When it could be considered that I am overusing my B1 B2 visa?


I have been trying to find some advice on when the US could think that I overuse my tourist visa ( not overextend).

Little bit of context:

I live in Mexico near the border with California ( like 15 mins away driving of the entry port), in January 2022 my GF is going to LA, CA with a L1 visa to work and my intension is to visit her regularly, I work remotely with a Mexican company so I could continue my work anywhere.

When Could the CBP consider that I am over using my visa?

I want to visit her the most time possible but I don’t want to risk by any means my visa and my SENTRI ( Trusted Traveler Program) I was thinking on been around 50% there and 50% here… like been 2-4 weeks in LA and 2-4 weeks in mexico and so on and try to get my own L1 visa when I reach 1 year on my current Job.

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