What happens if the petitioner withdraws the form I-130 out of spite?

Me and my wife been married for 3+ yr and got a kid together, this year we have filled for the form I-130 together. A month ago we had a bad argument that split us. During this time did some things that I didnt know she was capable of personally which made me confront her and tell her that Ik about everything and I would never get back together. Immediately after that she proceeded to ask me about the case number,knowing her I know that she is canceling it without thinking about my son and the fact that my visa expired mid process. Is there a way for me to adjust my status in order to stay with my kid if my intuition is right? Like can I even get deported if she does cancel it? Im just stressed out and looking for solutions cuz my kid is all that matters in this whole mess.

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