Marrying German fiance in the US

Hello there,

My boyfriend will be visiting me here in the US in Germany (we are currently long distance). He's obviously German, and I am a US green card holder (my nationality is Indian).

When we get married in November, would the marriage be recognized in Germany, since the marriage is taking place in the US? Also, how would this affect tax returns and stuff? I am thinking of getting a job soon, so would the marriage affect filing taxes on my income here? He doesn't have a regular job, and runs a woodworking business in Germany.

Another question I have is if he will get a green card through marriage.

One more note I'd like to add is that the German embassy in my city (Seattle, WA) is not functional currently, and the only other embassy I can go to is in San Francisco which sucks, but hopefully I don't have to go to the embassy to get married lol.

Thank you, and my apologies if this is the wrong place for a question of this nature.

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