Timeline story. Is it a good thing or something to worry about?

I may be worrying for nothing but I’m getting responded to very quickly. My combined I-130/I-485/I-131/I-765 application is processing through NBC in MO. My timeline is as follows:

  • August 11: Documents sent.
  • August 26: Acceptance of documents.
  • September 2: I-130 approved
  • October 6: Request for evidence
  • October 26: Evidence submitted
  • October 27: Deficiency notice for I-693 (stating to bring it to interview or another RFE would follow if no interview is needed)

It’s exciting to see it all going quickly and I don’t want to discount the positives of an efficient officer/director! There’s also just a minor part of my mind going: “Oh no, this might mean bad news…”

I’m very open to hearing that I’m just being irrational, better to be wrong on this sort of thing, right? But also if I should start to prepare for bad news that’s something I’d like to start sooner than later!

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