I need your opinion.

Hello all. I moved here in the US when I was 17, few days later before I turn 18. I was petitioned by my father. My father became a U.S. Citizen before I turned 18 and the law was if he petitioned me before I turn 18, I am automatically a citizen. However, when we were at the immigration department in LAX Intl airport, one of the consulate said I can’t be a citizen and I will have to wait 5 years to apply. He didn’t explain or said anything to us. We were also in a rush because we had to catch our connecting flight. When we arrived to our final destination, my dad immediately filed for my Citizenship, along with my SSN, and I also received my Green card. When we received the paperwork for my Citizenship, it was denied saying that we did not have enough proof of evidence.

I am 25 now and I spoke to an immigration lawyer earlier this year and she told me that I am a citizen and I should just apply for a passport. However, I want to be sure and do the right thing. Any suggestions? Should I apply for N400 or N600? Or just apply for a passport?

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