We should pool together 10,000 of us to lobby with $1000/person for faster immigration processing times.

We should try to have the politicians in our back pockets and lobby for faster immigration processing for petitions. I think our problem is that most immigrant families aren't mobilized in politics. If we want to have some teeth, we should speak with our wallets. I bet politicians would have a change of tune if we backed them. If each person petitioning family or a spouse funded $1000 and we had 10,000 people do that on this sub.

Our Reddit super PAC would be $10 million dollars to lobby for faster immigration processing times. Is the system messed up?, Absolutely, but we should pay to win or play the game to win.

10 million might tip the scale for us to have faster immigration processing times. If there's only 100 senators and maybe 538 members for the house of representatives, that gives us about $14,000/politician for lobbying.

Any thoughts?

This idea seems foolproof.

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