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Tricky one

Can an Australian who holds Spanish residence gained through being married to a uk citizen who also holds Spanish residence entre the uk as a EU family member of said UK resident or would they have to apply for a visa as an Australian? submitted by /u/buttercupply [link] [comments] source

Visa ban

As many of you may know, Trump has extended the visa ban. Which visas exactly are affected? submitted by /u/diorpute [link] [comments] source

Do FAFSA and NYS TAP count as Total Additional Income or Financial Support on I-912?

I am trying to do the I-912 form's Part 5 question 7, and got really confused. They are both financial aid for my college. ( Provide additional income or financial support from a source outside your household) I read the instruction for I-912 and it is not helpful Thank you for helping me! submitted by /u/Little_Priority9836 [link] [comments] source

How do I start the k1 visa process

I've been doing the long distance with my GF who lives in the Philippines for over two years now and its been officially one year since I last visited her (I visited her two times last year met her family and took many pics and videos and she does plan to visit here herself before applying)because the government their prohibits foreigners from coming in and she recently applied for a passport, she's unemployed and still in high school and she has about one more year until graduation but she is 19 years old because she started school late and I'm young myself being 23, I am full-time employed and I make over the minimum requirement for us to qualify, what should I do first when we finally get to that point? I live in the US submitted by /u/dizzdafizz [link] [comments] source

Interview wait time

From my dad: My wife came from Vietnam on a K-1 visa in September 2018. We got married in December 2018. I submitted an I 485 form in February 2019 and the status of that form is “ready to schedule an interview”since July 2019. It’s been a year and a half and I have not received a request for that interview. Does anyone have any idea on how I can expedite this process? submitted by /u/suckafree66 [link] [comments] source

STEM OPT from community college

Hi, Happy New Year everyone :) I’m going to graduate my community college at the end of next year 2021 and plan to do a STEM OPT as a comp sci student. I wonder if anyone here has completed OPT after 2 years and got applied H1B? Now I’ve been working on some personal projects to put on my resume. One more question: if I finished OPT and didn’t get applied H1B, do I still have a chance to transfer for 4 year-university? Thank you in advance submitted by /u/amufhad [link] [comments] source

"Start an application" link not working for K1 visa

I read that the next step after getting our NVC case number and invoice for the K1 visa was to complete the online application form DS-160. Except the link is literally unclickable/greyed out. For months. Feeling really hopeless and confused. Anyone else has had this problem? submitted by /u/queencowe [link] [comments] source

Boyfriend overstayed visa question...

Sorry if this has been asked before...I searched and couldn’t find exactly the answer I’m after. My boyfriend was deported yesterday. He had a tourist visa and overstayed. He flew back to Mexico to visit family and was stopped when he returned on Tuesday. He’s been banned from returning to the US for five years. My question is how can I get him back? Can he apply for the waiver to return before the 5 years? If we married (already planning to do this at some point) would that make the process easier for him to return? I wish I had known more about his visa and the rules before this all started. I am the stupid American that never realized how complicated the visa process is or the rules to follow. Thanks for your help. submitted by /u/pennyw1se_the_clown [link] [comments] source

Have the Temporary work visa restrictions expired?

The June 22 proclamation which suspended some H, L & J visas was due to expire on the 31st December, but I'm unable to find any sources confirming this. Are Embassies likely to resume appointments for these visas soon? submitted by /u/edgarmcmunchkin [link] [comments] source

Updating to citizenship status through Social Security (mailed citizenship certificate) [WA, USA]

So, with COVID times, many places are closed right now and the SS office is also closed for in-person appointments. My husband recently obtained his citizenship certificate and was told to update his status with SS. SS told him to mail his original certificate along with an N-565 form to them. We mailed it on 12/11 and have been checking weekly to see if they received it. They keep saying they don't see it in "their system", but they keep telling us to check back later. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a similar situation and whether it is normal for it to take this long to receive/process forms or should we assume our stuff has been lost in the mail? We stupidly did not send it through certified mail so we can't confirm if it has been received. :( submitted by /u/lawumma [link] [comments] source

Re entry permit I- 131

Hey guys, I filed a I-131 application about three weeks ago. I was wondering how long did the receipt take to get mailed to you? Question#2: My mom has breast cancer ( filing for her) and has to attend a session with the doctor every three months. Insurance is covered back home and it’s a safer bet to not get the virus. Would that help the expedited request? Thank you in advance. submitted by /u/psychopsych101 [link] [comments] source

When to apply for Citizenship through the US army?

Hello everyone 👋🏻 I really need advice/ help because I’m confused about starting the process of getting my citizenship through the military. I joined the army as active duty with extension letter since my green card will be expired on February 2021. ( I got divorced so I applied to remove the conditions from my green card). I started basic training on November 2020 and I will arrive to my duty station around may 2021. I’ve been told that I need to submit the forms N400 and N426. My questions is should I start the process now while I’m in basic training? ( I heard that I need the signature of O-6, also I can’t be on my phone/ laptop and see updates or take care of stuff ) or should I wait till I’m in my duty station? During basic training the DS don’t really have time to deal with those stuff, and I feel that only when I get to AIT or my duty station I’ll have more personal time to deal with immigration. submitted by /u/ODODOD2020 [link] [comments] source https://www.redd

Russian Travel Passport Renewal

My wife (Russian citizen with temporary permanent resident status per K-1 process) is currently in the US waiting for her permanent residence interview. In the meantime, her Russian Travel Passport has expired (as well as name change). When researching how to renew her passport, all sources point to scheduling an in-person interview at one of the Russian consulates. My question is if anyone knows if it would be possible to renew without a full in-person interview or if this is the only way to obtain one. Thank you. submitted by /u/of_his_flock [link] [comments] source

Opportunity for Side work on STEMP OPT, How to tackle?

I'm currently working full time under my STEM OPT Extension on my F1 visa. I just came into an opportunity (more like side-work) by word of mouth from an old employer, where the new company basically just wants my help with a problem they are trying to solve. The person with whom I was put in contact with for this opportunity (side-work) just asked how I might go about working/helping them i.e. would I do it as an independent consultant, or something else? My main question is given I'm working a full-time 40hr job, how can I approach this situation. Please any help and guidance would be appreciated. Edit 1: I won't be leaving my full time job just want to figure out how I might be able to help/work with the problem for this opportunity (side-work) submitted by /u/ejshelton [link] [comments] source

Green card at Risk

Hey A little bit about me I got my green card July 2014, I studied there and graduated in 2018 (only leaving to the Middle East on Christmas breaks and summer breaks) In 2018 I went back to the Middle East and stayed there for 6 months, I went back to America in February and got interrogated, no problem, passed, went back to the Middle East for another 6 months then back to the states august 2019 for my masters In December of 2019, I went back for winter break, thinking I’d go back to America, I failed some of my classes and my parents cut me off, I’ve had no money to go back, then the Pandemic happened and well... I got a scholarship in October and I’ve been saving money ever since, but it might require me to stay here for 2 years (I don’t want to disappoint my advisors) *I have been outside the US for a year and a few days now, my immigration lawyer recommends I file for a re-entry visa as soon as possible, my parents say if I finish 2 years of school here at They will send me ba

Address History - I129F

Hi all, Me and my fiance are currently preparing for filing our I129F package and we feel like there is some confusion regarding the mailing vs. physical address as well as address history on the form. I am the beneficiary on the form. I was an international student on F1 in US, lived on campus from 2014 to 2018, then lived and worked for 2 years on OPT in New York city. I came back home during the summer of 2020, found a job in my home country in Europe. In my home country for address purposes, all my documents and registration are in the town where I was born and the address where my parents currently live. However, I found a job and started renting an apartment in my country's capital city and moved there for the time being, but none of my documents are updated since I only intend to be here for a few more months (I'm renting, this is not my permanent address and according to my country's laws I can't change it anyways). Here's where the confusions stems from

NVC rejected birth certificate

My wife uploaded Her one and only original birth certificate (Malaysian) & certified translated copy, and NVC rejected it and said it’s not from a “correct issuing authority”. We then checked on their website and the issuing authority says “National registration of Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak” She was born in Peninsular Malaysia & her parents also, have the same birth certificate, for their whole life. We don’t understand why it was rejected? Can anyone provide any advice if possible? We don’t have an immigration lawyer so we’re doing this all on our own. The issue is, she resides in Ireland and has been her whole life, so she isn’t in Malaysia and wonders how we obtain a birth certificate from the “correct” issuing authority ... submitted by /u/NextGMZ [link] [comments] source

What's the best / cheap place to immigrate in the US?

I'm a Filipino teenager who's going to immigrate to the US a year later. For now, I'll be worrying about the money since I need to covert that to USD. But to lift a weight, what is the best place, for a new immigrant, or a cheap state, to be in the US? None of the OFW uncles come from the US, so I wouldn't know where to start... submitted by /u/aqnugielll [link] [comments] source

Has anyone gotten a first-time H1B stamped recently?

I was selected in the H1B lottery this year, and my status changed from F-1 to H1B on October 1st. I booked a non-emergency first time H1B visa appointment in Bombay, India for January 7 (fingerprinting) and January 20 (Interview). I've read online reports of appointments in February and March being canceled, so I'm not sure if my appointment will be honored. Has anyone here recently gotten their H1B stamped after an interview? submitted by /u/ankitgohel [link] [comments] source

Might not graduate in 4 years. International Student. Problem?

Hello, I’m an international studying in the US. I realize that I might not be able to graduate in 4 years. I might take 4.5-5 years. Will this cause a problem for me regarding F1 visa? Also, do employers look down on people that take more time to graduate? submitted by /u/futuremd2k19 [link] [comments] source

What's after family visa

Ciao, Hello, I'm faijur 19 years old. I came to italy through my dad on family reunion visa, what's next for me, what kind of visa can i apply for next and can i study here like a normal italian . submitted by /u/YYY_Icy_YYY [link] [comments] source

Is J-1 usually a route for citizenship?

I was catching up with friends and talked about plans for the future when one friend said her husband is applying for a cultural exchange job as a teacher in the states (3–5 yr contract). She mentioned they are planning to eventually move there and have kids who will be American citizens by birth, then they themselves can also become citizens in the future. I was surprised to hear how common this was. Apparently a lot of teachers who joined this program eventually went on to have kids while working there; others have also married Americans. Is this completely legal? submitted by /u/juju__eyeball [link] [comments] source

British immigration....

Hey all, does anyone know if you're an immigrant whether you have to sign a waiver or agreement where you agree to abide by the laws of the UK? If you could help and provide a link or source that would be awesome. Thank you in advance 🙂 submitted by /u/Aurorasky6 [link] [comments] source

EB2-NIW for foreign law graduates

What are the chances of USCIS approving an NIW application for a foreign lawyer with substantial work experience? EB2, eligibility can be established by advanced degree or exceptional ability. And, the Matter of Dhanasar provides that after eligibility for EB-2 classification has been established, USCIS may grant a NIW if the petitioner demonstrates, by a preponderance of the evidence, that: the foreign national’s proposed endeavor has both substantial merit and national importance; the foreign national is well-positioned to advance the proposed endeavor; and on balance, it would be beneficial to the United States to waive the requirements of a job offer and thus of a labor certification So I wonder, for a foreign legal consultant, how would one prove substantial merit and national importance? [asking for a friend] submitted by /u/kluver_bucy_syndrome [link] [comments] source

Re-entry process with an expired green card? (US)

Hi all, I was hoping for some advice re: my family situation with immigration, getting my grandmother back to the US. A few years back my grandparents were approved for a visa, and they both came over at the same time. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away while he was here, so my grandmother went back to India with my mother and brother (who are both citizens, no issue there). My grandmother had a green card at the time as well as a passport. The thing is, after she went back she became quite ill, and so we decided it was best for her to stay there and get medical attention as it would have been dangerous to have her fly back in that condition. However, recently my mother has been interested in getting her back to the US, but her green card expired at the end of 2019. I know that due to covid it would not be safe to bring her back here again yet, but we'd like her to stay with us, and she very much wants to be back here as well. I'm wondering if I have any avenues to g

USCIS has sent my green card to my old address in November. USPS didn't forward the mail to my new address.

Hello immigration community! As I've mentioned in the title, I checked my case status today and it says they've sent my new green card out to my old address. I don't understand why the USPS didn't forwarded to my new address, but now I have to start find out a solution to get my GK. I'm going to my old place tonight to ask if they have it, but I'm preparing for the worst case scenario. What would you suggest me to do? submitted by /u/salty_greens [link] [comments] source

2 immigrations cases:

My mom (a greens card holder) petitioned for me (unmarried child with no kids) while I was in the USA... Due to Covid I overstayed and didn’t extend my I-94 does that cancel my mom petition? Now i marry a US citizen, in case my mom’s petition is still valid do I need to cancel my mom’s before we start a petition in my favor? Or my spouse petition will automatically void my mom’s petition in my favor? Thanks for your help 🙏🏾 submitted by /u/YHWH4444 [link] [comments] source

Why is it that so many DV Lottery winner ends up not getting a green card?

I know you may get disqualified for not having the minimum cash or required education but why apply in the first place if so? (I'm also looking for a statistics to show the amount of green card issued for each country each year for the lottery to calculate my chance , I could've sworn I've seen one somewhere but I can't find it , Also I was wondering if this site is accurate ) submitted by /u/Zactlx [link] [comments] source

Would the criminal record of my father be grounds for denial of my F1 visa application.

I have recently been accepted in to a top US university (T5) with full aid as an international student. My father has also recently been arrested for allegedly committing a horrible crime againts a minor that I am ashamed of and do not want to associate with. Is it possible that this could create problems for my visa application? He has not been charged yet and his trials might not even be completed by the time I apply for a visa but he has confessed to the crime. His arrest has not really effected our income situation. I have no criminal or disciplinary record of my own. submitted by /u/throwaway90098008 [link] [comments] source

Medical attention for visa holder who got covid during stay in US

I'm a permanent resident (green card holder) and my wife a US citizen. My mother in law got Covid during her current stay in the US, she is a B-2 visa holder. What are the option for medical assistance for her? Thanks! submitted by /u/MillennialBreed [link] [comments] source

How long is waiting too long for an I-140 green card interview in NY?

I have an approved I-140 from last year, EB-3, priority date in 2018 (I'm rest of the world, so the application is current). My situation is fine, as I recently renewed my EAD/AP so I have another 11 months of status, but I'd like to get this interview over with already :) I had an interview scheduled in August but it was for Sacramento, which is close to where my attorney is but I'm in NY, so the attorney asked for a new appointment. It was scheduled again for Sacramento in September. Then the attorney asked for a new appointment, and filed AR-11 for me (and I later filed yet another AR-11 when I moved to a different building, same area). Since September I heard nothing from USCIS. The website status wasn't updated since that second interview in September ("Interview Was Scheduled", "On September XY, 2020, we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485 ..."). I called USCIS about a month ago and they just read to me the case status from the websit

Eb2 green card

Started the whole process August '19. As I heard from the lawyer labor certification was filed a month ago and pending now. Things seem to be going really slow, but scared to push them. Quite some people here that got a greencard left the company shortly afterwards and they are barely starting new applications for that reason. Roughly how long will it take to actually get a greencard? I'm guessing beginning '22 but is that realistic ? submitted by /u/Impossible-Ask4646 [link] [comments] source

EB3 India EAD questions?

Hello! I had a question around applying for adjustment of status based on date of filing. For EB3 India, the date of filing was Jan 2015 in October 2020 but final action date was Mar 2010. In that case, assuming folks who applied for their 485, what happens after that? I am sure that along with your I-485, you could also apply for I-765 and I-130 (EAD and Advanced Parole). What would be the timeline in getting them? Also, what happens to your actual AOS (I-485 application) after you receive your receipt numbers. Does anyone look at that? or will it just be kept on the side till your priority date reaches to the Final Action Date? Until your priority date reaches the final action date, can your I-485 be approved/rejected? submitted by /u/curious_mindz [link] [comments] source


So my boyfriend (19M) has been a US resident since 2008. When can he apply for citizenship? Also, my older brother is a US resident, can he still file for his wife’s residency? submitted by /u/weoutherelol [link] [comments] source

If someone can help: How do I get my government to respect me listen to me and work for me?

I'm an American citizen with a fiance in Russia. We applied for a K-1 Visa and we were probably days away from getting an interview before all of the covid-19 lockdown shit started. Now everything's dead in the water with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. We have visited with each other in numerous countries and I have visited my fiance's home country several times. Currently, since all of the lockdown business, We have been apart for a year. It really sucks. I have called and emailed everybody I can think of looking for somebody who can help. I've talked to people in the Visa centers, my governor's office, Senators, congressmen, Embassy, Homeland Security, and even out of desperation I tried calling the president. My question is very simple: does anyone know who I can talk to that can help me? Our government is big bureaucratic and ridiculous. But somewhere, sitting at some desk somewhere, there is a person that can stroke their pen and change my l

Immigration sweden

Hello guys I want to study a Swedish language in Sweden, can I when studying work as a student, and at the end of the period of language study, can I enroll in vocational training? And thanks submitted by /u/SpyKeR-Tn [link] [comments] source

17 years old flying alone from Morocco to the US on F1 visa. Do i need a letter of authorization signed by absent parents ?

Hi there! i am 3 months away from turning 18, and i want to know if my parents need to write and sign a letter where they explain that they are aware of me flying alone, from Morocco to JFK. Is this process necessary? or a 17 years old is considered an adult? submitted by /u/hotglue0303 [link] [comments] source

Migrating to Sweden and get citizenship

Hi there, I am from a South Asian country (not India, Pakistan nor Bangladesh) and I am a software professional (currently working as a Lead Software Engineer) with 6+ years of experience. I have a B.Sc degree as well. I am considering to migrate to Sweden with my wife and be there and obtain citizenship. I read somewhere saying, as a non-Nordic person I need to stay in Sweden for 5 years. My question is that if I come to Sweden in Student visa and spend 2 years in studying Masters and 3 years in studying PhD, will I be able to get the citizenship? or is it feasible to get a job as a software programmer (around Microsoft Technologies) and stay there for 5+ years to get citizenship. My only worry regarding the second point is that the Swedish authorities does not approve the visa extension after say 4 years. Kindly advise me. submitted by /u/chez_sre09 [link] [comments] source

Applying for Replacement SSN while waiting for EAD (F1 immigrant in USA)

I got my SSN during my CPT period. However, I lost it after that. I remember my digits. Because I'm an immigrant on F1, I see the website is asking for EAD. I just graduated university on Dec 18. I think I'll need the physical card to be presented to my office once the pandemic is over and have to go to office once I start my work. What do I do? Is there any government agency that can generate me a valid non work reason for getting a replacement SSN? submitted by /u/pnpninja [link] [comments] source

STEM OPT Application

Hi guys, My OPT will be expired in Feb. I have applied for STEM OPT in November and they havent cashed out and I havent received receipt notice yet. I called them and they said email to lockbox. I did that last week, but no response. What should I do now? submitted by /u/evanle3008 [link] [comments] source

Immigration issues

Good morning everyone I just need some advice ,me and my husband we filled for spouse sponsor ,we hired a lawyer and we brought every documents which were necessary for filling. We went for interview and we failed because my husband has got post trauma stress Disorder our lawyer didn’t consider that ,we had to make appeal and gave out the affidavit of our friends my husband daughter and as well as my children ‘s letters and my friends to proof that we are married we also gave out the doctor’s documents about my husband issues and we couldn’t get luck. ,I love my husband so much and he loves me too this is too much trauma again to him ,we need advice about this issue we are now having some issues because of his health status ,the PSTD is too high and and our live is sour now I think these thing of going up down it made him to have more stress. He now wants divorce 😭 submitted by /u/DesperateEye5615 [link] [comments] source

2 different i-765 aps at once?

Hi everyone! I have heard some mixed opinions on this so I need some advice. I am currently on an initial OPT. I can file for EAD STEM extension in March - i765 form as a renewal of current EAD. At the end of September I filed an i-765 together with the marriage based green card application asking for a new EAD under a new category (adjustment of status; 485). No biometrics yet. Should I file a request for STEM i-765 extension in March despite a pending i-765 under a new category? I have heard if they have two requests on file they can randomly kill one the applications and I am scared. My current EAD expires June next year and I am afraid I would have to stop working if biometrics, etc are too delayed. Thanks. submitted by /u/ale890 [link] [comments] source

Hiring freeze for foreign nationals?

Are tech companies hiring foreign nationals (India) who require H1B any more? There are a lot of jobs being posted but I am hesitant to apply because of the visa ban etc. But people say because Biden has promised to reverse that, they might be willing to hire outsiders. submitted by /u/blingasya [link] [comments] source

Green Card replacement?

My dad has a green card from 20+ years ago and he looks a lot older now (obviously) and he got told by TSA that he’ll need a replacement card due to him looking older and not what he looked like on the picture. Would he need to get a replacement card and pay the $600 just bc of the picture is old? submitted by /u/baAdvantageLeft [link] [comments] source

Help for military spouse here on K1 visa

Good day everyone, I am currently waiting for my adjustment of status, after coming to the US this year on a K1 visa. My husband will be in officer school (a military training) starting January until end of May 2021. He has orders and I have a copy, which states how long he will be gone. He will also be deployed by the end of June, and we will both move to Germany together. We have a letter with a date for that as well. I am trying to find out, if it would be possible to go to the Adjustment of Status Interview by myself, because he will not be able to go there with me. Does someone on here know/ has been in a similar situation and can provide me with some tips, I am also trying to get an expedite so I will have a Residency card before I leave the US with my husband. So far, I have done some research and called the USCIS Military Hotline twice. I have received some contradicting information regarding my first question - if he has to be there during the interview. After I pointed ou

Why are there stupid questions to fill when applying for Visa?

Filling my H1B transfer documents with Fragomen and saw that question: Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose? Who the fuck planning of doing these things will ever answer "Yes" to this question? As expected no one is ever going to put yes, why even bother asking this? submitted by /u/MediumHighlight3 [link] [comments] source

Entry in Register of Births

Does anyone know if a "certified copy of entry in register of births" is the same as a "birth certificate"? submitted by /u/wallflower_jones [link] [comments] source

Necessary to submit the form I-693 with the package of AOS?

As the title says, is it necessary to submit the form i-693 while sending out the AOS package? Or can I submit it once I got RFE about it? Will RFE delay my process? I read once here that you can submit it later. Kindly help. Thanks. submitted by /u/plankmax0 [link] [comments] source

Overstayed visa, adjustment of status questions

Hi guys. First time positing here. I have some questions and I hove someone that has been through this can help me clear my doubts. My wife and I got married last August (I was a permanent resident), she came in the US last March with a B2 visa and an I-94 permit that expired in September 2020. We got married in August and she overstayed the visa. She is still here in the US. On December 23 2020 I became a US citizen through Naturalization... my question is. Is our case complex? I have a consultation with an attorney schedules in a couple days, but I was wondering it anyone here went through the same and filled out the forms themselves. Thank you submitted by /u/Podosqui0 [link] [comments] source

Is it easier to fill out forms online or on paper?

My fiance and I are currently trying to do a change of visa process to get her a green card. We have all the forms we need to fill out but our only stipulation is if it would be easier to fill them out on paper or online through the website. I've been advocating to fill them out online as it is easier to keep everything in one place and we don't have to worry about things getting lost in the mail, instant feedback, etc. She is advocating that since all her friends did it through the mail and they say that way is easier that we should do it that way since all the forms will be together as one. ​ What has been yall's experience with filling out applications online or by hand? any recommendations? submitted by /u/weddingsaucer64 [link] [comments] source

L1-B vs H1-B, what would you choose if both were not lottery based?

Hi, I'm European and currently working for a company based in the Bay Area. I'll probably have to relocate there and I may be able to choose between asking for a L1-B or H1-B visa, I have been reading online about differences between the two but wanted to get some more feedback and hopefully personal experiences. This is a very high level comparison I was able to pull up for the two visas (in bold is what I find to be better between the two visas): H1-B L1-B Price $4k - $6k $2k - $5k CAP on emitted visas Yes No Time for approval 4-6 months 4-6 weeks Wages Requires minimum prevailing wage for the job role and location No minimum wage requirements Duration 6 years and can be extended (eg. if GC process is in place) 5 years, no extensions Work limitations Can work for other companies too Can only work for company sponsoring the visa Benefits for spouse Cannot work in the US Can work in the US *Other Employer cannot ask for repayment

AOS interview scheduled letter by mail.

On December 15th I revived the notification that my interview has been scheduled and that they will mail me a letter with more details. It has been two weeks and I still have not received anything. How long ahead of time do they schedule this interviews? How long did it take for y’all to receive your letter? I am getting anxious cause I don’t want to miss the interview submitted by /u/Dangarc [link] [comments] source

Families with members holding ITIN to receive stimulus checks

As part of the $900 billion coronavirus relief package passed by Congress last week and signed into law by President Trump Sunday, the U.S. government will allow mixed-status households with undocumented family members to receive stimulus checks that they were denied under the first round of legislation in the spring. The new compromise will also retroactively make mixed-status families with one Social Security number-holder eligible for the $1,200 per household and $500 per child checks allocated by the CARES Act, which was enacted in late March. Source: submitted by /u/stemimm [link] [comments] source

H4 EAD renewal

Hello guys! Is the processing time mentioned in USCIS website true ? Or is there any hope to get ead renewed before that time frame ? Please share your experience, it would be really helpful. Thank you and stay safe ! submitted by /u/NivethaRamesh [link] [comments] source

Is it possible for me to land a H1B visa?

1) Graduating from University of Texas at Austin next year (Economics) 2) European 3) Fluent in English (my first language is English) 4) No criminal record What do you guys think? Will it be impossible for me to stay in the US? submitted by /u/imstressedplshelp [link] [comments] source

Please read my story.

I have asked several times if I could get my American passport because my records are sealed because an American president is my family. Maybe you will all be laughing by now. But read my story. One day someone contacted me by email telling me first that this president is my great-uncle, that I have a right to get my American passport. At first I didn't believe it, but then as he explained many things to me I started to believe. He told me that this president was JFK. Later he sent the marriage certificate of JFK with his first wife, and he later explained to me that he was my grandfather. That my Mother is his oldest daughter that he hid in my country. Our native tongue isn't English, but my Mother is the only one who can speak it very well. Officially she only has 7 years of formal schooling, and none of her siblings can speak English so good as her. She also knows the song Alouette by heart since she was a little girl, but she never learnt French at school and she can under

H1B with significant professional experience but unrelated bachelors degree

I'm a software engineer with significant professional experience (10 years) but my bachelors degree is in an unrelated subject. Would that rule me out entirely, or can my professional experience count in its place? submitted by /u/b-a-c-a [link] [comments] source

Anyone still waiting for OPT approval?

USCIS received my case Oct 19th but it’s yet to be approved. Anyone else also applied in October and still waiting? submitted by /u/actuallyyoucan [link] [comments] source

Need help(F1 visa)

So the thing is, I am currently enrolled in a university in the US. The classes are full online (100% online). I even finished my 1st semester online from my country. So in the semester gap, i got the visa (F1 a.k.a student visa). My university says they will run 100% online class in the 2nd semester too. So if I go to the US now, will they know that my classes are full online? Will there be any problem even if my classes are full online? Thank You submitted by /u/fannblade [link] [comments] source

F2B Green Card Commuting to Canada for Work

Hi, I'm slated to get an F2B Green Card through my mom at some point. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of a move to the US. I'm an airline pilot in Canada. Like a lot of airline pilots, I generally work less than half a month in terms of days. Many of those days are spent in the United States anyways (I bid layovers in the US). I have FAA licenses along with my TC licenses, but given the hiring market right now and the overall competitiveness of getting hired at a major airline or major cargo airline, I'd likely stay with my current employer for the foreseeable future. I would plan on commuting from the US to Canada. Commuting in this industry is the norm. The only complicated fact is that I would lack US employment even though I would be living in the US and spending well over the minimum time required in the US. My intention would be to stay in the US permanently, but I imagine it will take a while before a job offer from a US airline comes. Is there any l

I-130 approval has US address but I’ve decided to go through consular processing instead of AOS. is it too late to change to consular processing?

I’m married to a US citizen. We were going to file I-485 but I need to go back to my home country (Canada) due to a family emergency so we decided to do consular processing instead of AOS. I already have an approved I-130 but it has my US address on it. Is it too late to change to a Canada address for consular processing? submitted by /u/bkjasmine [link] [comments] source

No exit stamp for K-1 Visa

Hello there, ​ I have a quick question. My fiance has a K-1 visa interview coming up in a month. She visited me while I lived in Uganda and never received an exit stamp when she left. Will this be an issue? I've tried to reach out to the Ugandan embassy and they haven't gotten back to me. submitted by /u/rwisoursavior [link] [comments] source

Do I have to renew my ITIN number?

As the title states. Not sure if I have to renew it. The last time I filed taxes, was back in 2017! Went to the IRS site and still not sure if I gotta renew. submitted by /u/keepthewordmoving [link] [comments] source

Pardon for legal US resident who was deported

What are the chances that a greencard holder who committed a felony (Third Degree Felony Theft in Texas-theft of property valued between $30,000 and $150,000) and was deported back to Mexico can be allowed back to the US? This was over 10 years ago and in the mean time said person went back to school to acquire their Bachelors degree while teaching English in a high school, person they are married to isn't a us citizen/resident but they have a 2 year old US citizen. Anything that could ruin their chances of getting pardoned and granted access into the US again? And how long is the whole process, give or take? submitted by /u/chicknwingschicknwin [link] [comments] source

K1 visa (I-129F) questions

Hi guys, My fiance is US citizen and we're trying to figure out the visa application. Now here's the problem. I don't have any surname/last name on my legal documents (passport etc). It's not a problem in my home country but my fiance is convinced that I should put something on the surname field. In my understanding, we can put the first name as it is and just put N/A as surname or to just repeat the first name twice. So, has anyone ever had the same problem or know how to deal with the last name issue? Another problem is that my fiance and I are currently living in Taiwan. I'm Indonesian and if we read everything right then I can have the interview here without having to go back to Indonesia? Also, since we both works for local companies right now, we'll be unemployed when we move to the US to get married. We definitely won't have any income until he find a job there. He can ask his dad/sister to be co-sponsor. Will that be enough? The plan is for him to

F1 STEM OPT | Visa expiring

Hi, I came to the US in 2016 on an F1 visa (expires June 2021) to start a PhD program and I decided to start working after getting my MS. I'm on STEM OPT and was trying to travel outside the US sometime next year, once it's a little safer. Furthermore, I will also be applying for my H1B next year. I know it's okay to stay in the US on an expired visa, just can't enter without a valid visa. My questions: 1. If I travel in March/April 2021 and re-enter the US in May (before my F1 visa expires, but close to it) will it cause any problems? Could the immigration folks ask what I'm doing entering the US so close to my visa's expiration? Is it better to wait till I know the result of my H1B and then travel later in 2021 so that I can set up an appointment to change over to a H1B and re-enter? I haven't followed the news, but I'm guessing the process has changed, and I will know the result of my H1B in April and won't have to wait till October? s

How can I live with my GF in the USA while working in Canada?

I'm looking to live in my girlfriends house in the USA (she's a citizen) while working in Canada (permanent resident). What is the best way to do this? I would be travelling to Canada daily. submitted by /u/RaceToTheFinishLine [link] [comments] source

Name mismatch!

Hey folks! I have a friend in India whose employer filed an H1B petition in April 2020 that was approved. He is now considering transferring to a different employer and getting his first visa stamping done. His passport has his name listed as: First Name: AAA BBB ; Last Name: _______ His I797B has his name listed as First Name: No Name Given ; Last Name: AAA BBB We know from a lot of cases that this confusing naming issue causes problems when applying for SSN or Drivers License in USA. Since he has never stepped foot in US, would it be advisable to get a Re Issued passport with the right name (First Name: AAA Last Name: BBB), and will this cause problems in the Visa Interview (Stamping) since his I797 will state 'AAA BBB, No name given ' but his passport will state 'AAA, BBB' after it is corrected. And what name would he then provide in his DS 160? submitted by /u/-thetrojanhorse- [link] [comments] source

Schengen travel ban

My fiancé is a Finnish citizen and my son (my fiancé and mine) is an American citizen with a passport and social security card. They are currently both in Finland and I am with them currently to see them for the holidays and bringing my son back home. Is my fiancé allowed to come with me back to the states as the suspension doesn’t apply to: iii. any alien who is the parent or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, provided that the U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is unmarried and under the age of 21; Thank you for any help and I wish you all a happy new year. submitted by /u/Derek0350 [link] [comments] source

SSN question

Hello everybody, I have got my EAD card, however, after nearly a month, I still not have yet received my SSN card, which I checked also during applying for an EAD card. My question is should I have to visit them to get my SSN card? Secondly, I also have an appointment with the DMV to get my IDs but I do not have my SSN. Is that possible to not bring SSN and can get IDs? Does DMV accept it? or Do I have to fill a form SSA L676? Thank you, everyone! submitted by /u/Kanbo8695 [link] [comments] source

Is there a way to possess a US Green Card as a Canadian?

Hi everyone! It has always been my dream to live in New York long term, but I am Canadian. I have done some research but have not been able to figure out how to get a green card to live in the States as a Canadian Citizen. Does anyone know how I can do this? Is it a lost cause? submitted by /u/miccccco [link] [comments] source

Has anyone done DACA -> H1B

I wanted to know if this would be possible through my employer. 1. I have no accumulated unlawful presence. 2. I have legal entry through Advance Parole. 3. I have the 245(I) that was submitted many years ago. Would is be possible to adjust my status and I do understand DACA itself is not legal status and adjusting isn’t technically possible. But I believe the 245i will allow me to adjust by paying a penalty. I think I read this somewhere, but if anyone has a clue it would be appreciated. I’m going to speak to an immigration lawyer about it. submitted by /u/Beneficial_Worth_39 [link] [comments] source

[F-1] OPT Unemployment Clock Question

So I have an OPT employment that needs to be reported to the SEVP. I have an offer letter with me and the position is valid OPT employment. The start date on the letter is 24th Dec and today is 28th. I only have 2 more days of unemployment left out of the maximum allowable 90 days (starting from Oct 1 2020, that would make 29th Dec 2020 my 90th day of unemployment) My question is if I enter the details into the SEVP portal today and enter the start date as 24th Dec, does that stop counting unemployment days from 24th (the start date) or from today(when I enter it into the SEVP portal)? I'm really confused and need to know if I can still have more unemployment days in my buffer. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/zephyr-redi [link] [comments] source

Just had my marriage-based AOS interview (NYC - Brooklyn Field Office)!

Cross-posting this from r/USCIS in case there are people who don't obsessively browse both like me: Hey there fellow applicants! Just got out of my interview and I wanted to create a post here to share my timeline with you guys - this subreddit and its community has helped me a LOT throughout the long and arduous process of applying for the coveted green card. It is with your guys' moral support, encouragement, and kindness that these past few seemingly endless months have been made bearable! So here's my timeline: June 21, 2019 - We got married (marriage to a USC)! :) July 12, 2019 - Priority date, USCIS received application (I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131), all in National Benefits Center July 19, 2019 - Received notice for biometrics August 7, 2019 - Attended biometrics August 12, 2019 - Biometrics received by USCIS, case is processing September 12, 2019 - Request for initial evidence (forgot to submit a complete Federal income tax return) September 25, 201

Renewing F1 visa outside of home country

My wife’s F1 will expire in June. She is currently with me in a country separate from our home country for the next two months. Since it will be difficult to travel to our home country in the near future, we were wondering if we should apply for the renewal from here. Is that advisable? submitted by /u/sagnikpsu [link] [comments] source

I-129 approved - L1B to L1A conversion - Timeline

Hi All, I'm in the process of converting from an L1B to an L1A and I have just seen on the USCIS website that my I-129 was approved. Now that the petition has been approved, I'm looking to understand the timeline/next steps from here - very much appreciate if anyone can share their recent experiences. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/Accomplished-Slip592 [link] [comments] source

Will the public charge rule stay in 2021?

Does anyone know if this is a issue that might change under Biden or is it here to stay? submitted by /u/a5h1i [link] [comments] source

Quarantine question

I am traveling from a level 4 designated country and was wondering if I have to quarantine at the port of destination or port of entrance? I will be traveling to Buffalo via Atlanta, and want to make sure I can quarantine in Buffalo and do not have to quarantine in Atlanta. submitted by /u/fireneg [link] [comments] source