Visiting US with Tourist VISA without an ongoing I-130

Hi Everyone,

Here's the thing. I want to visit the US, especifically Disney but my mother is a US citizen and AFAIK I'm not eligible for a tourist VISA.

Is that true? Even If I provide evidence that I have a permanent contract with a pretty good salary (like 6 or 7 times the minimum salary here), I'm a University student, both flight tickets, hotel reservation?

Other things about my situation:

  • If hypothetically my mother completes the I-130 form, I would be under the First preference (F1) category
  • I have my uncle living in the US.
  • I have 2 rejected tourist visas when I was 8 and 15 years old. They had said that I needed to apply for a migrant visa.

Probably the answer is obvious but the situation has changed a lot!

There's a chance for me to make my trip?

Thanks in advance

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