Nov 21, 2020. I wasn't aware at that time as i was still in the PH. I've seen that there is a way where you can get a Recovery Rebate Credit by filing 2020 Form 1040 but my problem is i don't know how to file my tax since i wasnt around for 5 years and i did not accumulate any income from the last 5 years. What do i need to do? TL;DR Migrated in 2014, gr

Need advice regarding green card holder stay duration outside USA

Hi all, Have a question. A green card holder's parent is sick, and they are unable to come to USA since they need to look after the parent. Are there any options available for them to extend their stay outside USA on such medical reasons, while maintaining valid gc status? Thank you! submitted by /u/ahyesxyz [link] [comments] source

Ds5540 is unavailable on

I am looking for ds5540 public charge form. But it's not available on official website. Is there any other way to download it? submitted by /u/superHumanKing [link] [comments] source

Whats the easiest way to immigrate to the usa?

I mean usa or any other country. the education here is hopeless i can barely finish highschool i like working tough and im just trying to find any way to be able to leave gere and support my family submitted by /u/a_new_movement [link] [comments] source

Same day interview/Oath Massachusetts

Hello. Does anyone know which field offices do same day interview /oath in Massachusetts? Is Lawrence one of? submitted by /u/Far_Acanthaceae9634 [link] [comments] source

Small benefits of citizenship

Just had my ceremony. Apart from no longer worrying about the future and paperwork, what wise did becoming a citizen bring to you? So far I’ve come up with: 1. Visa free travel 2. Planning travel freely without depending on updating travel documents with uscis 3. Not being hassled at every international airport 4. If I get a ticket for anything, like drinking outside or whatever, it’s just finances, not a threat to my future. 5. Attending any protests I want because see p.4 What else have you discovered as those small things that make you go “Wheeeeee!” Once you became a citizen? submitted by /u/PeskyRat [link] [comments] source


Can I get a TVDL Driver’s license in Illinois while I have a SSN? I am no longer eligible for DACA since I got convicted of a felony drug possession charge. So I can not renew my work permit. Without the work permit I can’t renew my drivers license. I do have a legitimate SSN. Is it still possible for me to get a TVDL while having a SSN. I see no other option for getting a license. help would be great thanks in advance. submitted by /u/osrs98 [link] [comments] source

How long does it take to get a green card once I get an L1B visa?

Hi, I'm talking to my employer about sponsoring my L1B visa (inter-company transfer). I'm wondering, once this visa is granted, how long do I have to wait to get a green card? My intention is to speed up the process as fast as possible and apply as soon as I can. Thanks, submitted by /u/LeadRater [link] [comments] source

Green card by registry-- time to UPDATE

It is time to UPDATE this quaint outdated law which was originally meant to provide green card to those who had lived in the US for a long time. This law does not make any sense now. Last time it was updated was in 1986 aimed for all immigrant who had established long residence here, i.e, lived in US for a bit more than a decade (since 1972). It is time to UPDATE it to more recent date now. Sorry for the repost but, it pains me to see all the fight and bickering even among immigrants over peanuts-progress and bills, when there is such a simple solution to cure all this cruelty/malady of US immigration system. Remember, green card through registry has been here since 1929 which was meant for those who had lived in US for a long time. Last time it was UPDATED was 1986 by Reagan in 1986 immigration bill and provided green card to those had lived in US since 1972 then (no matter what your status was).

Green card fee vs IV application processing fee?

Hi, Question about receiving a green card. After coming to US on a family based immigrant visa, does one also need to pay a separate green card fee / immigrant fee which is currently $220 ? Here is a reference - During the consular interview process, it wasn't mentioned that a separate immigrant fee needs to be paid for a green card to be printed. There was only immigrant application processing fee. Is the green card fee / immigrant fee different from immigrant application processing fee? Thanks for the help! submitted by /u/marathondudez [link] [comments] source

F1 OPT to Adjustment of Status for GC

Hi all, I am currently on a F1 OPT which will expire at the end of August this year. I got married to my (now) wife, last December. Since then I have been preparing my own Permanent residency paperwork and am now almost ready to file. Quick question though: 1.) I am filing another EAD application since my OPT ends in August. Do I file it as a “new application” or a “renewal”? Additionally, once I receive a 1-797 (notice of approval), will I be able to keep working even if my original OPT EAD expires in August or will I have to stop and wait until my new EAD arrives? 2.) for those who have applied in similar situations recently, what has the general time line been for you? How long for ead/travel authorizations to get approved? How long for interviews? Any help or input will be appreciated. Thank you. submitted by /u/Stock_Narwhal_8185 [link] [comments] source

Advice on immigration status

Hello, I am an international student. I started my program in late 2015. I married a girl in 2018. During this period, we traveled to my country of origin a couple of times. In November of 2019, we applied for my green card. My original interview for the green card was scheduled for Jan 2020. The COVID-19 quarantine did hit, and the interview was postponed until further notice. We fell out of love and in April 2020 we had a divorce. I sent a letter to citizenship and immigration to cancel the application. Until this point, I’ve been on my F-1 status and always been a legal presence. On a sad turn of events, I received a letter from Homeland Security saying that I entered the country in 2018 with a tourist visa, and since I took classes, they terminated my visa. This was an error from the border officer, I had never had a tourist visa. They said that they could revert the changes if I showed them documentation from the border showing that I never had a tourist visa. Since this happe

I485 Approved and reopened- Twice!

On January 12th I had my interview Later that day, case status changed to January 12th : Interview was completed and your case must be reviewed January 12th : Your case was approved January 12th : reopen for reconsideration January 12th : Your case was approved January 13th : Reopened This chain of events happened both for my i485 and i130. I’ve received multiple letters, for approval and reopen. Reopened notices the most current. Multiple inquiries received the same answer- pending adjustment in the field office. submitted by /u/Unable_Oven6703 [link] [comments] source

Family-sponsored Green Card: Question

The Biden administration signed an immigration executive order -- an order that will transform the immigration system and could grant amnesty to 11-million undocumented immigrants. A family member have a family based green card application in process. We're now in phase two --- submitting documents. In 2019, when we received notice of documents needed, there's a notice about application interview being in the country of origin. However, the applicant doesn't want to go back to her country and wishes to do her interview in the United States. Her mother lives in the United States, but isn't a U.S Citizen. The recent executive order signed, claimed to "waive provisional waivers." I want to acknowledge that I'm unaware of a lot of the undisclosed details to the immigration executive order. For example, I don't know much about the provisional waivers being waived because they're not 100% talked about in the media. However, after speaking generall

I-130 query

I got my US Spousal visa stamped in my passport before Christmas. Hurray. I have until the end of April to travel to the USA to get my visa validated or it will expire. I am flying to the US early March. My question is..... If my flight gets cancelled and I cannot make it over in time (before the expiry date), can I apply to get the expiry date extended? If yes how do I go about that? submitted by /u/MagicalWhisk [link] [comments] source

I need advice with form i-90

Helping my mother file her i-90 form online to renew her permanent resident card. Seems like her category (p61) is no longer there as an option to select. Do I choose a similar category to p61 or do I just print out the application and mail it? Any explanation appreciated! Thanks! submitted by /u/That_Lost_Boy [link] [comments] source

American visa/green card

Hello I was hoping to get some information from someone on here if possible? I want to live and work in the states I’m from Canada. I’m a bartender I don’t have a fancy PHD or anything lol. Is there any options for me? All I can find online is marriage or family or refugee ect... if anyone has more info or options that would be great. Thank you so much submitted by /u/bmafffia [link] [comments] source

Australia mmigration question: Number of chat screenshots to submit??

Hii, I met my partner in July 2018, we started talking and getting to know each other as ones do. By July 2019, we got engaged and by November 2019 he came over to Australia and we got married. We submitted his partner application in March 2020 and immigration got back to us recently asking for "Evidence of contact with your spouse". Seeing how I submitted about 200 screenshots the first time round, they might have disregarded that whole thing 😅😅 hence the request So my questions: how many screenshots should I adequately submit (5..6 for every month we've known each up until now?). because we mostly speak in our mother tongue to each other, most of the chat content actually consists of voice messages since it's just quicker and more convenient than typing the language (seeing that our main form of contact is via messenger), anyone know if it will impact on the 'quality' of evidence since the assessor won't be able to actually know what we're

I (Canadian) really want to move to UK within 10 years

(Long read) I'm looking to move within 10 years, but not in the next couple years due to the situation in the world these days. We're under travel restrictions in my province, right now, and I'm fully aware of the restrictions in the UK, too. (I had asked this question a long distance relationship group but I had gotten more criticism and judgements on my relationship than real answers.) Just a quick backstory: Me (36) and my boyfriend (26), of 2.5 yrs, have known each other for 3 years. (We're both okay with the age difference, so are our families.) I wasn't seeking or planning a long distance relationship before we got together. I've made 1 trip in the summer of 2019 for 2 weeks ( which was all the vacation time I had available with my job). I have his closest family's blessing and my family is pretty cool with it. I am wanting to plan another trip to visit him once borders open up and it is safe for travel. So, in about 1 or 2 years. Our current situ

K1 visas update 2021

Hello everyone, does anybody has any ideas when will the consulates start processing k1 visas? It's been almost a year since they stopped processing visas especially Fiance/Fiancees, they do processed, Military fiances, with CRBA however regular case cant be processed due to Proclamation and covid. Do you think the new admin will take a look at it? And ask embassues to resume regular IV and NIV? Thank you submitted by /u/DogLoverForevah [link] [comments] source

U.S visa here

Hi interested in getting a U.S. Visa quick? Contact us. Php42,000 fee total / dollar equivalent. U.s. visa, USA visa, United States of America submitted by /u/idkany_more [link] [comments] source

Marriage interview preparation questions

Were their any unexpected questions or examples of questions that were hard to answer? Overall experience with the interview? Possible reasons to be rejected? Like everyone, nervous and interview is coming up. Any help or resources is much appreciated submitted by /u/diduknowitsme [link] [comments] source

Paperwork after accepted offer with EAD

Hi all, I am very thankful to have gotten a job (Now, I just have a silly question [sorry!]). I recently accepted a job (I have an EAD). Is there any paperwork I need to fill out for USCIS (OR do I just tell them at the interview) or do I need to file for a tax number? Any help and tips are appreciated! submitted by /u/ResearcherOk8406 [link] [comments] source

DACA recipient Married to US Citizen.

Recent marriage to Citizen I’m hoping to get a bit of insight...I’m not as educated in immigration as I should be. I’m a DACA recipient, and have been since the inception of the program. I’m 36, came to the US when I was 7, and have never left the country. I finished HS here and started college, but I did not finish my AA or transfer. I have a 9 year old child, who was born here. I have paid taxes every year since turning 18, have never been in any kind of legal trouble, and have no criminal record. I recently got married (just last week) my husband is a citizen, we want to work together to adjust my status to become a permanent resident and eventually get my citizenship. Is it worth paying the money for an attorney to help? Will I have to return to my home country or is there an option where I do not need to leave the country? I’m honestly not even sure where to start. My apologies if I sound lost, but I 100% am very lost. submitted by /u/alcbossy [link] [commen

Just started F1 OPT. Married USC last year and already applied for AoS. My new employer wants to apply for h1b?

As title says, I just started my OPT and new job. I got married last year and my USC husband and I sent my AoS application in December (already received receipt notices). Now my employer is reaching out to request information so they can file h1b cap paperwork for me and I was wondering if my employer should apply for h1b for me after I’ve already applied for AoS. I’m also eligible for stem opt for 2022-23. I will be talking to my lawyer about this next week but was hoping to hear from anyone that has been in my position before about what I should do or expect from the company? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/WolffNess [link] [comments] source

Got caught by school with weed. Should I mention that on my green card marriage application

So a couple years ago, our dorm got raided and they found weed and alcohol (we were underage). No legal action was ever taken. It was just a school infraction and we had to do community service, drug test, and so on. When I was completing my application it asked if I ever committed a crime even if I was never arrested, detained or charged for it. Do I mention the incident with school? Will they ask my university of a report of me? I'm worried it messes up my chances. Im also scared that if I don't list it and they find out, they'll reject me instantly. submitted by /u/blissful-druggie [link] [comments] source

Anyone working on F-1 OPT EAD who got their employment authorization revoked?

Hi I there anyone in my same situation : - was working on F-1 OPT EAD - missed to report employment data in SEVIS - USCIS sent 'Notice of Intent to Revoke' work authorization Letter => but did not get this, mail got lost maybe - USCIS sent 'Revocation' Letter for revoking work authorization - currently I am out-of-status and suspended from work Please help if anyone is/was in similar/same situation. Thanks submitted by /u/Ais_123 [link] [comments] source

Need a lawyer recommendation in North Carolina that deals with motion to reopen removal order

I am looking for a lawyer in NC that handles motion to reopen removal order. I've talked to a couple in the area but so far I've been told they don't handle cases with removal orders submitted by /u/koch_sucker [link] [comments] source

Adjusting status from Visa Waiver to green card after Marriage. Form I994

I am adjusting status from visa waiver through marriage and beginning to fill out my forms. No fraud involved my circumstances genuinely changed so I’m not looking for help in that regards. I am wondering if I still need to file the self sustainability form. I have no financial history in the US or employment as I am here as a tourist. submitted by /u/joemully [link] [comments] source

American moving to the UK (looking for immigration law advice)

Is anyone here familiar with the immigration laws in the UK? I’ve done a little research and I believe a have something of a claim, as my father is from Hong Kong (his parents as well). I’ve contacted Sable and Passportia, regarding this possibility, and both say I have an unconventional claim and are willing to look into it for a fee. I get the feeling that they just want my money, as my chances seem low. Someone help please. submitted by /u/bjornjamin42 [link] [comments] source

British husband’s ESTA was denied- please help!

I’m a US citizen, and my husband is a UK citizen. I have a UK residence visa, but due to a myriad of reasons we decided to settle in the US. We’re in the process of applying for his green card now (awaiting an NVC appt). I’m working full-time here, and he’s working full-time in the UK Anyway, this damn pandemic has thrown a wrench in things. The last time my husband was able to come was last summer, when our baby was born. He was able to stay for a few weeks, then had to go back for work Finally, his work calmed down enough for him to come in mid-February. He booked the plane tickets, his PCR test, we got super excited...and then his ESTA was denied. No clue why, and no clarity on how to move forward. He tried calling the US Embassy in London, but couldn’t get through to a live agent. I’m assuming he needs to get a visa, but the visa appointments are so limited. Does it matter he’s excluded from the Presidential proclamation (since he’s an immediate family member of a US citizen)?

Dropping off school and CPT when H1B approved. Should I sign the sevis termination process? Or is there another form?

Hi there, I was in F1 visa and working under CPT. My H1B has been approved and it is already effective. I am planning on dropping off school immediately (I do not want to continue paying for school, and I want to get as much refund as I can). The university has asked me to fill a form in which I have to say the date in which I will be leaving the country. I told them that I had and economic reason to leave and that likely I would be going back home (I guess something that is not true) but I did not want to tell them that I wanted to drop out bc my H1B had been approved. Is there anything wrong with dropping off school immediately after getting my H1B approved?. I know I have the right to drop off school but was wondering if there is a different form, if I had said that I was potentially planning on transferring to another school. The form is titled sevis termination. submitted by /u/santiagobmx1993 [link] [comments] source

Made a mistake while applying for marriage based AOC

Edit: misspelled the title, should be AOS I’ve applied for a marriage based green card in mid 2020 (i130, i485, etc), it just hit me that I didn’t specify that 4 years ago I had speeding tickets for which I had to go to court. Rather, i replied “no” to questions 25-27 on i485 (now that I think about it, i was given a ticket, not arrested; speeding is a misdemeanour and not a crime; and I don’t know what to think of number 27). I got no points on my license from any of them. All these tickets are in US, cause I’ve lived here under my family’s case which is still awaiting interview. I don’t know how to correct this, can anyone give any advice on what to do and whether I should even worry about something as small as speeding tickets (my guess is definitely...)? submitted by /u/ambitios_luden [link] [comments] source

New Canadian Covid Rules for Travelers and TN Visa

The Canadian government recently announced a bunch of new rules for travelers entering the country requiring mandatory quarantine in hotels etc... Do these new rules apply to workers using a TN visa to cross the land border? My understanding is the TN visa makes you an "essential worker" which is excluded from these new rules but I don't see it explicitly defined anywhere... I would like to confirm somehow before I actually try entering again, should I phone the border service? ​ Thanks submitted by /u/stingrayer [link] [comments] source

Questions about Child Citizenship act of 2000

Hello. I want to know if I can just go get my passport to prove citizenship status. I was born in Mexico in 1997 and my parents were married just before my birth. They got divorced 2 years after. Mexico has “patria potestad” which is like parental authority, something that I believe is not a thing in the US. That was shared between both my parents and the custody was my mother’s. That’s what happens in more than 90% of the divorce cases where the child is still very young. My dad moved to the US and became a citizen in 2009. In 2015 he got me my green card, just before I turned 18. I have a stamp that proves I crossed the border into the US before my 18th birthday as a LPR. We tried to get my passport right away but my dad did not have the divorce papers translated, so he was just told to try again after he could bring them. We never tried again because he did not technically have custody at the time of the divorce. I have been trying to make a little research and the “patria potesta

H4 extension while previous approval is pending

Hello All, This community has been very helpful in clearing many visa questions. Thank you all for your support. I have a few questions regarding H4 now. My husband has applied for change of status from L1 to H1 in July 2020. He got approved from July 2020 till March 2021. I have applied for L2 to H4 change of status in July 2020. I haven't received any response (Biometrics appointment/approval) yet. I called up USCICS to check status, they do not have an answer on how long this would take. My husband will be filing for H1B extension in February 2021, can I apply for H4 extension along with his application. I have two questions here. 1)Are we eligible to apply for extension even though the previous approval is pending? 2)My husband has an I-140 approved, can I apply for H4 (I-539) and EAD (I-765) together or can I apply for I-765 only after the approval of H4? Appreciate your advice on this. submitted by /u/jeni_ally [link] [comments] source

Renewing B1/B2 Visa

Hi, just wanted to ask a quick question regarding visa renewal. My visa expires in July 2021 snd I plan on visiting the states somewhere around that month. Can I reapply for a visa before it expires i.e. what if I reapply now so that I can avail it before the present expiry? submitted by /u/Foxtrot101-102 [link] [comments] source

Question regarding B1 B2 and marriage

Hello I am a 29 M(US) and my fiancee is a 29 F(MX), we have been together for over a year now and recently got engaged when she visited around the new year(she flew in). She has a 10 year b1 b2 visa that doesn't expire till 2026. She also has a home and job in her home country. Once the border re opens for non essential travel she plans to come visit for an extended stay (probably 2 or 3 months). If the visit goes really well and we for some reason we decide to go ahead and tie the knot should I expect any issues? Not sure if the information is pertinent but im in the military and she will be able to go back to her job once she returns home. I've tried and failed to be able to reach out to my military legal assistance offices and I can't just walk in due to covid restrictions. Thanks in advance for any help. submitted by /u/jt8790 [link] [comments] source

Work in the US when this is over

Just weighting my future options and planning way ahead of time. I've always wanted to work in the US tech industry. I'm a highly skilled tech worker with a CS degree, experience in the industry and multiple achievements, even press features. I'm from an European country and I'd love to go work in the US when all of this Covid crisis is over, whenever that happens to be. Given the current situation, what would be the best approach? (i.e.: what steps should I start taking, approximate timings, etc.) Thank you! submitted by /u/StickOfWood [link] [comments] source

Need help with Visas

Hi there so I’ve been looking around to work out what visa I need and I’ve even asked family members who have worked in the US and I asked my partner if he could ask his parents but they’ve either forgotten or it’s changed since then. But I’m looking to get a visa so I can move over to my boyfriend and be with him and to work over there too and honestly I’m not sure what visa I should apply for. I’m about to start a real estate course so I can have my real estate licence for that state and I was wondering if anybody could give me any advice on what visa I would need to have in order for me to move over there. Any little bit of help would be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/Megxry [link] [comments] source

Spouse I-130 Journey is about to start.

Ok... So, I'm an American born citizen, I was working in the US when 09 recession blew up and returned to Mexico with my parents. There, I met my life partner in 2010 and we got married in 2011. FF>> we have 2 kids, one of them already has a CRBA and we are waiting for the Mexican Embassy in Mexico City to open some appointments in order to get the other CRBA. the thing is, I got this job offer in the US that I can't refuse. I'm planning to file an I-130 for my Mexican wife as soon as I get to the US and start working. Key points: -10 year marriage with valid mexican certificate. - 2 kids, 1 has CRBA the other will get it hopefully next month. - I'm starting at my new job in the US very soon. - My wife's B1 visa expired 2 years ago. *Should I file for her I-130 in the US or is it better to take the consular pathway and file now?? *While waiting for I-130 approval, is it possible for her to apply for a B-1(tourist) visa in order to visit me?? (she has a v

Non-OPT and NON CPT F1 Visa student - public charge possibility?

Been lurking around everywhere on reddit but I haven't seen anyone asked this question yet. So I'm currently on an F-1 visa and have been working an on-campus job, due to COVID-19 my workplace got shutdown and I have been applying for unemployment benefits. I have also received the stimulus check as well since I have been filing my tax from the previous year. My question is: Am I allowed to get the unemployment benefit? My thinking is that if I have not match the requirement, my unemployment benefit would be rejected and I would not get anything. But it was accepted through the system so does that mean that Im qualified? Am I allowed to accept the stimulus check sent by the government as well? I have been reading about public charges, I have received the benefits for around 6 months and as such, will that be categorized as a public charge? Thank you in advance to all the kind souls that answered. submitted by /u/icingCakiz [link] [comments] source https://ww

Lpr married to someone who’s overstaying. Should i wait for naturalization before processing his papers?

I won’t be able to apply for naturalization until December 2022 but I am now married to someone who entered legally and is now overstaying. Should we wait until I become a citizen to adjust his status? Is being married to an illegal resident going to hurt my application for citizenship? If he was to work while he is overstaying and used his SSN that was given to him with his J1 visa before, will that hurt petitioning him when I become a citizen? submitted by /u/xonorlax [link] [comments] source


hello everyone, i know this is a long shot but i wanted peoples opinion on this. i have been living in the US for over a decade. i came here at a young age on an L2 visa and unfortunately our lawyer screwed our papers and our route to get the green card was elongated (she applied for asylum even though we had been living in the US for 8 years at that point). i finished college on a full ride and now am entering dental school this fall. i got into several schools but with these graduate programs, it’s impossible to get scholarships. i got one that covers very little of the tuition (10k out of 70k a year). because i don’t have the green card, i am unable to apply to fafsa, nor a loan. i have a deferred action for a visa that takes years to obtain and i only have a work permit. i cannot take out private loans because i need a co-signer whom is a permanent resident or citizen. i had hope with biden’s promises for immigration but many people on this thread have been saying how it’s unlike

I have a green card since 2015 and never lived in the US?

I have a green card since 2015 and never lived in the US Hello, I really just want to know opinions on what are the odds of me actually going to the US after I finish college (which is this year) and live as a LPR there and not having my green card taken away, and what I can do or what the consequences are if it actually gets taken away. I got my GC from my dad right before I turned 18, he’s a citizen. The idea was to file for the child citizenship act and become a citizen since I entered the US at 17. That didn’t happen because my dad needed to send some divorce papers that he didn’t really have or was able to get. The plan was to become a citizen and not worry too much about it, so I started studying here in Mexico because affording the major I wanted was not really possible back then in the US and not part of the plan. I’m almost done with it and would like to go live in the US after finishing. I’ve been to the US several times and never been asked any questions about where I’ve b

Being part of first gen immigrant family

A long period of hardship like immigration can bring a family closer together or break it apart. Some children of first generation immigrant family go on to become successful and well assimilated/adjusted while others fall through the cracks into a criminal or face another kind of tragedy. How was/is your family's immigration story going? (Regardless of how long ago you and your family immigrated) I would suspect most stories shared will be positive. In most cases I would think people do fare well in long term despite all the challenges and tolls immigration brings upon them. (Obv Im not talking about families in or near border states that had to get torn apart because of Trump in the last four years. That was and is reprehensible.) submitted by /u/Successful_Slide_221 [link] [comments] source

Being part of first gen immigrant family

A long period of hardship like immigration can bring a family closer together or break it apart. Some children of first generation immigrant family go on to become successful and well assimilated/adjusted while others fall through the cracks into a criminal or face another kind of tragedy. How was/is your family's immigration story going? (Regardless of how long ago you and your family immigrated) I would suspect most stories shared will be positive. In most cases I would think people do fare well in long term despite all the challenges and tolls immigration brings upon them. (Obv Im not talking about families in or near border states that had to get torn apart because of Trump in the last four years. That was and is reprehensible.) submitted by /u/Successful_Slide_221 [link] [comments] source

K1 visa application- 1.5 months have passed and I still haven’t received NOA1

I mailed my K1 visa application to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox on December 15th. I live in Massachusetts, so I know it is far away but I still haven’t received my NOA1. Does this mean they didn’t get my paperwork? I am getting concerned. Thanks so much for any help. It is truly appreciated. submitted by /u/Warkerasey [link] [comments] source

I’m due for a family sponsored greencard under the F1 category (priority date 2015). Since Sept 2020, there has been no movement in the cutoff dates. Anyone know why?

So my priority date is somewhere in 2015, and I was optimistic to get it soon since from Jan 2020 to Sep 2020, the cutoff date moved from Jul 2013 to Sep 2014 (14 month movement in just 9 months), however since then, the cutoff date is stuck at Sep 15, 2014 for the past 5 months. Has USCIS halted processing applications? Anyone know why? submitted by /u/ToothPicker2 [link] [comments] source

Just realized I violated F1 Status rules years ago. Please advise.

Throwaway account here. I entered US under H4 Visa and went to a 4-year college in 2013. On my 2nd year (in 2015), I changed my status to F1 International Student because I turned 21. In Fall 2016 semester, I withdrew a class mid-semester (from 12 credit to 9 credits). At that time I didn't know withdrawing will put me under the required 12 credits, which is in violation of my F1 Status. I didn't get authorization from my DSO either. Now fast forward to 2021, I graduated from that 4 year college, completed 1 year OPT and another 2 year Stem OPT. I then successfully transferred my SEVIS record to another college in the US, and currently in my 2nd semester in the new college. I am assuming my SEVIS is not terminated. If so, will this affect my chance of getting a green card? or am I already out of status? Should I contact the DSO of my previous college? I am currently waiting for my priority date under F2B Green Card for Family Preference. (My parents have green cards). I jus

Possible willful misrepresentation?

Posting for a friend: If on your DS application to come to the US, you fail to mention that an immediate relative like a mother or father was in the US because you didn’t believe they were your biological parent. Visa granted and you moved to US and later adjusted status. However, you state that parent on your AOS application with intention of explaining the discrepancy to the Interviewer that you didn’t know. Interviewer says keep quiet until I ask you a question and that never comes up. Now during application for naturalization, you have to list the parent because s/he is a US citizen. Will this lead IC to presume willful misrepresentation? Can this lead to removal proceedings assuming that is the only possible inadmissible offense? And if it does lead to removal, can an argument be made against willful misrepresentation and if not, is there a waiver available if one is married to a USC with USC kids? submitted by /u/hajjbass [link] [comments] source https://www.redd

My attorney doesn’t even know if it’s possible

Hi all! Thank you for being very helpful! I am currently in removal proceedings with immigration court. I had pending AOS based on marriage with USC but filed VAWA. My question is: can immigration judge approve my I-485 based on let’s say approved VAWA petition? Or I should ask the judge to close removal proceedings and wait to be called for I-485 interview? My case is very confusing even to my attorney. Thank you in advance! TL;DR: adjustment of status in removal proceedings based on approved VAWA - is that even possible? submitted by /u/outlander4you [link] [comments] source

TN Visa for Canadian

Hi. I have an interview coming up for a lab tech position in the USA. I'm Canadian and I qualify for a TN visa, since I have a diploma and 6 years laboratory experience. I don't know much about TN visas and neither does my potential employer. He actually hadn't heard of them until I mentioned it. Its a smaller lab, so I don't even know if they have an HR person or someone there who knows about them. My question is, what do I need to bring if I am offered a job? I know that I will need a copy of my diploma, resume, transcripts, and an offer of employment from him. Anything else? Also, I'm not sure if I can get official transcripts from my college since they are closed due to covid. Also, can he just email me the employment offer and I print it out, or does it have to be an original? Thank you so much. This is all really confusing for me. submitted by /u/FragrantLetterhead [link] [comments] source

F-1 holder on OPT going to graduate school in the fall

Hi, I just got accepted into a graduate program for Fall 2021, the school sent me a form asking whether I want to issue my new I-20 now or at a later date so I can continue to work until it gets closer to the start of the school year. I was wondering how many days before the Fall semester starts that I should tell them to issue me a new I-20, some people are telling me at least 15 days but I’ve heard others. I want to keep working as much as I can and the school year starts on August 26, but I’m just not sure when to tell them to issue me my new I-20. submitted by /u/binguji [link] [comments] source


if i travel to mexico from europe, stay there for two weeks, schedule an appointment with the US embassy there and apply for my J1 visa, would that be possible since i’m not from Mexico? other people did it with success, i just want to make sure. submitted by /u/Memory-Dismal [link] [comments] source

Daca marriage to Citizen help

So i think I understand the basics We apply for a change of status We have then apply for a waiver ( have to in my case) Then go to the interview and wait . What I need help in is finding a lawyer and knowing how much to pay? Since advanced parole is back into play I want to try to do it to help expedite the process but idk how to choose a lawyer. Is there any specific questions I should be asking? Is there any help out there to pay the fees and lawyers? Any help would be much appreciated and if anyone knows of a good lawyer in the Fresno county area let me know. Thank you for any help submitted by /u/Kronustor [link] [comments] source

can I apply for CR1 visa while in the US?

Me and my husband got married in October. We didn’t start any immigration process yet. In March I’m planning to visit him in the US on ESTA and I’m wondering if we can start a CR1 visa application while I’m there? Of course I’m not planning to stay more than 90 days. I’ll still return home, just wondering if it’s okay to start since I’m not in my home country:) please let me know, thank you! submitted by /u/0babyangel0 [link] [comments] source

B1/B2 in India

Has anyone recently applied for a B1/B2 visa from an embassy in India? If yes, how did it go? And were there any issues? submitted by /u/bvurhd [link] [comments] source

Are B1/B2 visa travelers from a country not on the prohibited list, allowed entry in USA?

Hello my friends have a B1/B2 visa and are planning to travel to Miami for a honeymoon. They live in a country not on the restricted list for entry in the US. They are also getting tested for covid before traveling. Will they be able to enter without any problems right now and does somebody know of a similar situation recently? Thanks a lot. submitted by /u/ristejanakjiev [link] [comments] source

Adjustment of status does wife. I485 denied due to Uscis “never receiving documents” proof documents were received. Resubmitted documents, paid fee $675 again.

Los Angeles county, state of California Hello, this is my first time ever posting on Reddit, apologies in advance if I go against guidelines or do/ask something I am not supposed to. I am a US Citizen and active duty in the Army. My wife and I submitted her i130 and i485. Everything went well, i130 was approved and i485 was submitted, 4 months down the line, we receive an email that USCIS denied her i485 due to them not receiving the documents. Our immigration attorney sent the documents with a receiving signature and tracking number, and it stated it was received. IA advises that we resubmit and request a motion to reopen and reconsider, while paying the fee once again.. we took her advice and are currently waiting. Anybody have experience with i290B (motion to reopen and reconsider)? And what are expected processing times. Below are our processing items from beginning to present time. Thank you in advance for the assistance and guidance! 10/2019 documents submitted i485 & i1

O1/O2 Visa Consulting Business

Greetings, ​ I am a chef in NYC on an O2 visa. My O1 visa holder has been looking to start a consultancy firm for restaurants for some time now, and through me he would be able to undertake the projects and I would do the legwork. I'm here to ask what are the steps, as well as potential pitfalls and liabilities when starting a business as an O1 visa holder. And if anyone would be able to outline how much (if any) freedoms are provided to the O2. Sorry if this is a little vague, and thanks in advance. submitted by /u/CountAlexanderIlych [link] [comments] source

Lost green card - starting new job

Hi all, I am potentially starting a new job in 6 weeks or so. The problem is I recently lost my green card. I know that you need to provide a photo of your green card as a List A document on Form I-9 (proof of work authorization) when starting a new job. I have photos of my lost green card, which I used for the I-9 in my current job. I have not yet reported my greencard as lost to USCIS. If I report my green card as lost, can I still use the photos of it as a list A document on I-9? Or will it be somehow flagged if I do so? I know that I can also apply for an I-551 stamp (temporary greencard), but I am worried I will not receive it within 6 weeks. Any guidance is much appreciated. submitted by /u/Jonny_Bravo_1 [link] [comments] source

Expired/abandoned green card?

My mother (who's a citizen) is hoping to bring my grandmother to the US and she previously had a green card. Unfortunately my uncle, who was the primary caregiver/companion to my grandmother, passed away last November. We feel like it would be best for her to come here to be around family especially during isolation period. It's been over 10+ years since she traveled to the US and we're not sure how to go about this process. Anyone know if we should get an immigration lawyer for this or is it manageable to start the process on our own? I guess my other question would be how do I restart this process? Do we need to repetition or is there a form we can fill out to reapply for her green card. Any guidance appreciated. submitted by /u/adventurous_alpaca [link] [comments] source

Converting H-1B consular processing to change of status

Folks, I'm currently working in the US on a F-1 STEM OPT status. My role is closely related to my educational qualification. My H-1B was filed as consular processing and approved last year. Since I'm physically in the US, I was wondering if it's possible to file a H-1B Change of Status application (converting from consular processing to change of status) so that I don't need to leave the country to change from F-1 to H-1B? Are there significant concerns with regard to this type of petition? Thank you submitted by /u/imthefuckinghero [link] [comments] source

Forgot to submit ar11 form

So I moved to a new address and didn’t even know I had to update it. And I filed my n400 form already . How fucked am I? submitted by /u/Abject_Bear [link] [comments] source

Problem Concerning Filing Fee for K1 Visa 129F Form

I currently live in South Korea and only have access to my Korean Bank card, which is not an acceptable form of payment since it is foreign issued. I would like to use money I have in my Korean bank account. What are some alternatives to circumvent this problem? Is a money order from a foreign bank accepted? Thanks! submitted by /u/FernBurglar [link] [comments] source

Immigrant visa for Adoptive child not listed in DS-260 and N-400

Hello! I'm asking this for a friend and would appreciate any advice on this. He is a US permanent resident with a pending N-400. Before he got the immigrant visa, he adopted his nephew (his brother's son) for a family reason. However, the child was not listed in his DS-260 and N-400 applications. His brother had a pending I-130 as well and the child was listed under his brother. His brother suddenly passed away recently, and the child doesn't have any immediate relative left in his home country. We are looking for ways for the child to immigrate to the US with family immigrant visa. The child is over the adoption age now. What could happen if he apply the child as adoptive child now? How likely is the case to be successful (showing previous adoption paperwork as proof)? Could that jeopardize his pending N-400 application? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. submitted by /u/Fan-Fit [link] [comments] source

Torn between two options for my "inmigration status" [Help]

I came to California in 2016 on a student (F1) visa, finished school (2 years), and then worked for a year as part of my OPT. I filed my taxes in a timely manner and received my refund. Currently, I am out of status and am torn between two options, so I was hoping you guys here could help me. I don’t plan on leaving since my home country is a complete mess. Option A – Try to find a job with my SSN that doesn’t ask me for a work permit and, if hired, pay taxes every year. My SSN has the “only allowed to work with permission of the DHS” restriction. My main concern is that this will cause me trouble in the future if I get the chance to apply for residency. I know everything would be ok with the IRS since I filed taxes every year, but not with immigration. Option B – I have a fake SSN with a fake name. I bought this from someone. Plan B was to work with this fake SSN without filing taxes. My main concern with this option is that I’ll screw the real owner of that number (I don’t know if