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Does the income requirement for K1/CR1 has to be US based income , or can it also be forgein income?

I'm currently in the process of trying to bring my spouse to the US. I've been living and working overseas for past 10 years. I won't be moving to the states in the summer. I want to start the process as soon as I get there. Would I have to wait a full year working the US to sponsor spouse, or could I include my overseas salary as evidence? submitted by /u/Catladydiva [link] [comments] source

Travelling on B1. Will I be allowed to enter

My younger sister lives in the U.S. and she is graduating from High school in a couple of weeks. I planned to go on the 9th to be there for her graduation since I’ll be the only family she’ll have visiting her, but now I am thinking of going earlier 2nd or 3rd to avoid getting caught in the travel ban. Is it viable to go or will I face challenges at entry? Appreciate any guidance. Thank you. submitted by /u/Zealousideal_Quit710 [link] [comments] source

An Update

Hey all, Filed AOS (marriage based) on Thursday 3/25 in Orange County, CA through our lawyer. UPDATE: Received notice of receipt for AOS & EAD today (4/30/21) but dated for April 22nd. Made sure to get e-updates on the USCIS website so I can keep track of our case. The waiting game continues! submitted by /u/moneymakingmondzz [link] [comments] source

Are current F1 students (on OPT) exempt from the India travel ban?

Currently on the F1, got fully vaccinated two days ago. Traveling back mid-May (hopefully at this point). There's been mentions of students who have programs starting on August 1st being allowed back into the country, but not much on current students who are out of the country. Any news on the matter would be great. submitted by /u/Bubbly_Scheme_4283 [link] [comments] source

US Income Tax Liability for Remote Work for someone on H1b Visa Holder

What are my US Income Tax liability for 2020 if I remotely worked for a California based company on H1b Visa for the duration of Feb 2020 till Nov 2020. I did work in the US for this company for few weeks in Jan 2020 and then 3 weeks in Dec 2020. This was my only source of income with no other income or properties abroad or in the US. submitted by /u/DesiCaliKiwi [link] [comments] source

Notarized letter for border crossing

Hello everyone! I have a situation and am seeking advice. I'm a permanent resident in the US, my family and I are going on a small vacation, here in the US and I want to take one of my nephews with us. He is a minor and currently resides in México with my sister who is not a US citizen but he was born here so he is a US citizen. What sort of document do I need to bring him with us and not have problems at the border? Thanks everyone! submitted by /u/DaZaKu [link] [comments] source

May I switch from OPT to TN Visa with the same employer?

Hi everyone, I’m a Canadian born citizen that graduated in December of 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management from a University in California. I’m currently on a 1 year OPT that expires on October 27th, 2021. I would like to know if I qualify for a TN Visa, because a majority of the University courses I have taken are required for an Accounting degree. I also just got a job offer as an “Accountant” on my OPT, and was wondering if I could take the job offer, and then transfer to a TN Visa with the same employer? Or should I try to apply to a TN Visa immediately before beginning this job? Thank you. submitted by /u/missredvelvetrabbit [link] [comments] source

A sibling has overstayed their visa but has an approved case at the USCIS, what now ?

Let’s say someone filed for a sibling and the sibling has been approved, unfortunately the sibling also has been living here unlawfully for a considerable amount of time. What will happen when the priority date becomes current ? submitted by /u/According_Ladder_411 [link] [comments] source

Is it possible to get my in-laws out of India with expired visas?

This is a long shot, but I thought I’d ask. My in-laws are in India and with everything going to hell there, we were really hoping to get them out for a bit. They’ve been vaccinated, but my father in-law has Type 1 diabetes and we are just worried his health needs can’t be met there. Unfortunately, their US tourism visas expired last year during COVID and the following embassy shut downs and they have not been able to get them renewed because of the closures. Does anyone know if there is a way we can get them out on those expired visas? Thanks so much for any information or pointing in the right direction! submitted by /u/Lego-last-hit [link] [comments] source

Doubt before traveling :Did the US cancel previously issued b1/b2 visas during covid?

I have a ten year multiple entry visa that i got in 2014. Used it twice already. I have an event to attend in the US in three months. Did the US make any change to previously issued but valid visa because of Covid-19 or are they still ok to be used? I heard some countries like India and I think Singapore cancelled all tourists visas in the past. submitted by /u/Massive-Juggernaut15 [link] [comments] source

How often do employers go through the PERM process?

My whole family is US citizen, my two brothers were born in the US and my parents applied and got got citizenship through them. I was born in Mexico and am already 24, an attorney told me that because of that it will take years (15+) for me to get a green card through any of them because of the low preference. But in the mean time I can work at the US if I renew the permit each year. I got two bachelor degrees (one from a university in the US) and was wondering how common it is to get your employer go through the PERM process. I have 3 years of professional experience on Mexico and maybe if I apply to a position at the US could get at some point the green card through PERM certification. submitted by /u/SauseMaker31 [link] [comments] source

Case ready for schedule Denver field office (I485)

Hello everyone ! Is there anyone waiting for interview at denver field office? Any ideas how long does it takes the process? Thank u and good luck!! submitted by /u/Fabulous_Ad1804 [link] [comments] source

O-1 Visa Approval, What Next?

I am a Canadian citizen who is a musician (with a very good case + lawyer) waiting for my O-1 Visa to get approved. I’m expecting it to be approved within the next few days as I paid for premium processing and it was submitted on April 22nd. My lease for my apartment starts next week and I was expecting to get approved and travel right away. Is this possible or do I have to wait for my documents to be sent to me? My lawyer advised me that I do not need to do an interview. Just trying to figure out next steps once my approval goes through and how long it could potentially take before I’m able to actually enter the US. Any advice/information is truly appreciated! submitted by /u/Leather_Principle722 [link] [comments] source

B-1/B-2 Visa entering US from Turkey

So I know there are lots of bans in place. Turkey declared a full lockdown but said that tourists are free to travel. Hopefully I am clear on their side of things. I have 2 questions to anyone that has any information Do you know whether I can freely enter the US on a B-1/B-2 visa flying from Turkey ( I havent been in one of the forbidden countries from Schengen, UK, Brazil etc in the past 14 days) There is no more ENFORCED quarantine given you show a negative covid test made in the last 72h upon arrival in New York, correct? There used to be a 3 day one but I believe they removed it, so I believe that also holds for foreign arrivals but not completely sure. The first question worries me because I am not sure how immigrant officers look at "tourist" visas considering the current situation and whether it's likely to be told to get lost at the border upon landing. submitted by /u/throwaway4395824 [link] [comments] source

Renewing DL with i-751 NOA in GA

Hi all! I just received my Notice of Action for i-751 stating that my GC has been extended for 18months. My GC expires at the beginning of July along with my DL. I want to go to the DMV before it expires and renew my DL for another 18 months from the expiration date. But I’m not sure if they accept NOA letter as valid proof in specifically Georgia, nor if they will give me a new DL as this one isn’t expired yet. I was wondering how some of the recent experiences of folks in similar situations have been? Really appreciate the help!!! submitted by /u/drfqueen [link] [comments] source

J1 Visa Interview for Russians

Seeing as the Moscow embassy is basically closed now, are there any other countries that can offer J1 interviews to Russian citizens as third country nationals? It seems that most countries are only doing visa interviews for citizens, if they are doing them at all. Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/PIayer420 [link] [comments] source

Family member flying domestically while still in process?

Hello, as stated in the title this is regarding my step-sister who is still in the process of getting her papers fixed. I don't know all of the details only what they're telling me and hopefully I can get pointed in the right direction. She did come illegally from Mexico about 20 years ago and about two years ago she married my brother (who is a permanent resident but not a citizen) and they both have a child. From what I understand she is currently in the process of her application being reviewed and does have her i797 form. Our trip in the next month will be flying out of Phoenix AZ to Fort Lauderdale Florida and have already purchased round-trip tickets for two weeks. We are wondering if there would be a great risk running in with ICE at either airport? EDIT: Forgot to mention that she does have a valid mexican passport as well as an expired ID out of New Mexico along with a receipt of the i797 form. EDIT2: Sorry did not have any caffeine in me, I meant my sister-in-law

How much waiting time for f4 visa

As my application is accepted and we have approval letter but fees option is not available . I want to Knw how long they will take to proceed submitted by /u/Dramatic-Jeweler-884 [link] [comments] source

COVID vaccines in PA

I haven’t seen this covered and am not certain if this is true in all states. In PA when you get your vaccine they try to use your insurance if possible. If you don’t have insurance they ask for a SSN, so they can try to recoup the cost via Medicare/Medicaid. If you don’t have a SSN they give you the vaccine anyhow no questions asked. Good news for undocumented immigrants. submitted by /u/thebemusedmuse [link] [comments] source

CR1 Visa > K1 Visa?

Back story: I'm a Ukrainian-American Dual Citizen. My fiance is a Ukrainian Citizen. Apparently it's impossible for me to get married in Ukraine as an American, even if I'm legally here on my American Passport. I have two main questions I can't find this information ANYWHERE: Can we still potentially get approved for a CR1 visa if my Ukrainian marriage certificate states that I'm a Ukrainian citizen married to a Ukrainian citizen? Maybe because of this issue it'll just be easier to go for the K1. (I've just been told that by almost every measure the CR1 is better, especially since I don't live in the US. Does anyone know how much of an issue it is that (because I live in Ukraine) I haven't had an actual income for the past 2 years? I can show something like 4x the poverty level in my bank account and either of my parents can cosponsor me. ​ Thank you, you wonderful & helpful people ​ edit: Ukraine technically doesn't allow dual-c

Question about return tickets on new passport

I'm a freshman student in a foreign country and I plan on going back home for the summer for around 2 months but I want to book my flights with the return tickets (cheaper, travelling with friends etc.). However, my passport expires on November 2021 and I will be renewing it in the summer when I'm at my home country. So now my question is can I still book my flights with the return tickets or will I have to purchase the return ticket (separately) after renewing my passport? Thank you! submitted by /u/notafuckingvalue [link] [comments] source

Thoughts on Situation in US Embassy in Russia

My wife has been waiting for her green card interview to by scheduled at the Moscow US embassy by NVC since June 2020. Today the embassy announced that it would only be holding life-and-death immigration interviews and closing all non-diplomatic visa operations ( ). Does anyone have thoughts about what will happen with immigration interviews (ie, will they be moved to other US embassy locations)? Or thoughts about what my wife and I should do? submitted by /u/Werewolf__Inevitable [link] [comments] source

American citizen but no American passport

Hi I recently got my naturalization certificate and didn’t get around to apply for US passport before flying to visit family in Israel. I used my Israeli passport to travel to Israel but when I tried to come back home to my husband and family in California I was not allowed to go on the plane because I don’t have an American passport. The options I was offered by the American embassy in Israeli is to wait 2 months for an appointment and apply for an American passport here in Israel. But rent is due and 2 months is too long for me to wait. My question is, if I but a ticket to Mexico from Israel with a layover in America, would I be able to get through the immigration without and American passport? I have the naturalization certificate with me to prove citizenship. Does anyone here have any information that could help me? submitted by /u/Midnight_Flow [link] [comments] source

Immigration from iraq

Hello everyone, I’m a civil engineer from iraq. I was wondering if i can migrate to the west and what’s the process and the cost and difficulties. Thank you submitted by /u/Kinglord111 [link] [comments] source

F1 Visa + OPT

Hello everyone, I graduate next week in May, after 5 years of studying here and my F1 VISA has been expired since September 2020. I also received my EAD card today after I got my OPT approved a month ago. My work authorization date starts July 5th so i have a couple of months to spare. I would like to visit home and renew my F1 Visa so I can re-enter the US before July 5th. Can someone tell me if this is possible? Or would it be better to secure a job first, then try to go back and apply for an F1 VISA? Thank you!! submitted by /u/WeCanOnlyBeHuman [link] [comments] source

Visa usa

What to do with work history on ds 160? I am applying for f1 visa but I havent work the last 4 years. I am afraid it will look bad on the application. What do you think? submitted by /u/helloitsjessepinkman [link] [comments] source

H1B transfer and Everify question

I worked for company A and moved to company B recently but I didn’t like the work environment at new employer ‘B’ so I’m going back to employer A. Everything is set with the law firm who are handling the H1B transfer to Company A and I’m expecting them to file my case with USCIS this Friday or early next week. Today I received an email from HR of Company B that EAD documents are missing which is making me extremely nervous what could be wrong. I received the same email early March but I made sure I provided them my I797 which expires sometime in 2023. There is no way they sent this reminder based off Everify notification right? I mean DHS should have my H1B details linked too right? If current employer didn’t enter correct details in everify, does that impact my H1B transfer? submitted by /u/Legitimate_Syrupp [link] [comments] source

Fiancé Visa or Marriage Greencard?

Which option is the fastest way to move to Oregon? I am a u.s citizen studying in Canada. Me and my Canadian boyfriend want to get married and move back to Oregon. I would like to move as soon as possible. Would it be faster to get married in Canada first, and then apply for a Marriage Greencard? Or should we apply for a Fiancé Visa? We want the fastest option. We also want to live in Oregon while the application is processing if possible. Please help submitted by /u/Wildflower_XOX [link] [comments] sourceé_visa_or_marriage_greencard/

Question about travelling when OPT is pending

USCIS got my application on April 15th and sent me the notice. My programs ends on june 1st and I'm planning on going back home to India on 19th May for about two months. If my OPT application gets denied for some reason, then can I reapply from India? Also, would I be able to renter the US on the pretext that I want to reapply? Any advice whatsoever would be appreciated submitted by /u/Got_no_chill [link] [comments] source

I-130 first divorce lacks documentation

I have been married for five years to a Chinese woman. She is retiring and we are ready to apply for a green card for her but the form wants documentation for my first divorce in 1975 and my paperwork is somewhere in America. So far, the clerk’s office hasn’t found their record (I can’t remember the exact date). I do have the paperwork for my second divorce. Does anyone know how big of a deal it is not to have the divorce document from 1975? submitted by /u/Low_Nefariousness484 [link] [comments] source

Hope to get some advice re citizenship

Asked someone where this should go. This is where they suggested. My fiancee was in the US on a student visa, which expired. She was dating a guy, she broke it off with him, she went back to Taiwan. She finds out she's pregnant and has the baby. He doesn't want anything to do with the baby, but will at least say he is the father. Her ex is an American citizen, so the baby is an American (from what I read and was told by a rather helpful fellow at AIT). Can she, as she's the caregiver for the baby, come to the US a bit easier as the baby is already a citizen? I'm sure she has to get a green card and etc, and we're getting married anyway. Essentially, we both want to make sure the baby is taken care of and gets his citizenship, and they both can come here and we can live happily ever after, cue the bells and whistles and trumpets. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/Walker875 [link] [comments] source

Help! Applied for SSN and now want to apply for OPT but SSN hasn’t arrived yet

So I really want to apply for OPT before May 1 while the flexibilities are still in place (and also because I just want to apply for OPT as soon as possible). However I applied for my SSN last week and it hasn’t arrived yet (officer said it would arrive within 2 weeks) so I cannot write down my SSN number on my i765. Is it okay for me to write that I don’t have an SSN yet? submitted by /u/kafkareich888 [link] [comments] source

re-entry after staying in the U.S. with expired F-1 visa and valid I-20

Hi- ​ I'm an international students and currently in the U.S. My student visa expires in October, 2021, but I do not have enough time to go back to my country and renew my visa under the circumstance. I know I will have no problem staying in the U.S. with valid I-20 (my I-20 expires May 2022). However, I was wondering if this would cause problem when I come back to the U.S after I renew my visa in the future? I'm probably going to stay this fall semester and going back to my country this winter and renew my visa. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/sideconvo [link] [comments] source

G visa process

Hi there, wondering if anyone here knows the process of applying for a G4 visa within Canada? The dept of state website lists very little information and the automated email they send out is all over the place and scarce on details. Just wondering if anyone has done this recently and what the process has been? Thanks! submitted by /u/Quirky-Mention5292 [link] [comments] source

Affidavit of support

Greetings all, I am a green card holder and would like to sponsor my spouse for a green card. I just signed a working contract as a medical resident in the USA and my annual is above the required income for sponsorship. My question is: Can I sign the affidavit of support right away? or do I have to wait until I file my taxes for 2021? Many thanks in advance submitted by /u/Shami-94 [link] [comments] source

Administrative Processing before interview?

Has anyone had this experience? I had requested an expedite for my husbands green card interview with NVC (London embassy), and recurved an email from NVC with the following - “Dear Sir/Madam: This petition is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. You will be notified with further instructions when the processing is complete.” It’s an F2a. Anyone know what this means? Ok submitted by /u/VerminHTX [link] [comments] source

Green Card Medical exam Drug test

My family’s final action dates are in may, but I have no idea if they plan to schedule the medical exam sometime that month or right before my interview. I’ve read past posts about whether or not people get drug tested during these exams but these are quite outdated, so I was wondering if those of you who have done this exam recently were required to take a drug test. I’ve stopped smoking for about a week now and will continue to do so until mid May at the very least to be safe, but Id love if I could get a more concrete answer on this matter as it has made me very nervous over the past few months submitted by /u/infinity1567 [link] [comments] source

F1 student going India

Hello, I’m going India this week and will stay there till august, IF my country is banned by usa should I quarantine in a different country and then go? Even if it’s not banned should I still quarantine for 14 days and then go or will I be okay? Thanks, I’m really worried because I have to come back for next semester since it’s in person. submitted by /u/CryAggravating7996 [link] [comments] source

Can TN Visa be renewed after H1-B not getting selected in lottery ?

I am a Canadian looking to immigrate to US on TN Visa. I have the necessary education and work experience qualification. I am thinking about going to US on TN Visa and then switch to H1-B. The problem is H1-B is lottery and if I donot get selected in lottery couple of times (i.e. by the time TN Visa might be needed to be renewed as TN Visa is only for 3 years) would I become inelligible for TN Visa renewal as TN Visa does not have dual-intent whereas H1-B has dual intent. Dual intent means you are elligible for green card. submitted by /u/PM_40 [link] [comments] source

SB1 Visa vs Abandon Green card

Hey all, I have my 2 years green card through marriage and it expires next month . I initially came to China for a business trip then Covid hit, now i've been here for 1 year and 2 months. I still have so much ties in the US: my wife, our rented house, my stuff, my company, my staff and i paid taxes 2019 and 2020. ​ My lawyer is giving me 2 options: ​ 1- apply for SB1 visa 2- Abandon my green card and apply for 10 years one since it's been 3 years we're married. ​ My question: if i still need more time here in China, should i just abandon it and apply for a new one? Or should i try to apply for SB1 visa? submitted by /u/madhamahtam [link] [comments] source

What is your opinion?

Here is my current situation: French citizen, h1b visa and living in the US, married to a US citizen (recently) and didn't start a green card process yet. Can I go back to France and come back here without the 14 days somewhere else? It seems that because I am married, the ban doesn't apply to me but I have heard that it might send mixed signals to the border agent if I enter with my h1b (non immigrant) and a marriage certificate. submitted by /u/mexericaa [link] [comments] source

B2 visa extension for Mother from India

Hello, My mother has been with me and my husband since Nov 26th,2020. Her i94 is expiring on 26th May,2021. With the increase in Covid cases in India, we are thinking of applying for her extension of B2 visa. How long can the extension be applied for? Very much worried about her traveling back now. 24+ hour travel back in the current scenario seems very scary. Please advise. submitted by /u/Efficient-Yam-8687 [link] [comments] source

Can I be a dual resident for US and Canada?

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but please let me know if I should ask this somewhere else. I am an American citizen by birth (parents are not) but have not lived in the US for the past 17 years (I'm 21 now). I am also Canadian and have been living in Ontario for the past 3 years. I am planning on moving to the US for grad school but I was wondering if I will lose my Ontario residency. Ideally, I just want to stay in the US during my academic semesters (probably 8-9 months a year) and then stay in Canada for the rest of the time as a resident. Is this possible or will I no longer be considered an Ontario resident if I study in the US? submitted by /u/elaichy [link] [comments] source

EB3 processing?

Does anyone know how long the whole EB3 process takes for a Philippine immigrant assuming employer opt for premium processing and there's no wait time because Visa Bulletin says it is current for immigrants from Philippines under this category? Is this better/worth it than being sponsored for H2B first and then EB-3 when I get to the US? Can you also share your immigrant story/process? submitted by /u/qweerrttyuiop [link] [comments] source

Offered a temporary position research analyst in the US (remote work). I must be eligible to work in the US, which Visa I should look for?

As the title said! Which VISA should I request? I don't want to migrate to the US, only to work remotely from my country (LATAN). Thank you for your help, submitted by /u/unclebob76 [link] [comments] source

Can I work while my I-765 is in process?

I was under H1b when I submitted my spouse based green card application. I-485 and I-765 is still in process and with Covid and everything, I'm not exactly sure how long it will take. My company recently got acquired by another company and I'm in desperate need to get a new job. Is there any way, or provision, through which I might be able to work while my I-765 is is still in process? I'm not sure if there are any new exceptions or exemptions in place due to Covid related delays, but I'm hoping to leave no stones unturned. submitted by /u/ellow-mellow [link] [comments] source

Survey: widespread statements in the US

Hi! My name is Gorka and I’m a student at Georgetown University. I’m currently doing an investigation for a class about opinions that are related to statements that are widespread in the USA. The survey is anonymous and it only takes 10 minutes. Anyone over 18 years old and who currently lives in the USA can participate. Thank you for your help! You can share the link to get more participants! submitted by /u/Gorka-Basterretxea [link] [comments] source

Employed via CPT (F1) but getting a 1099?

Hello! I am about to start an internship and they will give me a 1099 form (I'm unsure which one but maybe a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC). I am under a student visa (F1) and have the approval for off-campus employment via Curricular Practical Training (CPT). However, I've been here for quite a bit (working on my PhD) and file taxes as a resident. I was wondering if this is alright given that a 1099 would qualify me as a contractor rather than an employee. During the school year I am hired as a teaching assistant and get a W2 for that work. Is this alright? Can someone give me some guidance? Greatly appreciated :) submitted by /u/Longjumping_Eye1611 [link] [comments] source

UK to USA ESTA question

Hi, My wife (USC) and I (UK) are hoping to travel mid-September to the USA to see her family, if COVID permits. What are the current rules surrounding ESTAs at the moment? Are they still being processed? Does it ask about spouses on the application form? Will my wife being a US citizen be likely to cause an issue? I've had an ESTA previously however it's expired so I do not remember the questions asked. ​ Thanks submitted by /u/whostolemycatwasitu [link] [comments] source

Do I have to wait another two years more?

I came to the states legally on 2016 and married to an American citizen. It took me two years to get my first green card on 2018. And I got a divorce before my conditioned green card expired. I just got my 10 year green card this month. So this is the 5th years I’m here in the states but only the 3rd year since my first green card. Do I have to wait another two years for naturalization ? Thanks. submitted by /u/dolysweet [link] [comments] source

Worked offcampus as F1 Student a couple years ago, possibly filled out i9

My I-20 expires next year and I'll need to renew it, and I was thinking about anything that may lead to me getting denied, and I remembered this. My entry visa expired a year ago. I filled out a form that only mentioned "I-9" by name saying the employer was going to fill and submit one using the information I gave them. They never asked me if I was authorized to work or if I was a citizen or anything, I searched thoroughly. But my social # is all over that form, as well as my address (hasn't changed since that time), I was wondering if I would be in any danger if I tried to apply for i20 extension? I've had no problems when doing Sevis checkins, I've flown around the country once since my entry visa expired (I know this is allowed, but it might possibly have had me reviewed by their system at TSA checkpoint) Would I face any problems extending my i20? And is renewing my entry visa a good idea? submitted by /u/throwapanik [link] [comments] sour

FX6 category green card confusion

FX6 Green card category confusion So my wife today received her green card stating resident since 4/21/2021 which was issued for 10 years. She was adjusting from F1 visa. I’m a green card holder myself for the last 13 years. And we’ve been married for year and a half since 11/8/2019. When I looked up this category it says Spouse of a lawful permanent resident alien (exempt from country limitations). I read that people usually getting CR1 for 2 years first and then have to remove conditions There is no mention about conditional or nothing when I go to that category like CR1. Do we still have to remove conditions and is she good for 10 years ? I’m really confused... submitted by /u/NeatCommander [link] [comments] source

Is it possible to renew my Venezuelan passport?

I live in the United States and my Venezuelan passport expired a couple of years back. I am not a citizen of the US yet, so I want to renew my Venezuelan passport in order to travel abroad. Is there any way of renewing my passport? I read that basically all the Venezuelan embassies are closed in the US so I literally have no idea how to renew or extend my passport. Any of you guys been going through the same issue? submitted by /u/Carlosal0216 [link] [comments] source

I forgot to report change of employer in my stem opt.

I am F1 student on my STEM OPT. My stem opt started last year and on March 8th I accepted a new job. My previous employment ended in March 5th. It’s April 28 and I haven’t reported the change of employment yet. I will be speaking to my DSO tomorrow. But I am worried if they won’t be able to change in SEVP. Can someone help me know if it’s possible to report change of employer after 21 days from the start date? submitted by /u/gpraveen2593 [link] [comments] source

I-485 application: how to go about my wife’s changed last name?

Hello! We recently got married and my wife decided to change her last name. Now, we received the marriage certificate today, but it does not show her new name, it only shows the previous. I was wondering, how do we go for the green card application? Should we put her new name, or stick to the old one? Also, is the marriage license we printed out and sent to the ny city clerk enough of a proof to show the new name? I am really confused about this now. We’re pretty tight with the timeline to send in the application and I think going for a driver license update and SSN update would take too long. Any thoughts on this? submitted by /u/Pasq_95 [link] [comments] source

Can I stay in the US on a ESTA for 3 months?

I've seen around the internet that yes it's valid for 90 days but they don't expect you to stay that long? I am a musician. Have had a lot of success over in the states, more so than any other country in the world and I have the opportunity to go to Los Angeles for a few months. Now I'm not going to be working there but will be going to meeting people, artists, connecting and stuff. I'd like to go for 3 months but might just go for a month as it seems 3 could be a problem.. Any advice here? submitted by /u/International-Key239 [link] [comments] source

EB2 spouse

Hey guys! My fiancé got her green card last year through an EB2 visa. We were wondering if we got married now, would I be able to apply for a green card? I am in the US with a F1 visa. If yes, are there requirements such as income? Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/BB_B2 [link] [comments] source


so im 14 and was born in quebec and i wanna go back with my partner when we turn 18, how do i apply for a visa and do all of that? submitted by /u/RAlNDR0PS_ [link] [comments] source

Chaces of getting my F1 VISA ?

Hi, I am a general physician from India I grew up in the Abu dhabi UAE, and did my med school in india. I have applied(5) and gotten accepted(3) to Masters in Public Health program for Fall 2021. I was not employed for the last 4 years due to family issues and my dads health. I was his primary caregiver. A visa consultancy agency said I have several red flags in my application. Age 28 and Female. Already have a B1 B2 visa with which i have traveled Three time to the US. 2016- 3months- medical training called observerships 2018 - 1month - USMLE exam and to visit my friend. Actual plan was to stay for 2 weeks but it was December and my flight got canceled due to the weather, so i had to stay for 2 weeks extra till my next flight was available in 2 nd week of jan 2020- 3months - entirely for visiting friends and one of them was having a nervous breakdown due to loosing family members to Covid. I was given an opportunity to go for a vocational training in 2018 through Univers

Do the IRS have an active role in AOS?

My former boss claims they had to submit evidence of good financial standing to prove they can sponsor me. I’m curious if this is an official form? submitted by /u/evansten [link] [comments] source

Immigrate to the US as company founder opening a branch in the US?

Hi, I am embarking on a startup journey, if things go well there will be the need to open an US branch not immediately but close, it actually makes more sense to open it in the US but I can't. Is there way for me to immigrate and deal with it? Can the CEO/Founder of his own company require a L visa or something similar? What about the investor visa, does investing more than 1 million $ with company money by opening a new branch gives access to a permanent immigration visa? Should I open the company immediately and hire myself to have been an employee of my own company for one year as soon as possible? I know it's too early but I was just thinking about it and asking this now is better than later. Thank you submitted by /u/satellitestrung [link] [comments] source

Visa application form

Hello guys. How's everyone doing? I have a question and I'll be grateful if someone could help me out with it. In the Serbain visa application form, there's a question which asks for previous visits to the Republic of Serbia. Basically I was born in Serbia but since I have left I've never visited again, so I'm wondering whether my birth counts as a previous visit or not? Thanks in advance guys submitted by /u/sofian02 [link] [comments] source

I can't decide whether to stay in the US or go back to China. How should I make a life decision while having conflicts with my parents?

My visa is going to expire in Mid-July. In February I told my parents that I would like to go back in May, but they got so mad. We had severe family conflicts... They tried to manipulate me since I was born. Till now I am 23 and still struggle with it. So they used their connection and found me a low-paying job that was totally not related to my goal, but if I stay here for another 3 more years, I could get a green card (their biggest wish), and then I could do things I want to do. At first, I felt they were making up reasons and comforted me to stay. Doing something not related to my career goal is torture (and it makes me several severe panic attacks) for me even for 3 years! But now I somehow really feel it could be an option, and that is completely opposite to my desire (escaping from my parents' control). So I hate myself for pleasing them again. If I go back, I would not get much freedom since I would be in the same city as them. And I could not earn much as I do here. So


My tourist visa for the USA had been denied about 10 years back. I will be applying for a F1 non immigrant visa in the next two months. Will the previous denial pose any issue? submitted by /u/Mahii98 [link] [comments] source

OPT Status in job applications question

Hello everyone! I had a question about OPT status in job applications. I was wondering how would you guys deal with this situation? I have applied for OPT and my start date will be in July. Should I indicate my immigration status in the cover letter, in the beginning of the interview, or in the end of the interview...? Do I also need to mention that I might need company visa sponsorship after a year? I am a bit confused because I see different answers online, so I wanted to ask your opinion and suggestion on how to convey this better without getting taken out of the application pile in the first place. Thanks! submitted by /u/zgingerr [link] [comments] source

Get married then apply for cr1 visa or do fiancé visa then get married when you’re here? What’s going on with the wait right now?

Get married then apply for cr1 visa or do fiancé visa then get married when you’re here? What’s going on with the wait right now? We still have about 1 year or so till we finish what we are supposed to do. She is from India. I’m American. submitted by /u/headingtovegas22 [link] [comments] sourceé/

F-1 Visa may not be reinstated and AOS not completed

Hello all, I’m writing this to hopefully get some good news and figure out our options. So, my husband (F-1 visa holder) and I (US citizen) got married in March 2020. We are both full time college students. Long story short, due to personal reasons and other factors my husband had some issues with his grades, and from what I understand since he can’t redeem some of his classes by the end of the semester it is now up to the school to decide whether his F-1 status will be reinstated or not. We are gathering what we need to send in the AOS paperwork, however someone within our university told us that it would be bad for us to file AOS while his F-1 is potentially transitioning? My biggest question is: if he is not reinstated, will he immediately lose his lawful status? We are a married couple and live together, will he be required to leave since his AOS paperwork is not submitted? Also, I assume if we traveled outside the US, he would not be permitted to return? If this were to happe

Have question about AOS timeline.

Checked my field office AOS processing timeline and it’s 12 to 29 months. My PD August 2020, I have completed my interview weeks ago on April 12, 2021 and still no response. I’ve heard USCIS makes decision within 120 days after the interview. My question is 12 to 29 months timeline until the interview or even after the interview? submitted by /u/john4307 [link] [comments] source

Procedure to apply for B2 visa from Canada on Indian passport?

I'm an international student in Canada with Indian passport. My elder brother is getting married in June and I was looking forward to apply for B2 visa to attend the wedding. What documents should I keep in hand and the general procedure? Also, are the visa interview dates easily available since everything is uncertain due to COVID situation? I'd appreciate any help big time! submitted by /u/throwaway69143 [link] [comments] source

Do fiance visa or spousal visa? I'm in America, she's in India. Advice please?!

Hey ya'll! I'm an America and she's Indian. we have been dating since 2014 where we met in another country studying abroad and got married January 2019 she has some school stuff that won't finish till end of this year and I have school stuff that won't finish till march or may next year. would it be better to apply for finance or spousal visa? submitted by /u/Impossible_Patient_6 [link] [comments] source

Please help

I’m currently in US on my OPT STEM last year. I got married few months ago and my husband is a US citizen. I want to apply for a spouse visa so that I can continue working in the US and eventually apply for GC. At the moment my only concern is to be able to live and work in the US. I’m not sure what should be my next step and how straightforward this would be. If anyone has recently been through this then please share your experience. TIA for the help! submitted by /u/Shakkkkkkk [link] [comments] source

US Consulate Montréal Appointents

Hey everyone! Does anyone know how often the Montréal consulate releases new interview appointment dates? Is it a bi-monthly type of thing where a new chunk in released in the beginning and middle of the month? Appreciate the help! submitted by /u/SexyHamburgerMeat [link] [comments] sourceéal_appointents/

Applying for EB2/EB3 green card from overseas?

Hi, I was not selected in the H1b lottery this year and in my discussion with my company's legal team, they said that directly applying for EB2/EB3 green card is not a good option because I am not currently in the US (I work as a remote contractor outside of US), and applying for green card from outside of US is harder than if I were already located in the US. Is this true? I didn't see anything about this in my research. I'm currently considering either L1b transfer visa or green card, and to me green card would be the better option as it seems like the timeline would be pretty similar (1.5 - 2 years to receive transfer visa or green card), and green card provides me with more freedom than L1b. submitted by /u/wendytw [link] [comments] source

One way ticket to US, then crossing the border to Canada

I’m travelling from overseas planning to return Canada, but don’t have the funds to pay the hotel quarantine on flight arrival. So my friend suggested I just buy a one way ticket to Washington then cross the border by land. My question is: will I be allowed through US immigration with a one-way ticket? I am Canadian, and I have read some people aren’t questioned, but I just want to make sure. thanks! submitted by /u/notveryhonestguy99 [link] [comments] source

Immigration Advice

I'm hoping that someone knows a bit more than I do about immigration law. I've been doing a lot of research myself and attorneys in my area say they will help my case for $3K-$4K. I'm just looking for legal answers as I can't afford to pay that amount. Background: My mother came to the US in 2005 on a tourist visa, she overstayed her visa by 4 years and voluntarily departed the US in late 2009. Under section 212 (a) (9) (B) (i) (II) of Chapter 40.9.2 of the USCIS Policy Manual, she was rendered inadmissible for a period of 10 years. She departed in 2009 and has now been 11 years out of the US. I became a U.S. citizen last year and I am trying to file a form I-130(Petition for Alien Relative). This is where I have a few questions: ​ Do I have to file form I-212 (Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States After Deportation or Removal) - I have read some articles/watched videos saying that this needed to be filed, however the name itsel

Stolen LPR card... driver license is expired

So my gf’s dad has been trying to get a new green card as it was stolen. All his immigration documents were stolen about 2 years ago including i94. The problem is he keeps being denied for a renewal because his drivers license is expired and he cannot renew it without a green card. He does not have a passport or any other form of id as he fled from cuba. Any advice here ? submitted by /u/Gunsarmors11 [link] [comments] source

Older Child of American Born Parent

Hi everyone. My father was born the the USA, moved to Canada later on. I'm thinking my father must have citizenship, as he was in the US Navy for a period. If I understand, I could have applied for citizenship before I turned 18. Too late for that now, in my 30s. My children are both under 18, however. Is it too late for me? Are there other options that would allow me to move and work in the US? Are my children able to get their US citizenship through their grandparent? Thanks submitted by /u/rangerwreck [link] [comments] source

Supporting documentation for married name

So... Lawyer filled the ASC notice with my married name. I have my biometrics coming up and it says to "bring Photo ID", Ill be bringing my passport. Thing is, It has my "single name". Is this going to be a problem? Will my mexican marriage certificate be sufficient to show my husbands last name an by proxy my married name? Ive already emailed the lawyer but he is taking to long to respond and im freaking out thinking that maybe filling that ASC with married name was prob a mistake. Thanks for your time. submitted by /u/MezcalBooster [link] [comments] source

TN-Visa, does anyone have experience applying with just official transcript and no diploma?

I am Canadian Engineer supposed to start work in a few weeks in the US and was informed a few days ago by my employer that I would need both official transcript and diploma when I apply for my TN visa at the border. I proceeded to order both from my university (parents recycled my diploma....) and my transcript has arrived already, but the replacement diploma will take up to six weeks. This means I will need to push my start date by several weeks if I need to wait for that to arrive. My question is if anyone has experience applying for a TN visa as an engineer with just an official transcript (which does list my graduation date in 2017 and degree received) and not a diploma? Or if I should just accept that I will need to push my start date a few weeks. Thank you! submitted by /u/subimrael [link] [comments] source


Hi My friend has been issues a deportation order in USA , he is planning to fly for other states with group friends on a vacation, Will he face any issues at the airport prior boarding , he does have state and valid passport but he has been DEPORTATION ORDER . Please advise me Thank you submitted by /u/000aaqib000 [link] [comments] source

Is there any way for me / my partner to visit each other for K-1? [UK-US]

We've been in a relationship for over a year at this point, and both love each other very much obviously. We would like to apply for a K-1 to see if that chemistry holds up over a substantial time irl before deciding whether to marry or not but the issue is: K-1 requirements stipulate that we must visit in person first, and have stuff like photographs of ourselves, but with the proclamation banning travel between the UK and US, would this allow an exemption from that rule? Or do we need to find a way around it, and if so, how? submitted by /u/QSenkQk [link] [comments] source

Immigrant visa - Expedited Interview letter.

Hi! Some background here - I'm 24, male, born in India and my parents recently received their green cards. I'm still in India. Primary applicant is my father(EB1C). I'm listed as a beneficiary under the case. Note that the I-485 was filed on November 2017 (when I was under 21). And the I140 was approved on August 2018. We also filed an I-824 Application for action on an approved petition within one year of the I140 approval to meet the "sought to acquire" requirement. The I-824 was approved only on October 2020. Upset with these delays, we reached out to the senator's office and they were very helpful in contacting the NVC about my eligibility under the CSPA. The NVC reached out to the US Consulate General in Mumbai, India and they they determined that I appear to be eligible under CSPA should I file my DS260 by August 2021. Soon after this communication from the Consulate, we received the updated invoice with name in it and filed my DS260. To our surprise,

UAE Driver's License in California, USA ???

Hello everyone. I would like to know if a person with UAE driver's license can rent a car and drive in California, USA if he/she is on a temporary visit (B2 visa) for say 15 days? Is it possible to rent a car and drive in California, USA without applying for the International Driving License/Permit or do we need a International Driving Permit? If so, do we need to submit any documents online? Where do we apply for that? What documents do we need in order to rent a car and drive in California and where do we submit it? Any official website where I can see the further steps required in this regard and if we are allowed to drive without applying for the International Driving Permit/License. Thanks in advance !! submitted by /u/ScholarFun1106 [link] [comments] source