Job opportunities for Taiwanese immigrant with green card

I am an American citizen and my wife is Taiwanese. We will be immigrating to the US next year and we are trying to explore some different job possibilities for her. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from a Taiwanese University and her work experience has been mostly Assistant and Reception jobs at International Corporations in Taiwan. However, she is not incredibly interested in staying with that career path. Her English language ability in speaking and writing is high intermediate. Her Speaking level is especially good. Also a native Mandarin speaker.

We are wondering what kind of jobs immigrants in her position are able to find. Will it be very difficult to find jobs that are not labor or service industry jobs?

She has interest in possibly doing something related to social media marketing, life enrichment/event coordination for elderly homes or health and wellness related jobs. Anything specifically related to Chinese and English language ability would be another option too. She has taken courses on teaching Mandarin to foreigners in Taiwan in the past.

Going back to school for a new degree would be a massive decision we're not sure about yet, but if there were jobs or opportunities that required shorter courses or certifications that would be very doable for us.

Also if you know if there are any more advanced level English classes or other job training programs provided by the US government that would be great to hear about.

If anyone has a similar experience or ideas to help us get started in finding good possibilities we'd be really appreciative. Thanks so much!

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