Will being an adult entertainer affect my US marriage visa?

Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen in a lesbian relationship with a US citizen. I'm disabled and make solo adult content and she's a well-paid engineer. It seems inevitably we're going to get married and I will move there, but I've heard from others in my field that sex work can result in a denial of a visa or entry to the US.

I'm fairly new to this and do it to subsidize my disability support (legally). But if it's going to complicate immigration I'd like to know so I can stop early and subsidize my income in a way that won't impact immigration.

Does anyone here have any information on this? I've tried researching but the definition of a "sex worker" is very vague and unclear since it seems to pertain primarily to prostitution- which is not what I do.

PS: This is a burner account for obvious reasons.

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