Am I not domiciled in the USA? Now what?

I have been living abroad for over ten years—purely independently; no American employer or military or anything like that.

I always intended this to be a temporary move, so I still maintain:

  • US mailing address (permanent residence/where I grew up)
  • US drivers license (with above address)
  • US bank accounts (same address as above)
  • everything else I might need.

My wife and I have been married for 6+ years (two kids, one on the way). We met and married all while I’ve been abroad. I left the USA in 2010, we married in 2015. We’ve visited the states a few times with her in a tourist passport. I am an American citizen by birth, and my kids are both American citizens.

I have submitted all documentation to USCIS for my wife’s spouse immigrant visa and received a note that “petitioner may not be domiciled in the USA, please submit additional evidence.”

It only seems now that I may not actually qualify to be “domiciled” in the USA…what do I do?

Does the whole process have to start over? Do I need to just submit more evidence and hope for the best? Do I need to split up my family? Is she not even qualified for the visa?

Quite lost and increasingly worried…

Thanks for any help!

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