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F-1 to H1B transition

Hi! I’m currently working under an F1 visa for an employer who is willing to sponsor H1B. However, my OPT expires in March 10th 2022, and I did not graduate in a STEM program, so not able to apply for extension. I have read a little about the H1B process, but I will very much appreciate if someone could answer/confirm these questions: Can my employer file an H1B petition in December, for example, before the cap is met? Is my employer obligated by regulation to request for a start date that is 6 months in advance from when the petition is submitted? Since I can’t apply for the F1 cap-gap extension as my visa expires before April 1st, is there anything I can do to continue working for my employer while my H1B process is pending? Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/Odd_Maximum2 [link] [comments] source

Immigrant interview for college course

Hey all! For a college course, I need to interview someone who has immigrated to the states and write a short essay. Id love to be an open ear to any aspect of your experience. If youre willing to share any part of this, i would be so thankful! -Place of birth and date -Ethnicity/Racial Identity, is that the same as you would answer on an official document like the census? -Date of immigration for you or your family anything else you can elaborate on about your experience? For instance: American national identity; what prompted you to come to the US; experiences with racism; labor issues; etc). again, thank you so much for taking time to share submitted by /u/pickledpencils [link] [comments] source

What Are all the forms and documents I need to file for my wife’s adjustment of status ?

She is here on a k1 visa and we already married and now are in the process of adjusting status . What is everything we need to adjust status and get her work authorization. I know we need form 1485, i765 and i864 submitted by /u/GeorgeW_smith [link] [comments] source


How do you go about retrieving an I-94 travel history if you only have a given name? submitted by /u/cookie133_ [link] [comments] source

OPT application fee

A question to my fellows F-1 graduate students, does your DSO charge you to process your OPT application? The DSO at my school requires us to pay $100 to process our OPT application. Is this normal? Are they allowed to do this? submitted by /u/ButterflyUsed6101 [link] [comments] source

Is there a penalty for canceling the DS-2019 form?

I have received a DS-2019 (to apply for a J-1 visa) from a university for an internship. However, I may need to cancel (invalidate?) the form for personal reasons. I want to know: Is there a cancellation fee? Will this affect me if I need to apply for a US visa in the future (e.g., F-1)? In general, are there any consequences for canceling the form? Thank you. submitted by /u/EquivalentHurry513 [link] [comments] source

I-693 missing after being sent by hospital? Please advise

Hi there. Went for my interview last Monday (Nov 22nd, Dublin Ireland). Interviewer told my family and i that our green cards were approved pending the receipt of my mothers medical. We were happy at the time as we didn’t think it would be a big issue to remedy. All of our Medicals were performed November 4th and sent electronically the day after. My brother and sister and I’s medicals were received by the embassy, but my moms was not. The embassy gave very little information other than the fact that there is a technical issue with the CDC in ATL, Georgia (???). What I don’t understand is how my siblings and I’s medicals were received by the embassy but my moms were not. They were all performed at the same time by the same doctor. We are currently stuck outside the US (where I attend university and my brother and sister attend high school) due to this issue. I stand to miss my final exams if this issue persists. Our immigration lawyer offered little advice and told us that this ma

Husband file I-130 Since January 2021

My husband filed I-130 since January and we have heard anything from Uscis since. Eventhough in June a letter came to his mail that our case will be Transferred to NVC but after several month it was not we can USCis and the made mention of a delay and later we were told there were still reviewing it. Wanted to travel for vacation was denied with asking much question from me. God knows I don't know what to. Havent seen hubby for months now due to work. submitted by /u/Queenyemi [link] [comments] source

New Job 1 month before B2 interview - red flag?

B2 interview scheduled for Feb'22. I was self employed but starting a new job in Jan'22. Would this be a red flag to the officer? I won't have immediate travel plans, until Sept'22. Unsure if I should postpone the interview until August'22? So that I have 8 months at this new job. Or shall I still attend the Feb'22 interview with this new job? submitted by /u/PrettyCandidate [link] [comments] source

NVC sent case file to wrong embassy. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

My fiancé and I filed and payed for everything as instructed. After our case was accepted, the NVC sent it to the wrong embassy in a different country. Does anyone know how this can be solved? Thank you. submitted by /u/straw_hat95 [link] [comments] source

B2 denied - worst interview experience

I had a very bad interview experience and the end result was a denied b2 visa. I'm aware I can apply again when my circumstances change, however I don't know what my circumstances are. I was taken into an extra room, which felt like in a fbi questioning room - with the consular officers playing good cop, bad cop. The interview was normal, regular questions, and then the lady switched and said: "don't take it personal, we don't care what you do, but please tell us who you're working for" I sat there puzzled, because I really dont know what she was referring to. She kept repeating this. Then at some point the guy, who was the bad cop, started questioning me about my Instagram account, how many followers I have, if I know them personally etc. asked me about what I post (I post myself mostly, typical "ig girl" but NOTHING inappropriate!), asked me why my profile is public etc. Then the lady started asking me again, if I go out to clubs, I said ye

Form I-131?

Has anyone used it with out a hitch? submitted by /u/Pov-Dre [link] [comments] source

Asylum application Greece/EU

I have a friend who has been in a refugee camp in Greece for already 5 years. He has been waiting on an answer on his asylum application all this time. Is there anything that can be done so he can get the answer asap? It is very depressing to just wait and not being able to do anything else than voluntary work here and there. In this state he does not want to stay in Greece anymore, but he has no legal way of leaving the country either. Are there any chances on seeking for asylum in other countries than Greece, instead of waiting and waiting? submitted by /u/33probs [link] [comments] source

Travel while marriage green card pending but in H1-B status.

I am currently in H1-B status through my employer but will be applying for a green card through my husband next year. I read that I can travel while I-485 is pending as long as I maintain H1-B status and use that visa to renter but is that only if my employer is filing for the green card or does it not matter? Can’t seem to find any information about that. Thank you! submitted by /u/shradams [link] [comments] source

Home address in DS-160 form, visitor visa

I have three options what to write as home address, do not know what to choose. 1) I am a Ukrainian national, living and working in London. I have documents about my ties to Ukraine and that I am registered at the exact address in Ukraine. 2) In London, I rent a room from a person I know (unofficially, there is no agreement, I just pay money to him). Currently, I added this address as my home address in the DS-160 form though I have no document proving I live here. 3) Also, there is a third address, a place where I lived previously in London and had a contract. This address appears on my payslips and in the letter from my employer confirming my employment. Also, I am registered with GP under this address. I did not change it because I do not have proof that I live under another address. Will it be a problem that the employer letter and payslips contain one address, and the DS-160 form has another address? I was considering changing it to a Ukrainian address but there would be ques

How can I prove I'm vaccinated in the USA? (Fully vaxxed British citizen)

Quick question for everyone, not sure if this is the right place to ask. I'm moving to the USA next month and I'm aware certain places/jobs need you to prove you're fully vaccinated. I have the NHS Digital COVID pass which is valid for domestic and international travel. Is this accepted in the USA or is there a way of converting this to a CDC-approved certificate? submitted by /u/Bill-Ceallaigh [link] [comments] source

Family petition for a parent

Hi, My US citizen sister is petitioning for my father who is in our home country. He left the USA about 11 years ago and got the 10 year ban because he was a visa overstay. We recently got a letter that his visa number is available. Does anyone know what that means in terms of next steps? Is that an approved green card? We have a lawyer handling this case but he is not being responsive right now. I would appreciate any help. Thank you submitted by /u/ParsnipLow5341 [link] [comments] source

Helping my friend and his family claim asylum

My friends were recently kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. Him and his entire family. They were tortured with actual evidence of torture and almost killed. I witnessed part of it having been kidnapped the very next day. Me being a us citizen would my testimony help? What steps should they do seeking asylum? As I think they have a genuine means to get it granted submitted by /u/Dear_Possibility98 [link] [comments] source

TN status and offer for Promotion to Management

Hi r/immigration ! I'm a Canadian Social Worker working in the US with TN status. I have been with the same employer in the US for nearly 6 years and have had 3 applications (1 renewal), all of which were approved. My employer is urging me to apply for a management position in our department. My social work training is required for the job, but I would also be managing other employees. This would be an excellent next step for my career, but my understanding is that under no circumstances can you manage other employees on a TN - is this true or are there exceptions? I am debating whether or not applying for this job is worth it for me. If a new TN is not an option for this job I presume that might mean having a discussion about H1-B sponsorship, but I know there are many challenges with obtaining H1-B visas as well and possible down sides for me switching. Any thoughts about my best course of action are appreciated. submitted by /u/bondzillaaa [link] [comments] source h

EU citizen applying for a Green card under ESTA

Hi, I am a French citizen and my husband is a US citizen. I am quite confused about the green card application process, any insight and advise would be extremely appreciated! Here is our story: I met my husband 5 years ago on a J1 student visa. After my visa expired, I went back to France to finish my studies while traveling back and forth during vacation times with an ESTA. After graduating, I came back in the US under a new J1 visa for an internship. Then COVID happened, (and this is where it gets complicated), to avoid travelling during the pandemic, I applied for a J1 visa extension, that USCIS declined after 1 year, so I went back to France as soon as I received the rejection letter. My bf (now husband) came to France and surprise me with a proposal this summer. I have now joined him in NYC under an ESTA and we got married. Therefore, here are the questions; Is it considered a complicated case, based on the fact that I overstayed in the US while I was waiting to hear back f

Can my girlfriend get Medicaid or other health insurance? Pennsylvania

She is here in America from Brazil on asylum. Has a 10 year old daughter and has been here for 2 years and 4 months. Her work auth has been pending for like 3-5 months now. We’ve been dating for 6 months. Recently she had a CT scan at hospital which showed something going on possibly with her pituitary gland. Either way I keep telling her to let me take her to welfare office to see if we can get her health insurance. She seems to think she isn’t allowed or something and we’ve been getting in disagreements about it. Before meeting her I really knew nothing about immigration process and all their rights so it’s all new to me. What are her options. submitted by /u/thismodernleper [link] [comments] source

Has anyone attended tourist visa interview in Canada lately?

Hey all!! I have been waiting to obtain a US Visa for about a year now! I'm not a Canadian, so I need a visa to enter US! I originally had an appointment for July 29 th in Calgary, but 1 month before the actual appointment date, I got a email from the consulate that all the appointments for July and August were cancelled. I later booked it again in Feb 2022 in Halifax. I am all ready to travel to Halifax for my appointment,. But I'm afraid they may cancel my appointment again. Has anyone attended their appointments for B1/B2 visa in Canada recently or have their appointments scheduled in the near future (1st or 2nd week of Dec) ?? Thanks submitted by /u/AccomplishedSlide195 [link] [comments] source

UK Marriage Visitor Visa

I booked an appointment for my biometrics at a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) , but now I dont understand what i do from here, i have a UK Document checklist that must be signed at my appointment but they didnt do anything like that there. They just did my biometrics. Now I have 5 days to send all my stuff to the visa place in New York and the document isnt signed. What am i missing? submitted by /u/Toppkat [link] [comments] source

Can Romanians enter Bulgaria right now?

Is it possible for Romanians to enter Bulgaria right now if they dont have the vaccine? Would a negative covid test work? And as well I am American with the vaccine and negative covid test, would I be able to enter from the Romanian border? Please let me know. submitted by /u/skyk112 [link] [comments] source

Cross from Canada to US by foot through 1000 island crossing

Hello! I am hoping to cross the border from Canada to the US next month by foot. Since I do not have a car, I was planning to ask one of my friends to drop me and my cat off at the Canadian side of the border and then cross the border by foot and my husband would pick me up from the other side. Is this possible? Has anyone crossed at this particular port of entry by foot recently? Thanks! submitted by /u/pooch2809 [link] [comments] source

What happens if I withdraw my asylum application

Can I withdraw my pending asylum case if a company decided to obtain a work authorization for me ? or if I decided to pursue an education and get F1 Visa? or it is not possible. Thanks in advance submitted by /u/KhaledMo90 [link] [comments] source

Podcast Interview with an Exciting Artist who came to the US as a Indigenous Vietnamese Refugee

Here is a link the latest episode of the Immigrant's Path featuring artist, Sachi Dely. Sachi came to the US as a refugee from an indegenous tribe in Vietnam. Her ability is express her unique life experience through art is a tremendous gift. submitted by /u/JoeGentileESQ [link] [comments] source

UK Double Decent via Grandmother

I read awhile back that laws were changing and they were going to start allowing double descent citizenships if your grandmother was born in the UK. Anyone have an update on where this is at? submitted by /u/4565457846 [link] [comments] source

USA immigration advice needed

I’m travelling to the United States in December to visit my fiancée for 6 weeks. My fiancée and I will be getting married next year in the UK, NOT the USA and will have proof of venue bookings etc. With this evidence, will immigration officials see this as cause for concern? I’ve travelled to the USA on and off for the last 10 years to see her but this is the first time visiting as a fiancé. What do I need to be prepared? Thank you in advance for the help submitted by /u/illdoitlatermum [link] [comments] source

Query on past 5 visits to the US, question in DS160

Hello, So I am currently in the US and recently got my H1b approved ( transitioned from F1 to H1b). I am filling my Ds160 for H1b stamping. Now there is a question which asks us "Have you visited US before" and I marked Yes. Then it follows with "dates of arrival" and "Length of stay". So my last visit in the US was 17th Jan, 2021 and after that I have never left the US, so how do I put the Length of stay for my last arrival as I am not sure when I will get the visa appointment dates and which date I will leave US for the visa stamping. Any help appreciated, thanks submitted by /u/KnownResponsibility7 [link] [comments] source

Renewing I-94 while on E1 waiting for EAD.

Hi all, (USA) Hi all, I’m on an E1 visa that is valid till 2023, however my I-94 expires in January and I cannot leave the country due to waiting for my EAD and travel authorization. So I thought this should be fairly simple, and we should be able to just make an appointment with the right department for them to extend/renew my I-94 fairly easily. There must be thousands in similar situations while the border lockdown was in place? My lawyers (company)seems to propose an overly complicated procedure and I lost all trust in them waiting many years on my EAD/GC. Anyone here that can explain to me what I need to do? My GC file is with the Texas Service Center in case that is important. submitted by /u/olearygreen [link] [comments] source

Online Translation Service

Can anyone recommend a reputable certified translation service in the USA for a German to English translation. Thanks submitted by /u/Jezuufamtobie198 [link] [comments] source

US Citizenship - born out of wedlock

My cousin (30) has recently been acknowledged by her dad as his daughter. Her dad is in the US now and she is in the Philippines. She was born out of wedlock and her parents separated before she was born. Dad was working in the military base in the Philippines. What is her right to become a US Citizen? Is she automatically a US citizen? Or does her dad have to petition her? They are talking of getting a DNA test done to confirm the relationship. I am trying to help her and the laws are confusing. submitted by /u/babebibobuinchicago [link] [comments] source

K1 Visa Processing Time

Anyone receive I-129 f NOA 1 receipt in March? submitted by /u/Accomplished-Lock-38 [link] [comments] source

Received an interview date from embassy, but can't schedule it online

We just received an email saying that our interview date is December 8th at 9.30. They gave us these instructions: "Prior to your interview, you must register in our service provider’s online system, select a DHL location for document delivery, and pay the $265 fiancé visa fee. You can find our service provider’s website here: . I did all this, but when it says we need to pay the fee, it doesn't take us anywhere where we can pay online. Below, it just says: There are no available appointments at this time. Please check back in a few days as the Consular Section will open more appointments. Now what? Should we email the embassy and ask for help? Has anyone encountered this problem before? Thanks! submitted by /u/mellow_yellow___ [link] [comments] source

EB-3 Green Card Consular Processing - Do you need an attorneys assistance?

I got my i140 approved about a week ago and currently awaiting NVC to create a case for me. Meanwhile, my law firm wanted to know if I need assistance from an attorney for consular processing. They said it’s $2000 for this service. My question is in the title. If you have got an employment based green card through consular processing, have you got a lawyer for this last stretch of the process. I am single with a clean criminal background so I’m thinking this would be pretty straight forward for me to tackle myself. Let me know what you think. Thank you. submitted by /u/good_game_wp [link] [comments] source

Immigration advice needed!

I am entitled to US citizenship according to the information on the UK US Embassy website (born in the UK in 1991 in wedlock to American father and UK mother, who was a US resident alien) and I am applying for my passport in the New Year. I already have a Social Security card that my father applied for for me when I was younger. My husband and I have plans to relocate to the States to live with my father and stepmother, so I am trying to figure out what paperwork, visas etc we would need for my husband and daughter. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. submitted by /u/Successful_Bet5632 [link] [comments] source

Immigration Officers - Long visits under VWP while waiting for visa?

US Citizen here. My fiance quit her job (she hated it and can live with family) and is coming here so we can spend more time together and get married. We plan on applying for an CR1 Visa after getting married. Under the VWP she can't stay here over 90 days, so can she go back to her home country and come back for another long visit? I've heard the general rule is that she should stay out of the US for as long as she was in the US, but that it depends on the immigration officer. - How strict are they at the LAX airport? - Could proof of an IR1 Visa in progress sway an officer to convince him that she's not trying to come in and stay illegally? - Has anyone tried this? Or are 3 month trips every 3 months the safest option while we wait for the visa? submitted by /u/AlphaKennyWhere [link] [comments] source

CR1 Visa Application - Can my US Citizen spouse visit me (UK) while we wait for approval

Hi, my spouse (US Citizen) and I (UK Citizen) wanted to know if she can visit me in the UK for up to 6 months while we wait out the visa process once the I-130 has been approved. We would be using a joint sponsor for the affidavit of support, who would be living and working in the US the whole time. We wanted to know her (my spouse) being outside the US for an extended period would negatively affect our chances of approval. submitted by /u/GuestUser4835642 [link] [comments] source

Sister's new husband may be in it for the US citzenship/green card

Hi all, I've posted this in /r/legaladvice but I figured I'd post here for more visibility. My sister (US citizen) recently got married to a guy she met in Taiwan. After a 2 year long distance (and 6 month relationship in Taiwan), he finally came to the US this February and they got married in May to speed up the status of his citizenship and such. However, over the last 6 months we've been seeing some red flags. He doesn't ever show care or interest in her when we're together i.e. PDA, feeding her at restaurants, holding open doors, anything gentlemanly that most guys do for the ones they love. Some may argue it might be a cultural or personality thing but I am very openly affectionate to my lady around them and thought it would be some kind of example he might follow. Especially since my sister really likes that kind of thing and always tried to be affectionate to him, which sometimes he rudely refuses. It's also her first real/serious relationship so she

Again, me again.

Trying to enlighten myself and if I ask one at a time it's easier to ascertain an answer. It's easy enough to find straight forward questions by google searches. When a person crosses illegally can they legally work? I've "heard" they can but any taxes taken from their checks are non refundable because they can't file federal tax returns... So if they can work legally how can they without a social security card? submitted by /u/CivilSympathy9999 [link] [comments] source

How long do you have to wait to file for K1 visa if being petitioned and case is closed by requester?

My boyfriend’s sister petitioned for a green card for him a few years ago. He has been told that the case is open but might take 6 more years to be reviewed. We are going to ask her to close/drop the petition so I can apply for the K1 visa for him. Would we have to wait after the case is closed for me to file for the K1 visa and how long? I have reached out to a few local lawyers but they want me to schedule a meeting and I rather save my money for when am ready to file. Any help is appreciated. I live in the state of New Hampshire and he is in Dominican Republic. Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/Bigmamabear3 [link] [comments] source

Marriage Based Green Card Interview - Minimal commingled finances

Hey all, We are going in for our marriage based interview this week. We do not have much in terms of commingled finances. The beneficiary just received her EAD a month ago so hasn’t had much income in the USA. Because of this she hasn’t paid bills, is not on our lease, etc. How important is this aspect of the review? Is there leniency because the beneficiary has been unable to work? We do have shared health insurance, she is a beneficiary on husband’s life insurance, and she is an authorized user on husband’s credit card Does this seem like enough? Also any tips on showing she is an authorized credit card user? Can we scan the card with her name and block out the credit card number? We received zero notices from the bank about this to use as evidence. The statement doesn’t include her name either Thanks! submitted by /u/CarrotSeltzer [link] [comments] source

Filled out DS-160 form 12 months ago, some info has changed. Would that be an issue?

Have my appointment in February 2022. Due to Covid, it took over 12 months to get in-person interview. Naturally, some submitted info on DS-160 isn't accurate anymore. Like travel dates and employment. Would that be an issue at the interview? Shall I submit a new form? submitted by /u/PrettyCandidate [link] [comments] source

Me again

Can illegal aliens get state issued IDs or legal drivers licenses? submitted by /u/CivilSympathy9999 [link] [comments] source

Considering Moving to the U.S. from Canada

Hi all, looking for some thoughts to help me evaluate a move to the U.S. 29(M), a dual citizen who grew up in Canada, now making around 110K (CAD) annually in tech, and have been steadily increasing YoY. After shopping around, Opportunities in the U.S. sit roughly at 110-150K (USD) for the role that I am in currently. In regards to investments, I currently have roughly 30k in an RRSP, the rest sitting in a savings account, uninvested. For the RRSP, I understand would really be locked in and untouchable until I retire or otherwise return and retire, unless I withdrew, took the hit, and brought those funds with me across the border. I have used our healthcare system here in Canada a few times for major surgeries due to some pre-existing conditions that are hereditary (these same conditions would also likely impact my children in the future, which is something I am taking into consideration as I evaluate the situation). When I think about the prospect of moving to the U.S., I am inte

Can I get a green Card in the US with an accounting degree?

I live in Canada, I am a recent grad & I only have a Bachelors degree in accounting, no CPA yet. Is it likely for me to be sponsored for an H1B visa (or similar, possibility of immigration visas) with such little qualifications? Are accountants usually sought-after or is it cut throat to get a sponsorship for such jobs? I know engineering and comp-sci majors are usually scouted from Canada and given green cards easily, but I heard accountants are not important nor wanted. A lot of the jobs I see on indeed want accountants with work authorizations already. Can anyone help me with what would be best in order to have a chance? submitted by /u/kelebek97 [link] [comments] source

OPT Starting date on 4/1?

I will graduate from college with a degree in Computer Science in March next year (my college follows the quarter system), and want to start my job as soon as possible in April. So from talking to advisors in my college, I should choose a starting date after April 1 to allow for future H-1B opportunities. Can anyone clarify why this is the case for me? It seems like April 1 marks the first day of a new H-1B cycle? I did online research about this but didn't get a definite answer. Would appreciate if anyone could help. Also, should I choose April 1 or April 2 for my starting date? Thanks a lot! submitted by /u/corporateswe [link] [comments] source

Stuck outside the US

I am on a current thanksgiving trip and my tourist visa expired mid trip. I also have a valid student visa but my I-20 form is expired, but I am still in school and have an active sevis-ID. Will I be okay going back? submitted by /u/Point-Overall [link] [comments] source

US citizen marrying a girl on an E2 Dependant visa

Hello guys, so I have been having a long distance relationship with a girl for about 3 years (it was long distance since ive been active duty in the Marine Corps). She lives in the US, and her father is here on an E2 visa. She is here on a dependant visa. She turns 21 in May of 2022, and I am planning on marrying her before her visa expires. We plan on getting married in a court house since I do not have much money. What is the process of getting her a green card? What exactly do i have to do? What does she have to do? Can you list it step by step please Edit: I am assuming I will need a lawyer? submitted by /u/blue1847x [link] [comments] source

Military Parole in Place

Yes, I am interviewing lawyers. I know I need one. We won't be getting married until next summer at earliest. Anyone have experience with MPIP? Approved or denied? Your experiences welcome. There's not a lot on this forum about it submitted by /u/Mindless-Cake4244 [link] [comments] source

how long did your vawa take ?

from the time you filed to you getting your biometrics for permanent residency?? thanks for any advice submitted by /u/Antique-Ad-3538 [link] [comments] source

For Canadian Citizens, do you need to have a US Visa before applying for Green Card?

A friend of mine is a Canadian citizen, and her employer can sponsor her to get Green Card if she is interested. However, she doesn't have a US visa. Does she need to get a US Visa first before her employer can sponsor her for Green Card? submitted by /u/Ill-Bid-19 [link] [comments] source

Where can I find companies willing to sponsor?

Im a former Police Officer, currently EMT, NAEMT Instructor, AHA Instructor, ECSI and more. I want to emmigrate to the US, ideally to work as an EMT. But I Just want to enter legally and work in watherever company Is willing to sponsor me and then in the near future find a job as an EMT. Is it doable? Or im a just dreaming? submitted by /u/HelpfulGanache7031 [link] [comments] source

USA Visa help

Hey there, I am a US citizen and recently married a South African woman. I am wanting to work on getting her a visa to the states but I'm not sure of the best way to go around it. What is the timeframe for consular processing in South Africa? Can we apply from a different country if we are living there or does she have to be in her native country? Is the k3 visa easier to get and faster? Is it necessary to get an attorney and will it speed up the process? submitted by /u/BakelSniper [link] [comments] source

Erin's Visa Story

Someone I know got featured on this page. Her 2 minute story is about not being able to work in any other company other than the one she's in right now, or she'll have to go back to South Korea. Her visa won't allow her. Encourage you all to give it a read. submitted by /u/Travelingwithavisa [link] [comments] source

Where can a Canadian citizen go to get the process of becoming a US citizen started?

Hello, I'm trying to find the best course of action for a Canadian citizen to eventually become a dual US citizen. My girlfriend lives in Quebec and I'm living in the states. I want to get some information for her about getting a work or travel visa for the time being. Are there immigration offices in Canada where someone can make an appointment to get more information or the forms to get the process started? I think having someone that can sit down and explore her options with her would be a big help. Thanks for any advice. submitted by /u/r1ckyh1mself [link] [comments] source

Does the DS-160 have enough space for answers?

Hello, I will be applying for a B2 visa shortly, and I'm currently looking at the exemplar DS-160 form. For one of the questions, my answer is really quite long, and wouldn't fit within the space provided. Would I be able to continue typing, or would it just cut me off? Similarly for the VCU-1 ; I have a relatively long list of minor crimes which I committed years ago as a juvenile - I know I am not inadmissible based on these as I was never convicted of a CIMT and I was under 18 at the time, but I won't be able to fit these all in the form. Any advice would be appreciated greatly submitted by /u/Apprehensive-Ear-968 [link] [comments] source

Potential lockdown and entering the US

With the new corona variant (and probably more in the future), the borders might become closed again for tourist purposes, some countries will make it back onto the red list... Can anyone tell me, if this scenario happens, and I get my K1 or CR1 visa approved (haven't decided yet), will I be able to enter the US? submitted by /u/AdHistorical7068 [link] [comments] source

Jobs in US sponsoring Filipinos.

Hello, is there any sites or networking groups for hiring Filipinos that want to work in the US? My girlfriend is a teacher in the Philippines and wants to work in the US. She has a bachelors in education and is fluent in English. If anyone knows of any sites or groups that are for recruitment I’d really appreciate the information. Any suggestions or opinions on this topic would also be very appreciated. Thank you! submitted by /u/TheOlTickDwist [link] [comments] source

Travel now or wait?

So long story short, I'm engaged to an American. We already decided to go the CR1 route because its better. However, we have not gotten married. We were planning on doing it next year in the US in June (bc their requirements are easy compared to my country). With the Omicron variant now I'm freaking out we might not be able to get married in time to start the process and we won't be able to see each other for a long period of time (again!) So we're thinking courthouse wedding in January. I'm super scared about being stuck in the US tho, bc I have school and other responsabilities at home. I know none of us have a crystal ball and we don't know how Omicron will affect future travel bans and such, but what are your thoughts? submitted by /u/Spuffy19 [link] [comments] source

Some advice!

I just need some help with a situation. I am from the US, and I have a boyfriend living in Hong Kong. Together for 5 years now. He has tried to apply for a US Visa but gets denied each time. The pricing for the application itself to apply for a US VISA is about $200. Is there anyway to bring him? submitted by /u/Difficult_Rip4356 [link] [comments] source

Possible double EWI?

Let’s say someone entered EWI at age of 2 and left after 5 months, but re-entered EWI, only accruing those 5 months. Does permanent bar fall upon them at this time? submitted by /u/manzo_ball3 [link] [comments] source

Waiting for h1b visa from Frankfurt consulate, worried about new travel ban

I imagine that we’re all in the dark here, but I figured I’d ask anyway: does anyone know whether visas will continue to be issued in countries affected by this latest travel ban? Here’s why I’m asking. My partner (who has had h1b status since summer 2020 but who doesn’t yet have his actual visa) had to leave the United States in January 2021 to go to the Netherlands take care of his seriously ill father. Since then, he has been unable to return. He was able to get a visa interview in Spring 2021 in Frankfurt, and was told that he’d be eligible for a visa once the travel ban was lifted. He sent in his passport to the consulate about two weeks ago and is waiting for the visa to be issued. I’m worried now that if Biden extends the ban to Europe, we’ll be left in the same situation we’ve been in all year: no visa and no way for him to get home to the states. Does anyone have any sense of how realistic this worry is? Sorry for any incoherence—it’s been a long year. submitted by /

Inquiry Re: Petition for Alien Relative Approved

over the moon today. my mom got a letter from USCIS on her birthday, which had us scared but we could see the first line of the notice through the letter window saying approved. absolutely elated after we petitioned their intent to deny, worrying about the worst. Now that it’s been approved, can anyone share experiences or knowledge on what she can & can’t do? We received instructions on filing an i-485, application to register permanent residence. what’re the odds it’s a shoe-in? submitted by /u/andy2428 [link] [comments] source

immigration freelance

i have a question about how to prove my experience as a freelancer as work experience for an immigration work visa or USA lottery or for visa work etc . submitted by /u/ellemti [link] [comments] source

Travel document number?

I’m currently filling out the I-130 form for my husband. It’s asking for his travel document number and this is asked separately from his passport number. He has a B1/b2 visa but I am not sure which number is the travel document number. I’ve tried looking online and it says a red number in the bottom right corner but there is no such number on his Visa card. Does anyone know which number this refers to? Thanks! submitted by /u/AstroWolf11 [link] [comments] source


I would love to tell you about my case, I am a Palestinian male, my name is odai, 26 years old, live in Lebanon. In deep love with an amazing American man of 58 years old who lives in Miami Florida. We met on a same-sex dating app and after two months, he hopped on a plane to meet me. The moment i saw him we fell in love and his trip here was amazing. We shared lots of moments together and the 4 days he spent here were the best of my entire life. As you know, Lebanon is an Arab country and gay marriage is not acceptable. Even declaring you're gay might get you arrested or even killed. So, I was thinking of maybe getting an attorney to help me maybe get a fiancé visa to be with my lover forever. When he came here, we took lots of pictures together in many places, I have copies of most of the receipts , we have tons of WhatsApp love and caring messages, we video each other every day, his family and friends know about me as a boyfriend and his lover but my friends and family know him

Grace period after voluntarily quitting on H1B?

Hi everyone. I have been on the H1B with a stamped visa in my passport since Oct 2020. I am planing on quitting my job this month, and had a few questions - Am I able to stay in the US legally for 60 days to wrap up things here after quitting the job? There seem to be mixed opinions on this and it’s causing quite a bit of confusion. Will I be able to apply for jobs from my home country and refile without going through the lottery? I consulted with a lawyer who mentioned I may be able to keep my H1B petition number for 6 years starting the initial approval date. TL;DR - what is the grace period on h1b if an employee is resigning rather than being terminated and is there any difference? Thank you so much for your help! submitted by /u/Thin-Enthusiasm-723 [link] [comments] source

US work visas as a Canadian

Hello, I'm a Canadian looking to work in the US. I have a job offer and sponsorship from a rehab in the states (work experience for masters school) but from what I gathered getting a visa to work there would be hard without an undergrad degree. I'll have an undergrad degree in a science at the end of 2022 but the position doesn't require one and if it did It would likely not be my degree. What are my options? submitted by /u/unlivedbread [link] [comments] source

Looking to immigrate

HI all So am pretty young guys. 30's with set of abnormal skill I suppose. Looking to immigrate to Canada or US possible. Due to issues in south Africa.. safety for my family. Am in the security industry Technical so alarm cctv fibre solar gate motors and such.. What would the steps be if I am able or the right direction . Do I contact a security company in the Canada or states ? And see what they purpose. Do I need to rent a small apartment or what ? Skype interviews? Regards thanks submitted by /u/SPACEPANZER [link] [comments] source

B2 to F1 status

Hi, I am currently in US with my B2 visa. I would like to change my status to F1. I understand the process and would like to know how long it would take for my F1 status to be approved. And have anyone gotten denial in change of status before? Thanks a lot submitted by /u/HinatoriVo [link] [comments] source

General questions

Hello, I’m trying to learn as much about this as I can before I dive into my specific process, I have a (genuine) Canadian spouse considering American naturalization. I Am born American. I would like to know if anyone has gone through the process, hopefully we could connect, otherwise, other than the first step of applying for the green card, what should be priority one? Can someone give me a direction as to where to look, and what other options there are during the wait/processing times? submitted by /u/Girafffffffffffffs [link] [comments] source

Question about I-864 and tax transcripts

We applied for CR1 visa in October 2021 and now are waiting for approval and preparing documents for the NVC stage. It says we have to submit tax transcripts for most recent 3 years. During last 2 years my husband was a student and made about 18k in 2019 and 24k in 2020. This year it’s about 50k. He also has about 60k on his bank account and I’ve heard if your income is below the required level you can make up for it with your savings or property. Will we need a co-sponsor since he made less than 21k in 2019? submitted by /u/sweetlatte777 [link] [comments] source

Travel during marriage-based green card application

I am currently hold L1-B Visa, am I able to travel internationally whilst my green card application is in process, prior to the travel authorisation? submitted by /u/hellohal92 [link] [comments] source

UK citizen to USA

I am a uk citizen in their second to last year of school before university. Do I apply for a uk university, or an American university? I’ve done some research and I want to get a green card as soon as I can. I’ve got no family over in the us so looks like my only options are to apply for a work visa then get sponsorship for a work based green card. My question is, is this above process easier if I complete my bachelors degree in the us, instead of uk? Are you more likely to be employed and sponsored faster if you are already on a student visa? submitted by /u/justdaydreaming55 [link] [comments] source

US restricts travel for African countries

Hi, my husband is currently on the business trip in Malawi and we’re wondering if given new restrictions he will be able to travel to US with me on 13th of December. I’m a holder of L1 visa but my start date is in 3 months from now, so we will be traveling on ESTA and looking for a place to live in States. Do you think that anyhow helps the case or not? One website says there will be 14 days ban for people being in African countries before entering USA, some don’t say anything about that. Do you think if he has negative test and is vaccinated he will be able to cross the boarder? Or are we considered residents now or not until L1 start day kicks off? Thanks submitted by /u/Nice_Cream_5615 [link] [comments] source

Getting married while on F1 visa ?

So me and my SO are planning to get married and I (the Canadian citizen) would plan on applying for the CR-1 visa? Or should I apply for K1 visa? I like that with CR1 visa you get the green card right away. Would I have to leave the country or could I stay since I’m an enrolled F1 student? submitted by /u/cringebabynaenae [link] [comments] source

Can I sponsor a work visa for my former au pair to return as a nanny?

We had a lovely experience with a person from South Africa being our au pair. Her time with the program is up and she returned home in good standing. Our child has a significant, permanent disability. It is very hard to find care for him, especially as he gets older and his abilities diverge from his peers My understanding is that it's basically impossible to have a former au pair return under a different visa, but I was wondering if we might be able to sponsor her as an employer by making the case that she is uniquely qualified to care for my special needs child and that we are unable to find Americans to do the work. I would love any thoughts or ideas about how to document/what would be sufficient to create a case. submitted by /u/Comfortable_Pie_8569 [link] [comments] source

Is travel under advanced parole safe?

I have DACA and would like to travel under AP to visit an ailing relative. I am afraid of not being let back in when I return because I have accrued unlawful presence (well over 180 days, so I fear the 10 year ban) from before I got DACA. Many years ago (around 2013 maybe) I wanted to use AP but a lawyer advised against it, saying it was risky, and I may not be allowed back. I am seeing lots of people using it; can't find any cases of people being denied re-entry and I wonder if I've been worried over nothing. I have a clean record, other than my unlawful presence from before 2012. Am I taking a risk traveling under AP given my circumstances? submitted by /u/monkeymite [link] [comments] source

Question regarding police checks

We are in the final processes of our K1 visa. My fiancé had his interview already and is approved pending submission of his Australian police check (massive backlog due to covid), which will be arriving early next week. Only issue is - the police check is clean, but he has a DUI from 2013 in Queensland. He declared this on his DS-160 form, but will we be running into any issues since his police check is clear? submitted by /u/SnooDoughnuts3166 [link] [comments] source