US visa appointment without copy of previous visa extension?

I went to the US on an H2B visa in 2017. Before my season ended, I extended my visa for another 6 months to work for a different company. My employer who filed my visa extension, never gave me my extension approval notice (I-797A). I contacted my employer for a copy of that document, as I've applied for a new H2B visa and I need a copy of all previous visas and visa extensions for my visa appointment, which is in 2 weeks.

I have a friend who I worked with in the US, who's current colleague also apparently lost her I-797A of her extension a few years back. She also applied for a new H2B visa 2 years back without her lost I-797A and her visa was approved.

A few of my friends, who all went for their visas last year got asked for all their previous visas and I-797 of all their previous visa extensions. So my visa appointment is in 2 weeks and what do I do when the consulate officer asks me for my I-797 of my visa extension? And what's the chances that he will deny my visa because of the fact that I don't have that I-797?

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