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CR1 name change and bank accounts

Me and my boyfriend and in talks of the CR1 visa instead of the K1 visa and its pretty straight forward but I have a few questions regarding it. When we get married, I plan on taking his last name, does that mean I have to change ALL legal documents with my maiden name on it (passport, identity card, health card, credit/debit card, SIN....ect) before filing for the CR1? or can we do that after? How long does it take usually to sort all that stuff out so it doesn't delay us sending it out... one more question! Do we have to have joint bank accounts, insurance..ect in order to prove a relationship? I haven't spoken to him yet about getting a joint credit card, but is it really necessary that we do so? Can our relationship just be proven by 2 1/2 years of skype logs, texts, photos, visits, family events, letters, gifts, receipts..ect ? ​ thank you :) submitted by /u/Batbrattt [link] [comments] source

Ongoing visa ban lawsuits

Does any one victory mean all categories are exempted or each category is its own lawsuit? submitted by /u/adongarwar [link] [comments] source


Hi everyone, I have a question about AR-11. In AR11 form, there’s a status in US section. I am working in US under OPT STEM and I’m not sure should I fill my status as “student” or “other” (some other selection are “PR” and “visitor”.) If other, what I should specify in the box below? Wondering have anyone filled this form as opt before. Thanks in advance submitted by /u/Two08 [link] [comments] source

J-1 (subject to two year-rule) change of status to O-1 within the US. Been told by many this is impossible, but also know some people who have done it. Thoughts?

Current J-1 status holder here, with a two-year rule (home residency requirement) pending. Am going to be filing for an O-1 visa by the end of this week. I am currently still within the US. I’ve been told that my change of status will not be approved because of the two year-rule. However, other people I know have successfully done this in the past. Any thoughts on what kind of outcome I can count on? Or am I really just in a limbo at the moment? Thanks! submitted by /u/evathequeen [link] [comments] source

90 day opt is about to expire

My 90 unemployment is about to expire and I already left the U.S. should I contact the university and let them know? Has the 90 days unemployment rule been changed? Thank you submitted by /u/nkserikzhan [link] [comments] source

Getting a TN Visa for the First Time

I've been talking about moving to the US for years and I finally got the opportunity this past month. There is a position open for a Graphic Designer/Social Marketer in New York that I accepted and the start date is October 12th. I'm looking to apply for the TN Visa at the Peace Bridge Port of Entry and am wondering what the process is like, especially during COVID-19 and what specifically you all brought with you to ensure you wouldn't be turned away. Any help is appreciated! submitted by /u/Painterly6710 [link] [comments] source

uncle detained

so my uncle was recently detained and was suppose to know if he could get bailed out about a week ago but now its been pushed to about 3 weeks from now. are they gonna keep pushing back his date? he even said someone he’s detained with has been there for over a year. submitted by /u/aacinom [link] [comments] source

About the status of an old and approved I-130

The I-130 application that my mother(US resident back then, citizen now) filled on my behalf was approved when I was 15 years old. However, I never made use of it and stayed in my home country. I think the application might not have expired because: My mother asked about it during her US citizenship interview (5 years ago), and they told her that my case shouldn't be closed and just pending. The first time that I applied for a B1/B2 visa (one year ago), the first thing that the consular officer asked me was to show him my US resident card (which I didn't had obviously). He explicitly said that I had an approved an pending immigration application. The interview was very long but my visa was approved that time (but for one month only). The second time that I applied for a B1/B2 visa (one year ago also), my visa was rejected (unlike my first interview, this one was very short). In both occasions the reason for traveling was to attend an academic conference. I suspect that co

legal but illegal?

alright, so i filed for a green card renewal back in march because my green card expired and right now it's still processing and it takes 12-14 months, so now i can't work or do anything without valid proof of residency. i had to mail the expired green card along with the original copy of my social security. my passport is also expired so i can't even get the stamp. submitted by /u/fivechree [link] [comments] source

USCIS returning cases with “Blank Fields” on forms

Immigration lawyers have been reporting in recent months that applications were being rejected due to “incompleteness,” but the only missing areas on the document were details that were not specific to the individual. USCIS wouldn’t consider this as “incomplete” in the past. However, they start returning cases that are missing N/A. For immigration professionals, it will be extremely important to put N/A in blank fields on immigration forms. Instead of checking every single field and put in N/A manually, there must be a better way to automate the process. NEUTRINET introduced a brand new form filling feature that will apply N/A to all blank fields before printing. As one of the most requested feature, autofill N/A helps law firm to reduce chances of rejections. Schedule a demo today! submitted by /u/AILaw-Yuki [link] [comments] source

Re-filing old O-1 petition -- lawyer might have thrown away my file without consent

12 years ago I spent 2 years in the USA on an O-1 visa. Today I contacted the lawyer / sponsor who prepared the petition and asked about re-filing that same petition, which I know can be done because I have a musician friend who has performed for years in the USA by refiling the same old O-1 case. I received a very frosty response from the lawyer, who quoted a full legal fee and, most disconcertingly, asked me to re-send all the documentary evidence. My key concern is that my file might have been thrown away without my consent -- I was never asked about it. My file contained original copies of very valuable evidence used in the original O-1 case. What do you advise? I am ready to file a complaint with his State Bar, but that won't recover my evidence if it has all been thrown away. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! submitted by /u/intatters [link] [comments] source

If you are currently in H1b, but your sibling applies for green card for you, what happens to your status?

Hello, as the title says, if you are currently in h1b and working in the US, and then your sibling wants to apply for green card - what is your status? Is it possible? How long would it take for approval? Not from India or China. submitted by /u/cscareer12345 [link] [comments] source

I just inquiry about n400 interview

My completion time is 2 months and estimated wait time ( we are taking more time to process your case) Will I get my citizenship certification after 2 months ? Is the completion true or not ? submitted by /u/sherengad [link] [comments] source

Are you a citizen or national of the United States?

For a GREEN CARD HOLDER, I know we are not citizen. But are we national of the United States? I am filing for NJ FAMILY LEAVE and I’m not sure whether to say yes or no. submitted by /u/nubnasty [link] [comments] source

"Case last updated" date updated in CEAC

While the status of our case in CEAC have not been updated, the "case last updated" date has been updated from June 10 to Aug 31. This happened earlier today. What does this mean? Anyone else? submitted by /u/DanishDotaPlayer [link] [comments] source

When is the best time for EAD renewal?

Hi all, A quick question: is it better to apply for EAD renewal 180 days before it expires, or do it later before it expires (since I would get an automated 6 month extension)? submitted by /u/mk1817 [link] [comments] source

Do i need a lawyer or a immigration spec

I need to apply for my US citizenship. I got my Green card back in 2013 but had to go back and forth to my home country for some personal reason and was out of country for more than 6 months. But i came to USA permanently in 2015 September and have stayed here ever since. I am ready to file for citizenship and just wanted some help in ensuring i fill it correctly. Do i go for a lawyer or a non lawyer lawyer for immigration consultant who helps people fill out forms for a nominal fees? I also have a small spelling mistake in my GC(not in my social security or Driver license) so i have to keep that in mind too. submitted by /u/piecebypieces [link] [comments] source

I-765 wait times for EADs are up to 28-37 months for the National Benefits Center @ USCIS.

all other locations/service centers are 1-6 months wait time. I called USCIS and they confirmed this is the correct wait time, but that this was super unusual. this only applies to EADs applied for alongside I-485s/AoS (like our case). this affects me (USC) because my husband filed for his EAD 6 months ago and we haven't even seen a biometrics appointment come through. he's worked here for a few years (student visa, entered in 2010, now on OPT) if he's really out of work 2-3 years, we are 50 shades of fuc*ed. we live in NYC and while fortunate, such a fiasco from USCIS would force us out of town indefinitely. submitted by /u/das_burnett [link] [comments] source

CR1 Visa Help!

My husband and I are currently preparing our documents to apply for the spousal CR1 visa online. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience and/or tips for filing this initial petition online? I'm confused whether we need to provide all of our supporting evidence/documents when filing the initial petition online or when I go for my interview in Montreal? Seems like both but do people tend to bring more proof to their interview? I should mentioned - we are doing consular processing. I am a Canadian citizen and my husband is an American citizen. If anyone has any advice for consular processing as well, it would be much appreciated :) So far for supporting evidence we have: - Our marriage certificate - Joint bank account in the USA - Joint credit cards in the USA - Utility bills with both of our names on it (electric, internet etc.) - Letters, texts and cards we've sent to each other - Lease with both our named on it in NY (although I do not live in the states curren

How does having a child effect immigration?

For context she's from the UK and I'm from the U.S. We've been friends for 8 years, and after starting a relationship, it was discovered that she was pregnant from a one night thing before we agreed to be exclusive. I was wondering how this would effect our plans to bring her to the U.S? Obviously I'm not the father, and I wouldn't be immediately adopting a child into my name. The father isn't in the picture, and she doesn't really know how to go about looking up someone from a tinder hookup that unmatched her afterward. Any advise/information would be appreciated submitted by /u/SingularBread [link] [comments] source

Husband was just taken by immigration

Hi, I don’t know if this is A good place to write this but I desperately need help or some advice. My husband (Egyptian) and I (American) have been married for three years, our adjustment of status was approved last August and we applied for his work permit and SSN (I can’t remember the name of the form) a few months ago and we’ve been waiting to hear back. Today at 7:30am four officers showed up at our door and said they wanted to talk, I wasn’t aware they were immigration officers and we ended up letting them in because my husband asked if it was a home visit and they said yes but they then claimed we missed a court date back in the fall of 2019 and because of that is paperwork is on hold and he is going to be deported. We never received a court order in the mail or an email or anything saying we needed to go to court. We had no idea we missed anything and I honestly have no idea what to do or how this is possible. We’ve been married for three years and he cane here on a student

USC husband - interview?

Heyo! My husband (USC) and I have been living in Europe for the past few years and we applied for the IR-1 visa from here. Is he going to be part of the interview as well? As in, is he allowed to join me? Or required? Much appreciate any insight - our interview is scheduled for Sept 21. (About one year after we submitted the initial paperwork!!!) submitted by /u/annabanana30s [link] [comments] source

Emergency appointment

I recently booked an emergency appointment at the Consular office for my H1B Visa stamp. I attached the letter from my employer stating I am needed for Covid research and testing. Do you think they'll approve it? submitted by /u/wreckedandroid [link] [comments] source

With the current pandemic, any advice on choice between K1 and CR1 (UK>US)

Hi everyone Firstly an apology as I know a lot of information is out there however there is so much of it and I am feeling really overwhelmed. A lot of it predates the pandemic and I am having a hard time figuring out the best course of action. I have recently become engaged to my US fiance and we are trying to work out which is the likely quicker route to me being in the US and preferably able to work. My general understanding from what I've read seems to be that prior to the pandemic the K1 would have been quicker but now there is a huge backlog and therefore the CR1 would be better although much lengthier, up to two years from the marriage? This seems like a terrifyingly long wait. A more particular question, if current conditions remained, could I even travel to the USA on a K1 visa right now? At this moment we haven't booked a wedding and I am just looking for any advice or experience someone here might be able to offer. We are not especially worried about what the r

I-130 for First Family Preference

Hi! So my situation is that im legally adopted and over 21 and my mom is a retired US Citizen here in the Philippines, she came back here five years ago but is planning on returning and living again in the US and wants to take me with her. We're almost done preparing for filing the I-130 ourselves, but I just want to ask some questions: Some parts of the form aren't applicable and the instructions state that she should put N/A, but some of the fields dont allow the "/", would it be okay to leave those blank or write NOT APPLICABLE in its entirety? How many photographs should I send as proof of relationship? She worked in the US and I grew up in the Philippines, so we only have a few photos together and most of them are with extended family. Shes also a bit old and very very traditional, she doesn't like technology much and getting her photos taken, would the photos O have be a problem? As I mentioned she doesnt like technology so she wants to file the pe

N400: Evidence of maintaining residence in the U.S. during travel (6+ months)

My wife is getting ready to submit her N400. She's been a resident for over six years but had two long stays abroad early on, so we're applying under the 3-year rule (I'm a citizen). In 2018, we took a 7-month around-the-world trip. We both worked online throughout for a US company. We stayed 7 weeks in one country and 2-4 weeks in each of the others. At the time, (and for the first six years of my wife's US residency) we lived with my parents in the US. All bills, etc, are in their name. We don't own a car. So, providing evidence that we maintained our residence while abroad is a concern. So far, we're submitting: 30 weekly paystubs (hers), photos of passport pages with entry/exit stamps (hers), and an IRS transcript (joint). Submitting my paystubs and passport stamps would be too much information, correct? Another type of evidence USCIS lists as an example is bank/credit card/loan statements. What are they looking for here? Is it the specific transactions

Oath Ceremony Los Angeles Office

Has anyone had an oath ceremony at the Los Angeles Field office recently? Mine got cancelled at the end of July and it been over a month already and it has not been scheduled yet Please write your experience based on that specific location. Thank you! submitted by /u/lupetem [link] [comments] source

Received RFE for STEM OPT extension.

I applied for STEM OPT extension but received an RFE saying that E-verify number is incorrect. Do I have to simply send the correct number along the letter or do I have to resend the whole application filling the i-765 and other related documents as well. The RFE letter doesn’t have this information. Please respond. Thanks! submitted by /u/FormlessPatience [link] [comments] source

Do I need to cancel the EAD extension application after I get my greencard?

Hi everyone, I got my greencard already but I filed a i765 to get the EAD extension before get ting my greencard. Do I need to tell USICS to cancel the i765 extension application? Thanks. submitted by /u/QQWW123zxc [link] [comments] source

Some Questions Regarding Immigration (F2A)

Hello, everyone. I need some help answering these questions. I am a soon-to-be LPR and my fiance is in the US on an F-1 visa. After I receive my green card (currently being sent to me), we are planning on getting married and initiate the immigration process for her as well. Both of us are full time students and do not work. We have been surviving on private student loans yearly so we are not sure if we could afford an attorney (if we have to, we will. But neither of us has ever done anything or been illegal so I assume it would be an uncomplicated case. She entered the states on an F-1). Basically I will be petitioning for her to live in the US as an LPR. So here are the questions. Does either of us need to prove our sufficient financial ability (i.e. a bank statement)? If yes, How many years do we have to show the financial support for and can the sources be changed once the beneficiary has her own source of income/job? Can a student loan be used for this purpose? If the sponsor c

Acceptance rate for emergency appointments?

Hi everyone -- my partner is suppose to return the US on an O1 visa. He's in South Africa and his appointment keeps getting delayed. Now the earliest appointment he can get is in November. So he applied for an emergency appointment which was immediately rejected. He called because he has the documentation and good reason. They said they would "accelerate his request" and let him know feedback this week. It's pretty ridiculous. He's basically grouped in with tourism visas even though his job technically started July 1. Plus, getting paid remotely does not amount to the normal amount due to the exchange rate. Basically I just want to hear from anyone with a similar experience. I'm pretty desperate and anxious. I'd so much appreciate you sharing any experience -- be it another country or visa. Does calling for an emergency appointment work? Thank you. submitted by /u/julberz914716 [link] [comments] source

My immigration attorney is not responding and may not honor the term of our agreements, what are my options here?

Shortly before Covid started, I hired an immigration attorney to help me with my citizenship application. I paid the fees, the agreement that I signed basically stated they'd assist me with the filing and they'd accompany me to the interview. I finally heard back from the gov. my interview is set next month. I've called, emailed. I don't know if it's COVID, but they've been very hard to reach. I finally got ahold of someone, I think it was an assistant. They said the attorney may not be available and that they haven't received anything. I received the email notification a month ago and received my appointment letter 3 weeks ago. I am 100% they have received the letter as well as they are the attorneys on record. My questions What is my option here? I signed the agreement but I was never given a copy of it. I know attending a citizenship interview does not require attorney but my attorney is the attorney on record. Can I just show up without them?

Question about deportation and speeding

first things first, I'm not sure whether this is the correct subreddit to ask for help like this One of my relatives was pulled over by the police last night and he isn't from America. So he doesn't have a license, and now he has to appear in court in October. They could've gave him a ticket for "speeding" but the officer had ruled for him to present himself in court. I was wondering, could this be a possibility for him to get deported? submitted by /u/WooBackWednesday [link] [comments] source

TPS in the USA but want to live in Canada

Hi guys! I’m in a toxic living conditions at home with my mother. I turned 18 years old this year and I would like to move in with my Godmother who lives in Montreal, Canada. My citizenship is with Haiti and I was born in Switzerland. I’ve been in the USA since I was four and would like to know if there is a way I can legally live in Canada without loosing my Temporary Protective Status in the USA or if there is a TPS equivalent in Canada. submitted by /u/lissaJazzy [link] [comments] source

Expediting EAD - to donate blood and plasma

Hello, My cousin who is a USC recently introduced me to donating blood and plasma. However, I asked a lawyer (I have a pending AOS through my spouse - she is LPR and I am F-1) and was told that donating plasma and getting money for it may be considered as an 'active' income rather than a 'gift', which would be unauthorized employment. I was thinking since 1) there is a lack of blood and plasma shortage throughout the country 2) Lack of plasma due to COVID-19, would this reason may be good enough to be considered as 'humanitarian reason' and successfully expedite EAD? submitted by /u/Ciris31 [link] [comments] source

Immigration Advice

I was adopted before at 15 in the the US. I have a green card but in order to acquire citizenship do I file n400 or n600? Thanks ! submitted by /u/existentialpineappl3 [link] [comments] source

Visa based on Business

Being on B1/B2, Can I buy a Gas station or Liquor store on my own? If not allowed due to visa status, can I invest in partnership with an US citizen? And based on that apply for GC or Citizenship after sometime? Please suggest other options if any. I will really appreciate your replies on this Thanks submitted by /u/aman_lamba [link] [comments] source

Flying into US as a Canadian national?

Does anyone have any datapoints or information on entering the US by air from Canada as a Canadian national recently? From what I can find online, Canada is not on the prohibited list, but the bottom line seems to differ depending on the interpretation. Many articles seem to read that only land borders are closed to non-essential travel while air is not as strict, but it would be great if anyone has any information to share. Thank you! submitted by /u/MonkieShoulder [link] [comments] source

PR status after being out of US for more than a year due to COVID

My parents went back to their home country in February and had return tickets for April. Due to COVID that was canceled and they are unlikely to return before there is a vaccine as they are both immunocompromised and cannot be in a flight for over 22 hours without seriously being at risk of contacting it. Will they be able to enter if they have to be out of the US for more than 6 months or perhaps a year even. Any suggestions are welcome! submitted by /u/mmnu [link] [comments] source

Problem with upcoming N400 Appointment

I applied for naturalization last year and I have an appointment coming up. I have a situation I need to address and wanted to ask for some advice. In 2012 I got a driving without a license charge while undocumented, this was in another state that I am applying in. Since I was pregnant at the time, they didn’t detain me, instead they cited me and let me leave. I panicked and gave a false name. I went to court, completed community service. In 2013, I received my green card and never disclosed the charge. For my citizenship, I hired an attorney and told him the story, he said it wouldn’t be a problem. His office sent me the N 400 questionnaire, I answered “No” to all since the charge was never brought up again. Now that application has been turned in, he wants to amend the form and disclose that I received a citation and inform them that I used a different name. I want to be honest, but it looks bad, omitting the ticket for the green card would show I have been lying since then. I no

Immigration and housing

I'm not necessarily anti-immigrant because I do believe there is a moral obligation involved in embracing them However going back to my last post I do believe the way immigrants affect the cost of housing for natives is extremely problematic. This study has similar results to the last study I cited however it's broken down a bit clearer. Inshort the Immigrant population of the u.s. has increased net housing prices by 3.7 trillion dollars. Some would argue that to mitigate be downsides of immigration we should have a stronger social safety net, however there is no way we could restructure the safety-net to produce over 3 trillion dollars for the higher cost of living imposed on natives. Again I'm not anti immigrant, but there is a high price to pay when it comes to being charitable. The negative effects on Native wages are pretty miniscule however the negative effects on housing are catastrophic especially for those who struggle when it comes to paying their rent. https:

I don't want to lose my second chance (Questions about H-1B Visa).

let me explain this in brief, I was aiming to get a scholarship at MIT reAct as my country (Syria) was in the list of eligible countries. so for almost one year, I worked out hard to achieve the requirements like TOEFL..etc, which I can say I was so close to meet the requirements BUT when I asked my college for the statements of marks it took more than 6 months as there's no paper in the college ( lol right?) and I exceeded the deadline because of it, and unfortunately I couldn't apply anymore to the scholarship. so, my second chance is immigration. my relative preparing to start up a gas station with a convenience store in the US, and they asked me if I'm willing to work with them. anyways I know that all of the above is only possible if Trump loses the election. and I want to work for the H-1B from now (like checking my all papers from now..etc). is this even possible? does a gas station considered as a company? if so, what are my chance to be accepted for the visa? i

Transferring an H-1B to a different employer

Hello, in light of the ever changing situation we're all going through, I wanted to formulate a backup plan for my employment. I'm currently employed, with a freshly renewed H1-B visa that expires in 2023. I am also 3 months into waiting for my marriage based Greencard (which I imagine will be a long while still). There's rumors of layoffs at my company, and rather than wait for the axe I want to be sure of my options. Should I be let go, or desire to change job, my understanding is from the moment I'm unemployed, I have 60 days to begin an H-1B transfer to a different employer. Or, I can begin the transferal while still employed, and as soon as the petition from the new employer is received by USCIS, I could begin working at the new job (without dipping into the 60 day grace period). ​ I just want to be sure my information is correct. I'd love to hear from anyone that has gone through this process as well and can attest to what it entails. Thank you! submi

Transferring an H-1B to a different employer

Hello, in light of the ever changing situation we're all going through, I wanted to formulate a backup plan for my employment. I'm currently employed, with a freshly renewed H1-B visa that expires in 2023. I am also 3 months into waiting for my marriage based Greencard (which I imagine will be a long while still). There's rumors of layoffs at my company, and rather than wait for the axe I want to be sure of my options. Should I be let go, or desire to change job, my understanding is from the moment I'm unemployed, I have 60 days to begin an H-1B transfer to a different employer. Or, I can begin the transferal while still employed, and as soon as the petition from the new employer is received by USCIS, I could begin working at the new job (without dipping into the 60 day grace period). ​ I just want to be sure my information is correct. I'd love to hear from anyone that has gone through this process as well and can attest to what it entails. Thank you! submi

What status: Between visa and green card (AoS)

Hello everyone, I am a foreigner in the US under a E-2 visa. I applied during lockdown for a AoS, after getting married to my long time girlfriend. I received a notification that it’s being processed in April, nothing more. I am a big fisher/hunter. Normally, a non-immigrant is prohibited from owning a firearm, except if you have a hunting licence. I bought a firearm back in 2019. Turkey season is approaching, so I went to purchase a second one, for which I was declined. I appealed the decision with the FDLE and received this message: Under title 18, United States code, section 922(g)(5)(a), an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States is prohibited from receiving, or purchasing a firearm or ammunition. -> ICE records cannot determine your non-immigrant status and you are not legally residing in the United States as a legal non-immigrant <- If you believe your immigration status is incorrect, you must contact the ICE office in your immediate area and request that y

US citizen sponsoring wife - unsure of process

Hello everyone, I am a US citizen. Wife has H1b. We got married a few months ago and only recently had time to start looking at the process. Both employed. Both well above poverty line income. I tried looking online to see what forms are required and found a whole bunch of info - I130, I485, DS260, I864, I765, etc. For some reason, the first one that popped up was I864. I printed and filled it out yesterday. Just as I completed it, I thought something was wrong - I shouldn't be considered a "joint sponsor" for my wife, right? Could someone please help guide us regarding the forms needed? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/bobcat_pp_88 [link] [comments] source

Americans not understanding the riots in Sweden

The news recently broke that there are riots in Malmö and a lot of right wing groups and just uneducated people are saying this is what Muslims do and are using it to justify xenophobia and racism. It really pisses me off how wrong they are. These attacks were incited by right wing groups in Denmark who illegally entered Sweden after being banned for 2 years, burned the Quran in a clear attempt to insult and spark hatred against Muslims. I don’t support the destruction but they should not take racism lying down. This is not an example of “evil immigrants ruining Europe” its vile racist trying to stur hatred against groups they don’t like. If only Americans could look objectively at events, not see how it fits their agenda submitted by /u/cstrode24 [link] [comments] source

Social media affecting marriage greencard application

I am going to file for work and travel permit after I get a marriage certificate. Everyone is telling me that officers look heavily into social media. I’m not a huge instagram person so I don’t have any selfies or any pictures there. And on Facebook, actually I got hit by a car over a year ago and my injury lawyer advised against posting anything on social media till we settle. Because if I look happy or am doing stuff outside and post them, the insurance will use it against me and say I’m not suffering. So I really have been a ghost on social media. Would it affect my application? And what else do they look at besides social media? Do they also look at emails and phone records and stuff like that? submitted by /u/bonnie3737 [link] [comments] source

Questions about I-485 form

I’m applying for AOS based on marriage to a USC, and I have some questions that need to be clarified. A little background about myself, I was a F1 student and was working on OPT for the past year, OPT expired on July 11, 2020 and I’m currently on the 60-day grace period, which ends on September 9, 2020. My most recent entry to the US was in November last year, and I entered as OPT. On page 2 of the form, item 23c, it asks my status on form i94, should I put F1? Somehow my form only allows me to put letters and space in it... but I guess I can just hand write it when I print it out (if F1 is what I should put in there) On page 3 item 24, what is your current immigration status, should I put “out if status”? Or something else? As I mentioned earlier, my opt has already expired but I’m still in grace period, which allows me to stay here legally. And on page 11 item 17, have you ever violated the terms or conditions of your Nonimmigrant status, should I check yes or no? I assume I can ch

I-485 advice

I need some advice. I applied for a I-485 and I had my interview in September 2018. I had my interview but the officer didn't make a decision and they kept documents and photos. I just recently applied for my 3rd EAD because I still haven't heard anything from UCSIS about a decision. I submitted the form for "outside processing times" and they told me my case is under "extended review" which apparently can mean anything. Why has it been 2 years with no response yet? My interview was in Newark NJ if that helps with anything. Should I contact a lawyer, why would they wait this long to make a decision, and if my 2nd EAD card was approved isn't this a good sign? I'm so hopeless I feel like I've read so many people getting their greencard the same day as their interview and I've heard no updates in literally 2 years. submitted by /u/throwaway364913649 [link] [comments] source

What’s your story from L1B to green card?

I looked up a lot online but want to see if anyone here is getting/got this route! I think L is one of the easier ones to get Green Card submitted by /u/11thaveboi [link] [comments] source

Had an appointment in NYC for first week of cancellations due to covid

Didn't put in title that this I believe is not an interview but the first step which is biometrics. That's what the letter said so I assume it's taking fingerprints and whatnot. I'm curious if anyone knows when this should start up again? At least the current supposed date? Since our appointment was the first few days after covid19 put a pause to USCIS interviews I would expect that we would be one of the first in line when things get started up again. It just feels weird that we have heard absolutely nothing. I am a citizen and this is for my wife who married me before her visa ended but has since overstayed her allowed time. I really appreciate any info that anyone has! I haven't been able to get into contact with anyone from the offices and there is no real info online. submitted by /u/trappedinthepenguin [link] [comments] source

Philadelphia AOS interview

Hi, anyone in Philadelphia field office who had their AOS interview rescheduled due to COVID get a new interview? What was your original interview date? Thank you! submitted by /u/bubblesxox [link] [comments] source

Anyone with recent experience coming to the US into JFK w/ ESTA?

Hello all. My fiancee (who was here on a work visa for 8-9 years so far) has been out of the country for work for the better part of 2 years now, with various visits back home pre-COVID. She has been in South Korea since February, and is planning on coming back to NY for a hiatus in her job for around 60 days. She'll be leaving from Korea on the 6th, and arriving at JFK on the 7th. How has it been coming into JFK? Anything we should look out for? submitted by /u/BaggySpandex [link] [comments] source

Relocation to US from UK with cat

I understand that there needs to be a few things done prior to traveling with an animal from the UK to the US. Considering that the animal is healthy, and is given a health certificate with proof of rabies vaccine, is it possible that the cat will be put through a quarantine upon arrival into the US? Does the US typically quarantine animals arriving internationally? submitted by /u/oceanofchaos56 [link] [comments] source

Does anyone know what crossing the border is like right now?

I’m flying in from Canada tomorrow to marry my American fiancé and just wondering what things are like. Do I need to be worried about the dual intent issue? Do I require an ‘essential’ reason to enter the country? Is there anything else I should know? Thank you all in advance! submitted by /u/Awkwardmiss17 [link] [comments] source

Policy On Venezuelan Working In Europe

Are there any European companies that will hire and pay for the relocation of a Venezuelan citizen with a degree in Foreign Trade? Asking for a friend who will graduate next year. submitted by /u/lotrhpmemes [link] [comments] source

Is there a way I can legally stay in the states with my American Fiancé longer than 90 days on an ESTA?

Hi guys, Im in the States on an Esta so I can visit my American Fiancé. If I return home when my ESTA expires, it's unlikely that my country (Australia) will let me leave again until late 2021/ 2022 due to the strict lockdown. I really dont want to not see her for that long. Is there some way I can contact a lawyer about getting married on an Esta or something? We had planned to get married next year, but if it means we can stay together now through all this nonsense, we would try to do that now. thanks guys! submitted by /u/Youknowmycat [link] [comments] source

Want to get to America ASAP with my Chinese fianceé

(Some background) We have been together for two years and I came to be with her in China for about a year now but how things are going with China and the USA, I would like to get us both back to the States. I have did a bunch of research on the best option for getting us to the US but all the information I found is old and dated. I know if we doing either a marriage or fianceé visa will take months before even being approved and a tourist visa is faster but more steps involved so I'm curious on what's the best option for us. (Things about us) We don't have a ton of money. We are not employed. (because of the virus) I am a US citizen and she is a Chinese citizen. Please response, we really would like to be able to go to the states. Thank you. submitted by /u/ProjectKing13273 [link] [comments] source

F-1 Visa advice

I'm from India and I am supposed to move to Colorado next fall (2021) for Grad school. Since I'll be applying for an F-1 visa, I had a concern about something I had planned. Me and a friend of mine (who is also moving to the US by applying for F-1 next year) have planned to start a podcast on YouTube as a means of opening dialogue about topics that aren't spoken about much, here. The topics as of now are anything from mental health, Morality, Law enforcement, Exposure of STEM students to the social sciences, Patriotism, Politics, historical figures etc. We have no intention of berating or speaking ill about any system, our country or otherwise. We just want to speak about certain things based on our experiences and promote discourse with people who may have diametrically opposing views, proving that it is possible to talk about things even if you don't agree. My question is, do I have to list this channel on my DS-160 or is it unnecessary to do so, because it is not so

Changed address before interview

Hey guys, I'm due to go for my interview next month in London for my IR1 visa, but my husband and I recently bought a new house in the US and haven't updated USCIS. We still own the original house and have no plans on selling it, my husband is just living in the new house and I will be too once I move there (hopefully!). My question is, can I just tell the officer on the day of my interview that we've got a new house? Or is this going to get me in trouble? I didn't want to delay my case by changing the address since we still own the previous house and still get some of our mail sent there as it's only around the corner from our new house. submitted by /u/Charlie3535 [link] [comments] source

Step by step of studying in Canada(getting visa and apply)

Hey there, I want to study in Canada. What should I do to study there? The Least Ielts band? Should I have GRE or GMAT? How to apply for Master? Do I have the chance of getting full Fund? Does anybody know good resources for? What do I have to do for getting Canadian visa to study? submitted by /u/Apprehensive-Face-16 [link] [comments] source

How to retrieve unknown passport information

Hello! My wife and I wanted to file a I-485 to change her status. When she was little, her guardians lost her original passport that was used to enter the United States in 2003. We are using Boundless to fill out our form and they are requesting her original entry passport number and expiration date. Since she doesn't have the original passport, is there a way for us to obtain this information through USCIS or other agencies? We would really appreciate it if someone with a similar experience or knowledge on the situation could help answer our question. Thank you! submitted by /u/FlattestTire [link] [comments] source

Peace Arch Park Marriage

I could really use some help please! I am currently living in Los Angeles and plan on meeting my fiancé from golden B.C Canada at peace arch park to get married. When the marriage is legal i am going to try and start the process of moving to Canada. The Canadian side of the park is closed so he will have to park elsewhere and walk over to the park. I am told people are only allowed to marry on the U.S side of the park because of this? If that is the case then I will have to get my marriage license from Washington (which requires both of us) to be there when applying. In B.C only one of us has to be present to apply for the license. Would he be able to do that then come meet me at the park? Does it matter which side of the park we get married on for the license? I am having trouble figuring out how to accomplish this since the travel restrictions only allow me to visit him if I am immediate family (spouse) and he only has a total of two weeks off from work for this so his quarantine wo

N-400 Estimated case completion time has not changed since Covid, no biometric yet

I submitted the N-400 in March and had a biometric appointment scheduled in the same month. Then covid19 happened and their offices closed right before the appt date. I have not received the re-schedule for the biometric appt, but the Estimated case completion time has not changed, it still says November 2020. Is that date bogus given covid19, or anyone else here know if that date still holds any accuracy these days? submitted by /u/vavavoomvoom9 [link] [comments] source

Does a dismissed case after pretrial probation constitute a reason for USCIS to deny my green card application through marriage?

My roommate in grad school falsely accused me to kick me out of the house. I was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery. The case got dismissed after 3 months 276 & 87 pretrial probation. I recently got married and applied for AoS through marriage. I provided the certified police record and certified court docket. Does a dismissed case after pretrial probation constitute a reason for USCIS to deny my green card application through marriage? submitted by /u/hun00 [link] [comments] source

How to retrieve lost passport information from 2003

Hello! My wife and I wanted to file a I-485 to change her status. When she was little, her guardians lost her original passport that was used to enter the United States in 2003. We are using Boundless to fill out our form and they are requesting her original entry passport number and expiration date. Since she doesn't have the original passport, is there a way for us to obtain this information through USCIS or other agencies? We would really appreciate it if someone with a similar experience or knowledge on the situation could help answer our question. Thank you! submitted by /u/FlattestTire [link] [comments] source

Changing jobs while I-485 is pending. New job has significantly higher wage (50% higher). Will this be an issue?

If I were to utilize AC21 to change jobs in a similar category but with a much higher wage than the original job for which the PERM and the I-140 were filed, will there be any issues? submitted by /u/yoitsmeyo22 [link] [comments] source

N-400: How to Count Time Outside the US

Under "Time Outside the United States", N-400 asks the applicant to list the total days outside the United States for each trip. Are the departure and return dates counted? Would a departure of January 1 and return of January 3 be listed as one day or three? submitted by /u/WakeTheLion [link] [comments] source

P4 letter after the shut down

Hi im waiting for an eb-3visa(RN) interview, nvc approved my case on april, but i haven’t received a p4 letter yet because my priority date doesn’t fit in the final action date yet. But i still want to know if some people out there whos priority date fits in the final action date actually got a p4letter. As many of you guys know it seems like people who received p4 letter and scheduled an interview before the pandemic are getting their interviews scheduled submitted by /u/Murky_Fold [link] [comments] source

Planning to do my post grad degree in the US and need your help.

hello everyone :) Just looked this sub up and wanted to ask you guys. I'm a Syrian passport holder who was born and raised in the UAE, even tho i have lived here (UAE) all my life. I am not a UAE citizen due to law's that don't allow anyone who isn't ethically from the Emirates to be granted citizenship regardless of birth, marriage, ect... As far as i am aware due to the U.S trump ban, Syrians aren't allowed to migrate to the U.S but i was wondering if the fact that i have a UAE birth certificate, an american system high school diploma and an american system bachelor's degree and also the fact that i haven't been to Syria in 10 years, not planning on returning due to conflict, that my application could maybe be looked at and possibly accepted? Id appreciate any answers i can get, thank you. Also, obviously i plan on travelling when the COVID19 pandemic is contained. submitted by /u/basselcastle [link] [comments] source

I765 rejected for using outdated form. 30 day window from opt recommendation has ended.

Background F1 Student Program end date 08/07/20, opt recommendation date 07/21/20. I765 filed on 08/10, got rejection letter with i797c on 08/28 for using outdated i765. *College issued new i20 with opt recommendation date 08/28/20.* Q1. Since the 30 day window of old i20 has ended, when I send the form again will it be considered as refiling or new filing. Should i include the i797c when I submit the forms now.? Q2. If USCIS considers this as new filing should i still include i797c? won't that tell the office that the earlier time window ended on 08/21 (30 days). Q3. Or will the USCIS considers it a refile but with the new i20 dates? Q4. Should I include the i20 with the expired opt recommendation date while re-submitting? (recommended to include all previous i20s in the package) Thank you submitted by /u/Terrible_Toe_2758 [link] [comments] source

Is it true that my US based employer legally can’t allow me to work remotely in Canada?

I’m a Canadian that’s been working on TN status in the US as an engineer. I’ve been working for a small company in California for about a year now. Since the pandemic started we’ve gone basically fully remote and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. A lot of my colleagues have left California and have been working remotely from various locations around the US. I made a request to return to Canada and was denied. The company stated that since they have no legal presence in Canada, Canadian tax law prohibited me from working remotely there. Moreover they emphasized that I couldn’t even visit temporarily (for a few weeks) since I wasn’t allowed to even work a single day remotely from Canada. This seems bizarre to me since I personally know plenty of friends who are currently working remote from Canada, and several of them for much smaller companies which almost certainty do not have a Canadian legal presence. I’m not familiar with the details of Canadian tax/immigration l

I129F: US Consulate in Hong Kong is saying we have 30 days to submit our paperwork or else they're going to consider the application abandoned. But offices are closed

I started the I129F petition back in August of last year. We got approved by January and were in the process of getting our documents ready so she could go to her interview but then covid shut everything down. All she needs is her medical exam and a document showing her criminal record (which is blank). There are only 2 doctors that can do the exam and both offices are closed. Also, I thought the petition was good for 2 years. Why are they saying we only have 30 days? submitted by /u/timeslider [link] [comments] source

I-131 (reentry permit) and processing time

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone recently had a biometric appointment. I just applied for I-131. To my surprise I got the Notification I-797C, saying that my case was received. I thought maybe it'd take many weeks before I receive the appointment notice, but the credit card was charged already. I would not be happy if my biometric app is many weeks later and they charged already...!! Anyone out there received biometric appointment recently? How long has it been since you received I-797? I want to leave the country as soon as I get the fingerprints done so I'm hoping it's soon! submitted by /u/hipp-o [link] [comments] source

N-400 Interview on Tuesday - Will She walk out as Citizen?

Hello, My partner is going to her N-400 interview on Tuesday in California. I have heard that due to covid, Oath Ceremonies have been cancelled and (assuming there are no issues with the interview and the english / civics tests are passed) people are getting sworn it on the spot after their interview. Is this what she can expect? Or is it on a case by case basis, or field-center by field-center basis. Can she request it? We don't want to wait any longer and also don't want the risk to stand in a ceremony with a lot of people. submitted by /u/StrangeMonk [link] [comments] source