Where to send I-693 Medical Exam Results?

Hello, my wife has completed her medical exam and has received the sealed envelope from the doctor. We have already submitted the I-485 adjustment of status paperwork several months ago and I am trying to figure out how/where to take the exam results.

On USCIS website it says I can either take it in person t o the interview, or I can mail it to " the address specified in your latest communication with USCIS." This is the part I'm not entirely clear about. We have received multiple receipt notices for the i-485, i-130, i-765 etc. There is an address on some of these notices ( National Benefits Center PO Box 648003 Lee's Summit MO). Is this the address to send it to? If so, how should I package the sealed envelope and what information should I include?

Or would it be better to just hold onto the exam results and wait for the interview? This way I don't have to worry about them getting lost in mail, sending to wrong address etc BUT I am worried Could this delay the process?

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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