What are my best chances moving to the US from Europe?

Hey everyone I'm a newbie on this sub and wanted to share with you quick what's been on my mind lately.

So, I'm a 20 year old guy living in Hungary and for about 6 years my dream was to move abroad and start my life there. I've had many possibilities such as being a cabin crew member at an airline in the UK, or I even was at 2 model agencies but none of them worked out due to the other party.

Long story short I'd like to become a musician, I can play the guitar, the piano a little bit and I sing. I wanted to have some basic gear by now but my financials are let's say just average and I can't afford them now. I work at a clothing shop 45-50 hours a week and barely have time for my dream. I still live with my mom since the paycheck I get is not enough for moving out.

The idea has grown on me that fuck it I ain't gonna waste more of my time. I'd like to move to the US asap. Unfortunately, I haven't got to university yet because I had to work in order to have some money in my pocket.

I briefly looked up the visas and stuff available and the conclusion I draw was that they mainly give working visas to people with degrees. I know there's also a lottery but I don't want to wait years for that.

Canada crossed my mind, would that be easier to migrate to Canada first and then to US? I may also reach out model agencies across the country but talking from my experience they're a long shot.


I'm a smart, assertive guy, my english is decent, good in music, little money and no uni degree so far.

What are my best chances to move out?

Appreciate if you came up with any ideas.

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