U.S. Permanent Resident and Studies Overseas - Issues?

Hi everyone, I'll start from scratch, I came to the United States when I was 18 years old through the Diversity Visa Program which means I'm a green card holder now, but when I came first time I had already finished my freshman year at college in Algeria (home country).

This was on September 13th, 2019, I stayed in Connecticut with my brother (who's a U.S. citizen now) until October 17 and came back for my 2nd year at school.

The next summer on July, although not yet passed exams, I came here to the U.S. after 8 months since I departed the U.S. to Algeria, I had no problems at the airport (Boston Logan), it was very straight with CBP, I stayed 6 months in Texas, Couldn't return for exams as Algeria strictly blocked entry even for Algerian citizens, So found my self stranded in the U.S., 6 months after, I came back to Algeria to finish my 2d year (Jan 20th 2021 -> Sep 26th, 2021) so about 8 months outside, at JFK with the CBP it went smth like (skipping the formalities):

ME: Gives Passport and Green Card to CBP.

CBP: Where did you come from.

Me: from Algeria.

CBP: What were you doing in Algeria.

ME: I'm student there.

CBP: Ah so you're a student. ME: Yessir.

CBP: How long have you been there.

ME: (Miscounted), about 7 months.

CBP: (said smth like) But you know 6 months is (smth), then he immediately changed the subject.

CBP: So you're studying music there (I was holding a guitar).

ME: I was actually studying Computer Science, but I'm a musician and I played Jazz etc (be cool).

CBP: Vous parlez Francais.

ME: Oui Je parle Francais (with a French accent).

CBP: hands me my passport and green card, Have a good one sir.


Now I'm wondering if I'd have any issue next time at the airport, I don't wanna block a year and I should go back in max 1.7 months for studies, I give a lot of importance to my studies, It's almost the best school in Algeria and I sacrificed a lot to get this education, there's no way to get a Reentry Permit timely right now, I wanna add that I do my taxes report every year, I have an 80% American Accent and I'm fluent in English, I hold a 2 U.S. Bank accounts and U.S. Credit Card.

Edit: And I only got 2 years of school left.

and Finally I found this section from the Immigration Law and I'd love to read any advice.

at https://fam.state.gov/fam/09FAM/09FAM050207.html

d. (U) Special Cases Qualifying for Returning Resident Status:

(4) (U) LPR Students Studying Abroad: Several decisions by the DHS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) relate to LPR students studying abroad. Students who wish to retain LPR status should present evidence of a definitive graduation date. Even prolonged absences from the United States may be considered temporary if the LPR can present evidence of a receipt of a degree within a definitive time. You should consider whether students return to the United States at the end of each academic term, or whether they have family still living in the United States. Evidence of property ownership, or a bank account in the United States, may indicate the student intends to return to the United States upon completion of studies.

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