USCIS made an ERROR and denied my B2 extension based on a false claim what do I do

USCIS sent me a denial letter last week. They said my application to extend was denied because I am already in status. They stated falsely that I came into the U.S on a H4 visa May 2019 and that on June 23rd 2021 I filed for an extension of my H4 status and it was approved September 8th 2021. Keep in mind that I have never filed an H4 visa in my life. I came into the US May 2019 with a B2 visa stamped on my passport. They gave me approved receipt numbers which I verified online with a live agent and they said my name is not associated with the receipt number.

This is clearly ridiculous that USCIS would make such an error. I know one of the criteria to get your application expedited is if USCIS made an error. Please has anyone gone through something similar? What do I do?

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