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Associates degree after bachelors on F-1 visa

Hi! I have my bachelors in psychology and am looking to switch careers to business analytics. I need some computer science courses to satisfy the prerequisites for MS Business Analytics program. As an international student, am I allowed to do an associates degree in computer science to get those prerequisites although I already have my bachelors? Will this create complications at port of entry or when I apply for h1b? submitted by /u/Savings_Willow_3389 [link] [comments] source

60 days email

Does anyone have an idea what happens after the 60 yay are up it was 120 days an then now 60 anyone have an idea submitted by /u/Shorttime1 [link] [comments] source

How long does it take for Uscis to respond to expedite request?

On 06/07/2021, I filled expedite request and after 10 days I got response from them saying “ Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within due course. We have since forwarded your request to the reviewing officer for review and consideration. “ now after this text it’s been 13 days and I didn’t get any response. is that normal guys ? please share ur opinion 🙏🏽 submitted by /u/Careless-Gene-8783 [link] [comments] source

L1 Visa - need to book appointment with US consulate

Hi folks, I'm in an odd situation where my employer has started the L1 Visa process and we have everything together and ready to go but I'm struggling to find anywhere in the world I can book an appointment with a US consulate. I'm currently in Ireland and on a New Zealand passport but due to Covid moving around due to travel restrictions is proving difficult. I tried Greece due to its fast booking times but they're only offering appointments for their citizens. Is it a blanket rule that I need to meet with a consulate in the country where I am a citizen (NZ in this case) or can we go somewhere in Canada or even America for this appointment? Back to NZ seems like the logical choice but due to managed quarantine in NZ I can't even get into the country until October and aligning an appointment with that timeframe seems impossible. Would love some help and clarification if anyone's in the know Cheers submitted by /u/peavers [link] [comments] sour

Visa application: relatives up to which degree?

I have far away relatives like third or fourth degree living and partially born in the US. There is no contact, I don't know all full names, birthdays, and definitely no contact details When entering relatives to my visa qpplication, do I need to mention them or is first and second degree enough, for example, grandmother? L1B is my target visa. Thanks for any advise or experience!! :) submitted by /u/limited_moc [link] [comments] source

The US immigration process has got me like 'VISA WHEN??', so I made with lots of data about NVC and embassy processing times

The title about sums it up! Here's two example pages: shows how the Mumbai embassy is doing with marriage visa processing, compared to how they were doing pre-COVID. You can check this for any embassy and any immigrant visa type: there are like 7k combinations in total available. shows how the NVC is doing with reviewing documents and the like Let me know what you think and how I could make it more helpful :) submitted by /u/Underyx [link] [comments] source

Letter from your U.S employer dated less than one month ago

Hello all, So I am about to go to my interview and the only thing left I am missing is this letter from my U.S employer.. looking online I have not been able to find out exactly what they want on that letter.. can any of you help me out on this.. maybe an example? This is for employment-based immigrant visa abroad Thanks submitted by /u/elvis0288 [link] [comments] source

I need someone to explain some things to me

I am a native citizen of iraq, im 15 years old and have 2 years of highschool left. I've always knew that there wasn't that much of a future for me here, my brother has received his 5 year temporary citizenship for sweden since his wife lives there and he is currently studying and doing exams to be able to start working there since he is a dentist. I've always thought about working in a different country but i never thought that it would work but seeing my brother doing sol motivated me and pushed me over the edge about it, i don't want my future family to have to deal with the same shitty country that i live in. What would the requirements be for me to work in the us? (I don't really know a lot about topics like this so i really need an explanation) submitted by /u/Tie1426_extraaccc [link] [comments] source

Our child is eligible for greencard but not me...

Hi everyone, first time to post here, thankful in advance for any advice or answer. I am with my partner for a while now and we have a child. We are not married as he is waiting for his petition. His mom is a legal resident for a few years now. Just last week we found out his application had been forwarded to NVC and soon he will get an interview with the embassy. Assuming all will be fine, he can simply add our five year old son as a derivative and he will be eligible for greencard too. Meanwhile the best i can hope for is a fiance visa 5-6 years from now. I dont think the set-up will work for me, his mom claims it will work. They say we will all be travelling together, they will be LPRs and I will be on tourist visa, as soon as our child gets his greencard, he will go home with me. They say we can travel back and forth, my child with his greencard and me as a tourist. Is that really possible? Am I just not seeing the big picture here or are they just giving me false hopes? su

State ID

I just got my Cap Gap approved for my H1B. Can I get a state ID based on that notice or will I have to wait for my EAD that I'll get in October? Previously, I have been unable to get a state ID based on the notice of my STEM OPT. submitted by /u/jagd748 [link] [comments] source

Travel from India to US

Hi All, I am on h1b and my parents have visitor visa. We have been moving flight tickets since last summer and now I really want them to not postpone their trip any longer. They are both vaccinated. I need support due to medical reasons. Would they qualify for any exemptions? They cannot quarantine in a foreign country for 15 days because of their age and language barrier. I am really hoping for some good advise. My doctor can write a letter about the need of care giver. Many thanks submitted by /u/Apart_Muscle_2728 [link] [comments] source

My flight to USA was cancelled, need help!

Hello, My family and I (3 passengers) had planned on visiting America from 16th July to 28th July, for my sisters wedding, via the Ethihad airlines. Yesterday, our flights were canceled due to the travel restrictions enacted by UAE and we were devastated. Our flight route was from Ahmedabad(India) to JFK airport(New York) with a halt in Abu Dhabi. We three hold a B-2 visa. Also, we are fully vaccinated. I would like to know if there is any way to travel to the USA, on or before the 23rd of July? submitted by /u/kuweitee [link] [comments] source

My I485 was denied, I can still do consular processing… do I have to leave the country for the entire process? Can I still use my approved i130 ?

My father petitioned for me (i130) when I was 20 ( he is a green card holder ) . I turned 21 and was moved to the F2B category from F2A. After 4 years, my priority date became current and I filed for my adjustment of status (I485) . It was denied because although I had lawful entry (came on a B2 visa in 2005) . I am currently not in lawful immigrant status ( overstayed our visa and applied for DACA when I was 17, still under DACA) In order for my overstaying to be forgiven, I have to be an immediate relative of a US citizen ( unmarried children under 21, spouse of a US citizen , parent of a US Citizen). Since I don’t fall into any of those categories (I’m a child of a PR and 25) , my overstay was not forgiven and My i485 application was denied because I was not a lawful immigrant at my time of application( DACA is not considered lawful immigrant status) Since I haven’t accrued more than 180 of unlawful staying , I’ve had DACA since 17 ( unlawful staying only starts accruing up onc

July 5 easing of restrictions regarding the 15 day travel minimum

My fiancé and I are included on the exemption list when restrictions in Canada ease on quarantine requirements on July 5 for fully vaccinated people. However, our IMM0006 was declined and was told that it was because we indicated I would be going over for less than 15 days. Does anybody have clarification on whether or not I am still required to go over for a minimum of 15 days after July 5? submitted by /u/Reasonable_Ad6037 [link] [comments] source

TN Visa letter signature

Hello all, I am applying for a new TN visa with a new employer. I wanted some clarification on who exactly is able to sign the letter of employment. My first TN letter had a signature from the chief of HR, the second had a signature from just an employee HR- both of those were quite a headache to obtain. I'm wondering now if this letter can just be signed by my direct boss? I can't find any information saying it needs to be Human Resources. Thank you for your help! submitted by /u/missynv [link] [comments] source

I qualified for interview waiver but they told me I had to interview anyway

I got a TN visa a couple of years ago after three denials. Last October I transferred employers through USCIS because of covid. With premium processing the whole process took about 6 business days. I had to come to Mexico for family reasons and need a visa stamp to go back to work. I applied and they told me since it was a visa renewal I didn’t need to interview but when I went to get my fingerprints and picture taken, they told me I need to interview because of the change of employer. After my three denials a couple of years ago, I am traumatized of going for an interview. It also scares me because three years ago I was charged for a misdemeanor that was not prosecuted and dismissed. I know it shouldn’t affect me, but they always bring it up. Any tips for the interview? My documents are all correct and even brought the USCIS approval, but I know that does not guarantee a visa approval. Any tips are appreciated!! submitted by /u/thebad-guy- [link] [comments] source http

US Visa between F1 and Green Card by Marriage

Hi- any help is appreciated. My fiancée is a US F1 grad student and we plan to marry in the near future and apply for a marriage based green card. I am a US citizen. I wanted to know what her visa status would be in between the F1/Green Card and if we need to apply for another visa. Thank you! submitted by /u/BrainPolicy [link] [comments] source

Living in both US and Canada, remaining Canadian

First, if anyone knows a better place for this post I'd love to hear it ... couldn't find a subreddit that I thought was correct. Here's the question I am Canadian and would like to remain Canadian. I am employed in Canada and also own a business in Canada but work 100% remotely. My romantic parter and I want to live together as much as possible -- he lives in NYC and has much less flexibility than me. I'm pretty aware of all the snowbird issues, but I'm wondering about going back and forth regularly. If I were to spend, as an example, 3 weeks of each month in the US but then also spend 2-3 extended months in Canada, equalling over 6 months in Canada in total time, then would this be a problem? I do also go to NY and Miami for business. Any advice? Foreseeable customs problems that I can plan to avoid? I'm a 55 year old female, btw. submitted by /u/helgatheviking21 [link] [comments] source

Collection of Good Conduct Malaysia

Hi! Has anyone from Malaysia or out of Malaysia collected their Certificate of Good Conduct? If so, how were you given your certificate? Did the paper or seal have a specific colour? submitted by /u/Itsmeskulleesa [link] [comments] source

I485 interview marriage based to USC, and have a problem with drivers license address

I have my marriage-based interview coming up next month. Problem is my license shows a different address to the one I’m currently living in cause I got the license right after I graduated and 2 weeks before I moved to a new State when I was starting a new job. Would this be a problem and any advice on how to deal with this at the interview. I have tons of evidence proving my current residence. And would it be suspicious if I try to update my address a few weeks before the interview. and I have a new signed lease with both my name and my spouse’s. Thank you for the help!! submitted by /u/Shot-Exchange-7907 [link] [comments] source


Can I become a practicing paralegal if all I have is an ITIN? I am adjusting my status but I would like to study in the meantime. submitted by /u/Spicydalay [link] [comments] source

Oath ceremony USA

Hey everyone, So, I am an 18M living in North Carolina, USA. I wanted to ask that I won't be able to make it to my oath ceremony and I need to submit the letter and the N-445 form. So, is it okay if my friend goes and submits it because I am not in USA right now? And also is there a link to reschedule the match ceremony appointment? Thank you! submitted by /u/Bulky-Armadillo-228 [link] [comments] source

Charlie Openhheim: Interview before Priority Date

Just seen Charlie Openheims monthly briefs and heard him answer a question that its possible to be scheduled for an interview after DQ but before PD becomes current. Anyone knows someone who has been DQ'd, had an interview before PD becomes current? submitted by /u/Edoumundo [link] [comments] source

Filing I-130 online, when should I file I-485?

Hello we are filing the I-130 form online. Is that recommended? Or is mailing paper forms in preferable? If my immigrating spouse has never been in the US should I file I-485 for them? The I-130 form is online whereas I-485 isn’t. So if I filed the I-130 online as I intend to, the I485 won’t be apart of the package. Any advice is greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/A2B0B [link] [comments] source

Need advice. Please help

Im a dentist and my husband is a doctor. We are from India. My purpose of visit to the US was my dental exam that is conducted here in the US. After passing this exam, I am eligible to apply for dental programs in US universities. My husband's purpose of visit to the US was his medical observerships. He is going to apply for Internal Medicine residency this year to get a license to practice as a doctor here in the US. We have a ten year multiple entry B1/B2 visa. We came to the US in April 2021. Our stay is valid till october. The universities that im applying to, and the hospitals my husband is applying to, hold their interview seasons from September to February or sometimes till March. These are in-person interviews for which we need to be here in the US. 1) My question is, should we apply for an extension for six more months? Would it be correct? Is that a good enough reason? If we go back to India in October. And then we receive a interview, we'll have to fly again in a

Qualifying for Direct Consular Filing (DCF)

Do I qualify for DCF? I know that the decision is ultimately up to the consular officer, but wondering if anyone knows whether I'd likely qualify or not. Based on the listed "exceptional circumstances" I would apply because I, the petitioner (US Citizen), am living in Canada with my partner, but I was just offered a job in California. However, the background processing for the job takes roughly 90 days (it's been 10 already) and the start date would be afterwards and is apparently negotiable. I'm currently unemployed, so I'd like to start asap, but I also don't want to leave without my partner. Essentially, is 2 - 3 months considered short notice for a job application? I plan to marry my partner in Canada in 2 weeks and expect to have the Form I-130 and documents ready for submittal, so it'd be closer to 2 months. I've read somewhere that an example would be having a 2-4 week start date, but that's cutting it super close in my opinion. I'

H1B and missing final action date

My EB2 PD is Dec 2012 (Indian) and I've moved out of US permanently with my approved I-140. I can re-capture 6 months from my expired H1B (out of 6 years). If my PD becomes current, I will miss filing for my green card. Can I still use my old I-140 to come back to US on a new H1B - 'any number of years' after my PD becomes current? I don't really mind about getting the green card, just want to avoid coming through H1B lottery once again. submitted by /u/tntonow [link] [comments] source

I485 pending since Oct work based EB3 (RN) recently address changed . So my case is pending since oct 2020, got ead and ap in Jan , biometric done in Jan too ...since then no updates yet. Recently moved . Working with sponsors company EAD . How long should I wait ?

submitted by /u/_Pepper_gc [link] [comments] source

I-140 from H1B. Can i apply for GC with TN visa?

I gor my I-140 approved while i was on H1b. PRIORITY date is dec 2012. But i moved to canada in 2018 and i will be getting my Canadian citizenship this year . So i was wondering if i get TN visa, can i use the 1-140 as a mean to apply and get GC? I know TN is not dual intent visa. OR anyother way to get GC. submitted by /u/Aman2315 [link] [comments] source

Gay friend from Iraq wants to move here – any help on visa ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, my friend from Iraq is gay and he is also an atheist, so he finds it really hard to live there, and really wants to move to the Unites States. He is in school to be a dentist, but he wants to finish up the degree (pretty sure it would be useless here), but I told him he might as well apply now since it could take years if it was approved. Honestly, I have no clue what would be the easiest way for him to apply, and how he would attain a green card and eventual citizenship. I was wondering if he could claim asylum since he is gay in a deeply homophobic country, or if he should get a work visa or something instead, since he has almost graduated (though like I said, I think he would have to take the classes all over again here). I just want to try and find a way he could apply that would give him a higher chance of being able to stay. My friend from Iraq is fluent in English, both written and spoken, do you think this might help his chances? No, he doesn’t have any family here,

K1 VISA Passport Return time

Hello everybody, I'm throwing a bottle in the sea, My fiancée and I applied for a K1 Visa back in January 2020 and I finally got my interview at the Paris US Embassy on May 11th. Everything went just fine and the officer told me I would receive my passport in a couple weeks. I have yet to receive my passport on this date and all the embassy employee are telling me to check on the ceac website to see if my application has been "issued". So far my application remain on "Ready" status since the last update on May 21st. I have no clue of what to do. Has anyone been in that similar situation ? Is there anything I can do on my end ? submitted by /u/bigtotem [link] [comments] source

(USA) applying for change of status from K1 - fiance visa. I am Canadian.

I already got married within the allotted 90 days. I am currently filing my change of status paper work. I was wondering if I need a police clearance check done in Canada and mailed here in the US? I've already done a police clearance check before my K1 interview. Do I really need another one for change of status? submitted by /u/mewco_ [link] [comments] source

VISA interview

Help!!! Today I received my email from NVC for my f22 visa interview which is July 8 (one week to prepare) my interview is in Paris, France and I’m required to register my appointment online, however when I try to do that on ais.usvisa site, it says my case is not ready to schedule an interview even though I received the email. What do I do? submitted by /u/diorpute [link] [comments] source

does USCIS accept USPS post box no as official address? I am about to apply for my 485 and my lease for the apt is ending on july19 but my employer is planning to file 485 by early July. I don’t know where I will be staying can I add USPS post box no for all the mail to be received form USCIS?

submitted by /u/Middle-Blacksmith-83 [link] [comments] source

Issue with Lawyer

Background Hi, I am currently transitioning from F1 status to Marriage based AOS. I submitted all the forms I130, I485, I765 together in Dec. I got NBC as a center and I am in Orlando. I also hired a lawyer for my case as I didn't have any expertise. My current EAD card is set to expire next week and my work has given me 30 Day grace period before they terminate my position. My application was submitted in Dec 2020 but I have not heard anything. As I am desperate for my new EAD, I requested my lawyer to put in an expediate request for my EAD (financial loss) which was denied. It said the my case falls under normal processing times. After reading up on different posts here I found out that, generally biometric has to be done first before I can get my EAD card. So I asked my lawyer again if they can call USCIS and may be talk with a level 2 agent and schedule my biometric appointment. Issue The lawyer was good at start. But then it wasn't as good. The fact that my lawyer didn&

L1 Renewal Options - USCIS only? or any embassy outside available?

Anyone in the same boat of an L1 extension while in USA? Wanted to know if anyone had any success with an outside embassy or the only way possible currently is USCIS? Have been hearing many RFE/rejection stories of people applying for L1 renewal via USCIS. In non-covid world, it was such a simple process to go and get the renewal from mexico/canada. submitted by /u/warrior0323 [link] [comments] source

Wait time for L1B visa from India

Hey, My company (one of FAANG) is offering me a position in their NYC office. I want to accept the offer only if I am able to reach the US this year. I have another offer as well and I’d prefer that if I have to wait another 6-7 months before I am able to reach the US. I cannot find any news regarding L1 visa slots in India. Are they still closed? Can anyone please give me any idea how long it will take for the whole process from the moment I accept the offer? Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/Katewinslet626 [link] [comments] source


Hi, i am currently on f1 visa and have had my employment card for almost a year, it will expire in October, i just got married this month to a USC, i was planning on renewing my card before it expires then file for AOS, but i know having two different applications will show a conflict of interest, my wife and i have no idea what to do cause she has very little to no clue about the process and i feel like i know just a little bit over her, so my question is, should we just let my card expires and imma be out of work for a while and i can work on campus during that time (less financial flow) then start filling for AOS right away or just renew my card and once i get it then file for AOS afterwards? submitted by /u/Much-Low332 [link] [comments] source

End of my F-1 grace period, soon to be married to USC and apply for AOS, should I expect any issues to come up?

Hi, me and my fiancée (USC) have been together for almost two years now, both recently graduated from college and we've been waiting to finish our college education to get married. We have our religious wedding ceremony scheduled for mid-July and were hoping to get our courthouse wedding done before the end of my 60 day grace period, as some of the lawyers we've reached out to for counsel advised us to do so. However because of Covid-19 it took us a long while to get an appointment for our marriage license application, let alone find an open courthouse to get married in here in MI. We were able to schedule our marriage license appointment to a date that falls approximately 20 days after the end of my 60-day grace period and have our courthouse wedding scheduled the week after that. I was curious to see if this would cause us any issues (unlawful presence) with the AOS process and marriage based GC application, we will be hiring a lawyer soon to stick with us throughout the pro

Getting an irish pasport

Does anyone know if i can renew my Irish passport at the embassy and is it allowed to do so in The Netherlands if I keep my Dutch nationality? More info: I am a Dutch citizen, i have a Dutch father and i lived almost all my life in the Netherlands. My mother is Irish. When i was born 35 years ago i got an Dutch and Irish passport. I still have the old Irish passport, but only renewed my Dutch passport. A few years ago the Dutch law changed and it was not allowed to have dual nationaly anymore. Still, it would be handy to have 2 passports, i tend to lose a lot of stuff.... submitted by /u/yipp732 [link] [comments] source

E-2 Investor Visa Validity

Hi, Once an E-2 Investor Visa is approved, how long does the visa holder have to relocate to the USA? Is the 5 years from the date of arriving in the USA or from the date of visa approval? Once approved, are there any documentation or reporting requirements that the visa holder must meet or submit within the 5 years before the visa is renewed (if deciding to stay in the USA), or is this only required when renewing? Thanks submitted by /u/beccasr [link] [comments] source

Do I need a lawyer to apply for a green card through marriage to a US citizen?

Need advice on my situation. I came to the US with a B1/B2 visa but overstayed. Found the loml and just got married this year. I've already talked to a lawyer about my case but the fee is $5000, not including the government fees, which is a bit much and one I would rather avoid paying. Is it better to just hire a lawyer or can I DIY this? If DIY is possible, what are the forms to be accomplished and submitted, and how do you properly submit them? Additional info: During my stay here, I found a place that hired me for work without papers. I used to get paid under the table but since last year, I was able to get an iTIN and my employer accepted that to file my taxes. Would this be a hindrance in getting a green card? submitted by /u/shikuradehan [link] [comments] source

Question Regarding I-134, Affidavit of Support (k1 visa)

Hello all, Hopefully, everyone is doing well and your visas are coming along. My question: As the petitioner I need to provide the I134 docs for my beneficiaries interview. Now, my beneficiary is in China and I’m in the U.S.. What’s the best way to get her the financial docs for the interview? Google drive, dhl… ? Any insight anyone has would be amazing. submitted by /u/funkyfresher [link] [comments] source

Urgent!! Help regarding Citizenship of India for my grandfather

Here is the context you should know - My grandfather M (73) has been trying to acquire Indian citizenship to get a valid passport to India. He was born in 1948 in Tanzania, under British rule, thus he had a British passport. He came to India in 1959 (at age 12) and was stamped (Allowed to land) on the passport because there was no visa concept between commonwealth countries. 4 years ago he applied for an Indian passport and it was rejected stating "not a citizen of India". He then tried to apply for Indian citizenship through naturalization but still was rejected since the passport he had as identification has been long expired. We have tried talking to various lawyers and government officials but to no avail (They always guide us to the passport website but don't address the unique issue here) How can he get Indian citizenship or an Indian passport? He has property in India, has lived in India for about 61 years. Married to an Indian-born citizen for 49 years and

Questions about I-485, I-765

My husband and I are thinking to file green card application by ourselves but have a few questions: Forms I-485 and I-765 ask for our Alien Registration numbers. I have a USCIS number from my STEM OPT EAD card. Do I fill that in? Similarly my husband has an alien number from when he was a permanent resident, do we fill in that number as well? We are considering self filing because our lawyer might have lost our application in the mail. Do I need to confirm that the application is lost? (He claims that the application was sent through USPS but USPS tracking says "awaiting package") Is there penalty if I submit my application again (except this time I removed G-28 forms and corrected some mistakes made my the lawyer) Thank you! submitted by /u/ken8th [link] [comments] source


I applied for an Expedite request for my H-4 and H-4 EAD visas through my local congressman's office and have been waiting to hear USCIS's response since last week. Has anyone been successful in getting their expedite request approved through their Congressman's office? If yes, please share your experience with timelines. PS: I previously raised 2 expedited requests on my own that were instantly rejected within 15 minutes. submitted by /u/RBlaw2021 [link] [comments] source

Moving from Lebanon to Canada

Hi, i am currently finishing my masters degree in Lebanon to apply for immigration to Canada since it will increase my points and my chances of getting accepted. But i want to have a plan B i was thinking about applying to Europe, but i still cant figure it out do i need a job offer so i can move there faster or is there immigration programs like Canada, if anyone knows more about it your help is appreciated. submitted by /u/al961 [link] [comments] source

EB-5 visa interview??

Hey, I’m stuck in a limbo right now. The NVC has emailed me about it scheduling our I-5 visa interview at 27th July 2021. According to what people say is that we won’t be able to be issued a visa due to the regional center expiry, yet the NVC emailed us today. I guess because maybe that is hasn’t officially lapsed? As unfortunate as it is, but is there a possibility that we could attend the interview and get our visas? submitted by /u/Hefty_Race4566 [link] [comments] source

TD visa interview

Non-Canadian citizen that has a TD visa interview at a US consulate. Has anyone had a TD interview in the past? Any tips on what to bring other than I-94, passport of spouse, marriage certificate? TIA submitted by /u/rht2020 [link] [comments] source

Question on Spouse immigration

My wife of 2 1/2 years needs a greencard. She is in the US with an R1 visa. I was planning on getting an immigration lawyer to help on this but the fee was a little too much for the time being and I want to get her I130 filed ASAP. However I did hear from a friend that there was a way to file an I130 and a travel and work permit simultaneously. How does that work? (I was born in America and she was born in Russia) submitted by /u/Cakeninja69 [link] [comments] source

Canada to USA

I have several questions. I looked on the USCIS website but couldn't find any answers to my questions so here it goes. I am 18 turning 19 and my S.O. is 20 turning 21 and we have been considering immigrating to the US. We want to have a farm and homeschool our future children but the homeschool laws are a bit restrictive here, hence part of the reason we want to possibly leave. Neither of us have education higher than a secondary school diploma, are native english speakers, and neither of us have a criminal history whatsoever. Would we apply for a permanent work visa? Would I need to apply for DACA status as I'm under 21 and immigrating with someone who is not legally my spouse? submitted by /u/rozyputin [link] [comments] source

Non-EU (Brazil) to Schengen via UK

Hello! I just tried to call the airline for this question and the attendant was pretty clueless. I need to go to Sweden in 1 month. I have the permit for Sweden and I'll be allowed entrance. My issue here is how to get there. So far I have two routes: either through Switzerland or through UK. While I know that the former is possible, I prefer the latter as the costs would be more than halved. So my question: am I able to transit on UK to Sweden without quarantine even if I am coming from a red-light country? Since UK is non-schengen, I guess I won't need to pass on border control? I tried to give a good search, but the website was pretty inconclusive. Thanks! submitted by /u/raijenki [link] [comments] source

OPT Job Offer

Hi Everyone, I recently received my very first official job offer but the employer does not sponsor visas so I would only be able to work for the 1 year I have OPT. Has anyone been in this situation before? How did you navigate it? Any suggestions? submitted by /u/mwild684 [link] [comments] source

Give up grad school for green card?

Hi There, I (26M) completed my undergrad 5 years ago and have been working for my current employer for just over a year. I am a Canadian on a TN visa. I was planning on starting a graduate degree in computer science in a couple months, but my employer just offered to initiate the green card process. How badly am I shooting myself in the foot if I do not pursue the green card and continue with my graduate program as planned? I do not really enjoy the work I do, and starting the PERM process means I would have to stick with my current employer/team for at least two years minimum. I got into a really good program that I was excited to start. I was actually supposed to start last year, but deferred due to COVID, and accepted this job thinking that I would be there for only a year and a few months. It is a research-based masters and it is more or less required for the type of work I want to be doing (I have spoken with several hiring managers about this). I know it makes life a lot easi

Need Lawyer Recommendation for EB-3 and H-1B visa from F-1

Hi all, This is my first post here so if I did anything incorrectly please kindly point it out to me! As the title said, I'm currently under F-1 (STEM OPT) and it expires 2023 February. I'm currently looking at lawyer recommendations for the EB-3 and H-1B application process. I'm from Malaysia so there's no backlog for GC application but I saw from a thread here that it might take longer for GC to be approved since it's COVID, and it'll be better if I could apply both H-1B and EB-3 at the same time. I've brought this conversation with my employer and he seems fine with sponsoring me, but I do need to give him a rough cost break down for those applications. From my knowledge I think H-1B would cost more (if I opt in for premium processing for both of them)? I think it cost about 10k for H-1B (including attorney) and around 7k for EB-3. I'm also not sure if I could consolidate the cost of attorney if I prepare both application at the same time, I know

Entry to the US with B1 visa while waiting for K1

Hello, My fiancĂ©e, living in the Dominican Republic, 19 years old, has a B1 Visa that she obtained a few years ago. It’s the one that allows for multiple entry. After doing research, we investigated that as long as she spends the same time that she spends in US in her home country, she should not have a problem. For instance, if she spends 2 months in the US, she must spend 2 months in her country. She came to the US in July 4, 2020 and left in September 4, 2020. Then she came back in November 7, 2020 and left in December 12, 2020. In December 2020, I applied for the K1 fiancĂ©e Visa to bring her here and we are still waiting for that. She then came in January 18, 2021 and went back to her country in March 28, 2021. She never had a problem on any of these entries. Now she wants to come back to the US this Saturday, July 3, and leave in September. Our question is, should she come to the US this July 3? Is she running into a chance of losing her B1 visa ? Edit: she has a B2 visa. It’

H-4 visa foreign work

If I hold a H-4 visa, am I able to work abroad? I don't mean working a foreign company while on U.S. soil, but rather staying in a foreign country and working there while still holding onto my H-4 visa. What if the work is done online? Like if I do gig work on Fiverr or do other freelance work. Is that fine? What if the income is received in my U.S. bank account? Keep in mind, I'm still not on U.S. soil. Am I able to open a Roth IRA in the U.S. and deposit my foreign-earned income there? If you could answer any part of this, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks! submitted by /u/cemisi2518 [link] [comments] source

B1/B2 Visa Toronto to New York can I visit in July?

I applied and got my visa around September of 2019 but had to go back to school so never got to visit and last year cause of Covid, visiting wasn’t an option. Can I possibly visit this July, my visa is still valid, do I need any documentation? I’m in Canada as a student on a visa. submitted by /u/cl636 [link] [comments] source

How long will it take for the GC to arrive in mail?

When applying from outside of the country, after entering the country, how long does it usually take to receive the green card in mail? And can the GC holder leave the country (for business trip) right after? Or is there some kind of restriction on international travel right after receiving the card? Thanks! submitted by /u/Kiss_Mark [link] [comments] source

Layover in UK allowed?

Student I need to travel to US for my on going masters in US! Can i take my flight with a layover in UK. Is there any restrictions for people having layover in UK that they cannot travel through UK for Indians? Please suggest! submitted by /u/rah1456 [link] [comments] source

Hey, are there ways for my Hungarian brother to visit me in the US if he has only an ESTA?

Hey, are there ways for my Hungarian brother to visit me in the US if he has only an ESTA? So no work or studies or visas, just visiting family - would they let him through the border? I see people on IG posting about being tourists in the States and I just wonder how they’re doing it. As far as I know the borders are still closed for tourism. Does anyone has any tips? Thank you :) submitted by /u/CroutonJr [link] [comments] source

STEM OPT Internship?

Hi all, I’m on my 1st year F-1 OPT which is valid till October and then I’d have to apply for STEM-OPT extension. I just had an important question to ask. I’m currently working as an intern while applying/interviewing for full-time jobs. If I don’t get a full-time job soon, can I take up a paid internship (e-verified company) and apply for STEM OPT? Would that count as valid employment for STEM OPT? The reason I’m asking is because of the internship’s duration. I read that contract work is not allowed on STEM OPT. So say if I land a new internship with the offer letter from July- December, wouldn’t my STEM get denied because it is a ‘contract’ or a fixed-term job ending in December? The internship that I plan to work will be directly for the employer through its job posting and not through an agency or for other client. However, I am confused that an internship’s fixed duration would count as ‘contract work’ and deny my STEM-OPT application. Has anyone taken up an intern

UK to France

Hi everyone! I was wondering is anyone has any experience with moving to France from the UK after brexit that could give me some advice on the whole process, I'm hoping to move at the end of the year to live with my fiancé and information online is mostly outdated or conflicting, I'm having a hard time finding out what I need to do to get the ball rolling Please drop me a DM if you are able to help, it would be really appreciated, thanks submitted by /u/ravens_ink [link] [comments] source

Visa free travel from India to Korea

I'm aware that there are certain conditions under which one can transit visa-free in korea while visiting another country as final destination. However, I am unable to find Korea's official document over same. Can you guys help me out? submitted by /u/xenialsgr [link] [comments] source

E2 Visa

Hi, Did anyone filed E2 Visa recently? Any link,info to get started on the same? submitted by /u/longawaitedsuccess [link] [comments] source

Juarez Mexico

Can someone tell if me you are told immediately at your interview if you are approved or denied ? Or does it take several days for a decision. submitted by /u/maryhadalamb97 [link] [comments] source

London VISA Dates

Hi, I am a student from Dublin, Ireland planning to go to school in the US in the fall. I have an appointment currently booked in Dublin, however it is for late September and my school starts in Early September. I am in desperate need to get a visa appointment in London as my request to have my appointment expedited in Ireland was denied (due to Covid-19). If someone could please let me know if there are currently any available dates in July or August for an appointment in London and if they are expediting F1 Visas. Please, please, please help me out. Thank you so much. submitted by /u/adam211201 [link] [comments] source

TN-1 visa denial

Hi there So yesterday I was denied my TN Visa for not having proper finished education in the related field, however I have plenty of great experience, continuing education certifications/trainings and currently enrolled at a university. Regardless I’m disappointed but wondering what else my options are. My work is willing to sponsor me to work in the US, so would the H1B route be great or does anyone have any other recommendations? I figured the TN was the easiest but I guess I was wrong. FYI Pearson international port of entry is not the greatest place to do your interview. The CBP was quite rude. Also I’m planning to take a trip to visit my girlfriend in the US this upcoming week on a tourist visa (b1/b2) and was wondering if I’m able to change my status from that visa to a h1b visa if my employer files for it and sponsors me ? And am I allowed to stay in the United States until it’s approved or denied!? (I know that’s a loaded question but I need some help here) submitted by

England housing

Hi :) I know someone who may be moving to England from morocco through a working visa however they won’t have the money to pay for housing, does anyone know any alternative housing options? submitted by /u/crystt__ [link] [comments] source

K1 visa help

Hey everybody, my fiancĂ© (Lebanese national) and I just got engaged and I’m trying to figure out the timing of when I should start filing the I-129F. She has approximately 1.5 years to finish her masters, and is intent on completing before coming to the US. I find wildly varying timelines on processing I-129F and the actual visa interview, so I’m trying to figure out if it’s best to start the process now, or wait a couple months and then file. Thanks! submitted by /u/RaidriarT [link] [comments] source

Updated London embassy page

Anyone seen this page that got updated on the US embassy London’s site last week? Clearly groups K1 and Immigrant visas together. Hope for some change to provide more interviews? submitted by /u/k1advice [link] [comments] source

I-94 refresh required. Best option?

In the US on an E2 and E2 spouse visa. I am the spouse and need to start renewing my EAD but it's expiration date is tied to my spouse's I-94 exp date. They entered end Dec-19 and then it took me 9 months to get her as I was in a travel ban country. So the I-94 exp date is Dec 31st this year (as is the EAD) so an EAD renewal at the moment is pointless. Easiest place to get too and from considering current travel restrictions? We live in the bay area and both work at a start up with little opportunity for leave at the moment. As far as I can tell mexico seems the simplest? Any other ideas welcomed! Thanks for your help. submitted by /u/Mustardly [link] [comments] source

USA/Germany Marriage: Is there a way to see each other while the greencard is pending?

Hello, maybe somebody can help me here. I married an American citizen last year during covid (online), we started our greencard process a few days ago (I130, then C1 as far as I understand). I'm still working in Germany, but we managed to see each other whenever I have vacation days (about 6 weeks a year). Originally my husband wanted to move to Germany this year, but plans changed. Now I'm going to move to the US. That's why we started the greencard process so late.. :( My question: Is there any way for me to go to the US and be with my husband already while the greencard is pending? Someone told me it's risky to quit my job in Germany and then travel with ESTA while it's pending.. Are there any other options? We really would like to see each other more than 6 weeks a year now.. We're doing this already since years. And the greencard process can take very long unfortunately.. I would appreciate any advice :) Thank you! submitted by /u/breena_420 [

Returning to Canada from US June 30 by air. Are fines still being fully enforced?

I'm a Canadian Citizen, was in the US for 3 weeks for work. If I refuse the hotel quarantine, is it likely that the full amount of the fine would be enforced or is it up to the discretion of the border agent. Any insight to what a reduced fine might look like? I'm double vaxxed and I'm on an 0-1 work visa. Could get a letter from my employer if that might make a difference? Also travelling with my partner who was just here visiting for a week. Trying to avoid the Buffalo land border loophole. Although that may be the best option if fines are still being fully enforced with air travel. Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks submitted by /u/eastofavenue [link] [comments] source

How bad is my situation?

Hi r/immigration , I tutored remotely on a platform while I was on an exchange visitor (short term) visa to maintain my status on the platform that I have been using for years. I didn't receive any money in the US. I discovered later that it's considered unauthorized self employment. I'm applying for a spouse visa. What are my chances? And how do I answer questions like: have you violated any previous US visa? Have you worked in the US without authorization? submitted by /u/Intrepid_Routine_261 [link] [comments] source

I-864 Tax Returns

I am filing Form I-864 to sponsor my spouse however I have only filed the last 2 years (2020, 2019) of tax returns. The Form asks whether or not I’ve filed the last 3 previous years and to indicate the total income filed for each year. My income is high enough to sponsor my spouse but I am concerned since I have not filed my 2018 return (I was living in Canada at the time). Will this cause any issues with the application? submitted by /u/asaunde6 [link] [comments] source

Can someone still get a green card with domestic assault charge?

He is going through trial right now. Hopefully the charge will be dropped. But is it still possible to receive a green card with a DV charge on your record? submitted by /u/takemetothemoonmoon [link] [comments] source

US Embassies & Consulates in Brazil - Nonimmigrant visa services

Hi guys. I know that they have suspended routine nonimmigrant visa appointments and only providing “emergency and mission-critical visa services as resources and local conditions allow”. Anybody has any insight on the timeline for that by chance? I haven’t seen my family in over 2 years and recently got my H1b renewed so in my next visit I would need to ensure it aligns with the appointment to get it done. No timeline in sight puts me in a dark place sometimes so just reaching out for some light. Appreciate any thoughts in advance! submitted by /u/porpetin [link] [comments] source

ImmiTranslate messed up

Hi, I just want to share that I just got my doc to be reviewed before continue processing. They sent me other's person doc which is a birth certificate. Birth Certificate is a very important doc, even though it isn't mine, I feel very bad and I wasn't aware the order number. In the future, if you ever used Immitranslate, please check the order number before open the doc or, for me, I will never use Immitranslate ever again :(. submitted by /u/CommercialBeach7007 [link] [comments] source

Moving from ITIN to SSN

Not sure if this is the right forum, but it is a bit immigration related. My child had an ITIN as she is a L2 visa holder. We just got our EADs as part of the employment based GC and she has now received a SSN. Am I supposed to do anything with the ITIN or is it automatically canceled? We will use her SSN for filing taxes next year. submitted by /u/fighterace103 [link] [comments] source

J1 visa

Hello, My Ceac status changed today from refused to administrative processing after a month and a half of waiting. I received an email that my application is going through AP immediately after my interview but the status was refused. today it changed what that exactly means? submitted by /u/JackaroAU [link] [comments] source

F1 Visa Renewal while on OPT from India. (Interview Waiver - dropbox)

Hey r/immigration ! I have been looking for information specific to my circumstance everywhere, but I have yet to find a conclusive answer. I'll start by stating my situation: I have my F1 Visa Dropbox appointment scheduled on the 30th of June for the renewal of my F1 visa. I have been a student since 2015(STEM) and began my OPT period last November. I had to return to India due to a medical emergency concerning my parent and was only recently able to get an appointment. The program start date on my valid I-20 is 2015 and my OPT start date is Nov, 2020. Since I have an active SEVIS ID, I believe I am still a continuing student. My DSO told me that OPT holders can travel after July 30. Question: Since my start date is much before Aug 1, 2021, what is the likelihood of receiving a visa extension? I have all the required documents as stated by the consulate as well as proof of employment. Would it be beneficial to reschedule my appointment to a later date, say around August, to