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Moving back with spouse question

Hey there! Me and my fiancé are set to travel to the USA tomorrow and get married on a k-1 visa. We’re finding it particularly hard to leave Scotland, and are wondering how easy it would be to travel back to Scotland and live there once we are married and such? I would have liked to live in Scotland however the visa was much harder to get than the US visa. If anyone has any experience with this then help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. :) submitted by /u/Darthsteve09 [link] [comments] source

I need help emigrating to the Schengen Area

I want to study in Iceland next year. Is there any way I could live in Sweden until then? My friend is a Swedish citizen. Would it help, at all, if we got married? I would like to move in with him as soon as possible. I am a citizen of and currently residing in the United States. submitted by /u/schengen-immigrant [link] [comments] source

USCIS New Orleans

Hey everyone! I am doing my adjustment of status based on the Diversity Visa, so I have until September 30th to get the greencard. My interview was scheduled for yesterday in New Orleans but because of the hurricane, it got cancelled and USCIS said it’ll be rescheduled once they open back up. However, it doesn’t look like they will open back up for weeks, which puts me at the end of my time limit at best. I called USCIS and they said there’s nothing they can do because it has to be that particular office the one that reschedules me, since they handle my case as an expedited one because of the sunset clause. Any idea what I could do? I’m running out of time and I’m at a loss. Thank y’all! submitted by /u/F1doubts [link] [comments] source

Receiving Money

I’m currently studying in America and my family in Colombia would like to send me some funds though most money transfer applications say that you need to be 18 to receive money. I was wondering if anyone has a way for me to receive this money? submitted by /u/gringocolombian [link] [comments] source

TN Visa for Graphic Designer - Education

Hey all. I've been doing web design and graphics since around 2015 while self employed. I've also had employment in graphic design as well during that time. However, my Bachelor degree is in a completely different field. I'm interested in getting a TN visa and I see that you need a bachelor, diploma or certificate + 3 years experience. I do have the experience, so it looks like I need a certificate. Unless my bachelor would suffice? Either way, I was wondering if a certificate of a course on Coursera that's 6 months, conducted by the California Institute of Arts would qualify as certification? Or if I did a multiple of these:

Getting Girlfriend into the US.

I want to bring my girlfriend (a UK citizen currently teaching english in China) to the US. How do I go about this? We want to get married in about a year and a half if posdible. Should we try to get a US fiance visa? Should I try to get a UK marriage visa, marry her there, then apply for a US spouse visa for her? I would appreciate any advice. Should I try to talk her out of the UK wedding and to get married here instead? How difgicult is the process for K-1? How much evidence do we need to show the US immigration office? I know documentation, meeting in person in the last 2 years, and 90s days to get married, but can anyone offer any experience? Who would I talk to about what to do? Some kind of lawyer? submitted by /u/Placeholder7654 [link] [comments] source

Deportation Order

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there any way to get a copy of a deportation order online. I’m petitioning for her citizenship, but she says she needs a copy of her deportation order from 1995. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. submitted by /u/Mupg93 [link] [comments] source

Move to US through work but how..?

I want to take my long distance relationship to the next level and move to the US from Europe. I have a bachelor degree. I tried to look for jobs there but there's hardly any that sponsor you. Also, I read there's only limited visas that are given. Has anybody moved to the States to work? How did you find your job? How did you get sponsored? Are there any other opportunities? submitted by /u/fauxcleopatra [link] [comments] source

When can I actually work?

So I'm applying for a marriage based GC. I applied for the EAD also. My biometrics have now been added to my case so I assume the next step for the EAD is "card being produced" My wife's dad has a job waiting for me as soon as I get work permission. Can I technically start work now or do I have to wait for the card to physically arrive. My father in law wouldn't need to see the card, just that I have permission to get paid. submitted by /u/AlarmingCommission40 [link] [comments] source

Finding a lawyer?

I've been wondering how people source their immigration lawyers? Do you look online to find a good lawyer? Do they charge a payment just for a consultation? We don't have a lot of money at the moment for a lawyer but I have been thinking about if it would be worthwhile getting one for my AOS process (married on ESTA WVP). It is a pretty simple case but we are young and don't want to make any mistakes with such an important process. What are your experiences with hiring lawyers for the immigration process? Also if anyone happens to be an immigration lawyer and is willing to help me with a few things I would appreciate it ! 😊 submitted by /u/ykilledyou [link] [comments] source

I want to complete my degree before moving to US but I am already granted by VISA

I am granted immigration VISA to USA but the problem is that I have already completed 3 years of 4 years computer Engineering Degree and I want to complete it before migrating to USA. Any legal solutions to this problem will be very kind ?? submitted by /u/ashokbudha2015 [link] [comments] source

Question regarding refused J1 visa

So on Aug 2 I had my appointment at the embassy (Frankfurt, Germany) for my J1 Visa. The officer told me that in general it is fine but that I had to show proof I receive credits at my home university for this research project. If I do that he said there should not be a problem with my visa. I immediately sent the requested document per mail but after almost a month I got no reply. That’s why I made a new appointment since I heard that the embassy sometimes takes months to reply to a mail, and made a new appointment for tomorrow to make my case in person. Just now I did finally receive a reply from the consulate to my mail saying that I do not quality for an NIE and my visa is refused under the presidential proclamation without further explanation. So my question is, since I already booked that new appointment, does it make sense to go to the consulate tomorrow and make my case in person or is this a definite refusal? I don’t really get why it got refused since the officer told me I

GF opt expires March 2022 (pushing marriage)

I knew eventually I would have to marry her to stay together here in america. I currently live with my parents, for the past year she would stay over and live with my family in my room fridays and weekends. Overall she gets along well my grandma loves her and my mom and dad seem okay, but at first very worried that she was using me for green card. So after I year of living together and open communications. I will marry her in September and we will have to go over the green card process which I'm very worried about. We have only dated for 1.5 years and there is a chance my parents won't let us continue living with them so we should have to move out. I make about 46k and she makes about 30k and this whole process has been very nerve wracking. I will tell my parents some time this month about our marriage and there is a chance they won't approve, but if that's the case then we will have to make it on our own Has anybody been though this? Any advice submitted by /u

Can I Submit the DS82 Passport Renewal Form For My Mother?

I have a wedding planned internationally in October and I want my mom to be able to attend my wedding but her passport is expired and she needs it renewed. I called the passport agency and they said she could be eligible to receive her passport on the same day if she is able to get an appointment within 3 business days of the date of travel. So the only problem is that my mom works basically all day during the weekdays and she doesn't really have the time to handle this on her own. So since I am available and have the time, I figured I could fill out the paperwork and submit it to the passport office on her behalf. Is this allowed, or does she need to be the one to submit the paperwork? submitted by /u/rimzimblim [link] [comments] source

Q&A website

Hi everyone, I don't use reddit so much, so if is forbidden this kind of post, sorry. I've create which is a Q&A website where you can ask questions about the new country which you are(very similar idea to stack-overflow for those who are developers) Mainly I've created this system, after having to search on blogs or YouTube videos some information about visa or how to buy a car and thought that a website which holds just this kind of topic is a easy search for tourists or expats. I much appreciate feedbacks. submitted by /u/Emigrae [link] [comments] source

Civil surgeon medical exam

When will you know if there is something wrong during your I-693 medical exam? Is it during your us embassy appointment or will the doctor let you know beforehand if you need a treatment ? submitted by /u/Material_Ad934 [link] [comments] source

NVC customer care

Hi Folks, I have a question, when i call up NVC post my case approval from USCIS what option should i choose on the NVC customer care call? I am a K1 visa applicatant. submitted by /u/highvoltageeee2k3 [link] [comments] source

221 (g) Green Color slip

Hello all :) I had my interview on 27 August. It was very short (less than 10min). The officer didn't ask me many questions about my husband and I relationship, just "when u met your husband, how long have u been dating". Most of the Qs were about my background and my parent's jobs if we were political or worked for gov. In the end, he passed me a green paper with 14 Qs (all about me, my employment history, my parents, my education, and my plans). He asked me to email the answer ASAP so they can process my application. Later I checked my status and it was refusal. I submitted all the answers the next morning (28 August), and on 30 Aug my status date has been updated but the status is still refusal. Does anyone have the same experience? if you received green paper, pls let me know if it is good or bad? since they didn't ask me any critical Q during the interview, I am not sure if they just wanted to check my background or should I be worried that my case will be

Accidentally sent an email twice

Please help! I was trying to enquire something from the embassy and tried to send the email from PC which failed. Later, I successfully sent the email via mobile. Unfortunately, the other unsent email was also sent which meant I sent a double email to the embassy despite their advice not to do so. How do I best remedy this situation? submitted by /u/daobaicha [link] [comments] source

Applying for a Visa as a Third Country National

Does anyone know of any countries that are accepting Third Country Nationals to get working visas? The wait time in the UK are ridiculous. submitted by /u/theadventure88 [link] [comments] source

6 months and continuous residency question

My spouse is in the process of obtaining her green card and I’m trying to plan ahead for a path to citizenship for her. My understanding is that any trip longer than 180 days within a rolling 365 day period is automatically a break in continuous residence. We both work remotely and enjoy traveling abroad and I’d like for us to continue that way of life while still abiding by the requirements for her to retain her green card as well as applying for citizenship later. If we were to take for example 2x2.5 month trips abroad within a 365 day period while she continues to work, while we maintain the house that we own, etc, is that likely to cause a problem at CBP or later when applying for naturalization? Does anyone have experience with something like this? submitted by /u/adeadfetus [link] [comments] source

Why do US and China Force ppl to read News about Hong Kong or Afghanistan?

US and China claimed that they will behead anyone who don't focus on the news about Hong Kong or Afghanistan recently? That's scary. And Canada just encouraged their Chinese/ Canadian citizens to behead an innocent girl in public. submitted by /u/hyposuffer [link] [comments] source

Where to go

Hey, I was wondering where to move to from these places, US, UK or Germany,any tips appreaciated, thanks. submitted by /u/austrianpainter77 [link] [comments] source

Internation Travel for LPR with extension

Anyone experienced any issues traveling as LPR with 18 month extension letter. Conditional card expired in February 2021, applied for removal of conditions in November, and promptly received the extension 2 weeks before February expiration date. Fully vaccinated and wants to travel to europe for 10 days in a few weeks and trying to be cautious with regards to covid and the extension letter - potentially being not let back in. Everytime there was a need to enter US with green card in the last 24 months (2 times) anxiety always kicked in, saying, will they let me in. Am i being paranoid? submitted by /u/leskiiksel [link] [comments] source

Visa Free Stay + Visa Combination question

My fiancé is planning on coming to the USA on an education visa to study at a school near my home. She is planning on studying on studying in the Spring semester which starts either in January or early February. Would she be able to come over in December, before the Visa is active (on the 90 day Visa Free exemption), so we can spend Christmas together? If so, what would she put on her incoming immigration form in terms of her leaving date? (I was wondering because if she were to put some date that is after 90 days, and her Visa isn't active yet, I am not sure if immigration would allow that or not). What do you all think would be the best way to go about this? ​ Also, she is from South Korea, which I believe is a country that the USA allows the 90 Visa Exception to be granted to. submitted by /u/benlabscdk [link] [comments] source

Bringing relatives over after acquiring citizenship

Hi all, I was wondering if there are ways that I can bring my relatives (parents for instance) to the country I earned it's citizenship. I didn't really find much helpful info about it for European countries online. Your responses are much appreciated <3 submitted by /u/AradSam [link] [comments] source

EAD timeline after biometrics

Hi, I applied for a marriage based green card back in early April. It was an adjustment of status since I was previously on OPT. I also applied for a new EAD since my EAD at the time was set to expire in late July. (We sent the application late in that regards, but that was entirely because it took our marriage liscence 8 weeks to get mailed to us because of covid) I filed the forms I-485, I-765, I-130 and I-131. I had my biometrics taken in August 3rd and my case status is currently saying that they will schedule my interview soon. My main problem is that I have a huge job offer pending, but with the conditional start date of 10/1. I will lose the offer if I don’t get my EAD by then. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any current timeline information. When I applied, the process time for the EAD reported by the USCIS was 5 months and it has now been 5 months since I applied. I was just wondering if anyone had a similar application and timeline as me and if you had any insights a

Can you expedite an replacement alien card request?

I filed my lost card replacement 2 weeks ago, says 3 month's until my biometric sport. Have a great job offer, can't start until I replace it. How can I get a document for my new employer sooner? submitted by /u/MahlNinja [link] [comments] source

Green Card application has been submitted. We are awaiting the receipt confirmation. Is it possible to submit additional documents/evidence after package submission?

Title states my question. Can I send in additional documents/evidence after package submission? We want to avoid RFE at all costs and want to submit extra evidence where we can. Example: send in more joint lease agreements/description of the different places we lived together. Send in IRS tax transcripts instead of just 1040s. submitted by /u/Wiscoman [link] [comments] source

Can we get GCs with DV lottery and pending i-539?

My wife and I are in US on my L1B visa (her visa is L2). She won the 2022 DV lottery and her number is quite low (EU3****). Obviously we want to apply for change of statuses as soon as her number is current. The issue is that our statuses expire soon (before the new fiscal year). My company applied i-129 for me with premium processing and i-539 for my wife. As we got to know i-539 processing will likely take a lot of time (we were told 10 months or more) and during this time my wife’s status will be not “lawful presence”, but “authorized stay”. How does it affect the change of status process? Can we apply i-485, go for the interview and receive green cards with pending i-539? Thank you! submitted by /u/dv2022pending529 [link] [comments] source

Mexican with Tourist Visa crossing into US

Hi there, I need advice. I'm an American citizen and my husband is a Mexican citizen with a tourist visa. We need to go see my family in CA for personal reasons and I know this doesn't fall into the "essential" travel restrictions, even though it's essential for us. He can fly into the states as a last resort, but has anyone recently crossed the San Diego border by land? If so, how strict are they with Mexicans with visas? Is it possible for him to cross with a doctor's note? submitted by /u/Smooth_Trouble531 [link] [comments] source

US religious visa question

Hi all, I may have an opportunity to work for a church within the US, I am a UK citizen living in England. I have been a member of the same denomination for over 2 years and have been a trustee of the charity for 2 years, I have been an unpaid leader for over 2 years also. The below is from the US immigration website: "Have been continuously carrying out the religious vocation or occupation that you intend to carry out in the United States" My question is given the requirement states vocation or occupation would I qualify if everything I have been doing to date is voluntary? Or do I need to have been a paid employee? Thanks all submitted by /u/MerlinP8 [link] [comments] source

US Embassy Qatar

Does anyone know if they accept visa appointments for Third Country Nationals? On the phone they said they do if you are legally there, which as a tourist I would be. However has anyone tried it? submitted by /u/DandandNI [link] [comments] source


I have an appointment for my citizenship this upcoming Friday. I have my green card and Passport, I don’t have a state ID. Will the green card be enough for them to proceed? submitted by /u/dannuu [link] [comments] source

Penalty for overstaying tourist visa and applying for green card.

Hey all, Currently I am a green card holder and plan to applying for citizenship here soon. Once that process is completed I would like to apply for my parent’s residency. My parents currently live in Colombia and they moved back there 2 years ago. They were here in the US on a overstayed visa. My question is… has anyone in this group has had a similar scenario? Will them overstaying their visa and then going back to Colombia present problems once I apply for them? Will there be a time penalty before they can travel back to the US or will they be able to travel as soon as residency is given? Thank you submitted by /u/Dangarc [link] [comments] source

I-751 (Remove Conditions) while separated or divorced, the financial considerations

There is a lot of information online on the immigration status implications of transitioning from a conditional to 10 year green card if you are divorced or separated and your sponsor spouse is not supporting you. There is a lot less info on how that can play out financially. The sponsor spouse signed an I-864 affidavit of support where they promised the Government to support their new spouse at 125% of the federal poverty line. The purpose of this requirement is to put the risk of the immigrant beneficiary needing financial support on the sponsor and away from the public. What many people don't realize is that the promise can be enforced directly by the beneficiary against the sponsoring spouse via a lawsuit. So, if after separation or divorce, the immigrant spouse is earning very little money or not working and the sponsor is not offering financial support, the immigrant beneficiary can sue their ex to compel financial payments to support them while they get back on their feet

Immigration advice

Hey guys, Looking for some guidance in the immigration process. I’m a US citizen and my mom is currently visiting me, and would like to requests her green card since I don’t like how things are going in the country she lives in(she has a history of 10 years of coming and going for short or long stays in the US). Now I understand the process and the forms I need to submit. However I have 2 questions. Once she has her green card, would she qualify to apply for Obamacare or something similar?(I read mix info that she needs to wait 5 years after her green card is approved in order to receive government help)(she’s 56, and I know she can’t apply for any health insurance during the time she waits for her green card, unless is an employer who provides it) I owe 5k in taxes to the IRS, and currently have a monthly plan to pay it back. I could pay it all, no problem. However I have the money in some investments, and rather hold from getting the money from it. Will this affect me?

hi so currently I have the choice to study nursing or bds(bachelor in dental surgery) and I'm having a hard time choosing between them

honestly I'd be fine with both but I'm thinking about the future, and since immigration is kinda my goal, which one is better for that purpose comparatively? (immigration to canada, aus or nz) I was kinda leaning towards bds but I heard that it isn't even valid and would have to spend Lots of time and money for a license to practice but I haven't researched much about nursing yet. submitted by /u/Sherpa10 [link] [comments] source

NIE valid everywhere ?

Hello people, I have received my J1-NIE visa at the US Consulate in Munich. I am flying from Munich to Detroit with a stopover in Amsterdam. Is it possible that I will be denied onward travel from Amsterdam to the USA, since the NIE was not issued to me in the Netherlands but in Germany ? submitted by /u/Dititi [link] [comments] source

EAD from biometrics

Have any Canadians got their biometrics lately? How long did it take for you to receive your EAD/AP from your biometrics appointment? TIA submitted by /u/libragirl82 [link] [comments] source

CR-1 visa timeline, took 307 days, issued in Budapest

Heya all! Finally got my visa after a long-long time! Although I do realize this actually counts as fairly lucky and quick, especially for the I-130 approval, and even for the NVC document review. In fact NVC processing times dipped to half the normal length exactly when I submitted . The case went through consular processing, but not DCF and without any expedite requests. Here's our timeline: 2020-10-23: I-130 Sent 2020-11-16: I-130 NOA1 2021-01-20: I-130 Approved 2021-01-23: NVC Received case from USCIS 2021-03-17: DS-260, AoS, & all documents sent to NVC 2021-04-23: Documentarily qualified at NVC 2021-07-13: Interview scheduled 2021-07-29: Medical exam 2021-08-04: Interview date, marked as refused pending medical results 2021-08-06: Medical results sent to embassy by clinic 2021-08-26: Visa printed (issued) 2021-08-30: Visa received 2021-09-01: Planned entry at SFO submitted by /u/Underyx [link] [comments] source

I-140 - EB2-NIW Approved

Hi guys I'd like to share with you all, my application to EB2-NIW was approved last week. After 11 months waiting. I'm from Brazil but living in Ireland, I applied from Ireland. I did the petition for my self without any lawyer help, almost 3 months working on it, to learn and get everything necessary for my application. My background are: over 13 years as software engineer, MBA, Postgraduate and graduate in Computer science. Thanks to God! Good luck for you all. submitted by /u/cleison-melo [link] [comments] source

ESTA 'frozen' due to US Travel Ban

Hello, I am just looking for some advice. I am a UK citizen, and originally had a flight booked from LHR - LAX in March time, but due to the US travel ban I have had to reschedule about 6 times. Due to being busy over the summer, (and being optimistic) I chose not to do the third country route that many people are using, and instead just kept moving the dates of the flights back. Whilst in the process of changing my flights in August, I got a notification that my ESTA status had changed, and when I logged on it now states 'Application Expired.' (My expiry date was originally June 2023.) I know a lot of people who have direct flights booked from the UK - USA are having the same issue if they don't cancel their flights. I have now booked to travel via Mexico for 15 days, so I am flying from LHR - CDG - MEX on 8th September on a Virgin Atlantic codeshare with Air France, and then I am proposing flying with AeroMexico from MEX - LAX on 23rd September, but in speaking to Vi

Kidnapped and viloated

Can ICE hold you in a motel room, feed you like a king, then fly you to different prisons far from yoyr family where u cant obtain legal help or ANY sort of advice or knowledge on what to do? Comsidering you just 18, you have no idea how the Imm. Law works... does it make it ok for them to hit you with a stipulated and throw you out without a proper hearing or say? And what sort of relief can one aim for in such a case? If any relief at all , Could it then be persuable enough for a lawsuit againt ICE for Due process rights violation and mental anguish perhaps? I feel like im still locked up and helpless sometimes. Mantally undeveloped. Helpless and overwhelmed. I go to court in October. Need some advice as to how to present my case and avoid removal.... God bless. submitted by /u/Jayval69 [link] [comments] source

H1 b visa interview slots in india

Hi all, I am planning to go to India to get my h1b visa stamped for the first time. I had a few questions in this regard. I have noticed that there are no appointments on the website after I schedule the OFC appointment. Is it just a technical issue that some people are facing or is it just due to demand that the slots are unavailable? Is there a certain time that the slots open up and quickly get filled ? If yes what time? Is the NIE required for the interview? If yes can we apply for it before I plan to go to India? Thanks in advance for your response! submitted by /u/dodger94 [link] [comments] source

Where do we get married?

Hi guys! So, We are trying to start the CR1 process. I am American and he is Canadian. We want to get married but are unsure how to. Does he just visit like normal and then we get married? Or do we have to file something to let immigration know he is coming here to get married? He would be going home for the process. I have been given 2 different answers and am struggling to find the accurate one. submitted by /u/toastawayy [link] [comments] source

Diversity Visa Interview Notice?

Hi, I've been selected for a diversity visa from the lottery system and was wondering how much notice is typically given before your interview? As in, how far in advance are you informed of your interview's date? Like, do they tell you a week ahead? Just wanted some clarity. Thanks! :) submitted by /u/hildred123 [link] [comments] source

How do I get a TN visa? And how do I become an American citizen (I'm a Canadian citizen)?

I'm a computer science student in Canada and I want to get a software engineering job in the states. Say after I graduate I get a job in the states as an engineer. How would I go about getting a TN Visa? And after that step, I know there's an expiry date for the TN visa? So how do I become an American citizen/permanent resident? submitted by /u/COFFEE_KEEPS_ME_SANE [link] [comments] source

UK Embassy appointments/or can I apply for my visa in another country

Hi, I used to be on a H2b visa in the USA before Covid hit and I came home. Now my job has offered me another H2b position, in which their petitions should get approved in the next two ish weeks so I can file. My issue is that due to Coronavirus and the Travel bans the UK Embassy are only taking emergency appointments, has anyone applied for an appointment lately and knows the wait times (I saw some saying a B2 earliest was March😬 but that's a visitor visa). Specially on visas that involve working would be helpful, exempt ones also? My start date is the beginning of October and I cannot see being able to get a visa in that time likely, on top of that there is a travel ban so I'd have to go to a third country for 14 days prior to entering the United States. I have researched Embassies in other countries that will take Third Country Nationals (non citizens) but the only one I can seem to find is Romania, this is also exempt from the Travel ban so I could possibly go there fo

Visa for US from Canada

How long will it take for me to get Visa? I am a permanent resident of Canada and I need to travel to the US soon. How soon can I get my visa? Is there an expedited process? Thanks! submitted by /u/superwoman_89 [link] [comments] source

Visa Options for Canadian Planning to Immigrate to USA

Hey, Recently my parents bought a house in the USA (from Canada). I'm pretty ignorant of what visa I should acquire to start my path to becoming a citizen. I work in the trades in Canada (20M) but have given notice to leave around the end of October pending lockdowns. I have thought about going to university in the states or working and trying to get a sponsor but I want to see what others recommend or hear feedback on what they have done. Thanks, Guys! submitted by /u/pparohl [link] [comments] source

My mother just became US citizen

She would like to apply for her kids, the eldest will turn 21 December 30, 2021. Is there anything a lawyer can do to freeze the age or should we leave that eldest child out. And apply for the rest of children.? Thanks everyone. submitted by /u/Barbaric88 [link] [comments] source

Advice please

My husband and step-children's Visas were approved and they entered the US in late July. They have been here almost five weeks and the green cards have not been received nor have we been notified of a USPS tracking number for the green cards. When I check the case status on USCIS it says the cases are pending at the State Department. I called Rapid Visa and they had no advice for me. I plan on calling USCIS tomorrow morning as I believe that an error has been made. My question is: has anyone else had this experience and how was it resolved? Thank you for any insight anyone can offer. submitted by /u/AcceptableStress802 [link] [comments] source

us visa help

I (37f) from the Philippines is in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend (44m), from the United States. He planned to immigrate to my country but due to the pandemic, our plans are halted. Just two months ago, he had jaw and head pains that turned out to be brain tumors, upon further medical tests, it was discovered that he has lung cancer that spreads to his brain. Now it feels like our lives and plans had been paused and we don't know how to move forward. We wish to still be together but since we have never met in person, I cannot file for a fiance visa, I am going to try my luck and will file for a tourist visa instead but it will take a year for me to even get an interview, we do not know how much time we're looking at when it comes to his conditions. I am working for an american firm that has offices in the Philippines, I own a property under name, i have paper assets that are not so liquid, I don't save money in banks. I am saying this because I need to prov

Can I apply for U.S. citizenship if I am a resident of Texas but live in Indiana as a college student without going back to Texas?

I came to the U.S. a few years ago, and I am a permanent resident of the country. My state of residence is Texas (I have a Texas ID), but I go to school in Indiana. I want to apply for naturalization since I have been here for almost 5 years now. The concern I have is if I can apply for a citizenship as a Texas resident living in Indiana. I do not plan on going back to Texas. I will finish college in a few months and move to the East Coast. Do I have to go back to Texas to apply for citizenship if I do not plan on changing my state of residence, which is Texas? submitted by /u/phymathnerd [link] [comments] source

I’m confused: should I apply for N400 now? I’m currently waiting on my I-751

I’m confused. I filled my I-751 in June 2020 and the process has been incredibly slow. If I apply for N400 now, will that slow down the process? What are the benefits and downfalls of doing this? submitted by /u/baileyandthetramp [link] [comments] source

How can US citizen live long term in Canada?

I'm an US citizen but my fiance is in Canada. She is a Canadian citizen. I actually want to spend most of my time in Canada with her. I do have an US job but it is 100% remote and my job can be done anywhere. I prefer to keep my US job and social security benefits as opposed to getting a Canadian job and starting paying taxes to Canada/losing my retirement benefits etc... What are my options? Thanks submitted by /u/engineheat [link] [comments] source

expedited appointments at the US embassy/consulates in Canada - Toronto in particular

I am waiting on my H-1B cap exempt visa approval (should arrive this week). I live and work in Toronto atm. My anticipated start date is September 27. I think that is probably impossible to get the entire process (book an interview appointment, then request an expedited appointment - soon but not too soon as I need to receive in the mail the paperwork from the US - then receive my passport back in the mail) on time for me to be on US soil by September 27. I would love to hear if someone is / has recently been in a similar position. Specifically: has anybody recently asked for an expedited appointment at the US consulate of Toronto? For what visa? How close was the start date of the school/job (to get an idea of how urgent the appointment was)? Was the appointment offered or denied? Specifically in Toronto, how long does it take to get your passport back in the mail, from the date of the interview? submitted by /u/polokojo [link] [comments] source https://www.reddit.c

Do we need a visa just to get married in the US?

I am American. My fiance is from the UK. We want to get married in the US, but we will not stay in the US to live. We will be going to live in the UK. Does he need a visa in order for us to get married in the US if he is not staying in the US? When I Google this, all that comes up are things about people who plan to get married and stay in the US. submitted by /u/DazedandConfused1332 [link] [comments] source

J2 visa application from UK?

Hi all, I've tried using the search function for my query but I can't seem to find the answer, but I do apologise if this has already been posted. My wife has been offered a fellowship in Pasadena which qualifies her for a J1 visa and NIE. It is a short exchange of 4 months. I am hoping to join as her J2 dependant. We have enough savings to cover us for the whole period, and I will not be looking for work whilst I am out there. However, I will potentially be using an extended period of annual leave from my job in the UK whilst still maintaining my employment there (but not doing any work for them or my job whilst out there). I plan to return to the UK for a period to continue working before rejoining my wife at the end and using more annual leave. My questions are: 1.) Does me using annual leave to accompany my wife (maintaining my UK contract and the salary payments that come with that) count as "working" in the US, even though I will not be performing my job wh

Immigration process from Afghanistan to USA

Does anybody know if they are prioritizing applications for visas from Afghanistan? We are trying to get my family evacuated through other resources but if that does not work then this is our last option. My mom is hoping to sponsor 3 of her siblings and their families to come to America. We have started the application but I'm hearing that from some places like Mexico or the Philippines it usually takes 20 years. I'm just hoping it's faster for Afghanistan because of what has been going on. We are worried for them, especially for their daughters. My uncle has applied for the SIV a while back but is still waiting. The others have helped International organizations but I don't think they qualify for SIV. I just want them to be safe and not have to worry about being killed. Thank you. submitted by /u/spopza [link] [comments] source

Can I work for a foreign employer for a month while on F1 status?

Can I work and get paid in a foreign bank account while being on US soil while being a student on F1 status? (Not during opt/cpt). Is it legal, are there any laws which say anything regarding this? submitted by /u/ukiyo_10 [link] [comments] source

F2 to F1

I’m on F2 visa living with my wife in the US. I intend to be accepted into a PhD and change my status to F1 through re-entry next year. The programs I want are very far and we would have to do a long distance relationship if I’m accepted. Would the fact that my university is far from hers affect my chances of getting the F1? submitted by /u/ZestycloseUnpainted [link] [comments] source

Immigration via university to gay-friendly country(pls advice any reddit related to this topic if you know)

I m 22, recently I graduated in Hungary. Now I am a Master’s student in Kazakhstan. I ve been thinking about immigration process. My plan is to apply for Master in Canada/Netherlands/Sweden (gay-friendly), after that get a permanent visa for that particular country. I m considering a country where people can have access to free medical services and education (not like in the USA). I would like to study on scholarship because i cant pay for education ( or a country I can work and pay for my education in the same time). I dont have job experience. My plan is now raw and not detailed. Please, do you have any advice what steps i should follow? Maybe i need to work on my CV? What countries I need to consider? What challenges I can experience? Thanks for your help. submitted by /u/Yeekess [link] [comments] source

usa to uk dual citizenship

im travelling from the united states to the uk with a expired us passport and and a valid uk one tomorrow to see my grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. i was wondering if i'm able to exit the country and board a plane considering my citizenship, ill be able to reenter with my us passport because of covid passport rules i assume? submitted by /u/IlanKinderlerer [link] [comments] source

US Citizen brother will petition for me and my family, however father has multiple names

My brother acquired birthright citizenship and is currently residing in the US and he will turn 21 soon and petition for me, our father and our mother who are all currently residing in Bangladesh. While our mother and I have consistent names across all of our legal documents, my father has multiple. In my brother's US passport, Dad has the name X as his father's name as well on his own Bangladeshi passport. In my Bangladeshi passport he has name Y as my father's name. And yes, X and Y are the same person, our father. So what would happen if my brother petitioned for my parents (IR) and for me (F4)? What would happen if he didn't petition for my father and just my mother and I? How much of a problem would this be and is it fixable? I also have no intention for marriage as of now. The main leverage we have is that our mother has the same name on all of her documents and all of our documents, we have annual family photos together to show our connection and that DNA test

Does a subsidized health insurance plan through ACA violate my F1 visa status (I am a resident alien)?

Hi, I am a resident alien F1 student in the US (resident alien because I have been here for 5+ years). My college requires us to enroll in the college health insurance plan; waiving out of college health insurance plan is possible if we have an equivalent insurance plan from elsewhere. I applied for ACA through the website and got approved a subsidy for an insurance plan through the marketplace. Based on this marketplace plan I got, I was able to waive out of my college's insurance plan. I am now worried that enrolling for a subsidized insurance plan through the federal marketplace may be in violation of some immigration law. This concern stems from coming across the following webpage: The webpage asserts that international students are not eligible for any "public assistance" and that in fact, accepting such assistance is in violation of immigration law

Can a college student sponsor green card through marriage?

I know there are financial requirements but how of these apply if the person is a college student? If the plan is to get married for green card. submitted by /u/baileyandthetramp [link] [comments] source

Pursuing h1b

People who took themselves out of the rat race of immigration. If you’re still lurking, would love to hear yours stories and which paths you considered or took. I have attended both undergrad and grad school here, but I am getting very tired of not being able to work, support myself, or fulfill my dreams. I love being here, but it is just one of my dreams. I am starting to feel suffocated at the thought of spending half my life here and not being able to work or it ending up in me having to leave anyways. submitted by /u/scorp-rising [link] [comments] source

I-130 DNA test for 'sibling'

has anyone here done and succeed with DNA test when petition for a relative that has no document proof for relationship who currently live outside of US? I was online going thru I-130 and notice the DNA result upload. Any tips or info to timing, challenges, cost? submitted by /u/nd289 [link] [comments] source

Question about K-1 Affidavit of Support

Hello! Me and my Girlfriend are looking in to bringing her over to the states on a K-1 Visa and we're working on getting all this planned out early to give us the best possible chances, however, it's hard to get concrete information involving the Affidavit of Support I will have to file. Specifically, I am a Welder and make good money, well above the 125% line for a 2-person household, however during 2021 my area was hit bad with Covid and a lot of us got laid off, with a lot of places closing entirely. It's been hard finding a new job and I was on Unemployment Insurance benefits for 6 months, having the IRS withhold taxes from those payments. Should we decide to move forward with the Visa application very soon, and I have to submit the Affidavit form and the recent tax return is 2021's, will those Unemployment benefits count as income, or will 6 months be not counted, dropping me below that earnings minimum? I can easily show my present earnings, but I don't wan

EB2 NIW chances for a Canadian undergraduate?

Aloha! The title of my post describes my situation quite accurately. I want to work in the United States as a nuclear engineer working on next generation nuclear reactor technology. I do not hold an advanced degree, but I would say my practical experience and developments for the past 5 years in my field had various impact in the advanced reactor design field in Canada. My degree is simply a 4 year degree in nuclear engineering from Ontario, Canada. Most of my interviews with nuclear reactor design companies in the US has failed due to sole fact that I do not hold a green card (ITAR is very hard to get around). I do not have anyone backing up my experience. Also, most (or all) of my published material/codes are proprietary, or confidential with my employers. What are my chances for an EB2-NIW visa? Any advice is appreciated. submitted by /u/danielkoala [link] [comments] source

we got our k1 visa approved in 5 months

we filled out our petition and got approved the i29F in 2 months with no RFE. Then wait for the case to be send to the nvc for 1 month and half and have our interview schedule in one month. Yesterday our visa got approved and now i'm flying to the usa with my baby boy to see our daddy and be together again!!! <3 ​ Thanks for your blessings 2022 is our year submitted by /u/Massive_Animator_842 [link] [comments] source

Rejected I539 for B2 visa - please help!

My parents were visiting the US on a visitor (B2) visa, but couldn't leave due to the ongoing pandemic. Their stay was authorized till August 2020, and we filed the extension in July 2020. We received a notice for the biometrics appointment in February 2021 - however, my parents left the US in January 2021, a month before we got the appointment notice. We received a letter last week (August 2021) stating that the I 539 was rejected because we missed the biometrics appointment. I want to make sure that we won't have any trouble when my parents try to visit the US again. We had called USCIS back in February as soon as we received the biometrics notice and they said that it was okay to miss it since they had already left the country by then, and the agent over the phone assured us that we just had to bring the appointment notice which had proof that the letter was sent after we had already left the country. I am not so sure if that was the right advice. Please help! How do I co

Entering US Immigration with K-1 Fiancé

Hi there, My fiancé and I are flying back to the USA from the UK in a few days and I’m just wondering what POE will be like for her on a K-1 visa? Will she be able to enter the immigration line with me so we aren’t separated? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Darthsteve09 [link] [comments] sourceé/

Stuck in the States

I (Canadian) married an American in 2008, he has never applied for my citizenship. We got into a violent fight yesterday, this morning I said it will be best if I go back to Canada, he said he couldn't stop me, sorry, etc, this isn't the first time and I think it is best I just go back. My Canadian I.D. is long expired, I'm basically stuck here, I'm estranged from my family in Canada, I have no friends here, I need a valid picture I.D. to apply for a Canadian passport, I have no idea what to even do, I emailed the Canadian passport website saying I needed help and haven't heard back, I also got on the domestic violence support website and waited to chat but nobody showed up. If anyone could point me in which direction to go I'd be grateful. Edit to add I get my 2nd Covid Vaccine on 9/9 so I'm sort of stuck waiting for that too. submitted by /u/Successful_Struggle9 [link] [comments] source

Are US government prepared for Compensation for Chinese death of covid?

If there are some or many Chinese died of covid in the US or Canada,. US or Canadian government should compensate at least 100k dollars per death per person IMO. After all there are very few death of covid from China now. I'm not saying Americans lives aren't important. However, Are the government ready for facing Chinese government anger for their own guys safety? Will anyone in the US or Canada be put into prison if not handling this horrible circumstance appropriately and wisely? submitted by /u/hyposuffer [link] [comments] source

Questions regarding the what was "public charge" rule ?

So to my understanding the public charge rule was along the lines the applicant couldn't be a " public charge " meaning on government benefits etc. That's the simplest way i can put it to save time. My question is since that isn't still in practice ( to my understanding ?) Does that mean, me (the sponsor of my immigrant wife ) can use government benefits now and it not affect our adjustment of status ? Long story short i got hurt at work and am in the process of fighting comp, am struggling atm, I'm still employed just on unpayed leave rn, can i collect government benefits and it not affect our adjustment of status later on in some way ? submitted by /u/whiskeymedicine7 [link] [comments] source

Visiting wife during CR1 process

Hello 👋 Me and my girlfriend thinking about marrying at this winter in Turkey. My question is I've already booked flights for next summer and am I able to visit my girlfriend after marriage with any visa during CR1 process If I am not can I approve for the tourist visa before starting CR1 process and be able to visit her with tourist visa? Thank you so much submitted by /u/uogzh [link] [comments] source

Would I get deported for a poss of drug paraphernalia? Do I have to wait 5yrs to apply for citizenship? If I can’t apply for citizenship can I at least qualify for green card renewal. I’m only committed for one offense that was dismissed. Poss of drug paraphernalia, class c miss and it’s dismissed

submitted by /u/kingpromise15 [link] [comments] source

In the UK, they need workers!

Do you want to live in an English speaking country where the United States are modelled after? Are you tiring of waiting for decades to get an American Green Card? Do you want to study at a top university. Then why not try the U.K.? They urgently need workers there and oh by the way, there visas fees are way cheaper there. Try the U.K.! submitted by /u/ukbabyhoney [link] [comments] source