Opinions needed.

Hey yall. So I completed my bachelors degree from Arizona State University. (Senior year online). Almost a year ago, my US f1 visa was cancelled on Port of Entry due to involvement in off campus employment. I did re-apply since I was not barred from applying again but I received a refusal from the embassy under 214(b) after administrative processing. I had to stay in my home country so I started a job here since I could not see any possible chances considering my situation. A few days ago, my employer discussed an opportunity for a master's program from USA to which I was skeptical at first, but since the employer has agreed to sponsor me for tuition and residence provided I return back to Pakistan to rejoin the company. I decided to apply for graduate programs (USC marshall, Columbia, and UCLA) since I graduated magna cum laude and have a GRE score of 326. My question is, should I have any hopes for a visa for masters or is it just a lost cause?

The only circumstances that have changed is my completion of an undergraduate degree and financial support from my employer. The contract also requires me to complete my studies and return.

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