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EAD expired on February 22. Stem OPT package delivered on February 25 to USCIS by FedEx due to weather. I shipped on February 17, scheduled to deliver on February 18 with overnight delivery. Will my STEM OPT extension denied. If denied what should I do? How much will be lawyer cost if appeal?

My job starts at February 23. Can I continue working? Can I switch job in the meantime? submitted by /u/DeepKaleidoscope4549 [link] [comments] source

Green Card sponsor for spouse of EB3

When a person who obtained green card via EB3 sponsors their spouse, will the spouse’s green card be conditional for 2 years just like the spouse of a US Citizen? Or will it be valid for 10 years? submitted by /u/kagbeni [link] [comments] source

US tax returns issue before i-864

My 2017 and 2019 tax returns are processed, but 2018 I have not heard back on, nor 2020 because I've just filed. Would this mean I wouldn't be able to provide proofs for i-864 or would my W2s and other tax documents suffice? submitted by /u/adeptablepassenger [link] [comments] source

221 g due to Pims and future application

Please only reply if you have been in this situation. So in September 2019, i got approved for an o1. I schedule an interview at my embassy yet because my o1 dates had already started since August, i requested an expedite appointment which was accepted - STUPID ME!! When i went to the Embassy, they said they will issue me the visa once they see That my application appears on the pims database. They gave me a 221g notice so a DENIAL. One week after i got my visa stamp and was all good to go. Now, i m time i want to renew my o1, what will happen. Will that be more complicated? So basically, has anyone here especially O1 visa people got denied their visa at the embassy due to PIMS and reapplied successfully after their current O1 ended? Thanks submitted by /u/lionbridgequestion [link] [comments] source

What’s the time line for F4 category? Got approved for i-130.

Hey, i am currently living in Canada, born and citizenship holder of India. I recently got approved for i-130 so when can i expect a mail or call from the NVC? What’s the time line for F4 category? submitted by /u/Shrey_9737 [link] [comments] source

Us consulate Montreal

I am just wondering if anyone has recently gone to their immigrant visa interview at the us consulate in Montreal, or has an appointment scheduled. If so, when did you have all your documents approved? Tia submitted by /u/Waitingwishin [link] [comments] source

Have anyone received their OPT approval from Fall 2020 submission?

Hi guys! I want to reach out to the OPT community and the OPT applicants and ask if anyone have received their OPT from Fall 2020 submission? I submitted all my papers and sent them to USCIS in the beginning of November 2020 and know the application was received 18 November 2020. But I didn’t get my receipt notice until the 14th of February, 2021. That is almost 3 months to just get the receipt notice, and now while we’re on the 28th of February I still haven’t heard anything else about my OPT. Have anyone received their OPT yet? If so how was your process, or if you haven’t received it, how’s your situation right now? Am I the only one thats panicked over the amount of time USCIS is taking for our OPT?? submitted by /u/Emlivy [link] [comments] source

Massachusetts Immigration & Refugee Advocacy Coalition- Seeking help for school project

Hi, my name is Gavyn, I am from Ma. USA and I am a Sophomore at Bridgewater State University. I am researching MIRA for a semester long class research project. I am reaching out to find anyone who has attended any of their events and can talk about their experiences from it or anyone who has used the services they offer immigrants. I would love the opportunity to conduct interviews over zoom or skype if possible. These do not have to be long, just whatever time you have available. These can be anonymous and whatever you chose to share will stay within the class environment and not be shared outside of it. If you are comfortable participating, please send me a message so that we can set up an interview time and way that works best for you. Thank you submitted by /u/Gavyn-Bush [link] [comments] source

US Canada land border crossing

Has anyone crossed into US in an O1 visa by land? Anyone crossing with a dependent visa? submitted by /u/cojofy [link] [comments] source

Advanced Parole Document Processing Time

If I have sent I-131 advanced parole form together with my I-485 to Chicago address, which office is going to end up processing it? I am trying to look up processing times for I-131 as I was supposed to travel beginning of July but Chicago office doesn't pop up as an option. I sent all the documents over a month ago and they have yet to even acknowledge they received it. Now I am getting nervous I am not going to get AP on time. Thanks! submitted by /u/CompetitiveLog9 [link] [comments] source


My friend and I both applied for post completion opt recently my file was sent to UPS by and receive by USCIS by Friday 2/19/2021 and his was received on Monday 2/22/2021. And he received a digital receipt yesterday at 8:30 pm EST I flew back to India day before yesterday and just inserted my international sim to see if I got it but unfortunately I have not received it even though my application reached before his. Can someone help me out and explain this and how to deal / fix this situation? submitted by /u/Helloredditorz898 [link] [comments] source

Moving to UK to see son

Hail. I'm just a simple man... Analog guy. My son's mother divorced me and has repeatedly attempted to take full custody. I am the type of person who can afford a lawyer though. I have a few rentals and work for nothing at a pet shop. I have an associates in healthcare but it doesn't mean much to me. My son's mother wants " out " and to I guess marry a guy in London to get her pass or something. I'm interested in supporting her dream but I won't go there till I know I can stay in for good for son. We share 50 50 custody. Ideally we would talk and coordinate our plans but if she keeps accusing me of insane things and lying I might have to say " fuck her". I guess what I'm asking is akin to : Is it possible to get a visa to see son if mother married to a guy there and lives there full time but we share 50 50 custody, and I can afford to buy land there and not have to work? I'd pay taxes and can afford food and transportation. ( Assum

When can my wife apply for citizenship?

My wife’s has been living in the US since 2017 and has held a green card the whole time. When can she apply for citizenship ? Is it at 5 years or 3? We were married abroad and she came under a I-130. What form do we have to fill out to start the process for applying for her citizenship? submitted by /u/datbosnianguy [link] [comments] source

What happens to people outside of their country during a collapse?

I am a US citizen who wants to move abroad indefinitely but what will happen if I am outside of the USA once it collapses? Would I become stateless? Would a USA passport be valid if there was no United States? Would I need to choose a citizenship from whatever countries succeed the United States? Would I be stuck within whatever country I end up in without a passport? submitted by /u/Gomihyang [link] [comments] source

H4 ead

Next week I'll be informing my manager/team regarding my h4 ead delay. Have no idea how they are going to take it. Will they terminate me? Will they let me go on an unpaid leave, If so for now long? Will I be given termination with a possibility to immediate rehire? Will someone be hired for my position as a replacement? How long should I wait for EAD ? How am I going to find my next job? When can I visit my home country? These are the questions I ask to myself every single day. Really confused :(. If anyone received your Biometric Appointment/EAD renewed, please share your experience. I can't believe this is happening. RD: Sept 17th, Nebraska. Thank you !! submitted by /u/NivethaRamesh [link] [comments] source

Trying to join my fiancé in the US

Please Help! Currently in Canada holding Canadian refugee travel document while my Fiancé is the US(citizen). Trying to find the fastest way to join him in the US and eventually getting married. we're in the relationship for almost 2 years. due to covid what is the fastest way?! Tourist visa, K1(fiancé).... submitted by /u/Acceptable_Search166 [link] [comments] sourceé_in_the_us/

EAD card marked delivered but I didn’t get it in the mail...

My EAD card was suddenly out for delivery at 1:30pm today (it was originally scheduled for delivery next Monday when I checked informed delivery this morning) and it was then marked delivered at 2:45. I immediately went to my mail box and there was nothing. The mailman actually already delivered my other mails and packages in the morning today and I’ve never seen the mailman show up twice a day... I filed a case with USPS already but this is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any similar experience? =. What if it’s really lost by USPS? USCIS already marked my EAD card as delivered (got email notification)... submitted by /u/hanabwarrr [link] [comments] source

Milligan vs pompeo NIEs

Did anybody talk to any first and second round milligan vs pompeo plaintiffs about them getting NIEs to fly directly to the us? I'm in the third round and wonder if there's a possibility for us getting NIEs submitted by /u/CanA7fold [link] [comments] source

Illegal entry

Im a us citizen my parents enteres the us illegally in 1990. I am 27 yrs old and make about 45k a year. How likely is it for me to get any kind of process started for my parents to have a work visa? They both havd been detained in the border attempting to enter the us in 1998 and 1995. They have filed taxes since 2008. My father purchased a house in 2010? Idk if that makes any difference. Any help is greatly appreciated submitted by /u/ani1370 [link] [comments] source

Change of status from J1 to H4 - missed biometrics appointment

Hi everyone, My wife filed an I-539 change of status from J1 to H4 on October 22, 2020. Her case status changed to ‘Biometrics appointment is scheduled’ on January 30, 2021, and we received the notice today, but the appointment was scheduled on February 23, 2021. The notice says that if she misses the appointment her case will be abandoned. Has one of you been in the same situation? On the case status page it says we have to wait until February 28 to request an e-notice for the appointment, it was not possible to do it before. We are afraid that we will have to restart the process, knowing that her current visa ends on February 28, we don’t know if she can start a change of status process after her visa ends. Thanks everyone submitted by /u/jujumomo75 [link] [comments] source

Overstay for child of US citizen under 21?

Hi, i’ve been browsing the sub and think my situation is probably pretty simple and my dad is quite certain but I would like to hear more voices. 1.) I am 19 years old 2.) I have a B2 stamp on my passport that expires march 31. 3.) My dad is a US citizen and has sole custody of me. 4.) I am a canadian citizen 5.) I went to middle school + high school in the US under an L1(?) and went to study in Canada for university. 6.) I started the process for a green card when my L1 expired but abandoned the process (it expired and I did not follow-up within the 90 day grace period due to extenuating circumstances—I was studying in Canada and forgot/did not get the form early enough to sign it) My main questions: A) What happens if I overstay my B2 (though I am not intending to) B) If I file for a green card through my dad, will the overstay be forgiven bc I am an immediate relative/his son? C) If I file for a green card tomorrow, would it likely be ‘done’ before I am 21? D) If I file for a gre

Documents needed to apply for greencard via marriage?

I am currently in the US on OPT. I have seen mixed information regarding what documents I would need to apply. I was also wondering how to get police reports as I think we both need to submit one from what I’ve heard. Also, I have filed a PFS (protection from stalking) previously, I was the victim. Am I supposed to include documentation showing that? submitted by /u/whoeverthefoxisme [link] [comments] source

Biden's immigration bill and legal dreamers

A friend of mine entered as a dependent on his parents' E2 visa and recently aged out of it (hasn't been deported yet since his family's currently in a green card appeal process which i guess allows him to stay until they make a decision). Haven't seen a whole lot of information on whether this new bill could help him stay in the US in the case he gets denied a green card and was wondering if anyone knows anything regarding this? If it does address his situation, what are the chances this part of the bill ends up passing the senate? And if it ends up getting passed after he has to leave would he be allowed to return or would things have changed? submitted by /u/succboisupreme [link] [comments] source

Baby of a greencard holder

Hi! My sister and brother in law are both GC holders but they are not in the states yet and are planning to move in 2022 If their baby is born outside the US, while they're still not citizens and need 3 more years to become American. Is their baby eligible for the Green Card from the parents? Or they can't give him the Green Card or citizenship until he/she is 18? submitted by /u/travelenthusiast96 [link] [comments] source

Question about immigration having a daughter from a third country

Hello there, We are a couple from Venezuela, a few years ago we went to Chile to visit some family and we decided to stay there. We spent like three years there, we were residents in Chile and had all of our paperwork legal. We had a daughter in Chile, and a few months later we decided to go back to Venezuela. Our daughter is Chilean. When we arrived at Venezuela we encounter a lot of problems when we tried to register our daughter as a Venezuelan and we haven’t been able to do so. Now after all the problems that we are facing in our country we are trying to go to another country but we do not want to go to chile. My question is: Can we ask for asylum in a country even if we are Venezuelans and our daughter is from chile? I believe an immigration officer from any country would say something like that we could go to a third country that is safe (Chile) as we have a strong bond to it ( our daughter’s nationality) But i honestly don’t know, I have been searching on the web for a lo

Question about bio

Hi all, I filed AOS last Oct and am still waiting for my bio appointment. However, before my filing of AOS, I also filed change of status earlier that same year in June. There was no final decision for my cos app before aos filing and I basically forgot about this cos app after aos filing. But today I got notification that they are sending bio appt for that cos app. Now, my questions are: 1) should I go to the bio for the cos app? 2) What will happen if I don’t show up for that bio? Greatly appreciate for any help!! submitted by /u/fssh101 [link] [comments] source

Question about naturalization and names

I've had this doubt for a long time but I can't find information about it on the Internet. Let's say you are a citizen from a Spanish-speaking country and your name is "Ricardo Martínez García". If you get American citizenship, how is your name represented in your passport and other identity documents? Would both your last names appear under the "surname" category and you wouldn't have a middle name?, or would your first surname become your middle name? submitted by /u/randomnumbers78736 [link] [comments] source

my AOS timeline for a Green Card through marriage

hey all. yesterday i finally received my green card and i want to share my timeline with yall, so that it may give some people an idea of how long things are taking. I am also posting it here because, honestly, some of the people in group answered about a thousand questions from me when i was filling out my application. so for that, thank you <3 Timeline: - My husband and I married in Nov.2019. He is a US citizen and i was a DACA recipient-> which i believed helped speed up the process. -April 2020: filled out and submitted application -May 2020: two weeks later USCIS received and accepted application and payment -August 2020: Received letter from USCIS stating that my DACA fingerprints will be use for the AOS process as well. -October 2020: Received notice that my case was ready for interview and the interview would be scheduled to my nearest USCIS field office. in my case this is OKC field office. -Mid December 2020: received noticed that my interview has been schedule for be


Me and my boyfriend are from Philippines. I went to US 2019-2020 using a J1 visa as a Front desk agent and now my previous employer would like to apply an EB3 (other workers/unskilled) for me. We are planning to get married next month. My boss would like to start processing my papers now. Should I go ahead and fill out my papers like a married woman (surname changed) and include my boyfriend to the spouse section of the I-140 form (as most likely we are already married after the process)? Also, if my I-140 got approved and my boyfriend will use an EW4 (spouse of EB3 other worker), will he be able to apply a visa and come to the US the same time with me? submitted by /u/nixontalp [link] [comments] source

What happens if F1 visa sponsor dies?

My father was a US citizen and sponsored me for a F1 family reunification visa and after a long time, my visa was issued last March, only for me to not be able to travel due to COVID and the visa expiring before I could get to US soil. My father recently passed away; and the embassy has finally contacted us and requested us to appear at the embassy for a visa re-issuance interview. Should I tell them my father passed away even if they don’t ask where he is, and what effect will this have on our case since we were already approved last year. submitted by /u/yas9in [link] [comments] source

B1/B2 vs Visa Waiver Programme (ESTA)

Quite a general question here! What are some of the reasons that a U.K. citizen might be more suited to a B visa over the VWP? As far as I can tell the requirements of each are relatively similar. The difference being that the B visa allows you stay for 6 months rather than 3. Is it possible for a tourist to justify applying for a B visa over the VWP? I have heard that it can be a risky thing to do since having a denied visa makes you ineligible for the VWP. Does anyone have any experience of this? submitted by /u/HGV1994 [link] [comments] source

How long for K1 package after I-797 notice?

Got my I-797 package 25 days ago so theoretically my K1 package is imminently going to arrive but how long does it take in reality? submitted by /u/SantaTheArianSlapper [link] [comments] source

N400 status estimate accuracy

For people that have completed the N400 naturalization process, how accurate was the expected completion date shown on your application in the USCIS website? I applied in Nov 2019 and at the time the portal sad 18-22months for my office. After submitting the application my status said Jan 2022, and then a couple months later it updated and said Aug 2021 Just trying to get a feel for how accurate that target is or if it is going to change again. Thx submitted by /u/liveluvtravel [link] [comments] source

India citizen to Europe

Hi everyone, I am an Indian citizen working in Oman (Middle East). I have an MBA in Finance and am currently working as an analyst for the past 1 year. I’ve been looking at my future plans and was wondering how hard it would be to move to Europe. Initially for work but eventually to have some permanency. Of course Covid had ruined a lot of things, but aside from that, is this a possible route to eventual residency and even citizenship? Thanks a lot for the help! submitted by /u/Erebus-4548 [link] [comments] source

Can people visit USA on B2 visa right now?

Hi, I've got an interesting case here. So I've visited my Chinese girlfriend currently working in Canada many times over the past 2 years. She was on student visa in Canada and now have graduated and has a work permit. My N400 citizenship interview is scheduled for mid March and once I get my U.S citizenship I plan to apply for the Fiance visa K1 for her. I was wondering if she's allowed to visit me in USA from Canada using a B2 visa right now for 2 month. I want her to meet my family and spend some time with them. ​ Thanks for your time in advance. submitted by /u/qiman1994 [link] [comments] source

Can I file I-485 twice?

I have sent the first application and I’m sure it will be denied because the petition was denied. However a new petition was made so can I file a new adjustment of status while an already I-485 was filed? Also, will this affect the processing time of the new file? submitted by /u/Tiramisulover97 [link] [comments] source


I have an issue. Few days ago I filed with fedex my I-485 but discovered that my husband bank account that he wrote me the cheque to was canceled. Also, the marriage certificate isn’t there because we still didn’t receive it. So I called fedex and asked to return the package to me because it was still in the state and didn’t arrive due to snow storm. However, they still went and delivered it even though it says that I asked for return. I’m so mad at fedex!! Another issue is that because of a problem in my husband bank account, the form I-130 that we filed online was denied because the payment didn’t go through. So the receipt number that we have on the I-485 form is for the old I-130 that was denied. Meaning once USCIS sees that, they will deny my I-485. What are my options here? Should I just make a new application while that one is still pending and just wait for them to deny it when the cheque doesn’t go through? Or should I let someone know from there? I really don’t know what t

Moral Question

Hi Reddit! This one is a bit of a (maybe odd) question. I am eligible to be entered into the H1B lottery for this year but also engaged to a U.S Citizen. I got an earful from my sister on how I shouldn't put my name in -- we debated numbers and odds, and how I would be taking someone's place if I entered the lottery (as opposed to just pulling the marriage trigger early and foregoing that process). And I think she might be right, BUT also would like to hedge my bets. So what does everyone think? Should I pull my name out of the drawing so to speak? submitted by /u/zadassery [link] [comments] source

problem! Help please!!!

I recently filed I-485 with fedex express delivery but due to the snow they were really late to send my package so I called them and asked for it to be returned to me. But now I find out that instead of returning it , it has been delivered. And the check I attached doesn’t work anymore. And I also wanted to include more information. So I’m not sure what to do now. I’m really frustrated. Im going to send it again with the correct check. But now they will get the wrong forms because my I-130 form was also changed the receipt number and it’s not included in that form so I need to send a new I-485 application but they will receive now the older application that I have filed. I’m not sure what to do. Also, the I-130 form recipe on the application was denied because of payment issue so I had to file a new I-130 form as well and the new receipt isn’t there in the I-485 that I filed. Meaning they at least will deny it based on the denied I-130. And my marriage certificate isn’t included as w

Transferring from Amazon to AWS

Hi, ​ I'm interested in transferring between Amazon and AWS, but have concerns about my visa/green card process implications. Amazon and AWS used to be same legal entities in the past, but few years ago, AWS became its own separate entity from the legal standpoint. I'm on L1B visa (internal transfer). I moved to US around April of 2019. I immediately started working on my Green Card application. My PERM was approved on Jun 5, 2020. After that, company started the actual Green Card process to pursue employment based Green Card. All documents were submitted on June 20, 2020. I-131 and I-765 are approved, but rest is still pending. With this being said, can I safely move between Amazon and AWS without affecting my application/visa? I reached out to our immigration company and they confirmed that since my documents were submitted over 180 days ago, I'm eligible for updating my application. I read something about AC21, but still unsure if there are any implications to the

Do you need the marriage certificate to apply for greencard (via marriage)?

We are getting married on June once he comes back from being deployed (around the 20th) but my visa expires on July 5. Worried about not being able to get the application in on time since there might be a 3 week delay before actually receiving the marriage certificate. Do we need it to apply? What would our other options be if we don’t have it in time? submitted by /u/whoeverthefoxisme [link] [comments] source

Canadian TN visa and significant other in the USA

My girlfriend is a Canadian citizen who qualifies for and has a requisite job offer for the TN visa. We are a little worried that our existing relationship may cause trouble when she applies at POE. We are not engaged and have no plans to get engaged or married anytime soon, although admittedly are using the TN visa as a way for her to be able to live and work in the US so we can be together easier (especially given the border closure etc etc). We are hoping for her to move in with me when she moves here, but we also aren’t sure if that would be any cause for concern on CBP’s side during the interview. Has anyone had experience with you or your significant other getting approved for entry on a TN visa? Are there any tips or things to avoid in the interview to help? submitted by /u/some_random_typing [link] [comments] source

Incorporating a company in the US vs foreign country - preference for L1 visa?

Hi, I'm working on a new startup, which I'll be incorporating soon. I'm trying to decide whether to incorporate it in the US or in my home country (which has a treaty with the US, if that makes any difference). I'm wondering whether the country of incorporation plays a role in getting an L1 visa approved? (I'm leaning towards an L1 because I'd like to keep the door open for potentially applying for an EB-1C in the future) In other words - do startup executives in US-incorporated companies get preferential treatment over foreign countries when it comes to visa applications? I'm trying to plan ahead and make sure I also take visa factors into consideration before choosing where to incorporate, given that I'm planning to spend a considerable amount of time in the US (raising capital, networking, hiring etc') once the Covid dust settles. Would appreciate some guidance from you fine people. Thanks! submitted by /u/rtea777 [link] [comments]

Canadian citizen with brother born in the U.S

I am a Canadian citizen (23M) and I would like to get some opinions or help as to what are my options if I would like to move and work/study to the U.S My mother used to have a green card which is now expired, and studied/worked in NYC in the 1980’s - 1990’s. My brother is actually born there during that time. Although he has the U.S nationality, he is NOT a U.S citizen. I was born in Canada with Canadian nationality and citizenship, fluently speaking english and french. I am currently doing a bachelor degree in Canada and I also have job that has a lot of locations in the U.S (it’s a hotel chain) I was wondering if I had any options or chances to be able to move to the U.S in the near(ish) future and if my family situation could actually help me going through that process ? Thanks a lot for any help you could provide! I can try and provide more info on demand. submitted by /u/mechantchat [link] [comments] source

I-130 tax filing at NVC stage

Hi guys, Did any of you had a problem at NVC stage when you filed single for the year you got married. Example: we got married in march, and started her petition last year (2020). For this tax season my tax preparer suggest I file single still. Do you think we will have a problem when the i-130 goes through? Thank you!!! She lives abroad and never been here in USA. submitted by /u/Turbulent_Ad2602 [link] [comments] source

How do i get to the uk permanently ?

Long story short. I'm a usa citizen. My gf lives in the uk I'm on the verge of losing her permanently. This travel ban has made everything to hard for us to be together all these restrictions are inhumane. We need each other or i will lose her to the depression. I need to be with her as fast as possible. Or she be with me ( usa ) i don't care which. We will be together or I'll die trying. Please help us. Please what is the fastest way submitted by /u/nja1998 [link] [comments] source

Are J1 Visas being Granted via Embassy in Canada?

Are J1 Visas being granted right now or in the near future , despite covid? If I am a foreign citizen from Europe, but currently residing in Canada, would I be able to obtain my American J1 visa at an American embassy in Canada, or would I have to return to the country of which I am a citizen of, and apply through my home country's embassy? This is for studies for starting August 2021 OR January 2022. submitted by /u/argioov [link] [comments] source

What country is the easiest to get married in ?

Me and my fiancee are wanting to get married and her move her to me in America. The whole covid stuff threw a wrench into our plans as I'm sure it has everyone else here. Anyway to get married in her country it would be 6 more months of waiting and way more expensive than it would be here. Is there another country that we could meet in get married then i can bring her here while we file the rest of our forms. What I'm asking basically is what country has the easiest quickest marriage processing that's recognized by the us government submitted by /u/nja1998 [link] [comments] source

Food stamps

Does applying for food stamps affect my husbands green card? I’m a us citizen and my husband recently received his 2 year green card. Moneys a little tight since I’m the only one with a stable income. (My husband is currently seeking employment) This would really help us while he finds employment. submitted by /u/vKATv [link] [comments] source

Graphic designer from Canada wanting to move to California under TN1

Hi, has anyone from Canada moved to the states under a TN and graphic design background? Please please please, let me know if you have with answers of the following questions: 1. How hard was it? 2. Were there any strict qualifications that you needed to have? 3. How long was the process? 4. What are the chances of it getting approved? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ☺️ submitted by /u/bbganzz [link] [comments] source

Questions about US immigration visas (sensitive situation)

I am posting on behalf of a vulnerable person, and the situation is as below: "Between 2016 – 2018, I was in US on a student visa (F1) doing my masters where I met my partner and got married without my family’s approval or knowing. I come from a strict religious family that wouldn’t approve of such union even though I’m close to 30 years old. After graduation I returned to my country and to my family, while my immigration visa (through my spouse) was being processed. It has now been approved and I'm arranging to move to the US I need to tell my family about the news without telling them it’s a marriage based visa, so what is a believable immigration visa I could say I have been granted? I tried to look at the types of US immigration visas and there are many types with many loopholes and I'm not sure which one of them could work? For example, if I say I won a diversity visa, from my understanding its only applicable if I applied through the lottery, right? How about a

F-4 visa and greencard timeline

Hi guys, I was just curious to know something. My parents are on a F4 visa and they have included me in their application as a dependent and I am 25 years old and I am living in a different current atm from where my parents reside. My questions are: 1) Will I still be called for an interview given the fact that I am well over 21 years old? 2) If the Interview goes well and we end up going to the US how long will it take for me to get the greencard? As I do not want to stay in the US I want to be back in this country. I love it here and my parents are almost forcing me to move 3) If they want to call me to my country of origin for an interview do I have to fly in this COVID situation just for a damn interview? I am sorry all of this is just frustrating but I am just wondering if you could let me know. It would really help me out. Thanks a bunch. submitted by /u/Polish4567 [link] [comments] source

Sibling of US citizen, lived in the US for a few years, want to move back.

Hello. Sorry for bad formatting, I'm on mobile. I'm an Indian citizen, we moved to the US when I was 1, my parents had 2 children in Texas. My father was applying for a green card, but passed away during the process in 2006. My mother moved the family back to India, where we're currently living. My question(s): is there a way I can get a dependant visa on my sister's citizenship? Or is it easier to apply for an F-1 visa? I want to be able to immigrate this year, either on student or dependant visa status. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide. Edit: extra information. My sisters can't move back right now because they're both in college. submitted by /u/Sskhussaini [link] [comments] source

Hello yall

Hello My girlfriend is living in the United States on a J Visa, Would she still be subject to having to go back to her country for two years if we got married? Could getting married bypass the two years of having to go back home? submitted by /u/GETRECKEDD [link] [comments] source

Overstayed esta & got married

Hey folks! I came to the US on an ESTA (October 2019) -> met my wife -> overstayed ESTA (which was valid for only 3 months) -> pandemic happend -> got married (May 2020) Now we’re wondering if I could apply for adjustment of status. Any advice is welcome! Thank you in advance! submitted by /u/EnricoForReal [link] [comments] source

Green card travel to US territories

Hi! So I am a LPR with conditional status. I would like to go to one of the US territories, however my passport is expired.. would i be okay to travel with just my real ID driver license and green card?? I’ve been told by my lawyer it’s okay, but I wanted to know if anyone had actually experienced it first hand!! TIA!!! submitted by /u/AMPRJP [link] [comments] source

Best Study Visa Consultants In Chandigarh

Are you looking for Best Study Visa Consultants In Chandigarh ? Welcome to Passage Abroad Consultancy most trusted and experienced overseas education & Study visa consultancy in Chandigarh. We are currently working with NZ, Australia, the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Ireland, and many more countries based on educational institutions and are willing to expand with other destinations of the world for overseas education. Visit us for more information on our website. submitted by /u/passage_abroad [link] [comments] source

Are Canadian-US temporary visitor's visas (B1/B2) still being granted right now?

Is anyone here familiar with the Canada-US border situation right now? I am a Canadian citizen and I am looking to (urgently) head over to the US for a pre-employment drug test and finger printing for my prospective employer. However, I don't have a visa yet since my work start date is in the summer and the pre-employment tests need to be done in the US before then. Due to COVID, the border, as I am still aware, is closed to non-essential travel so I am not sure how likely I am to be granted entry for my matter and whether I need a visa for just one day. Does it make a difference if I will be flying? tl;dr: Canadian citizen but given the current border closures between Canada-US, how easy is it for me to get a temporary visitor's visa for just one day so I can do the drug tests? submitted by /u/Anxious-Sorbet6086 [link] [comments] source

Immigrating to US from Canada

Hey all, I’m a Canadian citizen looking to immigrate to the U.S. Just wondering what is the best/easiest way.. I have a bachelors degree from University and was thinking of trying to get a work visa through employer sponsorship. Will that work? Does it take long? My degree is in political science, so I don’t think a tn visa is an option for me, as there is no job category for political science. Also, do I apply for a work visa from Canada or can you apply for one from within the US (seeing as Canadians don’t need visitor visas to enter) Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! submitted by /u/TheGirlandTheFox [link] [comments] source

Wife will have her interview at the US embassy in Abu Dhabi. My wife is Iraqi and the UAE imposed travel restrictions on Iraqi nationals.

Title says it all, I'm originally from Iraq. My wife is still over there and I got everything approved, all we are waiting for is an appointment at the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi. This is where the issue lies, unfortunately due to some issues in Iraq her case was automatically moved from Baghdad to Abu Dhabi in late October. By mid November or so the United Arab Emirates imposed travel restrictions on Iraqis. Now I'm not sure what's going to happen because I never get a clear answer when I contact the National Visa Center. I'm worried that she'll get an appointment date and when it comes time to fly to the UAE, Emirati customs will not allow her entry and then we'd have to wait another 6-7 months or so for an appointment. Anyway does anyone have any information on this? I can't be the only person in this situation. I'm sure there are Iranians, Pakistanis, and other Iraqis who are in the same situation that can help me out. Thanks. submitted by /u/ha

L1 Visa, Travel, Logistics of Moving and COVID

Situation: Intercompany transfer CAN-US Have a L1 VISA docket ready I've gotta be in country to get my SSN and house hunt before moving My job is managerial, but work remotely when not with customers or in meetings COVID quarantine minefields to navigate Questions: Are there restrictions on incountry/out timings with L1 on the I-94 record? (CBP agent I spoke with on the phone today said it would be. If I wasn't working in the US all the time, seems odd) Can I spend 30 days for example in the US, apply for my SSN, house hunt, leave back to CAN, work remotely for 30 days then return with my household belongings without flustering CBP? When I cross the border with household belongings/automobiles does it have to be done all in one shot or can it be done in multiple trips? submitted by /u/Omerta1911 [link] [comments] source

Questions about F3 visa and risk of getting rejected (complicated situation, aging out, etc.)

Hi there! My situation is quite complicated, so apologies in advance. When I was around 2 years old, my parents flew to the USA on a tourist visa to visit my grandparents who live there, and my mom was pregnant. She gave birth to my sister there. They never confirmed with me if it was intentional or not, but my sister was given citizenship there, and shortly after, my parents were caught doing this and they said they were not allowed back into the US for a decade. About 8 years later after my sister was born, my dad asked my grandfather to apply for F3 visas for me and my parents when I was a minor (around 9-10 y.o.). I’m 23 now, and the applications have yet to be accepted/rejected. According to my mom, our applications might be reviewed next year (she checks on a website for estimated dates). For some reason, my dad forced my mom to apply for a student visa in the US around 2012, and she signed me up as a dependent. It got rejected because my mom couldn’t even answer the intervie

How often does the government initiate removal proceedings against Withholding of Removal/Convention Against Torture grantees?

I’m not really looking for anything specific or researched per se . Just kind of wanted to get a sense of y’all’s opinion and see if anyone had some anecdotal stories. I’ve moved more into federal litigation lately, so I see removal defense every once in awhile, but I personally haven’t ever heard of a Withholding/CAT grantee getting NTA’d unless they did some dumb shit like rob a convenience store. submitted by /u/WalkinSteveHawkin [link] [comments] source

How long before a work permit is issued?

Hoping for some insight here. I (Australian) will be returning with my wife (American) to the US in a couple of months and going through the immigration process as soon as I arrive. I believe the Visa I should be applying for is the K-3 and wanted to know how long those who have been through this process had to wait for their work permit/rights to be issued/approved? Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/ExploringArmadillo [link] [comments] source

F1-currently applying for OPT but my visa ends June 2021. Help please!

Hello, I am an F-1 student who is graduating this year and currently applying for OPT. My visa ends in June 2021 (this year) and I was wondering how to go about this. Do I need to wait until I get my OPT and EAD to renew my visa? And am I able to do that in the US? Do I fill out the form I-539 or do I have to go do an interview? Any help is appreciated. Please dumb it down for me. In summary: 1) not sure if I need to apply to renew/extend visa now or after EAD comes in 2) not sure how to go about renewing visa: through filing form I-539 online or by going to somewhere to interview (if so where can I go to interview-anywhere in the US? or do I have to go back to my home country to go to the US embassy?) Thank you! submitted by /u/yjna123 [link] [comments] source

Finally have our interview scheduled for next month! Any tips??

I'm a pretty anxious person, and this has been such an exhaustive process. Can anyone tell me what to expect and how it went for you? I like to be super prepared. submitted by /u/patronusjoseph [link] [comments] source

Expedited Interview UK request form won’t work

Has anyone else run into this problem? I am trying to request an expedited O-1 visa interview at London or Belfast but as soon as you type in any text to explain circumstances it says you have exceeded the 500 word limit! Have tried three different browsers always the same problem. Any advice? submitted by /u/Top_Elephant_19004 [link] [comments] source

Form I-944 Household income question (marriage based AOS)

I am an applicant and live with my wife and her 2 kids from previous marriage. In question 1 of the part 3 of the Form I-944 there is a question about an income of each of the members of the household. Do I list both kids there? If yes then how do I fill out this section? For example after a name they ask a question "did you or your household member whose income is being included file a federal tax return?". This question is under the each household member. So if I put there that 4-years old child do i still answer 'Yes' here? Because yes, I did file a tax return.. But the child didn't.. and I don't include his income (there is no child income in our family - just to be clear). I'm totally confused. Am I just overthinking it and should just list me and a wife here? submitted by /u/west_schol [link] [comments] source

EB-3 backlog Paris Embassy

Hi! My case is at the NVC since June 2020, I’m due to have an interview at the Paris Embassy. How can I get info on the time frame? Any one with numbers on the backlog? Can anyone help please? Thanks. It’s a beautiful day today! submitted by /u/1Zfcnwsik [link] [comments] source

Forfeited green card- how to visit the US on ESTA..

I lived in the states for years, married a US citizen and got my 10 year green card in 2017. The same year we made the decision to move to the UK (where I am a citizen). We are here permanently. We didn’t file for a re-entry permit when we left (it all happened fast) and I haven’t filed forms to officially forfeit my green card. I am absolutely fine with forfeiting it but if I was to visit the US (whenever we are allowed to travel again) with my US citizen spouse and US daughter, do I travel on an ESTA? Will I have issues being allowed in? We have a home in the UK, jobs and our child is enrolled in school here so we have no intention of staying in the US we just want to visit to see grandparents. Any advice would be appreciated. Happy to hire an immigration lawyer here if need be I’m just not sure how complicated the case is... submitted by /u/cisco521 [link] [comments] source

Do F4 Derivative Beneficiaries qualify for CSPA?

I am looking at these links about the 2006 case: Scialabba v. Vuellar de Osario I am seeing mixed results on the internet super confused. Any clarity would be appreciated. My Uncle applied for my dad(F4) originally. I live in the US now as a F1 student in OPT. And would have to go back for the interview. Do I qualify for CSPA? thanks Priority date: 17 May 2006 Approval date: 29 Jan 2010 Became current: 1 Feb 2019 Ds-130 filed: 23 AUG 2019 submitted by /u/throwaway103903 [link] [comments] source

What are the consequences if I try to enter the US while inadmisible? How likely is that the CBP officer will know I'm inadmissible?

I have nothing showing my inadmisibillity on my passport and I have a valid visa. I'm not sure if my Visa was cancelled by USCIS, is there a way to check it? submitted by /u/itreallyreallydoesnt [link] [comments] source

N400 Timeline / Processing time | New York

Hey everyone , here’s my timeline so far for N400 filed online ( I am located in NY ) : 05/15/20 : Case was received & receipt notice was emailed 05/20/20 : Receipt notice 02/01/21 : Fingerprint notification ( reusing previous fingerprint ) Now, the Estimated time says : We are taking longer than expected to process your case. You do not need to do anything at this time. Anyone has filed online as well and is able to tell me what the next step will be ? Also , how long after the fingerprint notification do we usually get updates ? submitted by /u/tianatats [link] [comments] source

Need help

Hello reddit family! Sorry for my writing as English is my second language. When I was 5 I got separated from both my parents in the war back home (Somalia) I’m now almost 32 years old living in the U.S. I came to the U.S on August 11th 2005. When the war happened I somehow ended up with family relatives and was brought to the U.S by my uncle. I came her with a fake birthday And a lady who claimed to be my mother. When we came to the U.S as you can imagine life was tough because the lady that was claiming to be my mother walked out on us so I had to survive on my own with no help from my uncles... it turned out well for as I have my own 4 beautiful children 3 boys and a girl. Now my question: is there a way I can change my birthdate, name and eventually sponsor my parents who needs my help desperately ... I did went back last year before covid to finally meet my real family as I have 5 siblings... that’s another story for another day.. I would like to add I have my green card and ha

No receipt on i485

Curious people's timelines on getting a receipt experience. Packet arrived January 21st. No receipt and no check cashed. When should I start getting worried, heh? submitted by /u/kvvyn [link] [comments] source

First time applying for H1B: When should I reach out to my lawyer?

Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well! As the title suggests, it's my first time getting into the H1B process. My company's HR reached out to me on Friday to send all the documents to the lawyer for filing the application. I sent it on Monday. I haven't heard back either from the lawyer or my HR. I don't know if this is normal and I am just freaking out about nothing. Considering March 9 is when the registration starts, I don't know if or when should I reach out to either one. Or should i just wait for them to reach out to me. Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much! :) submitted by /u/EnvironmentalCandy3 [link] [comments] source

Can I have 2 jobs while on OPT?

I have a current full-time job on OPT and got an offer for a freelance job that will take me 60 hours to complete. IS IT legal for me to do that job on top of my job on OPT? Do I need to mention it on my I-20? What happens if I dont? submitted by /u/notsure_newatthis [link] [comments] source