Unmarried partner coming to US on F1 Visa

I am a native born US citizen. My partner (Egyptian) is working on coming to the US on an F1 Visa to get their Masters.

During this time, we plan on living together, & deciding if we want to get married or not.

We will not get married for the wrong reasons, however, so if we decide it’s not the right time, they will go for a H1B or EB-3 after graduation.

If we do decide to get married, then we would obviously go that route for their Green Card.

They have absolutely no desire to be in the US illegally.

They would be studying in the US to get their Masters even if we were not in a relationship. Getting their degree is the honest intent of obtaining an F1.

We are looking to take a trip in EU before they come to the US to study. Meaning, our passports will have record of us staying in the same city for the same amount of time. We will share a hotel room & etc.

We want to do things correctly. Our intentions are honest, but we know everything is a bit complicated, so there are a few questions we wanted to ask and comb through any situation to be prepared. Any other input is greatly appreciated.

(Also, I will have a recent divorce on my record, if that matters).

Will us being together hinder their F1 Visa in any way?

Is USCIS going to care if they’re living with me while on their F1 Visa? Or, should they live on campus on paper for a bit, & then officially move in with me later?

(I know providing we are a legitimate couple is important for getting married later on. However, I am concerned that they will think they are studying solely to be with me, which is honestly not the case).

Would a trip to EU be a problem later on?

If they are denied for a F1 Visa, would it be difficult or impossible to get a K3/CR1 if we decide to get married regardless? Our relationship & its progress is not dependent on their F1 Visa.

Thank you!

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