Downsides to applying for the DV-2023 lottery?

I’m interested in knowing about the potential downsides of applying for the DV-2023 lottery.

To provide some context, I have completed a masters degree in the United States while on a J-1 visa with a two-year home residency requirement. I will be completing the home residency obligation in July 2023.

I’m also interested in getting another master’s degree in the United States on the academic year that starts in August 2023. I intend to pursue another master’s regardless whether I win the DV-2023 or I go through the F-1 visa route. I believe an additional masters will be of value to my skillset.

However, I am at a crossroads at this point. The questions I have are:

  1. Can I set in motion the process for the (DV) visa while I am completing the two year rule?
  2. Will applying for a Diversity Visa adversely affect my chances of obtaining an F-1 visa after completing the two year rule?
  3. If I don't get the (DV) visa, can the DV application be interpreted as intent of immigration, and does that impact my chances for a future visa in any way?
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