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I’m a bit of an overthinker and i just want to run my story past other people who have been in similar positions to see what happened to them or anyone with experience.

I’ve entered the US many times for holidays, 2004, 2014, 2015, 2019 and most recently, 2021 (March) the other times have just been for 2 weeks at a time but this time i stayed for 87 days as i was furloughed from my job (i was still getting paid 80% of my salary so figured why spend time in the UK when i can spend time in Florida instead) my Dad and brother live in the US so i stayed with my brother and his family…

I’m due to go back over again in November but only for 8 weeks to visit them both again but for some reason i’m just overthinking it all thinking that because i stayed so long last time, CBP won’t grant me access this next time.

Has anyone spent similar times in the US before and reentered in the same year at all or a short space of time between entries?

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