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Do we need to refile an I-539 after 6 months if we haven't heard back from the first?

Back in May, my girlfriend filed an I-539 extension and a Change of Status to an F1 visa. We received receipt for both, but we have not received a decision from USCIS for either. Since it will be over 6 months, do we need to submit a second I-539 extension? submitted by /u/spz2008 [link] [comments] source

Best Practices and Tips while responding to Medical (I-693) RFE?

I recently received an RFE for medical. I have already received a signed and sealed envelope from my doctor. What are some tips and best practices for sending the sealed medical report? Should I include a cover letter and/or a copy of my I-485 Receipt. The RFE states that a copy of the RFE must be included in the reply. Does this mean the original copy or a photo copy? submitted by /u/username423784 [link] [comments] source

Embassy did not receive medical certificate

My wife just went for her visa interview at the bangkok embassy. She had her medical exam last Monday. The embassy said they did not receive her medical certificate. The embassy kept her passport and said they will issue visa once they receive the certificate from the hospital. Has anyone else experienced this? submitted by /u/cool_cucumber_100 [link] [comments] source

Kenyan Chef: USA--->Germany

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm a 23 year old Kenyan chef, about 3 years kitchen experience (1 year high level 2 michelin star restaurant), living in NYC. I'm currently here on an O2 visa. Ideally I want to move to Germany. I have a few restaurants in mind but would like some advice on any possible pathways I could take to move there in the near future. Would the restaurant I work at have to sponsor my visa? Would I be eligible with my current level of experience? Does my previous schooling and work in Switzerland affect my eligbility? submitted by /u/CountAlexanderIlych [link] [comments] source

Advanve Parole

Has anyone applied for AP this year? How was the experience? submitted by /u/Ok-Theme7202 [link] [comments] source

Volunteering while I'm on OPT

I'm a computer science major graduating in December. Does anyone have advice abt volunteering while on OPT? What organizations/ companies are there for me to volunteer relevant to those majors? As far as I can tell from google there's a few places that teach kids coding. I'm going to apply for those. Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks submitted by /u/giantCicad4 [link] [comments] source

American Boss says that it will sponsor me a Visa to work in the United States, but that I need to handle immigration and make the payments. Need Advice.

I work for a law firm in Tijuana that is a branch of an even bigger law firm in San Diego. I have been working here for 3 years and have gotten many American clients and handled many cases in the United States. Boss told me that he would gladly sponsor a visa if I do all the work and pay for everything. I really want to work in the United States for at least a couple of years. What are my options? TN VISA? L1? H-1B? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/gusmoreno15 [link] [comments] source

How long USCIS takes to notify package acceptance

I sent my adjustment of status package on 11/20 and USPS dropped it to USCIS on 11/23. I have the G-1145 (e-Notification for Application) with my package. It’s been a week I didn’t get the notification from them that they accepted my package. Do you know how long it usually takes or may take now? submitted by /u/MohsinMasrur [link] [comments] source

Married German citizen while on Visa Waiver Program

I need advice. Today it's become hard to meet a life partner at work or school. If a woman takes my innocent flirtation or advance the wrong way, metoo takes my job or scholarship. Dating sites have become the norm today. I met someone, we had great conversation via text, phone, and video chat. As a German citizen, she can visit me without a visa due to the Visa Waiver Program. We needed to know if this was real, what we felt. So she visited me. We got to see what it was like to live together. She saw me not on a date, but through life. We got lower GI upset from a meal, yet despite diarrhea our attraction to each other didn't diminish, it only grew. Do you know how many years I've spent alone? Any idea how many men have mistreated her, debased her, and used her? So, a little more than 2 weeks before she had to go (she had 90-days) we couldn't imagine life without each other and we got married. Now what do we do? Was it impulsive? Yes. Spur of the moment? Of cours

DOCUMENTS Necessary — Applying for I-751

My temporary green card is going to expire in two months. I know I need to apply for I-751 ASAP. My question is, what documents did you guys send along with your application? Also, with bank account and monthly bills as part of it, how much should I include? Two years? One year? 6 months? Thank you all in advance. submitted by /u/inquisitivemeee [link] [comments] source

Current COVID travel ban question regarding L1A visas.

Hi, I hold a L1A visa and reside in LA, but I'd like to visit my family in Italy for Christmas and the current travel ban hasnt been updated in months. Gov website isnt helping (last updated June 29th), and same thing goes for the CDC's. However rapid testing has been introduced in Atlanta's and a NY's airports and I was wondering if anybody has found better information anywhere since that. thanks!! submitted by /u/teddyssimo [link] [comments] source

Fingerprint/Biometrics appointment letter NOT yet received for N400 application

Hello - I applied N400 (citizenship form) online in mid September 2020. I live near Chicago - so I believe I come under Chicago center. I received Receipt Notice from USCIS by end of September 2020. But still I have not received Biometrics/fingerprint appointment letter (as of 30 Nov 2020). From what I heard normal timeline to get fingerprint notice is within 1 to 2 months after application - but I understand it may be changed due to Covid restrictions. Just wondering if anybody can comment about expected biometric appointment letter for my case? Thank you in advance! submitted by /u/sammy3121 [link] [comments] source

Social Security Card Replacement during COVID19

Hey all, I lost my social security card recently and would like a replacement. I know you can replace it online if you are a us citizen. However, I'm a green card holder and I need to visit a local office to get mine replaced. Our local office is closed due to covid19. Does anybody know how to replace a social security card if lost? Thank you, submitted by /u/BillStax [link] [comments] source

I-864: Joint Sponsor vs Gifted Assets?

(CR1 from Canada, moved to NVC last week) My potential joint sponsor is hesitant around possible lifetime commitment to the government and is instead considering gifting me enough assets that I could stand on my own. I have dug through the sub for some specifics on this, but my main questions are: Will this seem shady? Or is my money is my money and USCIS/NVC won’t care how I got it (legally)? Could I transfer this sponsor my money back once we’re approved or will that mess us up at the ROC stage? The only reason I don’t make enough now is bc I’ve been in grad school so I anticipate making enough in the coming years (starting with 2021). Am I correct that I would need 3x the difference between my most recent annual income and that 125% poverty level amount (21,500 ish?) in order for it to work? If we go this route, should I look into a lawyer just to make sure everything looks good? Joint sponsor is also willing to fund this. submitted by /u/sacowo17 [link] [c

I’m told Americans can travel to Spain as long as they have a health form filled out and a negative PCR test. Can anyone confirm or deny?

My(USA,22f) fiancé(21m) lives in Spain and we have been apart for nearly 6 months. After a massive failure to reunite in Mexico, we decided that the best thing would be to get me to Spain. Due to Covid, normal rules don’t necessarily apply, and most info online says that US citizens can’t come without a visa of some sort or special permission from the government. From November 23 and on, Spain decided that visitors from “high risk” countries could come with a negative covid test and a health form. I can’t find anything that specifically addresses us citizens coming without a visa during this time, most of what I’m seeing is the same. We have been working with lawyers for months now looking for ways to reunite, and our lawyers have insisted that I’m allowed to come with the negative PCR and health form, and say that they have confirmed this with the police multiple times. I do trust our lawyers but also feel nervous after what happened in Mexico (my fiancé was detained and sent back)

Greencard through marriage questions

Hi all, 18 year old Irish male here have a few questions regarding marriage through greencard, so me and my girlfriend have decided marriage might just be the only way for us to live together I’ve researched loads about US immigration and at the moment this is the only possible way for me. So my girlfriend is a second generation Mexican American, on the other hand my girlfriends mother was brought to the US as a child and she is undocumented. My girlfriend is a full citizen as she was born in the US of course, but my question is, going through this process would it put my girlfriends mother at risk? Will my girlfriend be asked about her parents or if her parents are citizens or not at meetings? I of course don’t want to mess anything up and get her family into trouble. I would be staying at her moms place as I’m 18 and my girlfriend is 19, ( if we got married ) does anybody here know if she could be caught if I went through this process? My girlfriend is extremely nervous that she’d b

Divorce with a conditional green card?

My husband drinks a lot and it started being unsafe for me to stay home. I want to divorce but worried about getting denied a permanent gc later. Did anyone go through that here? submitted by /u/M24653 [link] [comments] source

Marriage green card, do I file for myself or use my company’s immigration lawyer?

Hi, I am currently on H1B and on track for work green card(PERM) filed. Recently got married to a US citizen and want to change to marriage green card process. My company’s immigration law office said they can cover for marriage green card process instead of continuing work green card. However, as you all know that company immigration lawyers are not that reliable (sometimes filed with mistakes etc) and somewhat slow. Doing the paperwork myself is okay but I have some questions while filling in the paperwork. Should I just do the marriage green card paperwork myself or let the immigration lawyer at my company do it. Or can I ask them to review my ready to file paperwork and answer my questions instead of doing it by them completely? Thank you fellow redditors! submitted by /u/danabbbb [link] [comments] source

Certification program while on OPT

Hi. I am currently on OPT and had a question. Would I be allowed to complete a certification program to become a medical assistant while on OPT. The program in mind would be 100% online and at a lower education level (my current level is Bachelor’s). I would maintain my current full time job. submitted by /u/dopamine_f1end [link] [comments] source


Where do I start my journey to Norway. Currently 21 and looking for a good company to guide me through the process. submitted by /u/Leapz_za [link] [comments] source

URGENT! Canadian Studying in USA awaiting reinstatement. Can I travel through Border Patrol stations?

URGENT!! Hello everyone, I'm a Canadian student currently studying at a University in the greater Los Angeles area . I recently transferred from a Californian community college but I accidentally transferred my I-20 to my new school 1 day too late after the grace period for transferring had ended. I sent in all the requirements for the reinstatement and am waiting to hear back. But here's the thing, I went to school in Arizona a few years back before changing majors and frequently travel to and from Phoenix to visit close friends. There are multiple Border Patrol checkpoints scattered along Interstate 10 and 8. I've been through these checkpoints multiple times and have never had a problem with them but now i'm worried because I'm in the reinstatement process. Is it okay to travel through these while awaiting reinstatement? My DSO at my new school has also issued me a temporary I-20, does his make things better? Please let me know. Thank You! submitted by

Visa status stuck on "NIV Application Received" since after interview. Some applicants had interviews later than me had gotten visa issued.

Hi all, I had my interview on 10th Nov, CEAC status changed from NIV Application Received on 10th Nov and nothing has changed since the interview. I read that once your case change to NIV means the visa will be issued soon. How true is this? Also, some of the Malaysia K1 visa applicants who had interviews at the same embassy as me have already gotten their visa issued ahead of me. ​ some applicant who had the same interview date with me, the same visa category has already gotten their visa issued 10 days after the interview. some applicant who had an interview date later than me has already gotten their visa issued 3 days after the interview. My questions are: What are the possible holds ups? Is it normal for NIV application received to be stuck for so long? Could my visa be rejected at this point? I have read that the embassy with check more thoroughly if you have travelled to a lot of countries, how true is this? I have not gotten any letter/ email that the embassy n

Question about immigration (particularly Asia)

I have a few questions after watching a Cambodian documentary. I have NO KNOWLEDGE of the immigration system so if my questions are simple, please still answer 1) Why would someone be deported back to their home country if they’ve been here 30 years??? What is the reason? 2) If an immigrant commits a felony, can they be deported? 3) If you come to the US as a refugee, are you automatically a permanent citizen? Thanks submitted by /u/youngbaddiebabe [link] [comments] source

Question about I-539, extension of stay B2 visa.

Hello everyone and I hope you’re doing well during these hard times. I am in a situation and I don’t know what to do, I applied for an extension of stay on my B2 Visa on 12th August, 2020 as my 6 months of stay were up on 28th August 2020. I applied for the extension till October 27th, 2020 but I still haven’t received any news from the USCIS, I have been sick and I am unable to get out in this condition and I’m advised not to travel. Now I don’t know what to do, I still have my receipt and my application is still pending and as per the USCIS website as long as my application is pending, I do not acquire unlawful presence. The problem is that I applied till October 27th but I still haven’t been able to leave and my application is still pending. What should I do? And am I in trouble here? My Visa is valid for til 2028, do I need to apply for another visa if I have to come back to the US? Thank you for your help and time. submitted by /u/Dantedmc7 [link] [comments] source ht

Applying for green card.

I'm married to a US citizen for the past 6 years, we have a child together, I have no criminal history. I'm currently a DACA recipient (2012)and entered the country without inspection. I filled for my my DACA process by myself without a lawyer or legal aid clinic. Has anyone filed by themselves for the green card that is in a similar situation. What forms or route did you take? submitted by /u/Ok-Theme7202 [link] [comments] source

Am I eligible for UK citizenship?

22 y/o Canadian with a dad who was born and raised in England until around the age of 16 when he moved to Canada. 20 years later, I was born (1998), so he must’ve moved from the UK in 1978 ish. My mom is Canadian and they were married at the time of my birth. Both of my grandparents moved with my dad to Canada and they themselves were born and raised in the UK as well. Says on the government website: You’re automatically a British citizen if you were born outside the UK and all of the following apply: you were born between 1 January 1983 and 30 June 2006 (yep) your mother or father was a British citizen when you were born (they must have been married if your father had British citizenship but your mother did not) (this I’m not sure about. I don’t think he renounced his citizenship when he moved to Canada though as that seems unnecessary.) your British parent could pass on their citizenship to you (seems to be yes based on the fact that my dad was born in the UK to British

B2 Visa to L2 Visa CoS in the States?

Hi - I am on L1 visa now and going to get married in Feb 2021. Can my wife file L2 visa in the states after we register the married certificate at the LA city government? My plan is to have my wife come to US in visitor B2 visa and we get married here and file the CoS. submitted by /u/CaterpillarMuch8539 [link] [comments] source

How do you find out which USCIS is handling your application?

I filed my 130, 130a, 485, 864, 765, 944, (i693 will be bought to interview). USCIS received it July 11 2020. I’m trying to research online to see how long processing times are, but how do you find out what office is handling your application? submitted by /u/livvvvingthedream [link] [comments] source

Question about I-130 / I-485, Daca green card

so i (Daca recipient and overstayed my B1/B2 Visa 20 years ago) just got married to a US citizen. Should my wife file the I-130 for me? I already filled out the I-485 / I-944 / I-864 so far from what i read, that is all i need right? Since i entered the country legally back then, do i qualify for the adjustment of status in the form I-485? Thank you submitted by /u/OfficerNotSure [link] [comments] source

Any update on embassy opening?

Has anyone tried getting their H or L visa renewed through Canada or Mexico recently? I read the embassies are closed. What are the alternatives my L visa is expiring next year, do I have to travel outside US to get it renewed or is there a way to renew within US? submitted by /u/UnpunishedOpinion [link] [comments] source

Do I need to account for household member's children in I-864A?

Hi, quick question: I filled out I-864 with 5 total household members (3 immigrants + 1 sponsor + 1 household member). However, my household member has 3 younger children. If required, where on the I-864 do I account for the household member's children? The reason we're including the I-864A is because our main sponsor does not have income, so we are combining income + cash assets from the household sponsor. So in total, there would be 8 members living in the same house if we were to immigrate. Thank you! submitted by /u/cyyz2000 [link] [comments] source enrollment by permanent resident

Is it ok for a permanent resident to enroll in ? I've read and heard many scary stories about public charge rules, especially in the last 4 years. I know that the public charge rule applies to non-green card holders (and even that has been going back and forth in the courts), but is there any possibility that a enrollment affecting future citizenship application? (suppose Trump or some worse than Trump is elected in 2024) submitted by /u/bomberb17 [link] [comments] source

My family is finally coming next week after a year and half of processing, anything I may want to know?

So who knew this would happen during a pandemic, I am currently unemployed, but I have something very good in the pipeline, so I am mostly concerned about the short term. I was wondering if there is any recommendations that we can do/ avoid doing that can help us during this time? Mostly financially + health wise. For example, health care is something I’m concerned about at least for the next 3-4 months. I like to be prepared and I know there are a lot of experienced people here. Thank you all. submitted by /u/adigabusymind [link] [comments] source

Green card holder going to study abroad

Hi everybody Being a green card holder, is that not going to end my residency because I will be out of the country for 1 year? I did some research and it says that I have to apply for re-entry permit. And that a green card holder shouldn’t do more than 6 months outside the country.. And also that The countdown for me to have a chance to get my citizenship will start over Does anyone know anything abt that? . submitted by /u/PMarteinp7 [link] [comments] source

EB5 Experience

Has anyone here gone the EB5 immigration route? Could you please detail your experience with it and anything I’m supposed to know that they don’t tell you about? Also, what is the timeline for it and should I apply for it when Biden comes into office? Thanks! submitted by /u/Translator-Least [link] [comments] source

Question about in state tuition eligibility.

My wife is from Germany. Let me just start by saying, it’s a shame what they do to non US citizens when it comes to school. She’s in nursing school and pays 5-6X as much than an American citizen. With that being said we got married in September of 2019. We have filled out all the paperwork required... here’s where we stand: I-130 - submitted and approved I-485 - submitted receipt number received and in process. (Who knows how long this will take with COVID.) I forget the other forms but essentially it’s for working and traveling. Those are both in process as well. We are trying to figure out if she is eligible for in state tuition in NEVADA. She has lived her for 5 years and we can for sure prove that she’s been here using bills etc.. my question is does the approved I-130 and processing I-485 grant her eligibility to receive in state tuition? Thank you for the help. Finding out the laws on this stuff is quite the chore. I never realized how hard it is for someone not from America

Question about F1 visa

Got my F1 student visa because I was anticipating going to the us next semester (currently learning remotely in my country due to covid). I've now changed my mind and want to do my second semester remotely as well. Will my F1 be lost? Do I have to apply again? If so will it be harder the second time? submitted by /u/ThrowawayUS12345678 [link] [comments] source

Need help I-535 No Response

My mom I-94 is till 12/04/2020, we applied for extension so she can help taking care of our baby due to Covid. We filed I-535 about 2 months ago and got her fingerprints as well. However, today is 11/29 and we still have not yet heard back the response. Will she be ok staying here past the I-94 date while the application is still pending? I tried to schedule infopass appt but i guess they don’t do that now due to covid submitted by /u/sttangpk [link] [comments] source

Visa ban

How likely is it that Trump will extend the proclamation after December 31st? If he does so, how quickly can Biden suspend it? submitted by /u/diorpute [link] [comments] source

Moving forward with consular processing. Can we travel to the States for vacation while my wife (Spain) awaits green card approval?

My wife (Spain) and I (US Citizen) are living in Europe. We started the green card process for her while we were living in the States but we moved to Europe before the I-130 had been approved. It has since been approved and we submitted form I-824 to move the approval to the National Visa Center to proceed with consular processing. I have two main question: 1) Can we travel to the States while her visa application is pending (for vacation)? Would she just need to apply for an ESTA? 2) What are the next steps for her to receive a green card once the I-130 is sent to the national visa center? How long might it take? submitted by /u/lmaaq1992 [link] [comments] source

Seeking immigration advice (from UK) to KSA for visiting a family member in a critical condition

My father, who works in KSA public sector, was involved in a accident that resulted him being in ICU and is in very critical condition. I'm doing any means necessary to be able to see him but because of COVID restrictions, it really hard to gain entry to the country. I've also been rejected already since I messed up with the tourist eVisa (not allowed entry atm). I will contact the embassy soon and seek some advice but its the weekend and also it might be delayed because of COVID restrictions here in the UK. ATM I'm just looking for other advices now so that I can speed up the process and to see my dad as soon as possible. If anyone has any advice about this circumstance, please I really need it!! submitted by /u/FantasticAge2520 [link] [comments] source

Work outside the US on CPT?

Hi, I am an international full time master's student at NYU. I will be doing a semester long internship next sem(Jan-May). I was actually hoping to go home for a month during the internship since the internship is virtual(Perhaps in Feb). Can I legally do that? Also, will I have any trouble re-entering the US after visiting home especially given that next semester is my last semester in the degree program and I will only have one course i.e. the internship(worth 1.5 credits) apart from visiting home in the middle of the semester? I will be graduating in May 21. ​ Thanks! submitted by /u/rightwithyou [link] [comments] source

Applying for TN visa while waiting for diploma

I'm planning to apply for a TN Visa to start a job in late February. I'm graduating this semester and won't receive my diploma until late-march. I'm worried about signing a lease and preparing a move if there's a moderate chance I'd be denied for not having a diploma. If my employer files a I-129 petition on my behalf with premium processing, is there a much lower chance that they'd ask to see my diploma? I know you're technically supposed to have all your supporting documentation as per the info here but I'm wondering if they'd be less strict. I will have a letter of attestation from my faculty saying I completed my degree, plus official sealed transcripts. Looking forward to hearing your advice. submitted by /u/ChariotsOfIron [link] [comments] source

US I-751 Removal of Conditions question

Hello reddit, Need advice from anyone who knows this form or previous filers. My wife and I are completing this form for removing her conditions to get a 10 years GC from a 2 year GC. Part 5 is asking about YOUR (The petitioner's) children. In the 2 years here, my wife gave birth to our son here in the US. Our son isn't part of removing conditions since he is a natural born US citizen and not a immigrant. Our question is this: It is correct to leave our son completely off the form? or is it correct to put him on the form but mark the check box for NO when asked if this child is applying you? Reason we ask is because we get the impression that the section about children is for children who are adjusting status with the spouse or generally are in need of adjusting status at some point. It just seems confusing, and we wanted to know if anyone had some experience or clarification on this before we send it out. Thanks everyone submitted by /u/pzcarril [link] [comment

Hard time finding a sponsor (AOS DV2021)

I am an international student (F1) and I’ve been selected at the DV2021 lottery. I’m getting all my documents ready but since I have no relative in the United States, I have a hard time finding a sponsor. For a sponsor in a household of size 2 (me and him), he needs to have at least $21500 in the savings and a job. I don’t have that much money on my bank statement either (less than $10k). What should I do in order to get my i-485 approved? submitted by /u/Veunouss9 [link] [comments] source

COVID 19 - Green Card - USA

Hey guys, Quick one just wondering has anyone experienced going through American immigration with your green card after traveling from an at risk country? I’m planning on returning to Europe for Christmas as a green card holder for a week or so to see my family. I’m planning to quarantine and test, test, test. Any advice? submitted by /u/crowlz90 [link] [comments] source

Stay in US after H3 visa is expire

Hello, i would like to ask how long can i stay in the country after my h3 visa is expire. My visa expire on 31 December and I'm with the company until the last day. I don't want to have to travel that day so i would like to know what happens if i stay after that like for example one more month. Thanks submitted by /u/Accomplished_Ad_9791 [link] [comments] source


Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has received their noa2 from the California office recently- and if you have- what was your noa1 date? I'm trying to figure out roughly what time period they might be processing now. Thanks! submitted by /u/rubyullage [link] [comments] source


Hi, I was trying to file for my OPT and realized I didn’t have an i-20 from my previous school listing my off-campus employment. I did post-completion opt there and transferred to a new school mid-way. I attended that school almost 3 years ago. I came to know that my previous school DSO cannot issue me i-20 anymore. Will this be a problem while filing for OPT. Will SEVIS have records of my off-campus employment from previous school record? submitted by /u/Glad_Ad_2798 [link] [comments] source

Employment authorization expiring in March

I’m an I-485 applicant and I have my Employment card expiring in March. How do I file to extend the card? And do I have to pay the fees again? Are there any fee waiver for a renew? submitted by /u/zen1706 [link] [comments] source

Anyone struggle with their social lives?

I've left my home country four years ago, lived in two others and now a third. This current country (UK) is going to be my home for the foreseeable future because I moved here with my UK partner that I met abroad. It kind of goes without saying that friendships are completely different when moving around a lot. I made many, but most were casual and over as soon as we were in different postcodes. My partner was in the same boat. Both of us had long-term friends at home, but we got used to being casual friends with people and not really settling down. Now that we have moved to the UK (almost a year ago) he is back in his old life. Old good friends, family, normal work routine, being settled. And I? I have... nobody. Except for my partner of course. My family is an ocean away, my friends and I have lost touch due to our different lives. I hang around with my partner's friends, but they are not really mine. People in the area have pretty set friend groups and I find it difficul

I-944 do we need to list Foreign Household Members?

We're applying for a green card for my wife, we hit a snag with the I-944. Part 3, it says that you must include anyone who provides more than 50% financial support to the applicant, but then the household member section seems to heavily imply that the must reside in the united states, everyone question directly refers to their income in terms of their US Federal Tax Returns. My wife's father provides her more then 50% financial support, BUT he lives in China! Do we need to list him as a household member? submitted by /u/kidshitstuff [link] [comments] source

Question about F1 visa

Got my F1 student visa because I was anticipating going to the us next semester (currently learning remotely in my country due to covid). I've now changed my mind and want to do my second semester remotely as well. Will my F1 be lost? Do I have to apply again? If so will it be harder the second time? submitted by /u/ThrowawayUS12345678 [link] [comments] source

Dependent on immigrant visa application but on nonimmigrant status - what should I do?

I was on an H4 visa for many years but left the US about 5 years ago with my family. I, alone, moved back to the US this year as a 22y.o on a nonimmigrant visa. I recently found out that my father’s priority date for his EB3 filing (I-140 already approved) and his employer wants to finish the immigrant visa process and bring him back to the US. I am listed as a dependent on the I-140 and qualify as a dependent for the immigrant visa but I’m in the US on my nonimmigrant visa. My father has already submitted an I-824 after his date become current and before I moved to the US. What should I do as someone on nonimmigrant status in the US that is eligible for an immigrant visa through consulate processing? submitted by /u/throwaway183896 [link] [comments] source

Affidavit of support: Address and employment abroad

I am a US citizen living abroad with my spouse for 2 years. We are now filling out the supporting documents for my spouse. The mail in address I get would be my American address but for physical would I put where I’m at now. And for the employment section as well do I need to provide this on the document. Since I’ve been working abroad submitted by /u/NextGMZ [link] [comments] source

Flying domestically USA with a Guatemalan passport

My fiancé has a green card but during our move from Colorado to Georgia she lost her drivers license and green card in the process. Without her ID or green card she cannot get a Georgia’s drivers license. So it’s been a big pain, she was able to get her Guatemalan passport through her consulate and just sent in her i-90 form to get a replacement green card but it’s still in process. In the meantime she wants to visit her mother in Colorado. Are we able to fly domestically with her Guatemalan passport? We also have a social security card as well submitted by /u/Jwin970 [link] [comments] source

Lost my father to covid in 2 days - stamp in India query

It took only two days for covid to snatch my father away from this world and my heart is forever broken. My father was my pride and my life. I want to go to India but I don't have stamp but approved i-129. I am starting ds-160 application and will try to do emergent stamping in Mumbai. Is there anything else I have to worry about? Also my passport expires 7th December and I am doing tatkal passport renewal in NY. Does anyone have any idea how long it's going to take!? submitted by /u/pratz4u [link] [comments] source

Can I get dual citizenship?

I am a US citizen by birth. My parents are from El Salvador and I want to know if I can get dual citizenship. And if I can get dual citizenship well there be any problems? submitted by /u/Kitchen_Put7571 [link] [comments] source

Update on biometrics delays data-collection effort and possible lawsuit

Hi again! I shared the spreadsheet with people's biometrics delays (minus the contact info) and the infographic I made about it with an immigration law advocacy group based in D.C. They say they were "blown away" by the efforts to collect this information and that they will try to raise this problem through their relationships with USCIS and with the incoming presidential administration. They also suggested several avenues for litigation: There is a specific area of the law, the Administrative Procedure Act, that deals with delays. They said the government settles these cases 80-90% of the time by providing the requested relief (ie a biometrics appointment.) People can group together to file multiple "mass actions" rather than a class action. People with the most serious cases can also file on their own and demand a preliminary injunction seeking a court order within 21 days. They also suggested the name and contact info of a lawyer who may be interested in

Denied under INA section 221(g)

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? I had gone to the interview for my CR1 marriage visa and i was told that everything's good, all they need is some additional documents. I sent those to them after about a month (huge wait time in my country). I got an email yesterday saying that my immigrant visa has been refused under INA section 221(g) and that it is undergoing administrative processing. What do I expect? submitted by /u/ranmacc5921 [link] [comments] source

Marrying a US Citizen as UK Citizen

I am looking to marry my US Fiance next year. She lives in America, and I live in the UK. We're looking to get married in the USA, then getting the appropriate UK Visas for her to relocate to the UK. My question is, will I need some sort of Visa to travel to the UK and get married to her there? ​ If she came to the UK to marry me, she'd need to get a Fiance Visa. submitted by /u/howdoihuman12 [link] [comments] source

Travelling with an expired B2 visa but Valid F1 visa

I am a Mexican citizen planning to travel to Mexico for the Holidays. My F1 visa hasn’t expired but my B2 (tourist visa) has expired. Will I be able to come back to the US for classes with my expired B2 visa? submitted by /u/lespov [link] [comments] source


My wife is filling for me for the greencard,we’ve been scheduled for the interview but she has photocopies of her social security card,birth certificate of the United States only no original,will it be accepted by the uscis during interview? submitted by /u/dorobuchi [link] [comments] source

Conditional Green Card

Hi, I have a question about the 2 year conditional GC. Do you automatically get the conditional status after you apply for the permanent GC? I would want to know the process involved in that? Thanks in adv submitted by /u/Abn0890 [link] [comments] source

MRV pay options

The MRV fee for our embassy (Ukraine) only has the option to pay with cash at a branch of Raifaissen Bank. We're currently out of the country and were wondering if it's possible to pay the MRV electronically. The deposit slip contains an IBAN number. Would using a receipt number from a wire to that IBAN work? Should I email the embassy and ask? submitted by /u/HandsomeAce [link] [comments] source

Best EU country to get citizenship through naturalization as an American?

I'm looking at getting citizenship to an EU country through naturalization, but I can't seem to find a good article or list on countries that have easy naturalization laws. I'm looking for a country that I can live in and get naturalization in preferably under 5 years, without too much hassle. Any suggestions? submitted by /u/ThereGoesJoe [link] [comments] source

NVC denied expedite request

Just got an email stating our expedite request was denied due to suspended services dit to covid and to try again once they start up again. But there’s a bunch of people on visa journey with appointments this month. What am I missing? Is it because I’m a permanent resident not a citizen? Freaking out a little 😩 submitted by /u/VerminHTX [link] [comments] source

Traveling overseas on a green card

I remember reading somewhere on Reddit last year that Trump had passed a new law requiring all green card holders to not leave the country for at least 36 consecutive months before applying for citizenship. Can somebody verify if this is true. I’ve had my green card for 2 years and really want to make a trip to Asia in 2021. And in case I could leave the country and then come back to apply for citizen ship, what is the length of time that I could be overseas for? Can I/should I be gone for more than 6 months? (I haven’t left the US at all for 2 years since I got my green card). Thank you all so much 🙏 submitted by /u/Fun-Huckleberry-2438 [link] [comments] source

Can I remotely work in the US for a foreign company?

I’m planning on visiting my best friend real soon in the US. I’m currently working from home for a company in Singapore. If allowed, I will probably have to work a bit while there from my computer. Is it possible? I’ll be on tourist visa. submitted by /u/fckpttr [link] [comments] source

Do you think I applied early?

Hi guys, I am soon to be a medical doctor from Turkey and I will be working as a J1 research scholar in a hospital in the US. My start date is Feb 15, 2021 and I recently got my DS-2019 and applied for an appointment and requested an expedited for December. My expedited request is rejected unfortunately. They said because of Covid-19 routine work can’t be done, which is not my case. I am planning to send an e-mail but I am wondering do you think I acted to early? I now plan to send the e-mail in late December or January. submitted by /u/zanzozb [link] [comments] source

All UK Immigration Office closed telephone lines?

Hi, Is anyone having troubles reaching any UK immigration office? The regular number +44 (0)203 481 1736 where you could get information suggest that for a fee you can call the helpline, however at the end both "inside from UK" and "Outside from UK" says send an email. All other telephone lines are saying they cannot help with any information, only to browse the government website(No thanks, i can also read and click on links) Following email addresses also pointless as either not monitored or sending automatic messages: We submitted a bio on the 14th of Oct and they said we receive an answer within 15 working days. We have not received anything since, but when we send an email they say decision has been made but they cannot enclose the outcome, however they don't send the results.

Travel plans under L1 visa while Adjustment of Status is in process

Hi everyone, I’m a L-1a visa holder and I filed 2 weeks ago the I-485/I-130 forms as the husband of a US citizen. I’ve also applied for Advanced Parole and an EAD, and I’ve read that I can still travel under my L1 visa and that it would not impact my I-485 application. I’ve planned to travel to Europe to go see my family at the end of December and re-enter in the US under my L1 visa as the husband of a US citizen (my wife will be travelling with me). However I am nervous as I wonder if the whole Covid/travel ban situation could potentially have an impact on this, and my travel plans jeopardize my Adjustment of Status application. I consulted with an immigration lawyer who encouraged me not to travel saying that the uncertainty was too high and that I should wait to obtain my EAD/AP documents before travelling... My experience with lawyers are that they always tell you the worst but on paper, I feel like my case is straightforward and the L1 visa allows you to travel while your AOS i

Eligible for L1B next year?

I work for a US based company which also has a small office in Germany. I was based in the US office on a J-1 visa until March 2020 but I returned to Ireland due to the pandemic, where I remain working for the same company remotely (still on US payroll). I have just learned about the L1B intracompany transfer visa, and that there is a 1 year requirement to have worked for an office of the company outside the US for at least 1 year. In March 2021, will I have met that requirement (given that I was employed for the company and outside the US) or would I need to move to the German office for 1 year to meet the requirement? I am expecting the latter sadly but thought I would check here before asking the company’s immigration team. I believe I would meet the specialized knowledge requirements. submitted by /u/retlinser1 [link] [comments] source

Health insurance for unlawfully present SO in Massachusetts?

Hi Reddit friends, I am looking for an health insurance plan that would cover both myself (U.S. Citizen) and boyfriend (“illegal” immigrant) in Massachusetts. I was looking at the health connector, but it doesn’t seem like he would be elegible since he does not have “legal permanent residence.” Are there any viable options for us? Let me know if I can clarify anything here. Thank you!! submitted by /u/CodyMax1391 [link] [comments] source

Help with Immigration for my boyfriend, maybe future husband

We are planning on him coming to visit and possibly stay next year sometime. He is a citizen of Nigeria and lives there. During his visit we will decide if we are compatible and maybe we could get married. Maybe haha! Neither of us can afford to fly him back and forth so is there any way at all possible for him to stay in the US while he gets a marriage green card? I don't want to finally get to know him in person then he has to go back to Nigeria for 13 months. submitted by /u/christine_anarchist [link] [comments] source

I need some info about Studying abroad

So i have done a ton of research about studying abroad,As I want to continue studying here in the us,But of course there are some things that I couldn’t quite understand from the articles and needed someone to talk with,So maybe any of y’all can explain to me all the requirements for traveling abroad (The student visa,TOEFL tests and all that stuff and how do I calculate the cost of My stay and what exactly is the tuition?) And what are some cheaper Universities in the states? Any help would be greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/Ali-BB [link] [comments] source

Forgot to update latest employment in SEVP

I’m on my first year of OPT. I moved jobs early September. I totally forgot to update my SEVP portal (yes, irresponsible of me, but it was tough time and I forgot ) I’m trying to update it now, but can’t. I’ll only hear back from DSO on Monday. Wondering if anyone has faced that issue. Ps: I’ve not crossed the 90 day unemployment period because the portal still thinks I’m employed in my previous role. submitted by /u/itskarannotkaren [link] [comments] source