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SB VISA - Returning Resident Visas

 Returning Resident Visas A permanent resident (called lawful permanent resident or LPR) or conditional resident (CR) who has remained outside the United States for longer than one year, or beyond the validity period of a Re-entry Permit, will require a new immigrant visa to enter the United States and resume permanent residence. Read more #Immigrant #SBVisa 

E3 Visa (Australians)

Who qualifies for the E3 visa? The E-3 visa classification applies only to nationals of Australia as well as their spouses and children. E-3 principal applicants must be going to the United States solely to work in a specialty occupation. The spouse and children need not be Australian citizens. However the U.S. does not recognize De Facto relationships for the purposes of immigration, and to qualify as a spouse you will need a marriage certificate. Read more ...

J-1 Visa - Non Immigrant

A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States to research scholars, professors and exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially to obtain medical or business training within the U.S.

H1B Visa Immigration Program

H1B Visa Requirements / Qualification The H1B Visa is the primary US work visa / permit made available to people from all over the world.  The US Government introduced the H1B visa program to offer and enable skilled International Professionals and International Students from all over the World the opportunity to live and work in the USA. The H1B is the most popular and sought after US work visa and US Immigration requires 'every' foreign national to obtain a visa in order to legally work in America. One of the main advantages of the H1B visa is  that it is a 'dual intent' visa which means that you can apply for a Green Card (become a Legal Permanent Resident). The Process for International professionals and Students to obtain an H1B Visa: Step 1 - You Must 1st find a suitable and qualifying H1B Sponsorship Job with a US Company that will sponsor you for employment  Step 2 - Then the US Company files for your H1B visa with the US Immigrat

DV - Diversity Visa Program - Green Card Lottery

DV - Diversity Visa Program - Green Card Lottery The Green Card Lottery , authoritatively known as the Diversity Visa Program , is a yearly U.S. Government program that honors 50,000 green cards to people from everywhere throughout the world. A 'Green Card', authoritatively known as a Permanent Resident Card is a record issued by the U.S. #DV #GreenCard #DiversityVisa #Lottery