ESTA denied?

Hi everyone. I'm a UK citizen and I have travelled to the states 3 or 4 times on an ESTA. Once in 2018, once in 2019 and once in 2020. Its worth mentioning that I travelled in Feb 2020 for 3 weeks but was stuck until May because of covid. I am aware that there is a 90 day cycle for visiting. I'm not sure if this classes as overstaying. (ETA: I had to stay until May - the airlines kept delaying my flights, I could not be repatriated, I had no money to book elsewhere, airportd were locked down here etc etc. Basically saying, I would have left after the three weeks had that been an option. My return tickets were booked.) (ETA: DECEMBER 2019 I was there 12 days FEB TO MAY 2020, I was there for 62. That doesn't go over the 90 days, so maybe it's not overstaying?)

I also applied for a spousal visa. My ex husband is American. I got as far as rhe medical and interview stage. My interview was approved pending the medical. As I have mental health issues (specifically bipolar), the medical OKd me as long as I saw a psych.

At this point, my marriage deteriorated. We mutually agreed to split. When the medical staff contacted me again to book in with psych I withdrew my application. My passport was returned to the pick up point and I collected it. I was sent a letter earlier this year stating that my application process had basically been spent up.

Anyway. I met my current partner online who is also American. Never met him. Travel ban lifts on the 8th November. I have flights booked from 30th Nov to 28th Dec.

I've gone forward with flights and travel insurance and decided to renew my ESTA today. It took a few hours for me to receive a response and it stated travel was not authorised.

Of course, I'm panicking right now. I've never been denied an ESTA before. I checked over the submitted form a dozen times and I csnt see any reason why they would deny me an esta based on the answers.

Have I overstayed when I got stuck because of covid? Is this to do with withdrawing my spousal visa? Is this because the travel ban isn't lifted yet? I've seen I can apply for a B2 but is it likely I'll be able to schedule and interview between now and 30th November?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm desperate to see my partner and will do all I can to get there. Thank you so much in advance.

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